Day 6/29 Days of Giving is…

while I have a looooong list of potential giveaway items for you…

…each day i am choosing whatever seems to suits my mood

or I feel somehow inspired to talk about on that particular day…

… yet, all day I have been fighting with the annoying gods of indecision

which probably has more to do with the fact that I want to be in my studio

creating one pretty lil mess after another

i’m also exhausted….

…and that big cozy chair I showed you yesterday in my studio?

I’m dying to curl up in it and read a good book ….

… with the cozy crocheted blanket one of my oldest and dearest friends made

she made it just for me…lil ol’ me!

.. doesn’t it just warm your heart, when someone puts that much love

and precious time into a gift created especially for you? …

handmade gifts really are the best

they rank right up there with old friends….

…a good cup of hot cocoa

and big comfy chairs …

…this is beginning to sound alot like a love list!

i’m long overdue to write another…

… what was it i was saying

before i so rudely interrupted myself…


Oh! The giveaway!

All this talk about chairs gives me an idea! …

.. How about a chair of your very own?

And what if more than one of you received one…

hmmm… let’s say ….

… how about  2, no… 5? …hmmm…. maybe 10 of you?

Yay! I thought you’d be pleased! …

“When fortune calls, offer her a chair” – Yiddish Proverb  

The story goes a little like this.

When I ordered these (truly gorgeous) pewter chair ornaments for my store a few years back, I had to go overboard and overbudget to order what seemed like umpteen gazillion of them. Which was fine at the time, really… I was ok waiting to make my money back.  That is, until recently.

So first ya figure, I need to bring in an income, like really make one- now. I have all but used up my savings during the last 3.5 months while the store was closed. Family emergencies, life itself, deadlines, illness, time…. i’m sure you know the drill. We’ve all been there at some point in time. So there’s that financial aspect — If i can just make back the cost? I’ll be content.

However, the money is (sadly) the least of my worries with them.

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.” -Stephen King  

Truth be told (she says in almost embarrassed fashion) it’s driving-me-outta-already-half-gone mind that these beauties are taking up a full shelf, right within my precious view, in (gasp!) ….styrofoam containers. Horrifying isn’t it? (humor me folks, I already know I’m anal). There is not one single-ounce-of-my-trying-to-get-back-a-size 6-body that likes how they looked stored in those. I don’t want to remove the treasured chairs from it and sell people something that has been displayed… but I simply cannot stand styrofoam. It gives me that chilling-nails-on-a-chalkboard-kinda-creepy feeling. *Total shudder* even thinking about it. Maybe it’s that tactile hypersensitivity  thing some docs say people with Tourette’s Syndrome have? I dunno. I don’t care. I want ’em gone!

BUT -I did totally have sense enough to set aside a nice stash of the actual pewter chairs for myself – to alter, art up, house in the many-many-dollhouses-i-hope-to-one-day-own, display and so forth. I love the pewter chairs themselves, even if I abhor the packaging. I have marked them on clearance — a get-the-heck-outta-my-home  price, and I’m even going to give a bunch away to y’all today too! So my ridiculous OCD is your gain.

The thing is, you’ll need to inspire me or make me laugh to call one your very own. The more people that enter via a comment.. the more people that will win. I don’t want the 29 days of giving to lose steam – so I’m giving you incentive to continue spreading the word. I have yet to unveil of the some best giveaways … and we’ve already had some darn good ones!

That being said – here’s the rules today:

  • Tell me how you would artify or alter one these pretty chairs, or otherwise make use of it (I just know some of you are re-gifters!) and if you are a drawing a blank there merely make me feel a smidge saner, and tell me what gives you that silly, not very sensical ‘Oh the Horror!’ feeling. Much like the relationship styrofoam and I have.
  • Do this by: Monday, December 15th
  • For every 15 entries/comments we get on this one, I’ll give away a chair. Not shabby eh? Up to 10 of them total. Excited? Spread the word!
  • Plenty of time to enter the Day 0 Contest too.
As for Days 1-5 …be sure to enter by 2pm EST tomorrow (12/9/08). Cause I’ll be using one of those handy-dandy online tools then to randomize the winners. Get crackin’!
Chrysti – Future President of the Anti-Styrofoam Packaging Club.


63 Responses

  1. I hear you on the styrofoam…ick! Packing peanuts, styrafoam, all that kinda stuff makes me cringe.

    I don’t know how I would “artify” or alter one these pretty chairs cause I’m not sure how big they are…but trust me, it would NOT go unused or unadorned, I promise…but I can tell you that I would NOT be re-gifting it (I only do that with the crappy gifts or perfumes that have more of a stench than a smell. LOL)

    Oh, and that other thing that makes my skin crawl….balloons! I HATE BALLOONS! My children were never allowed to have them (even now and they’re 19 & 21)…blown up or limp, doesn’t matter, I hate balloons. Strange? Maybe…I can’t even tell you what it is about balloons, all I know is I practically stroke out when I see one and especially if it comes close to me! AAAKKKK!


    Stop laughing…I do….really.


    Peace & Love,

  2. I’m having a real mental block right now, but the one persistent (and totally ridiculous) thought that keeps cropping up insistently (begging me to embarrass myself ((wasn’t that part of yesterday’s questions)) ) is to plop a cat down on one of those chairs and call her “Chairman Meow.” (sheepish grin). Sorry. Would you believe me if I said it’s a manifestation of Tourette’s Syndrome?

  3. Well, now it depends on how big that chair is…. but my Pink Panther flexible figure has been standing on the TV for MONTHS & he could use a chair to sit in. But then Ms. Panther, his companion, would be jealous. So we need 2 chairs!

  4. I hate getting the ice cubes out of the trays. That was always my job growing up at family gatherings. I hate being cold and ice cubes give me that nails-on-chalkboard feeling. My ironing board squeals too. It’s so bad my dog tries to attack it when I open it or close it.
    I’m not sure what I would do with the chair but I think it could use something red. Maybe some tiny berries. Or maybe it needs to be part of a centerpiece or scene with an altered doll or elf sitting in it. Maybe I’d put it in my studio to remind me to take time out and relax. Talking about chairs makes me think about the ones my grandma used to make out of tin cans. I wish I still had one. Funny how chairs can evoke memories.

  5. well i ordered some chairs just incase i don’t get picked. i ‘collect’ chairs. i’ve made ‘thingies’ to go in the chairs. started when i found a beautiful glass marble and glued legs on it, to sit in the chair. i could have glued the marble to the chair, but yah know, what would i do when guests come……

  6. If I won one of these cool chairs I am not sure if I would art it up. You see my mother inlaw collects miniture chairs. And I know if she saw it she would want it. And I would probably give it to her. I know it’s mostly unheard of when it comes to MIL’s but we get along great and she’s been having a hard time of it lately.

    ‘Oh the Horror!’ for me is that I can hear that scratchy squeaky sound of sytrofoam rubbing together just reading about it here. I can’t stand the stuff myself either.

  7. If I had one of the pewter chairs , I of course being me would have to make a doll to sit in it. she would have to have a couple of cushions to to make her nice and comfy. She”d be reading her favorite zine.She might just have to have one of those knitted shawls to toss around her in case she got a chill. I think she would need a coffee mug to with her favorite coffee. and possibly a pair of rose colored glasses, wire rimmed of course.
    Brenda Moss

  8. I am not really sure how big those chairs are. As soon as I post this I am going off to look in the shop and figure it out. If its big enough my dolls would get it and if not.. well my daughters wee dollhouse would probably get it :)
    Happy Holidays!!

  9. hmmm, first i’d have to hide it so my 7 yr old daughter wouldn’t pinch it for her dolls house…I’m wondering how small it is…maybe small enough to be made into a necklace, or as a charm hanging off the side of a journal? Then again it could look quite cool in an assemblage piece…I’m sure the possibilities are endless. What about some alcohol ink altering, or a bit of rust and gunge (although I’m not quite sure why everything needs to be rusty and gungy to look cool)
    Love the wee chairs…My Grandma had one just like them.

  10. Ya know, I REALLY LIKE big necklaces!!!!!

  11. hmmm…I think I would add some glitter and some bling, maybe some ribbon and make a crown for the top…and then put something pretty in the seat…

    you wanna know my “horror” grinding teeth, and when DH touches my feet, I cannot stand for anyone to touch my tootsies, it gives my the willies!!!

  12. I don’t know that I would do anything to the chair. I seem to have a thing for miniature chairs. From the previous comments, I am glad to see I’m not alone. Can’t hardly pass one by at the thrift shops. Of course, I’m going to do something with all of them one day! But until I do, I like to just display them. I have in my hall a child’s chair with another smaller child’s chair on top of it, and then 2 more consecutively smaller chairs on top of them. A tower of chairs if you will.

    Walmart gives me that “nerves on edge” feeling. I don’t know if it’s the crowds of people, the way they do their displays, their music, the lights, or a combination of all of the above, but I really hate going in that store. I can go in there with a mental list of items to get(just a few things) and leave without some of them because my mind just freezes up or something. I literally breath a sigh of relief when I walk out.

  13. When I saw that chair I was thinking it would look so much more cozy if it had a handmade (mini-mini) quilted blanket in it… and then maybe it would be a fun gift for my mom, the Queen of Quilts?! What do you think?

  14. I am not sure what I would do with the chair…. To be completely honest I am not even sure that I like the chair… haha!
    But I figured it would not be nice to just reply when I want something from you (when I do like the give-away-item), so this is a reply, just for you, not for me.
    Maybe I should use it to say thanks for your lovely words, straight from the heart every day. I like to read your blogs.
    And one day I will do give-aways too. And I will mention you as my inspiration!
    Have a nice day, big hug, Marion

  15. YOU have blechy styrofoam taking up space in your phenomenally delish palace?? COULD IT BE?? Noo…that would mean your studio has something in common with mine – and I just can’t allow myself to believe that. Your place is just too divine!! (And has been taking up a lot of my mind space since I giddly looked at every detail in your pictures.)

    So what would I do with the chair? Since I am totally obsessed with your studio space (and still threatening to move in), I would make it an “Ode to Chrysti” chair. Hmm didn’t mean for that to sound as creepy as it did! I would decorate the chair to remind me of the insanely beautiful studio you have – and how I shouldn’t give up on my dream of one day making my own space just as lovely. I would also artify the chair to remind me of the positive feelings of giving…I would alter it to remind me of my new friend, and all the things I’ve learned from her over the last few days. (Yeah, that would be YOU silly!)

    So that’s settled. If I don’t win one, I must buy one. If even just to help you reclaim your oh-so-comforting space!! :)


  16. I am visualising a fairy sitting curled up in the chair, not sure what medium to use maybe ceramic or wool…

    Nice chair quotes haven’t seen them before.

    Happy advent!


  17. Squeee – love the little chair! I have a shelf of “lovely things” that make me smile in my art room, and this chair would fit right in.

    My son and I have a way of giving each other the willies – one of us will just randomly say “chewing on cotton” and we both get all grossed out (just typing it makes my skin crawl).

    And is that styrofoam “snow” that I see drifting down your blog page?? ;-)

    ~ wendy

  18. A little chair needs a little occupant. Somehow, I’d make something small enough to sit in there…would be good company in my basement studio!

    As for that “oh the HoRrOr!” feeling, just walking into any of my three teenage sons’ bedrooms can do that! Thank goodness my bedroom is at the other end of the hall from theirs. If I had to walk past their bedrooms on a daily basis, I’d be dead from the fright!

  19. I would make a soft pad for the bottom of the chair with some turquoise velvet . The chair is such a wonderful design. Seems like the just the right size for a small magical handmade doll.

  20. I like the chair as it is, but maybe someone/something sitting in it would work. Oh, maybe tiny throw pillows….
    What gives me that “silly, not very sensical ‘Oh the Horror!’ feeling”: SLUGS, plain ole ordinary garden slugs. I stepped on one in my sock feet when I was a kid and have never gotten over the feeling. Yuck, double yuck!
    I apologize to any slug-lovers out there!
    Happy days,

  21. I had a wee grey and white cat who was my boon companion during the years that I lived alone. Her name was .Gif (yes, truly) About six years ago she went missing once night and despite being microchipped, was never seen again. I mentioned her in my blog and added a few photographs.

    Then in Nov 2005, I had an amazing surprise. A very nice person by the name of Alli sent me a package via PostcardX and inside it was a little painted clay figure of my cat, ( modelled on one of the photographs that I had posted. It was a remarkably thoughtful act of giving and it is a very well realised work. I treasure it and I treasure the notion that a total stranger would go to so much trouble and care in a random act of kindness.

    It’s kind of sad that I keep my little cat safely inside the box that she was posted to me in.

    If I had a gorgeous pewter chair, I’d make a wee satin cushion to set in it, then I’d pop my little .Gif onto it to lie in comfort forever and place it where I could daily recall both my little friend and the stranger across the Atlantic who cared enough to try and fill the small hole in my heart.

  22. I would add some cute little birdies on my chair, one on top, on on the arm one next to it and maybe place it on a wooden stand that I collaged and decorated.

    I’m with ya on the styrofoam!



  23. Cute, cute, cute! Depending on how big the chair is, I would put it by my “fairie” door that is by my front door. I first saw a fairie door at my hair dressers office and it was so adorable that I knew I had to make one for myself. It’s a wooden dollhouse door that you paint and decorate however you wish. You then can decorate around it according to season or your personal taste. I have a little park bench and am looking for a light post. I know someone that even nailed one to the base of a tree. It might sound dumb to some (like my sons) but I don’t care! It’s adorable to me.

  24. Hmmm… If I won one of those chairs I would definatly have to make an old lady clay figure to sit in it.

    The one thing that drives me nuts and makes me sick just thinking about it is plastic dishes. Ugh! Whenever someone hands me a plastic dish I give them my “I can’t believe you, are you just asking for me to get loads of germs!” look. Ever since I was a little kid I haven’t been able to use them because I would see the cuts in them and think, “how in the world can someone really get these clean?”

  25. A wee chair
    for a wee bear?

    This is Edgar, he belongs to my youngest son. It seems, my son reminded me, I promised Edgar could be on our Christmas tree this year, only so far, Edgar has found it hard to stay on, and often loses his balance and topples off. Yesterday we found him, to our horror, being used as a hacky-sack by the cat.

    Poor Edgar. I know he would be very pleased to have a chair so safely sit in.

    (They really are beautiful)

  26. OMG – I thought my daughter was the only one around with that fear – she shivers every time we have to open something up – the horror for me is nails on blackboard, but also teeth grinding – uhhhh! The other weird thing that gives me the heebie jeebies is icebergs. I know.. what? I have never seen one in real life, but just knowing that they are 10 times bigger under water…creeps me out!
    I collect little chairs – how cool! – so this would go on my shelf as is.

  27. I’d let my little elf Santa sit in it. He keeps falling (leaping??) off the old hand-crank wall phone this year for some reason — he always perches there nicely at Christmas time keeping watch over my glass menagerie perched on the bookshelf right beside him, but PERHAPS he’s telling me he needs a reallllllll chair to sit in. :)

    I get the heebiejeebies from…. BIRDS. Now I don’t mind watching them through the window. Enjoy them at feeders, and all that… but if one gets anywhere near my actual body I am convinced they will get tangled in my hair and hang upside down until they PECK. MY. EYES. OUT.
    yes they will… just the thought of the flapping…. shiver.

  28. I don’t think I would alter it much but it would be an excellent chair for the wee little person I made out of nuts and seeds as a kid and who would very much like to get out of the baby food jar he has been stuck in for far too long :-) Maybe with a tiny pillow and quilt to be extra comfy too!

    And I get that horrible feeling about staples — I hate staples — no idea why but they just bother me terribly! :-)

  29. There’s another Arlene out there – HI! . . . It’s not a common name anymore.

    Altering this pewter chair would be my HORROR – OH NO feeling! It is stunning and since you said you had gotten some things for doll houses, I was thinking doll-house size. I have a friend from high school days – don’t – don’t ask how long ago that was, but we get together once a year with our other friends still in the area and she goes to doll house conventions and would, I’m sure fall in love with this chair – I know I did. But I think this would make the best present I could ever give it.
    If I really really really had to alter it…I love using alcohol inks – I would choose the Lettuce color – that has become one of my favorites as well as cranberry, but stay on track here – lettuce in the grooves to give it a patina of age. Ok, goofy, but oh well…. take care and have a great week.

  30. an itty bitty chair for my itty bitty kitties!!

  31. I have a little gnome,
    he needs a place to sit,
    in our home.

    I think my one really bad ocd thing is that when I fill the sink with dishes to wash they have to go in a specific order and if someone comes behind me and adds to the bowl I have to start it alllllll over.

  32. “Oh the Horror” feeling- that fuzzy yellow stuff on tennis balls. I don’t know why, but it makes my skin crawl. I liken it to that nails on the chalkboard feeling some people get. Especially when they are brand new tennis balls. blech.

  33. Chrysti~ this little chair it “pewterful”! I have a sculpy Elf that I made…. if his body were in proportion to his head, his butt would fit just fine in that little chair. But it is not. His body, hands and feet are sadly much larger, making him look like an Elf of little brain. Judging by the “Midwest “tag, he will not be able to sit down. Idea #2 is to make a stack of colorful little sculpy bowls, cure them, and use a few Glue Dots to stick the pile onto the chair. Replace hanging “glamour string” with ribbon complementing colorful bowls. Stamp my Mary Englbreit “Life Is Just a Bowl of Chairies” on cardstock and create a banner or tag with the words (not the image). Hang on Chritmas tree for now, but keep out all year ’round to remember that silly is WONDERFUL!
    That chair has great soldered rings and was meant to HANG, not rest upon the ground, of that I am sure. People, if you win a chair, be sure not to seat a doll that is afraid of heights in it. A slightly dumb Elf that doesn’t know any better or a Fairy with wings would be fine. Mini quilts or pillows? Yes. But no dizzying heights for innocent little dollies, please.

    Can you quess what my cringe factor is?… (yeah…).

    P.S.~ This snow effect was so COOL! Thanks!

  34. hi chrysti
    i came by from cindys blog
    ohhh these chairs are wonderful-hmm i think i would bead a little bendy doll to sit upon it and then send both off to a friend just a little pay it forward-RAK
    right there with ya on the styrofoam i shiver at the sound of it the hair on my arms stand up even touching a styro coffe cup oh and forget the peanuts-yikes
    great blog i think i’l stick around :)
    enjoy your day

  35. Tell me how you would artify or alter one these pretty chairs, or otherwise make use of it. –

    OOOOH! It’s a pretty little chair – and I probably wouldn’t alter it . . . I think it would look awesome on my Christmas tree . . . as I collect fun and unusual ornaments.

    I am also understanding the styrofoam thing – can’t stand the stuff myself – however, my 6-year old daughter does get very crafty with it – so there’s a little part of my brain thinking that it can’t be all that bad if it entertains my kid. LOL!

  36. I write this as I get up out of the floor from laughing. Some time back an anti-pollution campaign said that styrofoam was the work of the devil. Maybe you were influence by that suggestion. lol
    I would alter the pewter chair with a nice big cushion and other cushiony fluff, and then have a small child doll look like it is trying to climb up into the chair. Of course there would be a miniature book in the chair that the child had put there, wanting to climb up and get all comfy and read.
    What gives me the “oh horror” feeling is when people leave a shovel laying on the ground with the blade up. I have to turn it over to make it safe. I can’t pass it by and not do something. lol

  37. I think I would alter to use it in some ways in my scrapbooking space, I just love cute stuff to display, with some ribbon and som primas in some way…hmmm will have to plan it out perfectly

  38. the chair reminds me of a chair my “Gran” used to have. It was old when she had it, but was one of thos items she just didnt want to part with and as a youngster, I saw as ugly and horrible and scarry. Oh how I would love that chair today!

    I envision the chair is some sort of shrine or shadowbox, with a little “huffy” toddler sitting in it. Arms crossed and cheeks red from pouting. The toy that has taken the wrath of Toddler x’s little temper tantrum laying on the floor at the base of the chair and the favorite blankie clutched in the fingers and the shadowbox filled with the same surroundings of “grans house”.

  39. I am loving doll art, I think I would make a doll to set in it…I was also thinking about maybe a small art quilt draped over the back of it…

    Something that horrifies me are spiders, I can not stand to walk through a cobweb when going on a walk, I feel all creepy crawly the rest of the evening…can’t wait to get home and make sure there isn’t one on me.

    Thanks for all you are doing.



  40. I love unique ornaments so, I’d use the chair and decorate it up for our tree. I can think think found memories of you, your giveaway and your horrifying styrofoam feelings each year I hang it up!

    Oh the horror! for me is the crunchy sounds of snow under my feet. It is truly one of the only things that sends chills up my spine! Now for the OCD side of me I organize and re-organize my decor. My husband finds it strangely cute that the vase will be on the kitchen counter one day, the end table the next & in our bedroom by day 3. (giggle giggle) I just like seeing things in new places I guess.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  41. I would probably use the chair on my tree – not sure if I would alter it, I’m not an “altered art” person (just yet :-) but I love love love it).. However, I’m right there with you on the styrofoam.. that sound it makes when two pieces rub together? Or – even worse, when you’ve got it in a box (say… around a snowglobe) and you’re trying to pull it out and it’s creaking and popping and falling into little bits…. that sound it makes against your nails? Yes, just like a fingernails on chalkboard feeling – and the little pieces, the way they feel in your hand, smooshy yet squeeky? Ok, enough of this!

    by the way, love the snow on your blog, while I was typing this message I thought I was having monitor problems :-) DUH!

  42. what I want to know is : How do I make it snow on my that a wordpress thing??? and a chair? musical chairs would be fun, if you had multiples, yes, Would my Blythe doll fit in it. could one make it into a pin cushion, probabably too ordinary….it could be a part of a shrine, I can see it now, inside some sort of box, maybe a poppet ala Claudine Hellmuth sitting in the chair…hmmmm..there would need to be a hairy beastie or two sitting at her feet, possibilities are endless, you know we altered artists can’t decide, we just see it and know we have to have it for SOMETHING that will come to us at a date to be named later!!! Oh I hope I win!

  43. The chair is adorable and I would like it just as it is. No frills, no fluff…just chair!! Beautiful
    What creeps me out is styrofoam peanuts!! ACK!! They blow up out of boxes (people who use them should be smacked up side the head) and they follow you everywhere!! Down the hall they will go. I even had one take a shower with me. Now that is low…Peanuts are always blowing in the wind…somebody ban them please!!!
    Love your blog

  44. I’m with those that love the wee chair – just as it is!
    As for ‘the HORROR’….I abhor centipedes. Anything with that many legs has to be gross. When our oldest son was a wee baby he was asleep in his cradle on the opposite side of the room. A HUGE ‘pede scuttled across the floor between us and I had to chose between letting the horrible thing ‘get’ my baby, keeping my feet up on the furniture, or pounding the daylights out of it. My DH came home to centipede remains absolutely flattened on the floor…the baby still in the cradle (asleep, thankfully) and me with my feet high and dry on the couch. YUCK!

  45. Hi, Khrysti~
    I didn’t know where else to contact you. Your 29 Days of Giving has been astonishing both in its conception and reception. I wanted to point out that I doubt that these many people coming to your site for the 29 Days they’ve heard about are even aware of the awesome and vast amount of free images to offer. I hadn’t before. I just love even looking at vintage photos. Perhaps you could mention your freely offered collection on one of these daily posts so everyone can be aware. Talk about a gift!! I think your offer of these images alone beats anything you are offering w/29 Days (just my thought, cause I love them.) Also, I have been reading many of the comments you’ve received each day, and many of your responders have expressed a desire to help you give the gifts. I’ve heard them mention vintage ephrema and photos. Would you possibly be able to allow those contributions to be added to your own collection. I have my own (Ebay) and friends’ and my own families, and I’d certainly be happy to put them out there for use, which I have no way of doing, as I don’t have a blog or website.
    Thinking of you and your baby~

  46. Love the little chairs! I get the willies from teeth grinding. I am a special education teacher and occasionally I have a student who grinds their teeth and it gives me a shiver every time. I also get the willies from real fur- think it has something to do with a bad experience with a fur coat. Yuck! Nancy

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  48. I would adorn the bitty chair by affixing a crow to the back of it (i’d have to find one first) or make a clay figure of a cat and a quilt for the seat ,wrapping the cat up in it. I would have to say spiders bother me I am not sure why exactly but they give me the creeps.

  49. I would have to make some cushions for this chair,which is a fantastic chair I may add lol,the cushions would be brightly coloured satin sequins and beads,with embroidery,not that i can sew or embroider lol,BUT I can dream !

  50. I love LITTLE things! I would make a Stephen King doll & plop him right in that cute chair…. & pretend he’s reading one of his scariest stories to me while I work in my studio! (& I’m also a huge fan of Larry Bird….. I can’t believe U quoted him! How fantastic!)

  51. In honor of my loving and recently departed furry friend “Bootsie” (the cat we put down a week ago…I would make a stuffed Kitty doll, with Bootsie’s face on it. That way she could sit on my desk and keep me company. Depending on how many each winner gets, I would make another into my dog furry friend, also. put down ( Honey–my white german sheppard”.

    Currently my puter is in the shop getting a virus removed and i am at the public Library. I will try to post a link to yet anpther of the yahoo groups I belong to today. have a great day Christy :)

    Thanks, Susan

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  53. Styrofoam – yipes – goes along with my ick for nearly ANYTHING plastic – plastic cheese (ya know – the wrapped up slices kind), plastic vegetables (the mixed vegetables from a freezer plastic package that many restaurants seem to provide with an otherwise lovely meal – AND they are ALWAYS cooked way too long), plastic (otherwise known as polyester) bedspreads and singing outfits (better known to our female choristers as uniforms)

    something else ick – procrastination :^(

    gotta run

  54. I would use it as a cell phone holder. I always leave my phone in a jacket pocket or purse once I get home and can never find it!! It would look so pretty sitting in this chair on my desk.

  55. Well if I won this chair, it would for sure go in my girls doll house. Not sure what I’d do with it yet, but it would get some pink added to it & some bling :)

  56. This chair sounds like it is the perfect size to put in a collage CIGAR shadow box! I would paint the chair white and then wipe it off to give it a summer on the veranda old wicker feel. Then create a paper doll clothes made of ribbon and lace sitting in the chair… then would give the box a veranda make over!

    I know what you mean about styrofoam… I collect all the old peanut styrofoam that comes in the office I work at and recycle it at a local shipping place… I cannot stand the big pieces that come as packing!!!! UGH.

    Thanks again for sharing. Hope your week has some bright spots in all that is happening in your life.

    once in a while

    others happy
    most of

  57. It would become my 5th little chair to sit on the mantle in my library/studio….there is just something about little chairs…don’t you just love them? Hmmm…it might also become an “outside” chair for my dollhouse…

    OOoooo the thing that just gives me fits is accidentally walking into a spider web….oooeewwww..just that stuff clinging to my face or hair and the idea that a spider might actually be skittering around on me….UGH!!! shivers!!!!

  58. Oh the horror…I agree with the teeth grinding. Also, I hate to touch raw meat. And when I go to bed, my feet need to be able to touch each other without sheets or blankets between them. If I get tangled up, I can’t rest until I feel skin. Weird, I know. And DO NOT tuck in around my feet. They feel trapped. They want a quick escape route. Ta da…now you know my weird secrets!

  59. It’s a darling little chair – it’s pewter color – a favorite – and I’d have to glam it up a bit with silk and satin and beaded pillows and then hang it in a featured spot on garland I’m making for a studio window.

  60. I would “permanently” transfer some black writing and pics onto the chair and then add some beads for color and interest. I can already imagine it in my collection so you must send me a chair!!

    Thanks for your generosity and giving spirit. I totally believe in what you are doing!!

  61. I feel so trite saying this since it has been said a LOT, but…I would have to make a (polymer clay) doll fot it.

  62. I totally hear you about the styrofoam. Unfortunately, my daughter LOVES to play with the stuff. Whenever we get something new out of a big box (which is rare, whew!) She just has to use it to put her little dolls and animals in it (it’s a boat! it’s a house! it’s a convertible for Barbie!) The sound of it is awful and the mess it leaves behind is worse. But I’d have to that worse than styrofoam, for me anyway, is having to put my hands into anything to mix it up–like cookie dough or ground beef for meatballs–which is why I don’t often cook! I don’t mind messy arty hands, but messy foody hands is something entirely ucky and wrong! ;)

  63. […] 6- Click Here to read all about it Prize: Miniature Pewter Wicker Chair Christmas Ornaments Purchase one by […]

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