Day 9/29 Days of Giving is…

… my friends, have you nurtured yourself today?

have you taken just a moment, or perhaps two….

….to merely breathe in the world around you

have you taken a time-out to restore yourself….

…even for just a moment

yes, one little moment….

… of the stress, and responsibilities

that our lives hold…

….have you found a way to pamper yourself

a nice cup of tea perhaps…

…. maybe a luxuriously warm bath with a fresh-from-the-dryer towel

whatever indulgence it is that you feel drawn to…

go, now. make it happen …..

…it’s crucial to our happiness and to our health

give not only to others….

…but to yourself

that is how you offer the world and people in your life …

….the best version of ‘you’

i truly believe it’s life’s most vital, and most often overlooked skill.

 “The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”
-Thomas More

When I began this journey, I mentioned to you my desire of finding a way to work giving into my life again. To MAKE the time for it. Regardless of circumstances, finances, or my mood — it is becoming a daily part of my world again. I’m not always feeling generous.  It isn’t always easy. However, nothing rewarding or insightful… ever is.

One of the reasons I began this adventure through my blog, was the accountability – as I knew that no matter what the day had in store for me, I needed to find a way to give. To give with intent.  Challenging, at the least.

I have found that by the time each post is complete – I am somehow lighter. Happier. My heart becomes just a bit more open. Open to relationships with people, open to receiving, open to possibilities. Open to acceptance. Open to trust. To trust that with the bad, comes the good. Disappointments are inevitable, I don’t know why we are always so taken aback when they occur.

“But you now, you wear your soul on your sleeve, exhausting your energy, propping yourself up on a tree, mumbling, or bent over your desk, asleep. Heaven gives you a form and you wear it out by pointless argument. ” -Chuang Tzu

So today – I am not only choosing to give to you; but to myself.

I am making this post shorter. Simpler. I am eliminating the formatting woes. The lengthy descriptions. The hassles of photos. The all too time consuming aspects of it. I am going to devour that extra bit of time, and somehow indulge myself. Nurture my soul just a bit. So that tomorrow, I can once again offer you, my friends, my family, my beloved furbabies… the world – the very best me that I can give.

In that spirit – today’s giveaway invloves a bit of trust on your part as well. I want your hearts as open as mine is becoming. Open to the possibility, that it may be magic. Open to the possibility you may be disappointed. Open, that no matter which way it goes – your life may become just a bit better as a result.

I will tell you, it is comprised of multiple gifts that will be somewhat customized to the recipient. It’s my wish, that it shall provide you with moments of small indulgences, and perhaps help renew that sparkle you have inside of you too.

So, to those of you who are open to whatever i have in store:  

  • Leave a comment on this post & share with us some of your favorite, simple indulgences
  • Do this by: Monday, December 15th
  • Don’t forget to spread the word.
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Go, Indulge yourself. Now!
  • What are you still doing here?
  • Chrysti

    98 Responses

    1. Favorite, simple indulgences: Nice body lotion, a new marker, 15 uninterrupted minutes with my husband, someone’s smile, HobNobs, a glass of wine, a jump in the pool, a walk to get the newspaper, and, specific today, the magic of watching the breeze blow.
      And, with [i]your[/i] indulgence, I list two less simple ones, but quite worthwhile: 1. A massage. I had my first massage a month ago, and it was unbelievably luxurious and wonderful. I won’t wait another 30 years before doing [b]that[/b] again! 2. Someone you can be honest with and who is honest with you. Getting to that point in a relationship with someone is quite the opposite of simple, but once that trust is earned it is a deep indulgence, better than the best chocolate! =)

    2. Read a silly book
      walk the dogs
      stroll throught an antique mall
      diet coke on the rocks
      jelly beans
      buy new pencils/pens and a journal
      visit the cemetery where my parents are, take flowers and photos
      take photos of architectural elements, flowers, peeling paint
      make some scrapbook pages
      alter copies of old family photos
      visit the botanical gardens
      hang out in the back yard and watch the cardinals in the trees
      hang out at the local coffee shop and have soup and a sandwich and read the paper.

      simple is a good thing

    3. 1. ordering take out and then coming home and setting up a tablecloth on my bed, spreading the food out before me, popping a movie on and having my own little picnic and a movie time.

      2. treating myself to lunch somewhere I’ve never been before but have always wanted to try.

      3. ordering a greek pastry to go with my coffee at my favorite local cafe.

      4. going to the particular Barnes & Noble that I know has all of the Somerset Studio publications and treating myself to 3, 4, or even 5 of different ones.

      I give you much credit for doing this Chrysti. I realized from the minute I read about your intention to do this what a huge commitment this was on your part. May great blessings flow your way for it! Serena

    4. 1. warm coffee with peace and quiet
      2. reading a great book with a cat in my lap
      3. shopping with a best friend even though we’re talking so much we don’t shop.
      4. cute socks
      5. doggie kisses and hugs
      6. a date with my husband which happens very rarely
      7. a perfect pedicure where they don’t cut my feet at all!
      8. spa day
      9. a good old movie ( b & w) they don’t make them like that anymore
      10. baby hugs and kisses
      11. snuggling on a cold night
      12. traveling and taking photos with loved ones and cool buildings
      13. time to myself with no dog, cat, hubby or baby asking me to do things for them.
      14. smelling a wonderful candle
      15. finding that perfect pair of jeans and buying them!

    5. Personal indulgences include:
      – a latte at the bookstore enjoyed while browsing books & magazines
      – increasing the indulgence by buying some of the above
      – new toys, ahem, I mean art supplies
      – a LONG shower
      – a drive through the country, esp. with my hubby

    6. first…
      when i remodeled my home i put a little extra in the bathroom. i added a 75 gallon hot water heater and a jetted VERY deep and wide bathtub. so my alltime favorite indulgence is a long hot bath everyday.
      when my son moved out i painted his room bubblegum pink and designated it my craft and computer room.if i’m not in the tub i’m in my craft room.
      did i mention my huge bathtub?
      thanks for all these little giveaways and the cute little questions . they make you think! ms.cheryl

    7. a good glass of wine
      hugs and kisses from my hubby
      sharpie paint pens on hot press watercolor paper
      writing just for the fun of it
      time with good friends

    8. a few of my simple indulgences are

      a starbucks mocha frap
      a wonderful artbook
      an hour to sit undistrubed at Border’s to flip through all my favorite magazines

    9. My Father-in-Law lives with us and once a month he and I go to get a pedicure at the same time… I never went as often as I do now… but he wouldn’t go if I didn’t. And I am not going to do his toes!!!! So I force myself to indulge…. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE and love every time I go! Just went this evening!

      Green Tea Body Butter

      Sleeping in on Saturday

      Time in my craft space creating

      Shopping at antique stores looking for old photos, postcards, lace, music, buttons and whatever else strikes me as an embellishment or canvas to work with!

      Getting away from my desk at work during lunch… even if it is to walk the aisle of the most awesome grocery store in the area.


      A cup of coffee and watching the birds at the suet.

      Watching “Pride and Prejudice” over and over and over again. My all time FAV movie

      Curling up with Daisy our schnauzer on the sofa… she loves to get under the blanket with me

      looking through my books and magazines especially the altered art and mixed media ones.


      Taking pictures, I love my camera

      Riding the ferry

      Breakfast in my favorite old little tiny restaurant on a pier in the marina not far from our home, everything is cooked from scratch even the pies!!! It is a treat when we go.

      Talking with my sisters on the phone

      The weekend with my husband (I don’t see him during the week)

      lunch with my ATC girlfriends once a month

      Same friends have a once on month share day where one of us shares a new project with the others.

      Giving with out a reason or intention…

      THANKS FOR YOUR GIVING… you inspired me to do the “29 days of giving”!!!

    10. My favorite simple indulgence is a warm shower in the afternoon while no one is home yet, finishing with lavender bath oil for my dry dry skin (I love L’Occitane and I splurged!), then run quickquickquick and get into the bed with the mattress heater already turned on and preheated and a woodsy scented aromatherapy plug in the room. My beloved rescue AmStaff baby and my crotchety ole’ Jack Russell Terror (tm!) sandwich me in between them and we sleep the afternoon away…until, that is, Other People arrive home from school and work! I work night shift and they’re all on days, so this is my private ritual for sanity…


    11. Favorite indulgances:
      soaking in the hot tub
      buying a new box of crayons
      lighting candles
      eating chocolate
      wearing perfume
      buying fuzzy socks
      re-reading past issues of Victoria magazines and Somerset Studio
      gazing at the stars
      browzing in the bookstore
      cheesecake at Atlanta Bread Company
      new journal, pens, any art supplies
      sleep in on weekends

      Someday I may get my first pedicure, manicure and massage.

    12. Sitting on the jetty in the late evening just listening to the sounds of the lake and the birds.

      A slice of Black Forest cake at Pure Indulgence cafe

      Curling up with a new book by my favourite author, preferably in bed with my dogs by my side

      Long bath with bath oil and a book, a glass of wine or bourbon & diet coke and some Lindt chocolate

      Thanks for the inspiration. I can’t sit on the jetty this evening as it is raining but I will sit and look out the window and smell the rain falling, have a hot chocolate and ignore the rest of the family for 15 mins.

      Happy thoughts for you Chrysti

    13. Well, because of my current life’s situation…indulgence is very rare…I do not even have a car at my disposal(except for the weekends when hubby is home)…housebound 90% of the time… I will go with the true Rare indulginges

      going to the movies…last time was 2 harry potter’s ago

      anything at the beauty parlor, wash and cut, color, parrafin treatment(hands)…I have NEVER had a pedicure, but have heard they are wonderful!

      Lindt milk chocolate truffles
      Russell stover’s french mint squares

      a GOOD historical romance novel (haven’t read one of these in ages—I usually read suspense thrillers)

      Dinner or lunch out with my daughter(s) One lives home still (the other one also, if she’d reconnect with the rest of us.)

      Bailey’s irish cream…chocolate mint

      a good Pino Grecio (spelling)

      Banana Cream or Coconut Cream Pie

    14. Indulgence, is a great word and a great activity! Especially this time of year, don’t you think? I just listened to Kimberly Wilson talking about restorative poses in yoga – can you imagine anything better to indulge in?? I love those! Check her out here:

      Another one is taking the time to really READ some blog posts that interests me and not just browsing quickly all the time!

    15. this time of year i love ‘upgrading my coffee’ to a fancy one, mocha for example, going for a walk along the beach, making a cup of tea and curling up to read a book – it is an indulgence for me to put aside the time to do that.

    16. Favourite simple indulgences?

      Taking morning coffee outside to sit in the sun on a rare still and dry day when we know we should be working

      Putting in a single pattern repeat on a complicated piece of lace knitting when more “important” things lie unattended

      Spending an extra half hour in bed, with the pup by my side

      Allowing myself time and space in which to create something wonderful in the kitchen to indulge my husband’s pleasure in turn

      Central Heating!

      Freshly ground, freshly brewed espresso – any time, any place – cupped between my hands and inhaled before drinking. That’s moment’s pause, there is nothing finer.

      A long soak in a deep hot bath, by candlelight – with soft music, and a glass of something chilled and white.

      Beachcombing for an hour at sunrise; coming home with a bucket full of beautiful shells to play with

      And one commercial indulgence – a very occasional box of hand-made chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. Two of each centre, to be shared with somebody very special.

      Best of all? One indulgence no longer open to me but one that I recall very well indeed… allowing myself to sit and do nothing other than to cradle my baby after she had fallen asleep feeding at my breast – and to stay there holding her for an hour or two, until she woke naturally.

    17. Good for you, Chrysti! It’s only right you should take some time out for yourself.

      One of my favourite indulgences is a nice cup of tea, a kit kat choccie biscuit, an open fire, a wooly sweater and a good book. To get curled up in a comfy chair with those things is just heavenly.

    18. a long hat bath, peanut butter cups, naps, new craft stuff… i could go on for days;)

    19. I indulge myself daily with my journaling and meditation, it always clears my head and massages my soul. I feel lost and empty if I sleep in. As I sit with my journal in hand, sipping my nice warm tea, sometimes I curl up in front of the fireplace and just gaze at the flames, other times I write and write and write without stopping. At night, I take my dogs out for a walk and am just silent within myself, no Ipod, just listening and being aware of all that is around me. By doing this, I’m also giving to my dogs but it is mostly for me. I love to watch the changing of the seasons, revel in the stillness of winter and watch the water moving along, endless until forever. I am glad to say I give to myself daily, I have learned the hard way how vitally important it is to my soul, my life, my family. Things are not always important, but time is, I give myself time every day, I cherish it, I love it. xoxoxo

    20. A good cup of coffee
      Permission to take 45 min in the afternoon and watch a saved tv show all by myself before hubby comes home
      A cherry chocolate
      A lit candle
      A spray of real perfume (Tresor)
      Lunch with a friend in December
      Using pink decorations in my home anyway

    21. Indulgences…what a rare treat in this house! Let’s see…

      1. Laying down, closing my eyes and listening to a deep meditation CD.

      2. See’s Chocolate.

      3. GOOD coffee.

      4. A house with no noise (which is close to impossible with a husband, three teenage sons and a dog!)

    22. a nap with my dogs & cat (the turtel is close by!).
      reading a good book & eating pizza.
      shopping for random art supplies.
      Happy days,

    23. Ah, Chrysti, you are one wise woman ! How can we give to others without keeping our own energy coffers full ? I know giving feels wonderful but when we give out without taking in, we get depleted. Giving ourselves permission to really give some loving to our own being is such a gift !!!

      Some of my favorite indulgences :

      1. clean high thread count cotton sheets on the bed twice a week (Oprah has clean sheets everyday – Twice a week is the minimum I deserve !)

      2. Lighting bee’s wax candles – more expensive but such a cleansing experience

      3. Under the blankets naked nap in the afternoon, especially if it is raining !

      4. A good glass of wine at least once a week.

      5. Taking a full hour to art journal – make art just for me !

      Thanks for reminding us to give to ourselves first !
      You are a wonderful , generous soul !
      Hugs !

    24. These are all great! I love reading everyones.
      Mine would be…
      -A weekend alone to just be(which I am having right now)
      -Taking pictures and seeing them come up on iphoto
      -watching a great thriller movie
      -shopping all day by myself, michaels the book store – hours!
      -hot chocolate on these cold days
      -a nice fire
      -dinner with friends
      -making art and fiddling
      -time with my daughter
      -reading in the hammock
      – baking homemade treats
      and number ONE
      You can’t live without it.

    25. My indulgences are sitting on my couch with a blanket and a book, a big glass of Dr. Pepper. That sounds nice!!!!

      alSO, magaines, and naps…and CHOCOLATE. YUMMMM

      Julia Carter

    26. Taking a sigh in between two breaths is a real indulgence for me. With my cancer and my shoulders up to my ears from stress, I fing that if I just take a sigh it helps me move on.

      I love tea, and I drink it but it is always on the run. Today I am going to make some tea in a pretty cup, close my eyes, and dream my stress away ( I know the cancer won’t go away) but maybe the stress will.

      Thanks for the opportunity you are always putting out here because it is making me think.

      Love Renee

    27. My fav. thing is to just relax and take a nap, that is my thing when I have a little extra time, it makes me all refreshed:)

      sarah Denny

    28. Stopping to take the time to look at the mountains
      breathing deeply
      Long hot showers
      Luxurious body cream with shea butter and lavender
      Making random gifts of art to send
      Massages every two weeks
      Buying fresh flowers
      Going to our small historic church in the still of the day, playing the organ and singing
      Resting with a glass of green tea and a pile of art books

    29. My favorite indulgences:

      1. Reading
      2. Chocolate candy bars
      3. Chocolate milk — I have a serious milk addiction :-)
      4. Sleeping late or taking an afternoon nap (doesn’t happen often with two little ones)
      5. Going for a leisurely walk — no place in particular and no hurry
      6. Window shopping
      7. “making art” as my kids call it — often times with my kids as they both love doing this with me.
      8. Watching a favorite comfort movie
      9. Browsing at the bookstore for as long as I want
      10. Snuggling with the kids on the couch

    30. simple indulgences:

      drinking coffee in the middle of the day
      walking around in a bookstore
      art journaling
      wearing my pjs all day watching movies
      sleeping past 7 am

    31. My indulgences may seem silly…but money is tight and these things make my day feel rich.
      I LOVE silk egg nog. LOVE it. And, they only make it this time of year. I found a store that sells it for 2.25 a carton!!!!!!!!!! It gets me out of bed in the morning, I put it in my coffee and it is delicious!
      Another indulgence is getting online and looking at all of the incredible art that people create. I love the ning sites, blog sites, and you tube where artists are so generous to share their creations and some of their techniques. It is inspiring and makes me want to create!
      My last and favorite indulgence are my “girls” my doggies. I can just sit and watch them…they are hilarious, they are generous with their love, and they keep me warm at night (almost hot…they are like little portable heaters) I hope that I am half the person that they believe me to be.

    32. a spa day, never had one but i am sure i’d love it!
      wrapping up in the softess blanket in the world!
      big fluffy pillows.
      the best hot chocolate.
      fresh flowers every where.
      going swimming!
      laying by the ocean.

      you are such a blessing for caring about even the simple things in our lives!

    33. Indulgences . . . ahhhhh . . . . .

      Drinking a nice cup of t ea
      Browsing in the library
      Reading a good book
      Doodling in my journal
      Writing in my journal
      Playing with felted old wool sweaters
      Surfing the internet for art & inspiration
      Taking photos of beauty in all its forms
      Playing with photo editing software

      Thank you for nudging me to write these down!

    34. some of my favorite simple indulgences:

      a nap in my big brown chair on a cold afternoon
      curling up with the latest Somerset magazine and a cup of tea
      a big box of goodness from Kinokuniya or chocolate chip puffs straight from the oven with a glass of milk

      thank you for reminding me about the simple things!

    35. Creme Burlee Ice Cream! I love it!!! and I love to eat the whole carton in one sitting!!! (they are small, it’s made by Hagen Das)

    36. simple indulgences – to go for a walk midst nature and not have to worry bout rushing back to anywhere. playing with my dog. watching a sunset or sometimes even more filled with promise, a sunrise. visiting a florist/gift shop with no time constraints – breathing in all the marvelous sights, scents and sounds that are brought with the magic of the moment. sitting in a comfy chair and listening to music – Christmas type at this time of year, Enya at near any time of year.

      angels be with you Chrysti
      thanks for gifting yourself also and reminding us of that importance.

    37. Alone Time
      Chocolate + Toffee= Bliss
      Knitting with Yummy Yarn

      A Fancy Pants Cup of Coffee, with flavors, whip cream, sprinkles, since I usually just drink a Regular Latte, no flavors, just plain.

    38. My one “simple” indulgence which is also the most complicated one is…..TIME.
      Time… stay in bed and stretch a little, enjoying the warmth, softness.
      Time….to spend with husband, children, friends
      Time…to create, to play at making artwork instead of complete.
      Time…to spend outside, enjoying a beautiful Spring morning or sunset in the Summer time.
      Time….to read a book
      Time..I’ll be treating myself to a lot more of it *for me* when I retire early next year! :)
      I also enjoy:
      fresh flowers/bouquets
      the sun in my face
      new craft supplies, big or small
      learning new things
      scented candles
      books…I LOVE books…especially crafting books
      craft magazines
      soooo many things. I think the best thing about this topic is making me realize how many things I have that I enjoy, that are indulgences and that I should take more time to see and appreciate!

    39. I have two indulgences
      one a great cup of coffee and two going to the nursey just to look at the plants

    40. Hey Chrysti – I don’t get to indulge myself very much. The idea of a long hot bath? Fantasy BIG-TIME. There are just too many people in my life who need too many things from me, both personal and professional. My one indulgence every single day? Looking up at the huge deep Colorado sky, whether blue or grey, thanking my God for it, and being grateful I woke up to see another day – no matter what that day might bring. I can’t tell you how deliciously indulgent I find THAT! So it is with a bit of trepidation that I am even typing this list – I WOULD love to indulge myself: for free, for not much, for a lot, MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY. Included on my list are some things that aren’t really possible, but damn, I wish they were. #13 is my new favorite, practical actual indulgence, and it’s awesome, I only wish you could be here to enjoy it with me. . .

      1) An evening hanging with my mum (and if it WAS possible, this time I would stay and watch the TV shows she enjoyed and bite my tongue, (and imagine she loved me despite my flaws)) – that would be free, but, not possible.

      2) Knowing that all my kids and grandkids are REALLY happy, healthy, safe – actually, I would love that for the entire world, but though also free, probably also not possible.

      Making it to 3) the gym EVERY day – I do try to go a few times a week – have to – but it would be a true indulgence to be able to every day. And sauna after. (Not a HUGE cost, maybe eventually I can afford the time, too.)

      Movies are one of my perfect indulgences – and not very costly, but generally too much time. For a while, I was trying to stop work every evening, and just 4) watch a movie to sort of relax – for some reason (if the phone or doorbell doesn’t ring) when I’m watching a movie I really can tune everything else out – but sadly, it went by the wayside most nights.

      As have 5) camping and road trips, with leisurely hours at the beach, or sitting and counting the stars as they appear.
      Too expensive, too much time.

      Along those same lines 6) going ANYWHERE new and unexplored (someplace for which I need to get a passport), or to a place I already “know” and am crazy about. Just walking there, talking to strangers, ahhhhh. Could be free, not much, or a lot!

      I spend a lot of time “coping”, with this, that, and the other thing. Gosh, what an indulgence would a day be with 7) No Coping. Get up late. Stay in pajamas for half the day, wander around the house getting inspired, curl up with a non-stop novel. Free, too! I hope it will be possible sometime in the new year!

      Two indulgences I would be very willing to trade other things for, as they are too steep for my pockets: 8) a cleaning person and 9) a cook. Don’t mind laundry much, but the windows and surface areas are a bane. I also actually like to cook, but not every day, year in and year out. And my most hated job might be the dishes, from which there never ever seems to be a respite.

      It would be an indulgence that I am unwilling to go for, to 10) live in New Mexico again. ‘Cuz though it’s my heart’s home, Colin says no way, and after 36 years with him, well, New Mexico wasn’t a lover for quite that long. So, costly, and honestly, just not possible.

      Even though in my intro I pissed and moaned about no time for indulgences, I want to close with 3 things I (now) do regularly that are just for me:
      11) blogs! reading and writing, also facebook and yahoo groups – they keep us all in one anothers hearts and lives – practically free! YAY!
      12) Jazz After Hours on the radio on Friday and Saturday nights, totally FREE! Double YAY!
      and finally, drumroll, 13) the Firepit. It cost a pretty penny, and I had to actually BUY a little bag of piñon wood to make my maple scraps smell better, but when I sit by the fire on these cold Colorado nights, watching the stars, losing track of time, and I admit it, roasting a fair number of marshmallows until they are charred and tasty, ya know, being alive, right here, right now, seems really swell. Like the biggest indulgence of all.

    41. My favorite indulgences:

      My first (and only) cup of coffee in the morning from fresh-ground beans and hot skim milk

      Reading in the summertime on my enclosed porch (winter, spring and fall are too cold in MN)

      Napping in my chair on a lazy Saturday afternoon (it’s a comfy recliner)

      Time in my studio working with fabric (cutting, sewing, painting, collaging, etc.)

      Taking a day off from work for no particular reason

      Drinking a medium Caramel High Rise from Caribou Coffee every once in a while

    42. Memories that I can remember…writing about them, either a poem or a short, short story.

      Enjoying my daily morning conversation with my daughter
      who lives very far from me

      Watching for a new picture of my 3 month old ….great grandson

      You Chrysti, are the BEST…always thinking of others


    43. My indulgences would be…..

      ………… finding the beauty around me in a world that seems filled with chaos… starring up at the night sky, laying in the green grass..

      …………..and of course a piece of caramel filled chocolate! Yum!

    44. Some of my indulgences are:

      a call to a good friend
      a long hot bath
      a day spent with my Mom
      spending time in Barnes and Noble flipping through art books
      treating myself to an expensive book or a movie

    45. Taking a nap in the afternoon…now that is divine and if it is raining…all the better.
      Putting out festive Christmas decorations in July!
      Friday nights pizza and a movie
      Reading blogs and absorbing the wonderful art and words.
      Shopping for prom dresses with my granddaughters.
      These are a few of my favorite things/indulgences.

      Thank you for your generosity!!

    46. I love to read, watch tv, scrapbook/craft

    47. A JavaLog in the fireplace
      A trip to the dog park with my dog
      A pointless app for my iPod Touch
      Fresh air
      Starting a new creative project that’s just for me
      Finding a cool new “radio station” on iTunes

    48. hot microwave latte first thing apone waking
      Maggie’s, the kitten, purr
      turning my face upwards towards the sun for a kiss
      fluffed feather mattress
      smell of Bali lime papaya soap when i shower by Pacifica
      looking at the stack of craft paper and fabric that i keep adding to
      smell of Crayola crayons
      anything that comes in the USPS mail with a real stamp
      fresh oranges
      Ben & Jerry’s
      all the colors of the universe
      the sounds of birds and animals
      remembering something beautiful i saw
      i could go on and on and on


    49. Favourite indulgences? Hmmm…putting my feet up and reading a great crafting magazine; a square of dark chocolate before going to bed; sleeping in for a few minutes; watching my cat chase his tail and laughing; and most of all I enjoy making gifts at Christmastime for all my friends.

    50. Socks.

      Clean, fluffy – or even new – socks.

      Clean sheets that smell nice.

      Ice cream – the good stuff.

      A great haircut. Energy to ENJOY putting on make-up.

      My 2-year-old’s unsolicited “Kiss, Mommy! Hug!”

      Finding a good book or series that I can get totally absorbed in.

      A bath in a tub big enough to cover my body. :)

    51. reading a great book while I’m waiting in line at the bank
      taking myself to the movies
      going to the craft store as a reward for making it through another dose of chemo
      taking a couple of min during my busy morning to play with my dog
      reading your blog when I need a getaway from the stress of the office

    52. fresh sheets to climb into, hot bath with a Lush melt in it and candle burning, cup of coffee at the coffee shop, a brand new art magazine or Martha Stewart ( I can’t help it, I think they have wonderful photographers), afternoon nap, playtime with my grandson, a trip somewhere…. Today I played in my art room and had a cup of chai latte

    53. Simple indulgences~
      Going for a drive this time of year and looking at the lights and decorations at night… reading blogs… a long hot bath with Epsom Salts if I’m sore, or Pretty smelling salts… ice cream~any flavor, anywhere! …talking on the phone with no kid interuptions… family time in front of the fireplace, watching a video or toasting marshmallows… a nice stroll after a big meal…

    54. this is easy:))
      long walks with dog
      taking long baths
      and, and, and…

      Greetings from Slovakia

    55. My favorite personal indulgence are teaposies- they are tightly wrapped lumps of silver needle tea with flowers dried and hidden inside- you put them inside a clear teapot or pitcher, and pour the boiling water over them, and as they steep they unfurl into a glorious blossom of hand tied tea leaves with flower petals that open in the center. They are beautiful, and it is the fastest way I can think of to force myself to stop, take time to watch my tea growing, and then to follow up by drink a delicate and soul warming cup of tea.
      You can watch videos of them opening on youtube if this sounds interesting to you, and you can order them online. My husband got me a fancy teaposy teapot to go with them, so I can watch them blooming. It makes tea into art.

    56. french silk pie, coffee after five pm, fabric fat quarters, a nap with the cat, donuts at midnight, art supplies, a secret crush…

    57. hazelnut coffee, chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream together,sitting at the table in my back yard listening to the sounds, visiting the Japanese Garden near my house, going to the park and taking pictures of the flowers, going to my favorite junk store and digging in boxes of stuff for treasures, bransweiger and crackers(ritz) with Diet Coke, sitting curled up on the couch with a pile of good craft books from the library, buy a new craft book or magazine
      staying up all hours of the night just creating something,
      watch an old classic movie on tv.
      Brenda Moss

    58. Hello my friend – you are so right how important it is to take care of US! How are you? have been meaning to get over here FOREVER since the ZNE retreat. I popped into Susan Tuttle’s blog and was immediately reminded of you thanks to her mention of you & a link – and look at YOU – doing amazing things, oh WOW. This 29 Days of Giving is finding me at the right time, I tell you. I’ve been having mini-pity parties because I miss so much of what I know at this time of year back home – snow, close family & dear friends. I think giving is a great way to take the focus off ourselves and whatever we’re going thru at the moment.
      It helps us re-focus so that when we come back lighter and not so heavy from our own burdens, we can look at things from a different perspective.

      And I would love to help with these giveaways in some way (your input is appreciated) so get in touch ok? via flickr or email is fine – I promise I’ll respond ASAP :>

      Okay now on to my current indulgences:
      …complete quiet. our days are filled with so distractions and unavoidable noises. it’s nice to just sit in a comfy spot and hear ‘nothing’
      …delicious chai tea and buttery sugar cookies
      …junking & antiquing with a friend whose ‘obsessions’ are different than mine

      Talk to you soon!


    59. My favorite is to spend time alone with my Granddaughters, laying around ( this past summer we 3) watching the clouds, or each others expressions as we tell stories (both fact and fiction)or talking over things that we have and /or hope to experience… to me there is nothing finer.

    60. Beautiful post today, Chrysti. I went back and reread it three times just so I could soak in the words. Just what I needed to hear today. Today’s post was already a gift to me.

      My favorite small indulgences include spending a few minutes checking in on beautiful blogs/websites…taking a few minutes to watch what *I* want to watch on TV/listening to what *I* want on the radio…spending a few minutes looking over my special collection of things friends have sent to me…taking an uninterrupted showe.

      Thanks for reminding me to do these things more often…and you do what appeals to you, also!!


    61. hi chrysti
      i found your post very relaxing this morning :)
      my me time is
      a quiet walk when its snowing and pondering the line of a snow drift
      hot chocolate and a cat or two on the sofa no tv nothing but quiet soft purring
      watching the birds at the feeder
      talking with and listening to my 11 & 8 year old nieces
      the wisdom and thoughts of a child are priceless
      and this morning?
      watching the beautiful december moon set
      enjoy your day
      many thanks
      tabby :)

    62. My favorite, simple indulgence is chocolate! Thanks again for having these giveaways!

    63. My favorite indulgences… upgraded starbucks coffee- maybe the gingerbread latte….mmmmm. I love staying in bed on saturday mornings, snuggling with the dogs and reading a good book. I love watching my young son play hockey and joy he feels when he is on the ice. I love floating in an inner tube in the pool on a hot day, sipping a cold drink.

      And yes Chrysti- you are a wise woman. We do need to take time for ourselves so we can give of ourselves to others. Nancy

    64. After a long day at work I’ll come home, make myself a steaming cup of hot chocolate. It’s noisy at work, so I relish the quietness. Having me-time is my ultimate indulgence.

    65. Reading when I should be cleaning or doing lesson plans
      scented candles
      going “junking”
      Monday morning latte at Firehook Bakery
      books, always books
      working in my visual journal
      asking my dog to go find his grouse
      scratching fat cats’ tummies
      snuggling with my hubby
      reading blogs

    66. Watching a nice arthouse movie
      Eating french fries with mayonaise
      Sleeping in
      Tea with chocolate
      Buy art supplies

    67. A few minutes to myself with no interruptions

      A good book

      Creating something artsy – greeting cards, scrapbook pages, painting, etc.

      A good cup of coffee.

      The one thing I guarantee every day – is morning snuggle time with my little girl. The alarm goes off – I get up, pack her lunch, get clothes ready, etc. Then I snuggle up next to her in bed and give her a little back rub and whisper sweet things to her to wake her up. Then we chit chat for a little bit before we finally get out of bed and get ready for work/school. This is without fail . . . even if I’m running late. Being a mom is a miracle for me – long story – long road. But I have the most precious indulgence of being a mother with the most precious daughter I could’ve ever imagined.

    68. my indulgence? anymore it is just waking up in the wee hours and spending quiet time alone or with my husband. peace and quiet isn’t something I have much of now. oh and a good cup of coffee or a hershey almond bar, lol.

    69. My indulgences:

      Curl up with a good book, a snuggly blanket and a warm cup of cocoa, tea or mulled cider.

      Drive barefoot on a warm summer’s night.

      Light some candles at night, and just sit in the dark quiet.

      Listen to sounds – wind, chimes, rain, leaves dancing in the autumn, church bells, water moving through a stream, or just plain coveted silence (it’s hard to find anymore).

    70. eating chocolate
      sleep! (got a 14 month old…sleep is always eluding me)

    71. my favorite indulgences
      reading in bed
      a cup of tea in the morning
      taking a bath and using handmade soap
      spending a little money on a little gift for myself
      eating a cupcake!
      i also love going to afternoon tea with a friend or two.
      finding time to make my art & writing

    72. This may sound a bit weird, but my favourite indulgence is my answering machine. I let it run when people ring and return their calls when I am ready. Perhaps it sometimes feels like a guilty secret…but if it is, it is also one that keeps me sane.

    73. My favorite simple indulgences:
      1. Lavendar water sprayed on my sheets
      2. getting out of work in the winter to breathe in the crisp air and admire the sunset that spreads across the open vista from my school’s west door.
      3. Sliding into a newly-made bed with fresh clean sheets to read a book
      4. Freshly brewed pot of tea
      5. Planting pansies and herbs outside my back door
      6. Chocolate!
      7. Time spent with my art friends at our nearly weekly meetings at a local Starbucks. ~Denise

    74. Some of my indulgences:

      1 eating one dark dove chocolate promise every night after dinner
      2 using flannel sheets in the winter
      3 my netflix subscription
      4 reading every day
      5 eating a small bowl of frozen yogurt each night

    75. My indulgences are: watching movies while in bed, reading rubber stamping magazines, buying a snack from a cafe (eating out is a real luxury due to budget restrictions), phoning a friend and chatting for two hours, buying rubber stamps and other paper craft goodies. My latest indulgence is a set of Rembrandt artist pastels that I received as a gift from a friend – they are something I would never have had the money to buy.

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    78. My favorite simple indulgences are:

      drinking the yummy coffee my husband makes me in my favorite pink Starbucks mug

      going to bed with my husband on the nights he is home (he works nights)

      chocolate chip cookies or brownies that my daughter makes
      back scratches

      opening my window blinds on a snowy day and watching the snow fall while I work

      visiting the stationary aisle or a office supply store

    79. No matter what, I spend 20 min before going to bed with a good book. Sometimes in a bubble bath, other times cuddled next to my hubby who is watching tv.

    80. Chocolate, usually in the form of a hot fudge sundae or hot chocolate.

      Creamy sweets: tiramisu or chocolate mousse cake.

      The scent of men’s cologne sprayed onto my sheets.

      A long soak in a bath with Dead Sea Salts scented with white musk.

      Cuddling up with my 2 kitties.

      Cooking up a storm for no reason… and for friends.

      Reading when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

      Creating a piece of art for no reason.

    81. I am Not wearing makeup
      I am Not doing the dishes
      I will not make capable people food today, or pick up after them..instead i am going to get my hair fixed, shower with a friend, indulge in eating decadent chocklate, make a capuccino, and put on some of my sparkle lotion I got from Kirks Folly and do nothing else today.

    82. My favorite indulgences are:

      A good cup of coffee.

      Cuddling up with Hubby watching a good movie


      Altered Art

      Organizing my Art supplies LOL I know can’t help myself

      Reading a Good Art Magazine

      Taking a walk with my Favorite dog – Hollie

      Going to StarBucks for a Peppermint Mocha

      Thanks Chrysti!

      Doing Altered Art with my best friend!

      Daily Devotional/Bible Readings with a good hot cup of coffee or hot tea.

    83. Simple everyday indulgences?
      Mrs. Fields Peppermint Chocolates
      Great cup of tea
      Sitting making ATCs while listening to Christmas music. =) HUGS, Judy

    84. reading a good book, self done pedicures, and buying those cheap studio g stamps

    85. Snuggling with my son
      Spponing with my hubby
      Cup of Spiced Apple Cidar from Star Bucks
      Skor candy bar
      Long bath by candle light
      Capaccino Crunch ice cream

    86. I love to create art and it always makes me feel good once I have finished a painting, a page in my art journal or even creating just an ATC.

      Some of the other things that I love are

      Watching a movie… I love the fun kids movies like the Harry Potter series.

      Read a book… yep I like the same things there too!

      Go shopping for new colors of paint

      buying fun things that I can add to my paintings such as buttons, beads, glitter etc.

      I love to spend time relaxing with hubby. That has gotten to be harder to do since his father’s health has become bad.

      Spend time playing with my fur babies (they are dogs but don’t tell them that as they don’t know that they are adopted)

    87. simple indulgences…

      a trip to my favorite art supply store
      reading arty magazines
      time alone in my studio to play
      chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bonbons

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    89. My simple indulgences are a foot rub,
      reading a good magazine,
      the dollar aisle at Target and Michaels,
      any chance to sneak in some art time always recharges me!

    90. My simple indulgences are a foot rub,
      reading a good magazine,
      the dollar aisle at Target and Michaels,
      any chance to sneak in some art time always recharges me!

    91. Simple indulgences, eh?

      A crisp page of my moleskine with no writing on the back.
      A fluffy fresh skein of yarn.
      Two hours to throw paint around.
      Dark chocolate.
      A trip to the fitness center that lasts more than 20 minutes.
      A hotel bed with a fluffy mattress pad and high thread-count sheets (I travel a lot a lot).
      A weekend at home with nothing to do.

    92. Hi, Chrysti. I have finally made it over here, and what a cool thing you have going on. Kudos to you.

      Indulgences? Wow, you really made me think. Turns out most of the currents things in my life that please me specially like indulgences would, are dorky things related to my living with 5 kinds of arthritis, and how boring is that? LOL All I can think of is a pain-free day, a mobile day, an energetic day lasting longer than 4-5 hours, not having to get up 3 times every night to tinkle, a good night’s sleep. It’s kinda funny to think about it…I DO get these things occasionally and I enjoy them every bit as much as an iced coffee or a bubble bath. But I might always endure pain to enjoy some chocolate, teehee.

    93. *an entire day in the studio to just play

      *an entire pint of Haagen Daaz Carmel Cone Explosion

      *curling up on the couch with a comfy pillow, fluffy blanky, heating pad, pot of tea, pretty essential oils in the air, classical music playing and all my fave magazines (Somerset Life, Artful Blogging, Somerset Home, Art Doll Quarterly, Somerset Studio) then relaxing & reading all day

      *blogging Friday night till 4am cause I don’t have to work in the morning

      *snuggling with my 2 cats & 2 dogs

      *bed & breakfast getaway (usually in Washington) antiquing and junking the whole weekend then hauling home a car full of exciting vintage finds

      Thanks so much for the fun posts Chrysti!


    94. 1. Sitting in front of a roaring fireplace with my 3 cats;
      2. Going to Hastings to browse movies, art magazines and books;
      3. Drinking a Heath Mocha Frappe at Hastings (sometimes the motivating factor for the visit);
      4. Having Pad Thai at Pei Wei restaurant or take out;
      5. Eating steak;
      6. When on a road trip, stopping to photograph interesting things;
      7. Browsing antique stores or flea markets;
      8. Buying new clothes or shoes;
      9. Buying art supplies, emphemera, etc.;
      10. Watching a chic flick without interruption.

      Now I want to do any of the above things….!

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