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i just want to dive head first  into today’s….

…. absofriggnlutly fabulous giveaway

Oh. I’m not telling quite yet. You have to read to find out! It’s soooooooooooooooo worth it though.

SO very worth it.

Page 35-36

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”
 Bo Bennett

A few months ago, I placed (what I thought was) a seemingly innocent phone call to my friend Lia; little did I know it would turn out costing me money I didn’t really have to spend! If you don’t know Lia (artjunkgrl) … she has this amazing sense of contagious enthusiasm that just …well, it ignites you! Really. Her passion catches you, wraps you up within it’s folds like a cozy blanket on a brisk day… You’re enveloped in her spirit and before you know it – you’re whisked away onto some whimsical artsy adventure that you never expected! I love that she knows how to immerse her soul in whatever creative venture she has taken on – but in the few years I have known her – I can’t quite recall a time she was quite THIS excited.

 Page 15-16

“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.”
Stephen Nachmanovitch

Enter Suzi Blu & her incredible Les Petite Dolls Class! Lia had gone to Suzi town, and was taking with me with her. Within hours of that call I had signed up – hesitantly at first if the truth be told – but man, I haven’t looked back once yet. Before I knew it, I was drawing faces, girls, and experimenting with them like a mad woman. I was inspired – in the truest sense of it … that awesome kind of inspired you felt as a small child. Where time didn’t have meaning and you could get lost in this magical world all your own. I was using colors I almost never use. Playing with styles I rarely dabble in — and I loved the freedom I gained as a result. I love the subtle changes I have seen in my work since, and I am enjoying taking what she taught me, and making it my own. 

 Page 25-26 (bottom)

“Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one’s chosen form.”
Stephen Nachmanovitch

The pics you see scattered on my post here, are all part of my practicing. I could barely do a face prior. I have a few journals now filled with girlies, and am slowly working on getting them all scanned in.

Check out what I do have posted:

Page 43-44 (right)

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
Joseph Chilton Pearce

 Suzi & I have exchanged a few emails since I signed up, and I am genuinly enjoying getting to know her. We are kindred spirits where creativity comes into play, and both believe there is no wrong, no excuse for holding back, and to enjoy – really enjoy the process. She is remarkably comfortable in front of the camera, and her videos will assuredly coach anyone through any of those annoying lil self-doubts we get. She’s an authentic personality, larger than life, and quite possibly creativity’s biggest cheerleader – and she’ll make ya laugh. I’m a sucker for folks who can make me smile, and know how to laugh at themselves.

Page 23-24 (right)

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Anyway, you will be able to draw  face when you are done. Really. I didn’t think I’d get any decent ones, I just wanted to play. Play without deadlines, without worrying if it’s up to par for a sale … just to play. Lo & Behold, I am doing faces. Addicted to them too. And I’m a tough cookie to please when it comes to being taught, and getting my hard-earned money’s worth. I shouldn’t overlook the rest of the class – it’s great for mixed media virgins, or experienced artists – lots of layer love (my fav as you well know)… beeswax tips, and a whole heck-of-alot more. If you take this fantabulous online course – you will get 10x your money worth. I want to go on, and on and on… but I think you’ll enjoy hearing from Suzi herself more than me….

Don’t worry there are still prizes to be had, but you still need to read on!

 Page 31-32 (right)

True to her generous nature & without hesitation Suzi agreed to contribute to the giveaway and to an interview… so without further delay …

I proudly present you with Ms. Suzi Blu herself!

(and yeah… the black, bold questions are mine… the colored responses are Suzi’s anwers… do I really need to explain this?)

You are (to my knowledge) one of the first mixed-media artists to develop a (well-deserved-cult-like!)following with video blogging. You are wacky, wonderful — and oh-so-open with yourself as well as your knowledge! What inspired you to start video blogging, and what advice can you give to those who are afraid to open themselves up in that way?

 I’ve always been a down to earth person and sort of fragile in the world.  I still am when I go places, Im pretty shy. Not when you get to know me of course but alone, in the supermarket, Im scared of everyone. ha. Of life.  But on video I can be anything I want to be. I can be my true self.  As if Im talking to my best friend in the world and she approves and loves me completely. I started making videos out of boredom and necessity.  I was finishing my BA through online classes and spent the majority of my time alone in my aparment with my cat. I lived on student loans and when my money ran thin I put up paintings on ebay.  You Tube was new to me then and I saw how a few other artists would film the making of their painting in their auction and I thought that was a fantastic idea.  I’ve always had a video camera and so I just did it.  In the beginning no one knew me or watched and not all of my paintings sold. But I still made one video a week no matter what, doing whatever I wanted. I WAS FREE! it was awesome. puppet shows in my kitchen, I could be as corny, as happy as I wanted. I could spew my own brand of spiritual art happiness and there was no one there, no parents or friends, to roll their eyes at me (which is what happened in my ‘real life.’  The fact that anyone would really watch was completely not in my thoughts.

If you could pick one person, living or deceased to spend a day creating with — which lucky soul would be your top choice? Why?
Oscar Wilde. For sure.  I love his philosophy and the fact that he loved words.  He understood decadance and how art is the best part of life.  I would like to sit with him in a cafe while he thought up a fairytale and I’d illustrate it with creepy puppets and shabby paint peeling sets.

Most ridiculous object within your view right now?

My new flip flops on my feet. they are covered in fake fur but they are summer sandals. giant and black. Makes my feet look like sasquatch. (chrysti’s note: she obviously doesn’t know about my huge aversion & distaste for…ick..feet.)

You seem to have an affinity for bright feather boas, accessories, Neon wigs — i think i already know the value in those things – but would like to know how you see them – What’s the deal there?

    I love color. and in real life I dont get to ‘live’ that very much.  The self I want to be is much bigger than the little self I’ve been up untill now.  I also am not happy with my hair.  Its in the process of growing out too short layers in the front and instead of stressing over it on camera, hey heres a wig.  And Im instantly in another character. Im able to climb out of my role of all of my lables -italian girl from new jersey, etc etc…  I just want to be something bigger, you know? Not that I want attention – I want everyone to be bigger. I want more than just hey when ya gonna get married hey why dont you want a kid. I want a big giant life. I want to play. I want costumes and theater in my everyday. 

Does anyone ever have a valid excuse for saying they can’t create?

My Left Foot.  True story, guy only had control over his one foot and the toes.  and he painted amazing portraits.  Although people are born with different levels of mechanical dexterity and imaginations, drawing can be taught, color theory can be taught, design, composition, all taught.  And if you are very clear and very honest, everyone has something to say.  Expression is part of being human.

Through the giveaways, we’ve had some incredible discussions — some funny, some soul searching, and many focus on the role creativity plays in our life. What role does creating, and the creative process itself play in your life?

Perhaps Im insane which can very well be true, but I cannot live withought the creative process being a big part of my day, every day.  Ive had ooh, quite a few jobs.  None lasted more than 2 weeks. If its not art and painting I am not interested and I’ll do whatever I can to avoid having to do what I don’t want to do. I’ve made it this far in my life and so far its worked out.  Granted, I’ve lived with cardboard boxes as tables and hand me down clothes for a very. very. long time – but during all that time I spent painting so what was around me wasnt important.  Even now, I’ve lived with my parents since March, before that I was on my own since I was 19. I can afford to move out and go to an apartment somewhere, but I dont want to waste any time buying food, paying bills, any of it. I just want to write my Petit Dolls book.  I like giving my dad my bank account and saying please, you take care of it. Make sure my student loans get paid. heres money for food. Just let me sit in my room and paint and write and deal with my students.  And so thats how I live my life.  And will always live my life.  I give up a lot for this, I really REALLY want a place of my own, but if you are clear about what you want what you really want, then it wont feel like a sacrifice.  I want to publish the best book ever.  I want to design the best classes ever.  The rest doesn’t matter. Thats how important creativity is in my life.

What is one skill you hope to cultivate in the next year?

Les Petit Art Dolls in clay. I want to take my paintings and bring them into the 3 Dimensional world.

I have to ask – are you totally insane?(I only feel comfortable asking this, because I am! Ha!) Really, The Les Petite Dolls Workshop is A M A Z I N G. I didn’t think i could do faces, like ever… and I’m getting pretty darn good with them. Love that! But you don’t only teach how to do that – you teach collage, painting, some texture methods, one on one advice, beautiful and inspiring handouts, and a helluva lot more — at an incredibly low price. I love that you are so generous, and it’s part of why I so badly wanted to include you in this – you give back daily, and it’s refreshing. But I still want to know if you have lost you proverbial marbles!

The most important thing is to have a good product. If you are going to sell something, whether its a thing or a service, you want your customer to feel like they have more than they can imagine. It is easy to put up a workshop.  Write a pdf or make a video and there you go.  But it can be cold.  And if there is one thing I stand for its the fact that Im very good at making people feel wanted.  Im a crappy hostess in that I can’t cook and I don’t like cleaning much, but if you were to come to my home you’d feel like a queen, each time. I respect women highly and I want them to feel special. So thats why there is so much.  This is also very new – a workshop can be A N Y T H I N G   we want it to be.  There is no limitations and so much potential.  Why not put the effort into it and make it a worthwhile experience.

Also, a lot of the women in my classes are beginners when it comes to drawing in fact, in much of the mixed media community it seems there are scrapbookers and there are fine artists. For the trained artists it is easier for them to make the leap from pure collage to drawing a face and figure but for crafters, they are intimidated.  Thats why I put in so many encouraging pdfs about positive affirmations and things.  The crafters need to know that with just a little practice what I do is not that hard.  Although I do put in a lot of time into my paintings, I put in lots and lots of layers, they can too.  I cant stand elitist artists who say Well, you need to have a masters in Fine Art and some hoity toity pretencious artist statement before youre considered a real artist. Its crap and Im sick of it. So its my mission to turn all the crafters who want to make faces to be able to do so.  

Also, as a business person – I know the value of an affordable workshop.  Up until August of this year I could never afford to take a workshop.  They are about 200.00 and often in far away places where i need to pay for a plane and hotel.  Way out of my reach.  But 55.00 is something most people can afford.  And if enough people join for that price it equals to the same amount I’d make if half the people joined for 100.00.  I want it to be accessable to anyone who is willing to learn.  And its my philosophy that what is good for all is better than just whats good for me.

Do you have a favorite medium to work with? A least favorite?
My problem is I want to do everything, which is why mixed media is fabulous.  You CAN do everything. you can mix fabric with paper and sewing and painting.  How incredible.  The least favorite thing I like to do would be…painting something entirely with paints. I dont like to do that. I like to do detail with pencils and then glaze paints over it.  If i had to just use paint 100 % I would cry.  I cant get fine lines like i do with pencil and that frustrates me. when Im frustrated art isnt fun.

Since I’m a random question junkie – Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?

oh god, squeeze from the middle. 
I put my toothpaste tube next to my moms and she rolls from the bottom and I always think oh, shes so perfect. there must
be something wrong with me that I dont care about rolling and neatness. although I like things neat and to be around order, I
wont give up my dreamy thoughts for long enough to take the time to roll, or fold, or iron, etc… I need to be less harsh on myself.

Can you give us a peek at what else you have going on, and what suzi blu goodness is to come?

This is a painting Im making for my friend Jared. Its a Petit Boy!

Suzi Blus Petit Boy Jared

Is it true you are giving away one membership to your Les Petite Dolls class workshop?(hell folks, I even hadda pay for mine — aren’t you lucky!!!) Are registrations still open for those who may not win? And it’s tradition here, that the guest gets to pick one of the questions the readers have to answer to win – so what would you like to know/read about from my readers?

Yes I am giving away one Petit Dolls Membership to one of your readers! Their membership will be active from now unil March 2009, plenty of time to download the videos and PDF’s and email me for personal one to one help.  Since all of the videos are up registration is open until the day the workshop closes.  Its easy to download all of the video lessons and keep them on your computer to do at your convenience.

The question I would like your readers to think about, is what is there art goal for 2009? What is the big dream – even if you cant make it come true this year, even if you are miles away from being able to do it, even if it seems impossible, what is it you want most to come true? Its really not as impossible as you think.  And 2009 could be the year you begin!

Ok Lucky Creative Ones! To Enter Today’s Amazing giveaway:

  • Answer Suzi’s question: “what is your art goal for 2009? ” and/or answer mine.. “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” …
  • If you are already enrolled for Suzi’s workshop, I’ll send you a free print of mine, and you can give the class to a friend – so no excuses NOT to enter kids!
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
  • PLEASEkeep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works!
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8 & Day 9
  • Check out the first batch of winners!Some haven’t claimed their gifts! — ya better, fast!
  • Visit Suzi’s Blog, Suzi’s Academy, Suzi’s Etsy & Suzi’s Youtube Videos!

Warmly, Chrysti

175 Responses

  1. my art goal for 2009 is to start planning to do specific art things!! i always have so many inspirations and ideas but never get around to doing any of them/

    I am definately a squeezed from the middle for toothpaste.

  2. My goal for 2009 is first off to get my art room truly organized. then let it all hang out and create my socks off. Making dolls of all kinds, doing all kinds of mixed media stuff and getting one of my dolls published in ART DOLL QUARTERLY MAGAZINE. That ‘s my goal any way. Gosh putting it in writing sounds strange…..
    Brenda Moss

  3. My art goal for 2009 is simply to create more…I haven’t made much art for the past few years and that makes me sad.

    I’m picky about toothpaste, my paints and everything else in life…just tonight my daughter asked me why I only eat one thing at a time on my plate so I explained how I like savoring one thing and how I don’t like things getting mixed together unless it’s “meant to”. No, I’m not OCD…my quirks aren’t compulsions, merely preferences.

  4. I would so love, love, love to take Suzi’s class. She is so fun, I am a member of her site and she just brightens my day. She is so fun!
    Oh, I squeeze in the middle.

  5. Oh wow, I love watching Suzi on youtube – her videos on art are so wonderful and her attitude is liberating. My one big goal for 2009 is simply to make more time for art – if that’s too “generic” I guess the other would be “learn” how to sketch (which really means make more time to practice, right???).
    Oh, and I squeeze from wherever I happen to grab the tube!

  6. My goal for 2009 is to make something and submit it to Somerset Studio or Cloth, Paper, Scissors. That and move to Florida.
    I would love to learn how to make books and learn letterpress printing. I’d love to take a workshop (Lynne Perella or Lisa Englebrecht for starters) and even take art classes at a college. If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big.

    I always squeeze the toothpaste from the middle.

  7. Hello! Chrysti I am totally loving your drawings – they are incredible and the colors you’re using (on their own and together) just raise my spirits =)! I would love to take Suzi’s class – it sounds exactly like what I need at this point in my art life.

    My goal for 2009 is to stay creative everyday. My husband is giving me Photoshop for Christmas so I will need to learn that first of all (I’ve been using Paint Shop since 2005); I’d love to get my art area organized better – it is a total mess right now, and will definitely be a HUGE challenge. I also want to get something published in a magazine – not sure yet what it will be or which magazine, but it is most definitely on my To Do List.

    I’m pretty bad with toothpaste, I admit – I always squeeze from the top – always have, always will LOL

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic new art and for introducing us to Suzi…Big hugs, Peggi

  8. Because I’m pathetic?? I don’t even have anything but dial-up out here in the country, so I never get to see U-Tube or any videos. In fact, I don’t even know anyone into any kind of craft! My goal is to get past brain injuries and make something rather than drool over supplies and other peoples’ art.
    I am definitely a squeezer-wherever!

  9. WOWWEE!! I love this interview…I love what Suzi Blu stands for. And I love her artsy name. (Why isn’t mine like that??) And your faces?? Incredible. Delectable. Yummy. Free flowing. Are you sure you aren’t just kidding us with your “I-couldn’t-really-draw-faces-before” scam? lol

    My big old crazy dream for 2009? I’m going out on a limb here…but maybe it will force me to actually take the steps necessary. My big dream for 2009 is to make art that makes me so incredibly happy I just can’t stand it. To make it often – not to wait until everything in “right”. (The studio is clean, it’s organized, I have the perfect fabric, paints, etc) And then…once I’ve made this I-love-these pieces that I’m just giddy over, to actually submit them to some magazines. NOT for the “atta girls” or the potential confidence boost…NOT for the possible publication or the chance to become “known”…Nope. Just because I’ve always been too scared. And I’ve decided to make 2009 the year I just don’t care…as long as it makes ME happy – and I do mean crazy, giddy, I can’t stop looking at it happy – it’s perfect to share with others. And that’s my reason for wanting to submit – just to prove to myself I can.

    About the toothpaste…I’m a (former) secret squeezer-in-the-middle. I hate how it looks – so after I would brush my teeth, I would fix it to look neat. But now I buy toothpaste that stands on its cap – and it pops back out to its original shape…so I don’t have to be a closet squeezer anymore!

    I’m just all about breaking boundaries as 2009 approaches!

    Great post, Chrysti!!

    Katherine :)

  10. answering both questions…..

    “what is your art goal for 2009? ”

    To actually start scrapbooking my OWN family’s pictures.
    and to get my studio well underway!

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” …

    I do squeeze in the middle, but then slide the “tube slider” that is on it up, to straighten back out! LOL

  11. My art goal is to stop letting other people’s encouragement or lack of it, prevent me from going on, and from strength to strength. I’ve lived with the ‘rolled eye’ syndrome for too long and let it stop me from doing much that I would like to do.
    Art classes are beyond my means now, so anything that encourages growth, and is liberating, is high on the ‘most valued’ list for me.
    Oh and btw, I alternate :)))))) Middle, the bottom, then middle until I need to squeeze the last out from the bottom.
    But it “feels” so good to squeeze from the fat middle :)))

  12. What a fab interview, what amazing girlies you created… my art goal for 2009 is to let go and BELIEVE that I can create a journal… I look and I see the wonderful journals displayed on others’ blogs and I think “I wish I could do that” soooo I am going to change my mantra and say “I AM going to do that” and create a journal. I am not going to let blank pages scare me like they do… I am going to Spain for Christmas and what I am going to pack is a couple of moleskine journals and pens, c’arandache (think thats how you spell it!) crayons and my imagination and see if I can fly with it…. NO! I am going to soar and release my inner self. 2009 is the year I am going to BELIEVE!!! XXX

  13. I lOVE Suzi and Gigi and Pooh! I am also a rabid Zusi supporter and SO irritated that my workplace has blocked Ning so I can’t hang out as much as I wanna!

    My goal for the year is to keep on making petite dolls, goddesses and anything that my hands and heart find to mix into media and give birth to. To bring to the Light.

    I use tooth powder – just pour ;0



  14. my goal would be to create one thing each day…small, simple things just to try and get momentum going and hopefully increasing so I could actually start and FINISH the two or three bigger works I have in mind. Oh and to create my own little space to at least store my supplies.

  15. I don’t have an art goal for 2009. I’m not a ‘New Year Resolution’ kind of person. If I wasn’t to achieve something I decide to do it then take as long as I need to to fulfil it – or it becomes clear it isn’t all that important to me.

    I squeeze the toothpaste from wherever I feel like it. Sometimes the middle, sometimes the bottom, sometimes the top. When I was child there was a comedian (Stanley Baxter) who sang a song about a toothpaste tube. He dressed up as a tube of toothpaste and part of it went ‘Squeeze me from the bottom, not the top’. Every time I brush my teeth I think about that.

  16. Love your girls…and I know Lia! She’s awesome, and we’ve been able to take some classes together.

    I want to start drawing more. It scares me…mine never look “good enough!” As for the toothpaste, where ever I grab it, I squeeze it. Drives my husband nuts!

  17. Suzi, how fun to read this! Thank you Christy for doing a interview with our art goddess! During 2008 I’ve made a daily art card for each day of the year. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve learned so much! I hope to exhibit all of them somewhere but so far I don’t know how or where. I also have new plans for 2009 artvise; I want to make an Art Quilt for each month during the year. This is my art goal. And there are lots of other things I want to do and take on too, but I’m still working on my Goal List.

    Some dreams are a book, a zine, painting on canvas, bookbinding etc. :-)

    I’d love to do a Suzi Blu course online though, I could never afford to go to a real workshop that I’m so dreaming of!

  18. Wow Chrysti ! This is a cool one ! Good on you and Suzi (Love her !) for this generous giveaway !

    My 2009 goal for my art is to have a group of women who get together (say once a month) and CREATE!!!

    I taught a great art journal group at a local paper store for a while but the group fell apart over time. I don’t want to teach this one or have any money involved – I want us all to take turns teaching or coming up with ideas.

    This goal is lofty because even though I have lived in NH for 8 years, I still only have two girl friends here and both of them have been really hard to tie down to a creative time together. It may happen but I think in order to have a group I will need to step out of the comfort zone and meet some new arty strangers. Like Suzi, my on line personality is a lot more outgoing than my “real” world one – so this will be very hard for me.

    I love my on-line friends and community so much but I am needing some new playmates in the flesh (ewww ! that sounded Hugh Hefner-ish !!!) ! I get such energy from sharing my art process with people who are like minded ! I’m thinking old fashion quilting bee meets paper, paint, glue, mess +a few cocktails ! Sounds like Heaven to me !

    Oh ya, the toothpaste thing ? I am totally random. I squeeze where ever I feel like in that moment. My hubby, Mr. Habit, just loves that ! ;-)

    Thanks again Chrysti ! Happy Giving Time !

  19. Great interview Chrysti! If you remember I signed because you posted it on Facebook! LOVE that class and learned sooooo much. Suzi Rocks!

    My goal for 2009 is to be more organized with my art. I need to have a plan set in place so I’m not working on Christmas art weeks after Christmas but have it done before Christmas to be able to sell as an example. I also want to look into licensing! BIG scary licensing!!!

    I’m a total squeeze from the middle type girl too I think my husband hates it!!!!

    These giveaways are sooooo much fun!

    I have to ask where did you find a watercolor journal?? I would love one of those!!!!

    Thanks as always!

  20. That class looks like so much fun – and just the thing for an “I can’t” person like me who cringes from working in front of other people (who are all, of course, far more able than I…) :-)

    My art goal for 2009? Easy – I plan to stop saying “I can’t…”

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” …

    Neither – my toothpaste comes in a pump trigger pack. No arguments at our house!

  21. I have been visiting your blog and flicker pages for quite some time. I visit for inspiration, to fill my eyes up with color, great thoughts and ideas. I come to read about your creative spirit and how I can relate to it and how sometimes the regular world can get in the way of it…. I’ve seen Suzi’s work in publications, admired it of course, though not visited her site….but, after today, I can say, I have been there and signed up and am back here at your comment section “all full up”.
    Your art and the interview today reaches out to your readers as “creative possibilities”. An “I can” feeling. It also makes me want to write! lol
    I have two creative goals for the new year. One, I want to settle on “just one!” Wsheww…..
    Two, I want to infest my daughter with your promise and encouragement to live her creative life, not the one that everyone says she should live. If I could do that, then I could concentrate more on goal #one.
    This class would be for her and for me, but mostly for her.
    AND… we are both get our tooth paste from a plastic bottle, and if it says anything about us, we let the top get pretty gummy!

  22. I have been wanting to create an art journal, and since it hasn’t happened yet this year, it definitely is going to happen next year!

    And I’m in the minority here… I roll the toothpaste up from the bottom.

  23. My goal for 2009…I used to spend time drawing things I saw, and was OK at it. But I have a block when it comes to using my imagination to draw. I’m intimidated by it, and my insecurities tell me I’ll never be able to do it (sound familiar to anyone?). In the coming year, I want to push past my insecurities and just try. You can never do anything if you don’t try, and I’m not getting anywhere feeling bad about myself. At this point, I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t do something to release some creativity in my life. I did take the leap and start a blog, but I would love to be able to publish something I actually made on it. I would love to take this course and discover the artist inside me!

    Where do I squeeze the toothpaste from? It ALWAYS used to be the bottom, but now it seems to depend on how awake I am when I brush my teeth!

  24. Great post today Chrysti- I look forward to reading your post every day. My goal for 2009- I want to take a metal working class at the local college. I have been trying it on my own and I think I need a class to move onto the next step. And I am a middle of the tube squeezer….but I always put the cover back on when I am finished. Hate those little dried up toothpaste crumbs on the top….

  25. My art goal for 2009 is to create more. In 2008, my son got married and had a baby (well, his wife did), we sold our house, bought a house, moved, our business changed a lot because of Medicare changes (we own a cardiac mobile small business). Too much for one year and now I have a cool new studio and there it sits. So that’s it! Oh, I squeeze from the middle.

  26. My art goal for 2009 is to let loose – to just let all the creativity flow thru me with no inhibitions and no questions asked. To go with my first instinct and not worry about perfection or if anyone will like it. I do scrapbooking, cardmaking, jewelry design, sketching, decorating & photography so this goes for ALL of my art passions.
    I squeeze the tooth paste in the middle until it gets low, then I start rolling from the bottom, so I do both..hey! it’s the gemini coming out in me!

  27. Roll from the bottom…

    I have so many goals…

    an organized craft space
    to handmake any and all correspondence I will write
    to do some kind of art on a weekly basis.
    all of the above practically impossible with a 14month old running around the house.

  28. your art is very beautiful chrysti!!
    i squeeze the tooth paste in the middle,lol!
    have a wonderful day!

    love, rebecca

  29. I want to create more art and enjoy the process without worrying what the outcome will be. Practice, make mistakes, learn and once in awhile find that happy accident. I want to get better at layering and textures. Also, I want to practice more photography. It was one of my favorite classes in school and I was even photography editor for the school paper. I want to develop my own pictures again and maybe pic Chrysti’s brain for some tips. I read a few great ones on your site Chrysti, my fav being exp. film on eBay….BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any way, Suzi is amazing! her workshop is amazing, the supportive women in the workshop are amazing…more than worth the price of the workshop (no bullsh*t, I am NOT kissing as*) after the first video you will feel like you got your moneys worth. And Chrysti, I think you are incredible.

    And now for the big confession…I squeeze my toothpaste from somewhere in the middle but I squeeze it into my mouth not the toothbrush! oh my, will you ever look at me the same? its my toothpaste…I don’t share it with anyone…they are just my germs.
    (I just might come back and delete that last paragraph.)

  30. I discovered Suzi a few months ago and am signed up at her ning site… but I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath between by day job, parenting, and building my own and my mother’s businesses…

    Excuses, excuses.

    What I’m trying to say is that I think Suzi is absolutely fabulous, intriguing, quirky, and of course, funny! :) I’m so glad you interviewed her – I loved reading it.

    As to the question: art goal in 2009?

    Mine is pretty simple. I want to get back to DOING art. I need to carve out the time to put down my business and parenting tasks and CREATE. That’s been neglected quite a bit since I started my business.

    I have a secondary goal, which is one I’m sure Suzi would be proud of: I need to stop thinking of myself as an artist “wannabe.” I’m one of the crafters-as-artist, and I have trouble just calling myself an artist because I’m not technique savvy, I don’t have any formal art education, and I don’t use fine art materials nearly often enough. But I have the raw material – the appreciative eye and the desire – what more should it take? (Talent? haha…) An artist is what an artist does. I believe that. I need to get that belief implanted firmly into my belief about MYSELF.

    I need to sign up for Suzi’s class… make the time to do the lessons. Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the pants.

  31. […] you simply must check out the interview on Chrysti’s blog and leave a comment to enter the drawing for a Suzi Blu Petit Dolls membership, active through […]

  32. My art goal for 2009 would be to actually get off the computer and put myself to work :) But seriously my goal is to finish some of my biggest projects that are half done but I just keep putting them off.

  33. this sounds so fun. i used to draw and such a lot when i was a kid, but i’ve seemed to lost my imagination. shame on me! and shame on me for the excuses!

    and to answer your question, i squeeze in the middle, but then smoosh everything toward the top afterward. my husband squeezes the middle and doesn’t smoosh. what?!?! ack!

  34. I want to find my inspiration…….and go crazy with it! I work full-time and I’m a full-time student and there is something desperately missing. I used to paint furniture and do collage work and for the last few years have been consumed by my studies. I miss my creative side!

  35. my goal is to create something every day…this will be hard b/c i work a demanding (but fulfilling) job. but i want to create every day…even if its a small tag or inchie, that is my goal….and post it on my blog.

    and of course, i squeeze from the middle of the toothpaste tube.

  36. My art Goal for 09 is to gain confidence in my abilities and let go of some of the fear that has been holding me back from creating.

  37. I want to sell one picture. That is it sell one.

    My toothpaste tube looks like it has been in battle. LOL Never pay any attention .. just squeeze..

  38. Hey there girlfriend!!! I just love these new creations. Your little sweeties are making me get goosebumps! And I wanted to compliment your photography as well. I’ve been watching you evolve and I really adore you. Maybe we can do a swap one day. hint hint

  39. My art goals are
    let fear fly free
    write each day
    create Random Acts of Art Kindness
    make a green turqoise necklace
    begin a blog

  40. My art goal for 2009 is to make art and stop criticizing before I finish.

    I squeeze from the middle, until no more toothpaste comes out, then I squeeze from the bottom to get the rest.

  41. “what is your art goal for 2009? ”
    To paint 6 large canvasses. large = bigger than 24″ on any one side.

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?”
    Neither: Squeeze from bottom, flatten tube, keep squeezing… ;)

  42. I have been following Suzi’s Videos lately and I feel really inspired. I have begun to make an Art Journal and just watched her video “Start with a Flower” yesterday! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!

    “what is your art goal for 2009? ” My goal for 2009 is to create more often and hopefully get my Art published in an Art Magazine of some sort.

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” From the bottom up….I hate to waste!

    Happy Holidays!

  43. My art goal for 2009 is……do a journal the whole entire year…not just start one and then let it lay. To actively work on it day after day. That is my goal.
    I am a squeezer from the bottom. Well actually I flatten it from the bottom. LOL
    Great interview ith Suzi…what a darling person…I think I am in love!! She made me smile and I am definitely going to check out her classes. Thanks Chrysti!!

  44. Haha! My art-goal for 2009 is sooooo big, I’m even impressed myself.
    Up to last summer I was a working mother, having a very nice career… But then I really didn’t like it anymore.
    So i quit.
    Since a few years I was doing some art, once a month, just trying some stuff.
    Since I stopped working, I do art every day!!!! Suzi’s Petite Dolls class was so inspiring and helping me develop my skills.
    Soooo, now in 2009 I want a art-studio, where I can make art and receive clients for the creative therapy I give.
    And soooo, in 2009 I want to start calling myself an artist.
    Kunstenaar, beautiful Dutch word…
    Hoo, I am proud of myself! There were (are still) a lot of barrieres to overcome.

  45. My mantra these days is 2009 is all mine and art is definitely a part of it. I’m nearing the end of grad school and plan on having time to really work/play/make art. All kinds of art – stuff I can do (and makes me feel good cause I can do it) stuff I want to try and stuff I’m scared to death to even think about (like a self portrait).

  46. squeeze from the end, but kind of sloppily

    success in my first ever collage workshop

    I volunteer for a local Domestic Violence counselor and we are putting together our counties first DV workshop…it was my idea to do a collage at the end of it… I am hoping it will become a healing journey!

  47. Hi Chrysti, lovin’ your blog and all the give aways!

    First I need to find balance between my non-profit volunteer work and my art life. I really want to persue art in a somewhat serious manner…whatever that means. ( not serious art, but you know) The nonprofit group I work with consumes, it seems, 20-40 hours a week September – Dec. Fewer hours the rest of the year. ( we do Holiday gifts for kids / families in need.)I shop, maintain a blog and website, write grants, and hunt out bargains, planning on setting up missionfish auctions to generate income for group. I soooo want to be Bernie Berlin, not a bad goal. So i need to be serious about time management. LOL on many levels. And I am frustrated by the lack of organization in my home…kitchen, art area, family area, all areas. The stuff is interferring with the quality of my life. I have lots of excuses from, some which hardly seem valid anymore, My dh and I have been married for 17 yrs, so it is hard to use the excuse that we have combined adult households…but it is still an issue, as well as the retired teacher stuff that one hangs on to, and the fact that my folks passed away two years ago and I can’t let go of their stuff, and an aunt who moved to assistant living, and I have some of her stuff, and then I was collecting vast hordes of fabric, and now paper and other stuff…….it’s out of control. and it is easier to go off to the volunteer job and see results than face all of this……….so I’ve stated the problem, now the goals

    1. develop weekly schedule to include time for non-profit, church activities, art projects, fun….with flexibility of course. but you know more deliberate.
    2. sort and “weed” craft/art supplies, focus on current interests, divest self of the old stuff that I know there will not be enough time in all of our life times to use. organize work space into practical, usable area for assorted projects. oh…and just put stuff away when I am finished with it.
    3. continue to submitt projects for challenges to various publications.
    4. explore other opportunites and art venues in the st. louis area. St. Louis Handmade, Stlouis Craft mafia, Big Ass Indie craft show, etc.

    Thanks for reading.

    oh….and the toothpaste…..well some days I squeeze from the middle and other days I roll up from the end….which may be the whole problem, no continuity from one day to the next, no system………thus probably the root of all my problems. sigh…………..

  48. Wonderful interview!
    My art goal for 2009 is to continue to create art for myself and family, continue to enter art in local art gallery exhibits, and get published in a national art magazine.

  49. “what is your art goal for 2009? ” – I would like to finish the art journal I just started for my daughter (Vol. 1) . . . this is a mixed media journal w/ paints & decoupage, etc., with words of wisdom from Mom.

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” … ROLL FROM THE BOTTOM! Although my dearest darling doodle daughter squeezes from the middle, I am CONSTANTLY on a quest to keep it rolled from the bottom! LOL! (believe me when I say it’s a DAILY quest!)

  50. Ohhhh how I would love to win this prize, painting faces and people is something I need so much help on!! I love Suzi’s videos and agree her personality and soulful creativity is larger than life!!

    I have lots of goals for 2009, I’ve written many in my sketchbook which is turning into a journal of sorts. For me, my long term goal is to write a book on mixed media art so I’m going to start on that. My practice runs will be the articles that I am going to continue to write to some of my favorite art magazines in 2009 and beyond. So far, I have one coming up in January and another in the Spring (keeping fingers crossed nothing changes)! My creative life is filling up more and more each day and I am so grateful to have found a community that understands how much that means to me and others. I’m blessed that I’ve found that community both online and in my hometown/region.

  51. my gole for 2009 into let my light shine to help others find the right path to go
    next my gole for 2009 to injoy my great on line frineds and make new online frineds learn new crafts and build astronger faith in god we sure need faith in theses times we are living in,
    i lovemakeing cards to brighten other days
    thank you darla

  52. My goal for 2009 is to finally do some fun things in my journal that I made and started last year. Then I just let it lapse. Shame on me.

    Toothpaste from the bottom, I’m afraid.

  53. This is easy, I think about it all the time! My Art Goal for 2009 is to start creating for myself again! Thank you for asking this question so I have to put it out there in the universe and scream it outloud! Name it and Claim it.
    Thank you!

  54. My goal for next year is to be an artist, not just talk about wanting to be one. I want it to become part of my identity, an extension of how I think about myself. No longer a dream of what I want but a reality.

  55. Well, my art goal for 2009 is mainly to do more art. I spend way too much time doing other unnecessary things, so I need to get more focused. And I squeeze the tube from the middle.

    Your girls are fabulous – I’m going to have to take this class (whether I win it or not!).

  56. Chrysti

    Thank you so much for the interview with Suzi. She is so full of love and inspiration. I would so love to win this prize.

    My goals for 2009 are………I would love to get into the habit of working in my art journal on a regular basis. I don’t want to say every day. Cause that is not happening. I’d be happy with at least once a week.

    I would also love to get published in one of the magazines.

    Now for the tooth paste………Any where I grab it I squeeze.

  57. I want to keep pushing myself to make more, try more, learn more. With 2 exhibits coming up, I MUST produce more. I’d like to start some themed journals. I’ve been preparing a small sketch book by doing rubbings with colored pencils on the pages.
    Toothpaste. I guess I’m a middle squeezer who occasionally pushes the mass up so it looks like I’m a bottom squeezer.
    Thanks for the insightful interview Chrysti & Suzi.

  58. My art goal is to be less self-critical and to try to do some kind of art every day.
    I am a middle squeezer until the end when I must resort to pushing from the bottom!

  59. My goals are to live more intentionally, reflect daily, get more sleep, get past the barriers in my head… If I do all that I will also create more & more often. I want to make something at least every week, and I want to keep an art journal. I want to get beyond being worn out from work so that I can play more. Yep~ that’s it.

  60. (oh gosh, I would LOVE to win this!!). My art goal for ’09 is to learn all I can about mixed media and spend as many moments as I can playing around with it. I want to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and actually DO some of the stuff I’ve been reading about and getting so excited about.
    As for the toothpaste tube…my answer is ‘both’. I squeeze from the middle til the tube is about half gone and then I put one of those thingies onto the tube that forces the paste to the end as you keep pushing it up (can’t remember the name of it!!).

  61. This is a great question to think about — I hadn’t given it much thought until reading this post, but I would say I have two art goals for 2009. One is to starting drawing again. I’m sad to say I didn’t draw at all during 2008. And my second goal is to create one new product to put it up for sale at least every two weeks.

  62. My ultimate goal for 2009 is twofold but all comes down to taking some time out for ME! Being mom of a 4 yr old and 15 yr old that past several yrs has been all about kids. With my youngest in school part time since sept I can finally do some me stuff or so I thought. Instead |I got caught up in school committees, and household projects…..Starting January, I am going to work out every day!!! It was the one thing I missed the most. Sun or rain, getting to the gymn made my day, restored my energy and kept me fit. I think if I have more energy I will be able to get more done…….and crafting is top of my list.

    Toothpaste……any way it takes to get a glob on the toothbrush….but towards the end of the tube….I put on a device that squeezes it out….

  63. My main art goal for 2009 is to learn to draw better, especially faces and expressions. I want my collages and artwork to be more “me”. I want to be able to draw the main motifs that I will be using in my work instead of using pre-printed pics.

    I have already started. I am currently working through the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” and I’m just now doing the lessons on Contour drawing and it’s obvious I need a lot of work. Suzi’s class would be so great for me right now, and getting it free would be even better since I am currently not working and money is really tight!!

    One other art goal I have is to start selling my art this year. I already have an Etsy shop and want to create some really cool stuff to put in it!!

    As for toothpaste: MIDDLE!! then I put one of those thingies on the end that squishes it up for you!

  64. My art goal for this year is to improve my acrylic paintings and drawing skills. I also want to create at least one art related project per week.

    I squeeze from the bottom, but don’t roll. :)

  65. For anyone who hasn’t entered or joined the class, YOU MUST! Being in the class, learning from Suzi, getting to know her has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I love everything I’m learning but even more than the creative part (and that is HUGE) is how Suzi has helped me to learn to be kinder to myself, to believe in myself and my abilities, and just how good she makes me feel over all.

    Suzi is my hero.

    Peace & Love,

  66. My art goal for 2009 is to find more ways to share my love for art. I have already started on this and have some things in the works in the form of workshops and articles, but I still have a desire to do more. Sharing a love of art with other like minded people is so rewarding!

  67. My art goal for 2009 is to become more comfortable in my art abilities that I will start making art for my friends without fear they will not like it.

    I roll the toothpaste from the middle, i feel like it takes so much less thought and effort.

  68. I have 2 big goals for 2009, one is to do a fundraiser/auction of one of my paintings to raise money for the animal rescue I volunteer with. And the other is to enter one of my paintings in a local competition/show that happens every summer.

    I squeeze from the bottom, but I don’t actually roll it. that seems like a big commitment to toothpaste neatness :P

  69. Goal for 2009: To take the time for myself to get a Suzi Blu workshop and submit something to Cloth, Paper, Scissors or Sew Somerset mag’s.

    And as for the toothpaste, I’m afraid I’m a from-the-bottom all the way. If it gets bent, I HAVE to straight it out and ooze the stuff up from the bottom again.


    P.S. Merry, Merry Christmas!

  70. My Art goal for 2009

    is to learn to sketch and draw faces

    To do more Art Dolls and Art Quilts – express myself more

    Keeping an ART JOURNAL daily!!

    And completed the 4 Scrapbooks I have started for the kids.

    The family always squeezes from the middle, so I also push from the end.

    Chrysti, I loved the interview. I can’t wait to get here daily to read your post for the day…You are doing an Awesome job.


  71. My Goal for 2009: Here I am typing away at the keyboard, finally found my glasses laying on the desk in front of me and now I’ve just discovered that my other pair of glasses, the ones I really wanted to wear are smack dab on top of my head. Oh well…For 2009, I really want to get more into creating with my collages. I want to make more of them, add more texture, more color, more of everything. As well, I really want to start selling my collages this year.

    As far as toothpaste: I squeeze in the middle, then am overcome with guilt and end up screwing on the lid and squeezing it all nice and neat at the bottom. I’m running in right now to give that tube a good squeeze in the middle. My artistic self will feel light and free.


  72. My goal for 2009 is to promote a webring and website for WomenArtistsOnline and to design a logo for the group. To make more progress with my digital and physical paintings and to spend more time creating art and less time NEEDING to clean the studio!

    My toothpaste preference is to use the squeeze bottles of gel and we store them upside down (after they reach the half-way filled mark.

    Holiday Greetings to both of you for sharing this lovely gift!

    :-D eirdre

  73. My art goal for this (next) year is to get all my hours in so I can officially teach yoga, but wait, there’s more! I not only want to teach yoga, but I want to combine yoga and art and offer my class for free to girls waiting for Big Sisters, there are so many. First, I’d like to learn how to draw so maybe I will break down and take Suzi’s class. I think that by using art and yoga together will really create some super creative vibes and help girls realize a healthy body image. I know it’s a really big goal, but one that touches my heart as I used to be anorexic and don’t want other girls to have to go through that. I’d also like to get a bit more organized, one thing at a time though. Lots of hugs to everyone who entered, thanks for having such a great contest and may everyone experience the joy of the holiday season no matter what you celebrate! xoxoxo

  74. Hey everyone!!
    I’m so stoked about the give away. I was bummed I wasn’t able to be part of the first one. I mean class. I got to see all the art everyone did and was totally jealous of the beautiful girls they were doing!

    So My 2009 art goals is to be part of Suzi’s class! I want to venture into general making and to own gel medium to see what all the hype is about. I would totally dig the wood burning!! Looks mui fun!

    And when I squeeze the toothpaste, I squeeze in the middle (guilty, hangs head in shame)

  75. Hi Chrysti! Hi Suzi!

    Let me first say you both are so inspirational! I think that neither one of you even realize what you contribute on a daily basis to all of the artists out here. It’s so comforting to just feel like I can visit either one of you anytime throughout my day and see what you’re up to and know that you guys are having the same kind of struggles in life that I am. Which in some cosmic way makes us ALL feel connected. So I applaud you both for that! “YAY!” *thunderous clapping sounds are heard from all around* “haaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggggghhhhhhhhh!”

    My goals are to keep growing as an artist and to let myself be more free. Not so much “staying inside the lines”, so to speak.

    And….the toothpaste! Forget it! SQUEEZING from the middle baby! HA! My husband has his own tube, then he will come over to my side of the sink and neatly roll mine from the bottom and rinse all of the gloppy toothpaste off of the cap. Hey whatever make him happy! :) LOL!

    Love you guys!!!
    Julie Bergmann

  76. My art goal for 2009: To make a little art every day and open an etsy shop!!

    As for the toothpaste… I used to squeeze in the middle. Now I am anal and roll up from the bottom, because it saves me time. Nothing like squeezing only to find there is no toothpaste left in all the tube and you’re stuck needing another without fair warning!

  77. My goal is to finish illustrating the Christmas Nikki Nissa (elf) book I wrote and send it to publishers…and get a publishing contract! And to sell my Art and Dolls. I put up a Etsy site yesterday and it’s on my blog!!!

    Thanks for the great interview with my fav girl Suzi!!! And your great blog.

  78. I just love your blog! I love seeing what you do. =) My goal for 2009 is to just have supplies to make at least one piece of art a day. =) HUGS, Judy

  79. Oh who do I have to kill or sleep with to win this prize?? :D

    My art goal for 2009 is to actually DO art. Stop letting real life get in the way and DO IT! Also believe that I CAN do it and stop comparing myself to others constantly.

    I love Suzi and have been a member of her page for a little while now but every time I go to sign up to the class another bill rolls in or the kids put a toe out of another set of shoes! *sigh*

    I’m a squeezer from the middle but blame everyone else and claim to be an end roller :P

  80. Hey, how about squeezing art in the middle and making art out of everything including toothpaste and tubes wherever they’re squeezed?

    have a great christmas

  81. My art goal for 2009??? Play play play…with no deadlines..just because I want to.Just because it makes me feel good..makes me feel lighter..not all “scrunchy” that this or that needs to get done for such and such…
    to try something new..something scary…
    maybe even think about an etsy shop…because I wont be able to keep everything I make!!! LOL…
    and to spend every day telling myself I am an matter what the world says….even though I didnt get to art school..even though I dont have a degree to say that I am….
    in my heart I want to know that I am..feel that I am..and let that be enough.
    I have Suzi to thank for the inspiration for that..her gift to me has been the most precious one…I feel free-er (?) and happy to create in the way I want just because she made me see that I can!!!.The world needs to know Suzis’ My philosophies..and Im sure it would be a better, happier place.
    and the toothpaste thing?? oh, definately a squueeze it in my fist in the middle kind of girl.Cant do it neatly…i get toothpaste everywhere..OK..Im a grotty little person..LOL
    this was fun..thanks!!!

  82. Toothpaste… Mostly from the bottom, but in rebellious moments I just squeeze wherever the hell I want. And art goals: use up all my paint. Art journaling is my passion. Merry Christmas!!

  83. Art goal for 2009 !? Holy Moly…. I don’t think I’m confident enough yet to call my self an artist yet, let alone make a yearly goal!
    I think I will call myself and artist this year! That’s my goal!

  84. My art wish for 2009 is to make art daily and start my own Etsy shop.

    Loved the interview with Suzi!


  85. My goal for 2009, find time to finally make art again! And I squeeze my tooth paste out from the middle, then every now and then push out from the bottom to fill up the front!

    Loved the interview with Suzi and love your blog!

  86. Thank you Suzi for posing this question. I haven’t allowed my mind to think past Christmas. My art goal for 2009 is first of all to re-discover my true art self and self-style. I feel like this year I’ve been all over the place artistically and have been spinning my wheels. I want to find my direction and focus again so I don’t have to get a “real job.” Blech!! I want to re-discover the passion that drives me to create and to express more of my true self in my work. I want to create the art that is hidden in my soul.

    As for the toothpaste, I only squeeze from the end when it’s almost empty…haha.


  87. My art goal for 2009 is to RELEASE MY FEARS AND SPREAD MY WINGS! I am so often held back by fear. Fear of rejection, fear that I am not good enough, and fear that I am not really an artist, which is the worst fear of all! Perfectionism has had hold of my wings for so long, I am afraid that I have forgotten how to use them! Which is another fear! I have this dream sequence that has been running through my mind lately. I am tired and weary and my heart is heavy. The day is gray and lifeless. I come to the edge of a cliff and look out over an endless black drop-off. I want to jump. I want to jump so badly, but it seems like my feet have grown roots in the ground. Something . . . EVERYTHING inside me tells me to JUMP! Yet, there I stand, feet firmly planted where they have always been, taking in the dismal grayness of the day. My insides are burning with the desire to jump. A little voice inside my head, repeats over and over, “Jump, and the net will appear!” . . . “Jump, and the net will appear!” Then, I do it! I jump with my eyes wide open! Suddenly the landscape is alive with color! Everything is dazzling and magical and beautiful and ALIVE! I am being carried over this magnificent landscape by my own wings! Big, beautiful, butterfly wings, alive with color. The net was inside of me!! It was there all along! I had never known that I could feel so FREE!

    That is my art goal for 2009. To release the fear that has been holding me back and spread my wings. I know that there is a whole other world out there for me. I am not content, just sitting quietly, being an observer. I am restless beyond words! I want to experience art freedom. Perfectionism is a curse! I want to be FREED from it and I have been taking baby steps to the edge of that cliff!! 2009 is my year to JUMP!

    I’m a middle squeezer, by the way. I used to roll the end, but I ditched that craziness on my way to the edge of the cliff! I get pure joy from squeezin’ in the middle! FREEDOM!

    The light in me, honors the light in you,

    “When the student is ready . . . the teacher will arrive”
    – Zen proverb

  88. Art Goal is to take a Suzi Blu class and get OVER my fear of drawing/painting.

    I squeeze that toothpaste anywhere I can make it come outta the tube. But when it gets to the last bit I roll the tube up so I can put more pressure on to get every last bit. Bet you are sorry you asked now LOL!

  89. I’ve actually had three goals in mind for 2009: to get my artwork published, set aside more time for me to play and be creative, and to finally get enough nerve to sell my work.

    Oh, and I squeeze from the middle!

  90. my goal for 2009 is to get over my fear of showing other people (in real life, not online) my work, to not be so critical with myself and to make my very first artist book (perhaps with some fabric, some printmaking… oooooh the possibilities)

  91. My goal is to not a person that writes alot, or a person that expresses my feelings in writing. That is my goal. i decorate the pages but no journaling. i need alot of work on that…claudia

  92. From the middle.

    My goal is to stop expecting perfection and learn to relax and play. I want my paintings to look like photographs, and it’s not possible since I’m not gifted with amazing talent. I need to learn to accept myself, and learn that it doesn’t matter what it looks like if I’m enjoying myself. And I’d enjoy myself a lot more if I didnt’ beat myself up the whole time I was trying to create.

  93. Squeeze from the middle until its almost empty – THEN squeeze from the bottom.

    2009 art goal: Get some things published and put up some for sale on Etsy. (Whew, nice to get an actual goal verbalized!)

  94. Thanks for a wonderful and interesting interview with Suzi. I’m like one of the other commenters…I joined Suzi’s ning site but haven’t had enough time to really jump in and participate…but she’s already inspired me to try new little bits in my art…

    My goal for 2009 is to really and truly work on some ideas I’ve had for many, many moons and stop thinking self-defeating thoughts…we’ll see…the next year seems to hold lots of promises!

    Thanks for your lovely, generous spirit!
    michele :)

  95. My not-so-secret-anymore-dream for’09 is to open our own(my husband does metalwork-he even made my wedding band!) store online where we can each offer our own original creations to anyone. I want my boys to see open creativity and see us living our dreams. We are in the process of opening(I’m not writing this for advertisment, I don’t even have anything in the shop yet) and trying to figure all the ins and outs. I want to feel the total freedom to create anyhing I want and learn as much as possible from everywhere. I love mixed media and quilting/sewing/woodworking/sculpting/leathercarving and am completely in love with Native American art and Northwoods style(raised in Minnesota)- I vow to create with words/images in one way or another every day.
    I am a secret squeezer then fix it pretty toothpaster. My husband is extremely neat and always rolls from the bottom.
    These faces are so amazing I have to try drawing free like this. I can draw almost anything except people, not even a stick person. I have to see more somehow. Thankyou to both you ladies for what you are doing!!! Rachel

  96. My art goal … not to think as the others. Try to look on art with my own eyes :) And go back to my oil paintings :) maybe mixed media :)

    I defenetly squeeze in the middle :)))

  97. My art goal in 2009 is to have no goal because whenever I decided to a goal – my muse is leaving the room. And she comes back back when I surrender… when I expect nothing… I can´t explain it very well in my own language… but I hope you understand what I mean.

    My goal is to keep my door open for everything what is good for my life… and everything will be transformed into art…

    I use liquid toothpaste no rolling no squeezing ;) but I am a middle squeezer…..

    Thank you!!!!!

  98. Chrysti, thanks for a fun interview with Suzi! I have been drooling over the petite dolls workshops for days but just can’t seem to save enough for the cost right now….to win and be able to take the class would be a DREAM!

    Toothpaste should be squeezed from the bottom and then rolled as you go! I was strictly taught this so I have no idea how my tube gets squeezed from the middle and now and then I have to tidy it up; just in case my Mom should appear and see it all indented right smack in the middle! Of course, I’d blame it on Fairies!

    Goals for 2009! To get back to doing ART! All art, every art, just do some art and be happy! To close my ears and heart to those who would ridicule or critique me so mindlessly that I lay down my colors again and be afraid to touch them for fear of lack of talent. To know I’m not perfect (you think?)and accept it that I’m not nor ever will be and it’s flippin’ FINE! To share my work and not be afraid! A final goal….to do a canvas without cringing at the sight of a blank space staring back at me (enter petite dolls!)

  99. My art goal is to go nuts with the wax on a collage (loved Suzi’s video “how to” for that)! And, I’m a squeeze it in the middle kinda girl.

  100. My art goal for 2009 is to learn more about mixed art and actually doing it, rather than just drool over other peoples work in books and magazines!

    and re the toothpaste, yep I’m a squeeze in the middle kind of girl too ;)


  101. Art goals for 2009? Two things which I have wanted to do for a loooooooooong, loooooooooooong time AND I’ve seriously changed my Life (by retiring early) so I could begin to make them happen….One, organize my studio. This will probably take all year. It’s a MESS!! Two, take time to play at art. I will finally have the time to expand, explore and play, play,play.

    Toothpaste…..from the middle…until it doesn’t work anymore…then I smoosh it all up from the bottom.

  102. My goal is to make more art that is done just because I want to. Now too much of what I do are only teaching examples since I’m a K-12 art teacher. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to do those. They just aren’t always what makes my soul happy.

    As for the toothpaste, I’m a middle squeezer too.

  103. I definitely squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom. It irks me when my son squeezes it from the middle. Then I have to painstakingly squeeze the tube from the bottom to meet his middle so there is no gapage (is that a word).

    My art goal in 2009 is taking a class. I tend to criticize myself too much… and I must say this limits what I can accomplish. I really would like the freedom of creating an art journal… no rules… just creativity.

    Thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway.

    Happy Holidays!

  104. My art goals for 2009 are simple but not easy.

    1. I want to create more. I want to get my hands wet in all kinds of media and create. I want to make stuff and make lots of it!

    2. I want to have that nagging “You’re not good enough–who are you kidding? Just give up…” voice under control. Ideally, I’d like to silence it. If that’s not possible, I’d like to create art in SPITE of it. It’s a big problem, and it’s starting to get old…

    Karen :)

  105. if cleaning is an art, i want to keep my house clean instead of having little people and cars and trucks and cows and dog hair everywhere.
    I would love to be able to do one, just ONE doll 1/4 as beautiful as the ones you do.
    And i squeeze the tub until is almost gone, and then i start rolling from the bottom.
    Not very creative, I guess

  106. My art goals for 2009:

    To paint a canvas a week. At least. I get so frustrated in my small studio area of my apartment that it actually stunts my creativity. Everything is set up and ready to go, but I just don’ t get started very often. I also suffer from a strong fear of failure. My standards are so high, I am rarely satisfied with my results, and this is most devastating since art is my passion!

  107. What an awesome giveaway! My goal for 2009 is to learn, learn, learn and learn some more. I stumbled upon Suziblu’s videos and am boardline obsessed! I am just starting out with mixed media (literally just started buying art supplies to get started) and love her style with her petit dolls. I’d like to get past the “how do I start” stage. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope I’m the lucky winner! Merry Christmas :)

  108. “2009 Art Goals”
    By Muffin Pants

    I will be brave enough to love my art

    I will dedicate more time for myself simply to create
    (there is no excuse as I have control over my hands and both feet right?)

    I will not be afraid to label myself as an artist/art goddess/crafty soul sister of glitter and rhinestones

    I will step out of my safe little box to learn something new and create something beautiful

    Also…I will continue to squeeze my toothpaste from the middle. I find it provides an optimal paste to brush ratio. (hehe)

  109. My Art Goal for 2009: to not worry so much about create the “PERFECT” piece of art and to have fun instead!

    Toothpaste: I use this little squeeze clip that my gram bought me about 6 years ago before she passed away, without it I would squeeze from the middle! LOL

  110. to create more art
    to create larger art

  111. Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I to dream of going to an artfest or taking a class with a famous person but money does not allow, and to be honest I would be intimidated by all that talent………..I know Suzi will be shaking her head at that LOL.

    Chrysti and Suzi you are great, and I too love Gigi and Pooh, such lovies they are.

    My art goals for 2009 are numerous, but mostly I want to start and maintain an art journal, (planning on taking an empty book with me on my Christmas trip and prepping pages) make more ‘art’, learn some rudimentary drawing skills and take a Suzi Blu course, would love to do the faces one (you make it look so easy Suzi) and the petite doll one…………….more if I can manage. Now wasn’t that the longest sentence!

    I squeeze wherever I grab the tube, but do have a paint tube wringer on my toothpaste and every once in a while I move it up so it squeezes every last bit of toothpaste out. Why spend more than I have to on non art/craft related things…………………………

  112. My 2009 art goal is to spend several hours a week creating and open up an online shop to sell.

    and… I squeeze in the middle!

    Happy Holidays to All!

  113. My art goal for 2009 is to really get stuck into my Art Journal, or maybe i might call it my “Thought” Journal. To get all the thoughts from inside my head into the journal through words, paint and all that fun stuff!

    The ideal way to get the toothpaste out is of course roll it from the bottom…who does that????????!!!!! :)

  114. WOW! I just found your blog!!!!
    It’s awesome!
    I too really want to climb over my wall that I built over the years and find the freedom on the otherside I need to create and “just be me”
    A class from Suzi Blu would truly be a gift!
    happy Holidays!

  115. Oh, wow. I absolutely remember the night I found Suzi Blu’s YouTube videos. I grabbed my much-neglected art journal and went to town! I haven’t signed up for her classes yet because I’m a bit worried about following her style too much. Or I’m just afraid of drawing and using the other excuse to counter that! ;-)

    Toothpaste: I squeeze from the bottom about 80% of the time. Sometimes I forget, then I have to play “tube catchup.”

    2009 Goals: Create more. Play more. Be open! Exhibit at least 4 works (# I exhibited in 2008). Finished studio organization project. Hold a giveaway to make up for all the fun I’ve had during your giveaway and Collage Contessa’s birthday week! =)

  116. Hey, maybe a website may need to be a goal. My goal for 2009 is to teach art. I have put myself on the shedule at the bead shop I work at on Saturdays. I have been given permission to teach a class in found object jewelry. I watch Suzi’s Suziblutube over and over for inspiration. I don’t even know how I found her, so it was meant to be!!!
    I squeeze where ever my hand lands on the tube, cuz in the scheme of life that is so low on my radar! I only notice when the toothpate stops coming out and I need a new tube!

  117. My Goal for 2009 would be to draw and paint a Petit Doll!
    I like to keep my toothpaste nice and neat. So I sqeeze from the bottom then roll it!

  118. I’m verklempt.
    First, your kind words to me, they mean so very much. I am so touched.
    Second and not least, the work above is beyond phenominal…my eyes were bugged out like crazy, taking in all the beautiful colors, swirls, shapes, ohmygosh, I am blown away by your work. This is ssoo amazing. you must write a childrens book and put these inside. Ohmygosh…like I said, I’m I can’t really put it all into words right now.
    Thank you Chrysti, from the bottom of my heart and soul.
    xoxoxo lia

  119. p.s. lol. I just signed up for a wordpress today to use as my “homepage” site…so I was still logged in under that..ok, I will write more later….xoxo

  120. My art goal for 2009 is to really throw myself into getting to the last page of my art journal that I started when I saw my first SuziBlu video. This is going to be extra interesting since for at least the first half of the year, I’ll be in a job where I travel constantly and therefore will have to pack my art supplies to take with me if I’m going to get anything done. The subtext of my goal is really to challenge myself to create limitlessly from limitations… ooo I like the sound of that :)

    …and ever since a friend brought me a souvenir toothpaste slider from NZ I’ve been a bottom squeezer. AND the little bunny on the slider makes me feel all kid-like and giddy!

  121. I just want to create more. I’ve been under major stress, so I’ve been in a creating slump. I’m hoping to get more creative this year!

  122. I love Suzi! I’ve been following her for close to 2 years now and just love her vids! I haven’t had a chance to take her class yet but enjoy her community on Ning.

    As far as art goals for 2009 go;

    My main one is to really advance my digital photography skills and play play with my Rebel.

    My other goal is to keep painting and playing on a daily basis. I’m on a quest to find myself and in the process build my portfolio up.

  123. I LOVE the art from this workshop and I want to play! As for the requirements…

    What is your art goal for 2009?
    To do SOMEthing creative every single day – make something, paint something, or take a photo, but something every day! I brush my teeth, don’t I? And drink coffee every morning? And… well, all those other things that are water related?! Then I can learn another daily habit!

    I would love to join this workshop and even though I may not win, I believe I will enrool – hmmm… a malaprop combination of enroll and drool…

    Cindy Key

  124. 2009! – I want to be Free!

    I want to publish a book on collecting Astrosniks. I want to publish a story my parents told me as a small child with the drawings my neice did for it. I want to publish, My life in Arts and Crafts for my family, to have long after Im gone.

    I want to paint, sew, glue, stamp, cut up paper, and make it into something I love daily.

    I want to get better so I can do all the things I want to do.

    O and roll from the bottom


  125. Can I answer both…just because I have to say…”Please, people…use the toothpaste from the bottom up!” lol!

    My art goal(s) for 2009 are:
    1) Basically to really get back to making art. I have been in a huge funk and artist’s block since my very best friend died very suddenly a year and a half ago, and I just haven’t had it in me, but, it’s starting to come out.

    2) I want to learn how to really paint and dye fabrics so they will look beautiful. I’ve been experimenting on my own, and they just look like a big mess!

    3) Teaching! I taught a quilting class for kids last summer, and I loved it! I have always loved working with kids and have been wanting to do more of it and after that class, I’m sure of it! I want to start out with sewing classes/quilting/embroidery/Japanese crafts/cute stuff like that, then, eventually move on to more….

  126. Chrysti…I love your girlies…they have wonderful faces! My goal for 2009 is to create something every day. Nothing major, no pressure but just create SOMETHING and be open to where that leads me!

    Squeezing the middle is always more fun!


  127. Hi Chrysti, thanks so much for your wonderful posts and giveaways, you have the spirit of the season! I love your pretty painted gals, they’re wonderful and such fabulous hairdos! I love Suzi, her art & her cutie pie pets and enjoyed your interview with her.

    I have many art goals for 2009. To continue to learn more techniques and develop in all the areas that I love, dolls, mixed media collage, folk art, restyled antiques & home decor etc. etc. etc. I write down all my ideas, many scrapbooks full but never seem to have enough time to get them all created so I really want to find more time for creating in 2009. I need to get my studio organized. I also hope to create & submit something to Somerset Life or Somerset Home and be accepted. And finally to move closer to my goal of being able to support myself with my art and quit my 40hr/week, sit all day long at a computer, day job that is slowly killing my spirit.

    I’ve never really paid attention to how I squeeze the toothpaste so I can’t really answer that question.

    God bless you & Merry Christmas

  128. I love the faces you created! I can’t draw stick people lol but my son does wonders with pen and ink. In 2009 I am going to work on mastering Photoshop CS3 which I received last Christmas. I found it so much different than Photoshop Elements I haven’t gotten very far with it. I also want to learn to use my Wacom. Hugs, SherryD

  129. what is your art goal for 2009? my goal is to produce more art, and not let things get in my way. i do have art classes, but i also want to do art i want to do.

  130. My goal is to reach my potential and I’m not even sure what that is….I just know I need this goal at this point in time. I’ve been so busy helping everyone in my life reach theirs… that it’s time for me and my turn and my success… whatever form it takes I’m ready to embrace and begin my own potential. I believe that Suzi’s Petite class would be a major help on this path. Thank you for offering this workshop chrysti I would LOVE to be the winner!

    I never really pay attention to my toothpaste tube until it’s almost empty and I can’t get any out …then I start to squeeze and roll to the top for the last little bit.

    Joyful Artist

  131. Oh I just squeeze it anyway it will come out. I do the same with paint, glue, neosporin. I inevitably regret it later, but at the time it’s expediency I’m going for. sigh.

  132. My goal for 2009 is to experiment with different mediums and techniques with the hope of developing my own personal style. Up unitl now I realize that most of what I paint is similar in style and subject to paintings that have previously been done by others. I want to produce my own original artwork, with a style that is my signature!

  133. My artistic goal is to develop my own creative vision in the mandane parts of life.

  134. After following Suzi for over a year now it’s about time I take onboard what my Guru preaches, my goals for 2009 is:-


    to create art for myself the sheer joy of it and rejoice in the fact that I did it and I liked it……………nobody else…..just me. !!!.

    Chysti darling you’re a star , thanx for being so generous.
    joan craft in italy

  135. to find the art that i really want to do for myself.

  136. Yay, for Suzi fun!! I am in the workshop and love love love it!!

    My art goal for 2009 is to take myself more seriously – to spend more time working on art.

  137. I had recently watched a Suzi Blu video (found through Izabella Pierce’s blog, Izabellah’s Blue) and was just charmed by her childlike innocent playfulness. I just love her work and her videos! So I’d love to take one of her workshops.

    I get all overwhelmed trying to formulate my goals into words (but that’s a key ingredient, isn’t it). Basically, my goal for 2009 is to create more than I’ve ever created in my life (which isn’t hard to do being that I’ve procrastinated most of it away). So I’ll also answer the toothpaste question. And that is…. from the middle, even though it pisses me off when the tube is all lopsided and unwieldy and keeps falling off the ledge of the sink because i’ve rolled it from the middle.

  138. I am going to make my art flow with the seasons and holidays all through the year. My paintings and dolls, journals and cards will all have a theme to them.
    Summer (at the seaside yesssss)
    So no more blank brain or canvas, just go for it.

    Toothpaste has to be from the bottom upwards

    Kind regards to you all
    Lady Jana Muck

  139. My art goal for 2009? Enter at least 1 magazine art challenge and be creative every day. I tend to let art things slide when the business of life gets in the way.

    Toothpaste…squeeze the middle until it doesn’t come out, then fix it.

    General goal…be more generous like Chrysti :)

  140. squeeze from the bottom…and try to do the same for 2009. Get every little last drop out of life and art that I can!

  141. my goal is to make more unusual pieces from these dang dreams I have about what to make…wowow, must be inspiration coming on strong. Keep on creating no matter how bad the economy gets, after all reuse, recycle makes creations….weeee. I love art and all the artist.

  142. My goal for 2009 is making more 3-D stuff like shrines and boxes, getting to bigger formats, and always trying new techniques.
    And I´m German enough to roll my toothpaste from the bottom, LOL …

  143. My goal is to truly invest time, effort and money in my teeny, non-profit rubber stamp business. I also want to further develop my skills such as drawing and painting, digital art, etc.

    If I want to aggravate my husband, I squeeze from the middle….;~}

  144. Wow – I would love, love, love to win!!!

    In 2008, my goal was to sketch daily to improve my drawing skills. I ended up with many drawings scattered in a variety of sketch pads.

    In 2009, I decided to become more focused. I plan to do all my daily drawings in a journal specifically reserved for my 2009 goal.

  145. My 2009 art goal? Work on my confidence. I know I can make beautiful art if I stop criticising myself at every turn and just go for it, so that’s what I need to do. I’ve also learned a little planning goes a long way – it helps me know where I’m going and what I’m doing.

    As for toothpaste, I use a pump dispenser :3

  146. My art goal(s) for 2009 is to learn at least ten new techniques(be it painting or collaging); start journaling; develop my own unique, personal style, and……..oh…and learn to roll my PAINT TUBES from the bottom!

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  148. My goal is too finish as much art work as possible and to make sure I find out as much about myself as I can.

    I squeeze the toothpaste in the middle most of the time.

  149. My Goal is to make the time to create more. Learn about selling my cards and altered art. Is online bettert than in stores???

    Tooth paste in this house is rolled from the bottom!

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  152. Watching SUziBlu videos GOT ME THROUH CHEMOTHERAPY!!!! Thanks SUzi…with your help, I PAINTED MY WAY THROUGH TREATMENT!! In 2009, I will invite other women in treatment for breast cancer to my studio to share mixed media art process!!!!! I truly believe that ART HEALS. When I am making art, there is no cancer; there is nothing but the warm magical feeling of the creative spark. I want to offer that experience to others and help them through their chemotherapy. I had my cancer support group over for an art “play” session just to introduce them to the process of free creative expression with no judgment. They had so much fun!! After the holidays, my goal is to offer an “Art and Healing” group, open to any woman in my local community who has been diagnosed with cancer. Though I never have done it before, I will set up a blog. That way, the group can share their process and their art with women everywhere who are facing the challenge of cancer. I never could have known how a BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS WOULD CONNECT ME WITH SUCH WONDERFUL WOMEN AND WOULD GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE and TEACH THE ART-MAKING THAT HAS MADE MY LIFE SO RICH.
    Thanks to all of you bloggers that have inspired me, taught me and carried me through,
    With deep gratitude,

  153. Wow! …is 2009 almost here?? I will get my craft room up to speed, so that I can be in a better creative frame of mind. The space that I work in keeps getting smaller and smaller! :]

    I squeeze pretty much in the middle.

    Thanks for the chance to win Suzi’s class!


  154. My goal for 2009 is to get something published. Even just a tiny something in a tiny publication!

    And I squeeze from the middle except when you get right to the last bit and then you have to roll from the end to get it all out :) I’m a bit Obsessive-Compulsive about that!

  155. i used to squeese just below the top. did that to piss off my brothers. don’t do that. do things to piss off siblings or anyone. my karma – dentures.


  156. My art goal in 2009 is to lose all the boundaries that art school has put on me, go back to basics and work on becoming the artist i want to be, rather than what the art world wants me to be!

    I squeeze from the end. The Capricorn in me rages if I waste a single drop!

    Thanks for the amazing interview!!!

  157. My art goal for 2009 is to start my own personal art journal/journey… I am a member of an online art group and I try to participate in every challenge, swap, etc. but I haven’t really done anything just for ME and I really want to get outside of my self-imposed box and explore my creativity in new ways…. oh, and I’m a squeeze-in-the-middle person until I start getting air bubbles, then I fold the empty half up and start squeezing in the middle again =)

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  159. For 2009, I will craft more and stop a lot of groups. I want to create more. I am learning to make Dotee dolls, and others.
    I belong to so many groups that I should pick my favorites and let the others go so I can craft more. I love altering things and paper dolls, even sewing designs on vest. I am doing more ribbon embroidery which isn’t done very much anymore. I love altered books so this coming year I will dance to my own drummer and not follow the crowd so much. Life is what you make it and this year I will make it mine. Cindy

  160. Love Suzi! EeEeEekS!
    Art goal for 2009:
    Stop worrying about it being perfect and just let it go.

    As for the toothpaste, LOL:
    Depends on if I am in a hurry, but it ticks me off when my hubby squeezes in the middle. Aren’t I a hypocrite?! LOL

  161. Thanks for interviewing Suzi…she is totally awesome.

    “what is your art goal for 2009? ”
    Get more organized and keep on track. I want to be more faithful about keeping an art journal and do more expermenting with new techniques.

    “Roll the toothpaste from the bottom, or squeeze it in the middle?” … definitely from the middle…but I know I SHOULD squeeze from the bottom so I don’t waste so much.

  162. My goal is to appreciate what I can do and to stop using the beauty that comes from others to hurt myself. Deep breath.

    Toothpaste – middle at first, then I use the handle of my comb to push it back up to the top when it gets low. True story. ;)


  163. goals
    organizing my studio so I can better use what I have!
    Finishing the paintings I started last year!

    oh the end of the tube!

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  165. My art goal for 2009 is to reclaim,re-arrange and Organize my studio,which is actually a closed in garage,huge place to create in,but woefully wreaking havoc in my soul!!!Terrible mess,a catch all for Everything…But hey sometimes life, like art gets messy!
    I squeeze the tube from the middle but won’t leave the room until I have”mooshed” it back into shape…I know it sounds weird,it’s a compulsive thing which drives me NUTS!Hahahahaha,
    Thank You Chrysti!

  166. My art goal: finish all the art projects I’ve started! That would include 3 altered books, I don’t know how many quilts that need to be finished and quilted, and too many embroidery projects to mention…..and to host at least 2 beeswaxed ATC swaps (I haven’t done even one this year!!)

  167. art goal – paint more, draw more, photograph more, layer more, design more but mostly PLAY more. mixed media allows me to do all of these things.
    I want to give a huge, gigantic, gargantuan thank you to both of you for your inspiration and your kindness. you both touch many people’s lives. now I’ll go try to figure where I do the paste. I think I kind of alternate depending on how I’m feeling
    Merry Christmas and angels be with you

  168. My art goal is to take more art classes with Suzi Blu and learn how to make Petite Dolls. My stumbling block is my attitude toward my own art work–

  169. One of my art goals is to take a class with Suzi so I would be thrilled to win this! I also want to keep up with my blog and weekly art journal challenges! Thanks Chrysti and Suzi for your inspiration! Have a jolly holly holiday!

  170. I want to make enough work and enough good enough work to enter a local art show.

  171. […] 10-  Click here  to read all about it ! Prize: 1 Les Petit Dolls Membership – an amazing online Suzi Blu […]

  172. I love Suzi Blu!
    My art goal for 2009 is to move out of the art journal format (although I want to keep working in my journal too) and start creating larger art. I also want to move forward with my photography and collage work. I’d love to learn to draw as well!

  173. I am mesmerized by Suzi’s waiflike beauties. I have gotten to the point where all I do is watch others art. I want to create my own. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Buth that is what some people say you create art. My goal besides getting a job, is to learn to draw and do mixed media. Since I am not working, it is very depressing. I need an outlet so I don’t go crazy. I would deeply appreciate receiving a free class since at the moment I cannot afford her. So even If I don’t win, I still appreciate her talent and quirkiness.

  174. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you
    download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine.
    Please let me know where you got your theme. Thank you

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