And the second batch of winners are….

“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.”
 Harvey S. Firestone

{copy & paste is quite possibly the greatest function of a computer!}

Here’s the scoop:Winners need to contact me within the next 5 days by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify them. I’ll need your mailing addies by then or else the beloved prize in question gets shipped off to the runner-up. And, just in case the runner up has a bad case of not-claiming-giftitis, then I will merely redraw a name. Someone, somewhere will want it badly enough -)  If you don’t truly want that day’s prize let me know, or pick someone to pass it on to.

Didn’t Win? Keep trying! Really, there are even more amazing prizes heading your way… and there may even be days where everyone – yes like every single person – who enters who will be a winner. How’s that do for something to look forward to? I thought you’d like it!

Ok, the hard part — and also the kind of fun part — the prize recipients! Doesn’t that sound nicer? We’re all winners, even if the prize eludes us. 

“Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life’s blood. But everyone has something to give.”
 Barbara Bush

Oh! In case you were curious; receipents are not-so-scientifically-selected using one of those handy generator thingies found online. Noone has found a way to bribe me yet. Not saying it can’t be done, but ya know — it’s gotta be a realllllllllllllllllllly good offer. An in with the technology gods would be great… felt foods, art supplies I don’t have… the list goes on…

Even though the drawings on these drawings are closed – I still think they are worth a read – especially the comments. Amazing discussion, laughs & communities have been forming. Join In! It’s a wondrous feeling! Start from Day 0 and work your way up!

Day 6Click Here to read all about it
Prize: Miniature Pewter Wicker Chair Christmas Ornaments
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient 1: Dawn H (Faerie door) – claimed!
Prize Recipient 2: Marie (hates staples)
Prize Recipient 3: Serena Pie – claimed!
Prize Recipient 4: Julia Carter– claimed!
Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Wendy
Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Arlene – claimed!
Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: iHanna
Prize Recipient Back-Up 4: Pattie


Day 7Click Here to read all about it
Prize: Fall 2008 Issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient: Regina -claimed!
Prize Recipient Back-Up: Flory


Day 8Click Here to read all about it
Prize: 1 copy of Poemcrazy by Susan Woolridge
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient: Shannon – claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up: Edie


Day 9Click Here to read all about it
Prize: A Partially Customized Surprise!
Prize Recipient: Alice K.
Prize Recipient Back-Up: Nicole Austin – claimed

And there ya have it… the first round of giftees! Recipients – Don’t forget to contact me  with your mailing address within the next 5 days by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify you! Extra Credit if your email contains lots of OMG’s, squeals of rampant delight especially on the prizes that contained submissions of my own.
Still time to enter Day 0 & Day 10 & Day 11
Even though there’s no giveaway on this post  … I have enjoyed all our ‘talks’ in the comments, it’s actually been my favorite part of all this….  so if ya feel like chatting with me, why not play a lil game with me?
It’s easy – I promise!
Just finish this sentence

Maybe I will…..

Can’t wait to see your responses! Hugs to all!

Chrysti – who needs to get crackin’ on putting today’s giveaway up! – It’s another incredible one. What an amazing, generous community we have – y’all inspire me. Daily.

P.S. I totally forgot when I started this, I am travelling over the holidays … and won’t be able to post daily while there ( hoping to try, but chances are slim) … do you think it’d be best if i put it on hold while gone? Or post as I can while there?  I figured, y’all may be swept away in holiday plans too.







37 Responses

  1. Hey Chrysti, do what works for you….love to see your posts, but totally understand if ya can’t get to it while out of town.

    Maybe I will
    …submitt art for Bernie Berlin’s new book
    …figure out Photoshop elements, finally
    …take up bike riding in the spring
    …get some great snowy photos tomorrow
    …figure out what to get my db and dsil for xmas
    …think up some better things that I maybe will do

  2. Maybe I will win a spot on Spellbinders’ 2009 Creative Team!!

  3. Maybe I will paint on those canvases lined up in my studio. Maybe I will submit to some call for artists. Maybe 2009 will be the year I FINISH The Artist’s Way!

  4. Maybe I will lose that weight this year…

    Hahahah! Who am I kidding? Well, I can always hope!

  5. Maybe I will get to play in some snow this Christmas!
    It’s been36 years!!!!!!

  6. Maybe I will join the circus!

  7. ….and maybe I won’t!!!! ;) hee hee


  8. Maybe I’ll ski this year…so far I’ve only skied once in the six years I’ve lived within spitting distance of “the greatest snow on earth” aka Utah

  9. Maybe I will…..
    figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

  10. Maybe I will…

    ….Complete one large piece every month or so

    …continue to write and submit articles

    ….loose 30 lbs or heck, 5 would be good, too. :)

    ….start cooking dinner more than once a week

    ….start working on some class ideas for a local gig this spring I want to do :)

    Thank you for all your hard work keeping up with these giveaways!!

  11. Maybe I will…
    start a revolution!
    start 100 new projects and actually finish some of them! ;) make art every day
    get published
    follow my dreams
    travel more
    learn to sew
    start an Etsy shop
    play more

  12. …start teaching something artsy crafty, many people say I ought to…

  13. …actually start and KEEP an art journal this year!!

    …go on a mixed media crafting cruise next year!!

  14. Maybe I will..

    .. get all of my Christmas shopping done tomorrow
    .. buy tickets to the Cirque show for my hubbo’s birthday
    .. actually scrap something soon

  15. Maybe I will:

    Actually go to bed at a decent time one of these nights.

    Get my studio organized.

    Make that skirt that I am wearing to a Christmas party Friday night before I’m walking out the door on the way to the party!

    Not procrastinate so much…

    Learn how to make my own blog header.

    Actually, just maybe, catch up on life!

  16. Maybe I will give a visual journal a try after reading today’s post. So what if I can’t draw? I can doodle, collage, print some of my digi art and paste in, right?

  17. …. stop coloring my hair.
    HA! Not a chance.
    Sent you an email with my addy for the day 7 prize.
    Thank you!!!

  18. Maybe I will someday learn to relax. :)

    I think you should post as you can and not sweat it. We’ll still be here.

  19. Maybe I’ll organize and decorated my art room so that it looks like an Art Studio instead of a “mess hall”!

  20. Maybe I will find a kindered spirit of my own someday…

  21. Maybe I will…. become more organized and procrastinate less! Well, one can always hope and dream right? hugs. xoxox

  22. Yipee! I’m a winner! I just emailed you my info. And I hadn’t read the “extra credit” part yet, so all those exclamation points are truly rampant delight! Congratulations to all the other winners!!

    Maybe I will… (hmmm, I’m having a real tough time here…)… Okay, riding the energy of having won something here…

    “Maybe I will” push away all doubt and truly believe, even just for today, that I am a very lucky person, and that all I need or want comes to me easily and effortlessly, in the most harmonious of ways.

  23. Maybe:
    I will sell my stuff sometimes:))
    I will work for a magazine
    I will be a card designer
    I will make happy other people…

    There are sooo many maybe:))

    Greetings from Slovakia

  24. Maybe I will…
    -stop putting myself and my work down
    – start making art for the fun of it and not worry about things having to have a ‘use’
    – not care what friends and family members think about what I’m doing
    -spend more time reading good books

    As for posting…do whatever is best for YOU! We’ll all be grateful for whatever you manage and will still be here in the new year.

  25. Maybe I will….
    not feel guilty for self indulgent pleasures.

  26. Maybe I will actually find some neat places to show my work. Getting around isn’t easy, but my fingers work here online so I’ll just have to find a way here!!! LOL

  27. maybe i will…

    get my crap together in 2009?

    (hey a girl can dream, right?)

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  29. maybe I will…

    find the gifts (I hid earlier this year) in time for Christmas

    get my blasted studio/office cleaned once & for all!!!

    Remember to stop sweating the small stuff

  30. I noticed I was back up one for the little chairs. not sure if you’ve heard from Marie yet but this is my current e-mail if she doesn’t get back to you.
    good luck with your laundry and all the other things on to-do list. my list is still quite scary. oh well, I love Christmas.

  31. …. learn that second language
    …..quit my job and work only for myself
    …..make are everyday
    …..make my corner of the world a better place
    … less self-critical


  32. forgot to say:
    Maybe I will….. sell some art one day.

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