And the first batch of winners are….

Since the technology gods have been frowning upon me all week (and today they apparently decided to unleash their wrath) … I’m gonna keep this as to the point as humanlyno make that as Chrysti-ly possible. Chatting aimlessly, is what Chrysti’s do best. Or sumthin’ like that….Heck if i know.


Here’s the scoop:Winners need to contact me within the next 5 days by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify them. I’ll need your mailing addies by then or else the beloved prize in question gets shipped off to the runner-up. And, just in case the runner up has a bad case of not-claiming-giftitis, then I will merely redraw a name. Someone, somewhere will want it badly enough :-)

Didn’t Win? Keep trying! Really, there are even more amazing prizes heading your way… and there may even be days where everyone – yes like every single person – who enters who will be a winner. How’s that do for something to look forward to? I thought you’d like it!

Ok, the hard part — and also the kind of fun part — the prize recipients! Doesn’t that sound nicer? We’re all winners, even if the prize eludes us. 

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”
-Larry Bird 

(I so wish I could give everybody copies though!)

Oh! In case you were curious; receipents are not-so-scientifically-selected using one of those handy generator thingies found online. Noone has found a way to bribe me yet. Not saying it can’t be done, but ya know — it’s gotta be a realllllllllllllllllllly good offer. An in with the technology gods would be great…

Even though the drawings on the original posts are closed – I still think they are worth a read – especially the comments. Amazing discussion, laughs & communities have been forming. It’s a wondrous feeling!


Day 1Click Here to read all about it
Prize:  a SIGNED copy Mixed-Media Self Portraits by Cate Coulacos Prato
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient: Lynette (claimed)
Prize Recipient Back-Up: Judi M. , who asked to give it to Christina B.


Day 2Click Here to read all about it
Prize:  a SIGNED copy of Collage, Artplay for Your Creative Spirit 2009 Wall Calendar
Purchase one by clicking here  
Purchase a signed Copy from me,  by clicking here  (Only have 6 left!)
Prize Recipient 1: Immi –claimed
Prize Recipient 2: Nancy (Boston Terrier as odd object) – claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Bethany
Prize Recipient Back-Up 2: Lucy– aka Jodi Ohl


Day 3Click Here to read all about it
Prize: a copy of Exhibition 36 by Susan Tuttle
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient: Gillian McMurray (claimed)
Prize Recipient Back-Up:Julia Carter
2nd Chance to enter by 12/15/08: Click Here!


Day 4Click Here to read all about it
Prize: Magical Designer Journal of Possibilities
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient 1: Natalie (Hot Cross Bunnies Joke) – claimed, gave to a backup!
Prize Recipient 2: Aimee Wheaton -claimed
Prize Recipient 3: Kari (snakes burp story) -claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Mary Lee (Bill Clinton Joke)
Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Connie
Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: Marion (with the too cute son)– claimed



Day 5Click Here to read all about it
Prize: Fall 2008 Issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient: Nancy Scott -claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up: Kari – claimed, will give to someone else should she get it!

And there ya have it… the first round of giftees! Recipients – Don’t forget to contact me  with your mailing address within the next 5 days by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify you! Extra Credit if your email contains lots of OMG’s, squeals of rampant delight especially on the prizes that contained submissions of my own.

Still time to enter Day 0 & Day 6!

Even though there’s no giveaway on this post  … I have enjoyed all our ‘talks’ in the comments, it’s actually been my favorite part of all this….  so if ya feel like chatting with me, why not play a lil game with me?

It’s easy – I promise!

Just finish this sentence

Life is full of …….

Can’t wait to see your responses! Hugs to all!

Chrysti – who needs to get today’s giveaway up!

72 Responses

  1. …people who should not be allowed to drive!

    Sorry, had a bad traffic day. :(

  2. Life is full of ups & downs.
    Inevitably, when you are your highest, you cannot foresee the sadness you’ll know. While you are down, however, hopefully you can begin to imagine rising above it.

  3. life is full of…..things, people, moments and places to be treasured. a little sappy, i know. trying to make a gloomy day brighter!

  4. people who mean well….

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. life is full of ~ angels

    congrats to all the winners and many hugs to you beautiful Chrysti, who have made us all winners with this wonderful gift of “29 days”, your enthusiasm, AND kind of weird sense of humour. I love it

  6. opportunities…every day we are blessed with so many opportunities – to touch someone’s life in a positive way, to make the world a bit brighter for someone who is in pain, to learn something new, to tell our loved ones how very much they mean to us. The opportunities we encounter in our everyday lives are truly endless … =)

  7. snotty noses, slobbery kisses, and sweet bear hugs!

    Can you tell I have a toddler?

    Thanks for picking me as a winner!!!!! I’m thrilled!


  8. Life is full of:
    smiles and hugs, tears and skinned knees, chocolate and teddy bears, losses and gifts, but most of all….love.

  9. Life is full of turbulence. But if your going down, you might as well enjoy the ride…

  10. […] And the first batch of winners are…. Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Mary Lee (Bill Clinton Joke) Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Connie Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: Marion (with… […]

  11. Life is full of change…

  12. Life is full of beautiful art.

  13. Life is full of ~ surprises!!

    Thank you so much Chrysti for picking me as a winner – I’ve sent you a private email with my postal address …

    much love & many hugs …

  14. Since my week has just headed down the same path your week has already ventured…and because I’m just simply not as positive and nice as you are…and since this is a *family* blog…I will keep this short.

    Life is full of ~ CRACKED CROWNS!

    (Jack and Jill went down the hill
    To fetch a pail of water…
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    And should have just listened to Jill
    that women are just plain smarter.)

    Ahhh I’m feeling a bit better already. But really – life has been filled with a lot of cracked crowns for me lately. I wonder if anyone is planning my pity party – or shall I throw one for myself??

    Here’s wishing you find a beautiful, bling-ridden, wonderful crown – cuz you definitely deserve it, sistah!!


  15. The art world is full of………..some very generous people like you Chrysti ! Oops not what you asked for..but I have to tell you it fits with how I feel at the moment and I didn’t even win anything.

    When it rains it pours hun. Forget about the printer, the internet and whatever is giving you a hard time this week and go paint some backgrounds. That’s what I do when life gets me down. And you know what?? Once I am in the zone I get a mental break from the stresses of life and sometimes thats all you need to face the next day!

    Congrats to the winners!!!!

  16. …those fun little occurences which seem to fall within the scope of a law outlined by some guy named Murphy.

    A big congratulations to all the lucky winners!

  17. forks in the road. Shall we take the one less traveled?

  18. Life is Full of Possibilities.

  19. Life is full of…magical moments, when you least expect them x

  20. Life is full of WINNERS!

  21. I have just dropped you an e-mail to wave excitedly and claim my prize. Thank you so very much. As I didn’t expect to win anything (though I enjoy taking part) my winning has just shown me that – Life is full of unexpected moments.

  22. Life is full of magical moments. I am believing that more and more each day, even in my crummy days, I can choose to see the good, the wonderful and something that will make me smile. Thanks for sharing your love and generosity.

  23. Life is full of… opportunity.

  24. moments of gratitude. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, and congratulations to all of the winners so far (although as some have already stated, you’ve made all of us winners).

  25. Life is full of cold viruses.

    Sorry I am currently fighting the ear, nose and throat plague at my house in the form of one currently back to normal son, one starting to get sick husband and my currently sick self.

  26. Life is full of different paths and every path has a story. Pick yours and journal it!

    Congrats (sniffle) to the (sniffle, sniffle, blow) winners…

  27. Wow, I am totally stunned by the generosity of Judi M. who was willing to give up her prize for me if she wins! Even though she or I didn’t win I feel like a winner, Judi you just made my day! Thanks so much for that feeling!

    Congratulations to all the winners, I wish you so much joy with your prices!!

    Chrysti, this is a wonderful blog-adventure for me, I love reading your posts and all the answers. Your questions make me think about my art and what I want to achieve with it or through it, thanks a lot for the prompts!! Keep going I can’t wait to read your posts!

    Christina B.,

  28. Life is full of…
    Stones, it just depends if you see them as obstacles or stepping stones!

  29. Life is full of …… face plants. Sorry! I fell on my face yesterday. But it is a metaphor for having one of those weeks where you keep falling into it. lol
    You are marvelous my dear….keep doing what you are doing. It is perfect!!
    Congrats to all the winners!

  30. Possibilities:)

  31. …ups and downs…keep your chin up…move forward and BE HAPPY!!!


  32. life is full of love!

  33. “If you were a tree, what would be carved into your trunk?” “Susan has one of those lives, nevermind one of those weeks…but I am sure it is building her character :)”

    Peanut Butter or Jelly? Peanut butter…love it with bananas. :)

    Feel free to do a lil more schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue, much less the world.

    I love and adore your studio, if I could come steal it and put it into my own home I would, it is perfect!

  34. Life is full of….wonderful people, like you!

  35. Yayyyy Im a back up :) Thank you for all your generous giveaways!!!

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, in more ways than one :)

  36. Life is full of many wonderful adventures, both big and small.

  37. Clapping hands and spinning! So happy for the winners!!!

    Hey, do you know it’s snowing in your blog? That is SO cool! You rock!

  38. Life is full of wonder….

  39. Life is full of opportunities to show your love

  40. …. new things to learn.

  41. of one thing, or another…

  42. unexpected pleasures!

  43. …hungry people! Yes, I work in a deli. ;-)

  44. wonderful surprises! congrats to the winners!!

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  46. Life is full of…

    little things
    little steps

    big things
    big steps

    more things


    Life is!

  47. Life is…full of possibilities, if we can look beyond ourselves.

    You are doing great things!

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  49. Woo hoo! How exciting to win! Thanks for the chance to enter these fun drawings – can’t wait to enjoy the calendar. I love turning the calendar page to a new month and enjoying new artwork.

  50. Yipee!!! I think…I was an alternate winner but it looks as if life is full of detours a.k.a. my son’s cat passing away :( ….so I guess in my busyness with that I missed my chance. But hooray to the winners!!!!! I’m sure they will enjoy the prize a lot and I’m happy for that :)
    I do agree that all of your posts are very much worth reading, really they have been wonderful and I’m so happy to have been a part of all this giving. I feel I’ve gotten a gift already just from reading all your posts and interviews :)

  51. […] Day 0 & Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8 & Day 9 & Day […]

  52. Life is full of crazed last minute Christmas shoppers!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL OMg the malls were insane today. Leave it to me forget to get gift cards from my daughter’s bus buddy and the bus driver!

  53. people who have a great deal of talent, but are afraid to share it with others. I was one of those who lurked for a long time because I didn’t want to be made fun of (dangling participle). On the second swap I did, the hostess returned my cards because she didn’t like them. That’s when I learned one person’s opinion does not define you. I will post a picture of my returned swap on my blog. Thanks for all the fun Chrysti

  54. My art goal for 2009 is not a simple one. I like Chrysti am narrowing my inventory down and will be having givaways and low low prices on my art and supplies. I hope to start this all for my New Years resolution as really do I ever make any..not much. But, there must be something going on as I read your latest blog there, I culd not believe I feel the same. I want to explore some new ideas, and need the space. My crappy arthritis in my fingers I use the most is probably the worst ever, and I can only now make so many things. I am sick of looking at my pendants, Hats, and I do have wigs, and hats and do dress up at home, and as for getting the looks, I want my own place again…oh when is the kid moving out….drag it on…cramped in my room, anyway, I am a self made artist and I don’t care if anyone buys my stuff anymore, I am only in competition with myself. So my goth dolls will stay in the bin, and my clay pendants will not rust, My goth dollhouse will hopefully be done sometime next year…Goal to move it out and move on..mentally spiritually and well physically, its up to the gods….Se,La, Vie…Love your blog and when I get down I usually go out and help someone else, takes the focus of me..and my magical magnifying mind…Happy Holidays.

  55. Life is full of Possibilities! At ever turn and corner there is a possibility waiting to happen, it is up to the person to engage it!

    Happy Holidays!

  56. Okay, I am totally overrwhelmed (and probably lost )on your website BUT I do want to say that I am so glad I stumbled on it. I love the idea of committing to giving something away for th next month. I have soooo much stuff
    (I LOVE stuff) and I have plenty to share. Thanks!

  57. I am currently enrolled in the Les Petite Dolls but would LOVE to win a painting, SO my answer to the question is (drum roll. . .) I squeeze from the BOTTOM!!

    (Glad I fell into your blog! Very fun!)

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  59. I would love to be able to be part of this. I have never done one of these types of projects before, but I love the idea, and I want to continue the spirit of giving, and I would so love to win this give away!

  60. […] Check out the first batch of winners! […]

  61. growth opportunities….grrrr

  62. Llife is full of chocolate, its around every corner…OMG, what a trip, Another candy filled Holiday…WHEEEEE_HEEE.

  63. Life is full of surprises!!

  64. What would life be like if it wasn’t for the little things that warm our hearts. My favorite is the homemade cards/notes, they are the best, especially when they are on notebook paper with a unconventional fold. I save them all.

  65. I enjoyed your article in the recent issue of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors,” but am unable to find the free high-resolution textures, tutorials links or your website for that matter. I’ll try again later.

    Pat K.

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  67. […] out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners and the third batch of […]

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  69. Chrysti

    My fingers are crossed to become a winner!

    I would be so proud and I could tell all my friends!

    Thank You
    Sherry :)

  70. […] out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of […]

  71. […] out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of […]

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