Day 11/29 Days of Giving is…



{Clunk} {Clunk} {Clunk}

{kerplunkety clunk}


clunk clunk


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It is SO not enjoyable when your head hits the keyboard. Stupid sheer exhaustion.


So um, yeah. Let’s just Fast Forward to the giveaway. Before my head starts clunking some more. Shall we?

Since one contributor to my extreme sleepiness is stocking the clearance/going out of business stuff at my soon to be defunct store, I’m just gonna pull prizes from there. Oh! I did fire my webhost since they had my site down for over a week during what should have been the busiest time of year. Giving GoDaddy a try now, and so far so good. Anyway…..

I love me some easy-peasy-thank-heavens-its-a-no-brainer-cause-im-fried stuff.

Low Res Pic, Pro Quality prints. Other Choices for Winner too!

Low Res Pics, Sets are all Pro Quality

The winners (I’ll draw 3 – yes 3! names)… errrrr… prize recipients will get their choice of  4 8×10 or 5×7 Vintage or Pop prints in stock from my store… Those are just 2 of the choices — there’s a ton of other sets at my store to choose from too. Whee!

And yeah, I’m busted. I’m sick of the room they take up on my shelves here – and moving ’em on out. Pricing at cost, and giving away some too — what fun!

All ya gotta do is….

  • Answer this: “When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done” and/or Tell me some of the stupid/silly things you have done in delirium. I swear I never once walked outside ready to walk the dog naked. Nope, not me.
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better!
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8 & Day 9 & Day 10
  • Check out the first batch of winners!

The exhausted, Chrysti

90 Responses

  1. when i am do delirious i have to drink coffee…lots and lots of coffee. and if this doesn’t work i will splash cold water on my face. but when i am delirious i seem to get so silly and can’t get anything done anyway. i will laugh and laugh–at anything.

    hope you get some REST.

  2. When I’m exhausted I give up & drink something warm & go to sleep. It’s hopeless to try to accomplish anything. My current resolution is to get more sleep so I won’t get to that point! Go get a good night’s sleep, Chrysti :)

  3. Your posts are so funny!

    I drink coffee, have sugar and blast the music loud of Lorelei isn’t napping or it’s not super late at night.

    When I’m tired I’m soooo freaking goofy and laugh at everything. It’s ridiculous really!

    LOL! Cute prints!


  4. One word does it for me: STARBUCKS

  5. When I have to get something done and I am exhausted, I drink lots of Dr. Pepper and turn on some 50’s or 60’s music to get me going.

    Stupid thing I have done when tired:
    Once I was so tired when I got to work that I tried to put a dollar in the time clock instead of the Coke machine!

  6. If I’m that exhausted, I usually just go to bed. But if I have to do something, I would walk around a bit and then wash my face. If it’s cold outside (like it is now), I’d go outside.

  7. let me see – what am I doing right now – I AM exhausted. I’m coming to visit very inspirational kind artists on the web :) even if just for a couple of minutes.
    Hmm – I also talk to myself – LOTS – try to make it really positive talk – kind of like a mantra.

  8. Huge quantities of diet coke sometimes does the trick. Music works, ( peppy of course). If I’m out and about I get a diet coke, and a hotdog at the quik trip, I tell myself it’s a blast of protein……as well as caffine.

    Once I got up in the middle of the night to take my new puppy out on her leash, I put her leash on stumbled across the room and started to open the door, looked back and there was the leash on the floor, no dog attached. She was in a perfect “sit” across the room, waiting. I was wearing clothes.

    let’s see…..I had been on a trip and used a rental car for a week, with automatic transmission. I had a vw bug, and truck both standard transmission, came home, the next morning, I was running late for church, put the key in the ignition, and dead battery, bummer, got in the truck, same thing…. how can this be, July and two dead batteries….I was forgetting to put the clutch in…..duh…….

    those are the ones I’m willing to tell about.

  9. Wow girlie! You just don’t stop…do you? It exhausts me to just think about all you do. When I have to stay up – and the toothpicks I’ve stuck in my eyes (haha) have finally broken (do NOT try this in your exhausted state!), I turn on music. Loud-get-in-a-groove music. That I know the words to. And I stretch for a few. It seems to be energizing. If you can manage a 30 min nap, that’s supposed to help – but don’t sleep for more than 30 min or you’re toast. I can never get up after 30 so that doesn’t work for me.

    You can also try taking a quick jaunt outside (the frigid air) or eating (and smelling) citrus fruit. That’s assuming you aren’t too tired to chew and swallow.

    I feel for you – but at the same time, I admire you beyond words!!

    Hugs (and some NoDoz??),

  10. Curl up with a dog and sleep. Anything else is just too dangerous for me!

  11. i drink coffee and snack on candy and chocolate !!

  12. When I am totally exhausted and have to get something finished I put on some really funky music with a fast beat and crank it up really loud. I then switch into my “overdrive” mode, can’t explain that one, but I can always “turn it on” when I need to. Probably left over from my retail days. Unfortunately, when I stop I am literally down for the count.

    Blast from the past: When I was in college in the 70’s I stayed awake for 48 hours so I could get football tickets. After I got the tickets I went to class and took notes for an hour, went back to the dorms and slept for 12 hours, then got up and tried to read my notes. I had about 20 pages of gibberish. I couldn’t make any sense out of them and I even had lines that ran off the page. The funny thing about it was that I really thought I was writing stuff down that make sense!!

  13. …MADE sense!!

    See, I must be tired.

  14. “When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done?”: A cool shower and lots of Diet Mt. Dew…but I sure hate pushing myself that far since it brings on panic attacks for me. But every once it a while you gotta do what ya gotta do, huh?

    “Tell me some of the stupid/silly things you have done in delirium?” I have done the cereal in the fridge/milk in the cabinet thing more than once (I hate wasting milk!)…but the worst was when I complained of a horrible gripping headache for over 30 minutes to my husband and daughter when we were moving into our home we bought 2 years ago. I finally stopped to take some tylenol and realized I had my sunglasses on my head…THAT was what was causing my headache. They still laugh at me about that one. Duh! lol

    Peace & Love,

  15. caffeine and nicotine. i know, i know; gross. but really those are my only vices! a girl’s gotta have something!

  16. Ah Yes!, I believe that I too have bounced my noggin against my keyboard on many an occasion ( I ‘m not to certain if “occasion” is the correct word ?!). Fortunately, I am alone at the time, and I have found that a rousing chorus of any tune that comes to my befuddled brain often snaps me upright enough to pry my face from F8,t,ty,uit,m,;g’ho0typjnho=]9/i… . When i am that far over the edge coffee is a fairly ineffective for me unless it is a doppio espresso<—-ZING!, and, as for ” Delirium- Stupidimus -maximus”… Writing, or typing things that end with aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , tho harmless have proved a tad bit embarrassing …. The poster above my keyboard is the classic of Mary Englebreit’s , ” SNAP OUT OF IT !! ” . SOMETIMES IT IS BEST TO, just go to bed… Good Luck!, and don’t push yourself to hard, We all need to understand that we can only do so much and focus on what is really important, family, friends, and those who rely on us being happy and healthy.

  17. I walk around the block fast and then turn on some music loud that can inspire me…moving the blood around helps me!

  18. I’m a quilter. Once when I was in a soul-sucking patch of tiredness like that, I did a whole bunch of quilting without the presser foot on my sewing maching in the down position. Suffice it to say……later on I did exactly that amount of stitch-picking-out. What a mess that was!

  19. Chrysti,
    I too have tried all of the above sugestions in the comments but only a nap does the trick, hope you can take one too. We love ya so get some rest.

  20. Sleep is the best thing because even though you think you don’t have time for it, everything you have to do ends up taking more time when you’re tired and you actually will get more accomplished after you’ve had a rest.

    Dumb thing I’ve done when tired? Put the ice cream box into the cupboard and then ended up having to clean a giant MESS the next day when I discovered it…thusly NOT saving myself any time!!

  21. I have to admit, I don’t perk up. I just put one foot in front of the other.


    Renee Khan

  22. Sadly, or wisely, as I age I realize at some point nothing but some sleep will do. But I can totally lose track of time & my energy level when I’m really engaged in getting something done. I guess that’s why the only thing left for me is to just sleep.
    Dumb things I’ve done. All I can think of is leaving brushes in water (a no-no) or not washing at all (bigger no-no). According to my hubby, I say silly things that he repeats to me, but I have no recollection of.

  23. I’m so in love with those vintage prints. I’ve been trying to find something to put in my kitchen, and I think those would be perfect!! :)

    I always have to have coffee in the morning, and usually a Mountain Dew during the day. I’ve never done energy drinks, I’m afraid I would never sleep :D

  24. I try to remember to eat something when I am exhausted, because it seems like the things that make me exhausted also interrupt mealtimes. Extra coffee helps too.

    I am a slow waker- I really have a hard time waking up in the morning, I also usually turn the tv on while I am bustling around the house in the morning. On really hard mornings, I have found the tv remote in my school bookbag when I got to class. I also found it in the lettuce crisper in the fridge once.

  25. I either have some chocolate or a mug of caffeinated tea.

  26. “When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done?” Coffee in an IV would be nice :>) But add a hit of instant espresso to my coffee and call a friend that is funny.

    I’m really a person that likes the thought of sleep, once I’m there I’m loving it. So I was coming back from a flight from Hawaii and I was talking to my MIL just talking away and boom I passed out and slept for 10 hours….unheard of from me :>)

  27. Coffee and chocolate does it for me. I have headed for work in my bedroom shoes.

  28. When I am exhausted beyond belief and have to get something done, I just keep working through it until the project is completed. But mostly, I don’t allow myself to become too exhausted when I’m creating as I find I keep making mistake after mistake and that only causes me frustration. When that happens, I set up all my items to get a fresh start first thing the next morning. I have a better perspective that way too.


    Hey, come on over to The Great Christmas Giveaway, you can get there from my blogspot, or you can get there at this addy: . I have lots of items I’m “gifting” away for Christmas, please stop by and join in.

  29. When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done” Drink 3 cups of coffee fast or a couple of RED Bull! But I do prefer sleep, one of my favorite past times. (Notice the word “past”, it doesn’t happen much these days)

  30. I down an energy drink (red bull), turn up my favorite music, and get to work (and then think of sleep as my little reward)

  31. Just when I feel like I’m about to fall over, I sit down, and try to relax ( for about minutes to rejuvinate myself!
    Ok that’s a lie…. i sit down long enough to go over the to do list for the 16th time, while drinking either a vanilla capacinno or a Mt Dew….
    When the Dew is gone, the IPod gets clipped on (you can ignore the hubby and all the little children screaming…”MOM!”…this way) turn up the volume and then get back to work!

  32. By the time I get to the point where something MUST be done, then it’s usually the 11th hour and I always get it done at the last minute. So I guess I am pumped up by my own adrenaline, trying to slow time with my mind powers. If I’m just totally exhausted, I go to sleep. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to absolutely get something done that couldn’t wait until early the next morning.

  33. When exhausted they only thing I can do is sleep!! Anything else is dangerous. I get real grumpy when I am tired and hubby will say…”Ok! Time to rest!” LOL
    Dumb things done…well I have started the truck and sat there thinking I was going down the driveway. Then it hits me…put the truck in gear missy!! Luckily I was in my own driveway. I have even changed lanes not knowing it…now that is totally dangerous!!

  34. I gotta say, a good strong cup of tea and a pep talk from a friend. Never fails to get me motivated. When I’m really feeling sorry for myself, I think to back after my car accident many years ago and couldn’t do anything and was in excruciating pain, that always motivates me to be thankful I have a healthy body now and am capable of getting things done. hugs. xoxox

  35. When i need to perk up? Well i have a frappachino( i think that is how you spell it!) that helps alot. also egular coka cola….claudia

  36. I either take a warm shower or drink an 8oz can of grape soda and that works every time! And I am notorious for leaving the house with my shirts inside out! LOL Talk about dressin in the dark. Michele

  37. When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done” – I grab a hot cup of coffee – sit there and enjoy it – maybe even snuggle my kid for a while – my favorite pick-me-up! – then pull up my boot straps and get to work – focusing on the end result. Deadlines, backlogs, projects, housework, hosting festivities – doesn’t matter what it is, the end result is what matters, and if I focus on that, I shall succeed.

  38. I work third shift as a medical lab tech and work 7/12 hour shifts, so I have to find ways to stay awake to do my job well even when there wasn’t enough time to sleep during the day or I just couldn’t sleep well(which happens when I first go back to work). Also, for years when I first became a lab tech, we had to take call, so I would have to work all day and then perhaps all night and then most likely, the next day, as well. So how do I stay awake—like someone said just keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep moving, drink a lot of Diet Mountain Dew, keep temperatures cool, and listen to music. Driving is harder when this tired cause you aren’t moving around and riding in a car makes me sleepy anyway. If the tiredness is really bad while driving, I open windows, turn the radio up LOUD, and if really desperate hit myself on the leg over and over.

    Goofy stuff I’ve done? Well, not as much as you would think. I’m not one that requires a lot of sleep. I’ve worn my scrubs inside out. Almost went to work with 2 different(but similar) shoes on.

  39. I either just do it, or I just sleep until I am rested enough:)

  40. When I was a kid I used to sleepwalk. One night I had a dream that I had left my glasses next door at a girlffiend’s house. I got out of bed, went out the front door in my nighty and bare feet, and proceeded to the neighbour’s house (where the parents were have a party). I walked in and headed straight upstairs to my friend’s bedroom. I could hear the visitors talking among themselves. One was a nurse and said that she thought I was sleepwalking. When I got upstairs and went for the spot where I thought the glasses were, I then realized that it was all a dream. I turned around and went downstairs to find all the adults crowded around. I then realized that I had no key to get back into my home. So the friend’s mother accompanied me back home and we knocked on my parent’s bedroom. It took a few knocks. When my mother aaked who it was, my friend’s mother tried to explain what had happened. My mother met us at the door and greeted me with “I’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow”. That was the last time my sleepwalking took me outside of the house.

  41. I know my limits. If I am exhausted beyond comprehension, anything I try to accomplish will not turn out the way it should. So I’ll make some herbal tea and put my feet up for a while or I take a power nap – 20-30 minutes, tops.

    Sometimes, I’ll call it a day and make plans to get done what needs to get done the next morning – mornings I am always at my best.

  42. I drink lots of coffee. :) It may not be an original suggestion or comment, but it is what I do. LOL!

  43. Hi! It’s coffee for sure that gets me going again!
    I live in Miami and good “hit” of Cuban espresso with sugar!
    One thing I have done when I was totally exhausted was instead of putting my art I was working on in the cabinet…
    I put it in the fridge!
    I love these prints…I’m a cat lover and would >>>>>>>
    for one of those prints with the cats or cat on it!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. coffee,delicious coffee….nodded off at my desk while blogging

  45. Live Wire Mountain Dew! If that doesn’t work, I’ve been known to say forget it, and go to sleep. But of course I can’t sleep, because I’ve just drank Live Wire Mountain Dew, so I may as well get up and finish what I was doing!

  46. If hitting the wall, must rest.
    Arguing with biology is fruitless, my body just shuts down, whatever I do anyway.

    If its not that kind of exhaustion, then I like to drive to a quite place like the beach and just sit awhile by myself and get refreshed with some quality quiet time:)

  47. I try to squeeze in a 15 minute nap. Otherwise, I wash my face & drink some green tea.

  48. One word – Chocolate!


  49. One word – Chocolate!


  50. Sadly, caffeine works best to perk me up. I have written an entire IM conversation with one of my hands on the wrong set of “home row” keys until my friend called me to figure out what the hell I thought I was typing.

  51. When I am exhausted beyond comprehension I usually decide that my kids need to get in on some of that action! I’m not the only one in this house that can use a vacuum or pick up the dirty laundry on the floor, ya know.

    Or, if I’m home alone, I put on some really good rockin’ music really loud! That usually gets me going pretty good and I can dance around and sing while I’m doing what I have to do.

  52. If I can, I take a nap.
    If I can’t take a nap, I promise myself I will soon (even if I know it’s a lie, sometimes it helps).

    If I can’t even convince myself a nap is in my future, I tell myself I’ll only do what’s absolutely necessary to be done at that moment. Sometimes I get a second wind once I get started. Other times, I don’t, but I’ve already given myself permission to quit when I’ve gotten the most pressing stuff out of the way.

    Aaand… I’m too tired right now to think of things I’ve done when I’ve been deliriously tired. I know. I’m no fun.

    Going to bed now. :)

  53. As my darling mother would have said,

    “Rejoice…and stagger on!”

  54. If I’m that exhausted I usually end up collapsing in bed for a bit, no matter my plateful that day. Otherwise it’s a shower and Starbucks for me with a side of music cause silence is a lullaby.

  55. If I’m at work and coffee isn’t doing the trick – i’ll do something really bad…i’ll take an over the counter diet pill. That will perk me up….and then I CAN’T sleep….but I only do that if I’m at work and it is going past 15 hrs and I MUST keep alert…..
    connie williams

  56. there have been times when I have had the need to stay up for about 24 hours- that is my limit. Awake any longer and I begin to speak gibberish and walk in circles.

  57. I’m a SAHM so I’m lucky in the sense that I can make myself a littler spritzer … a little white wine and some 7 up/sprite ………put on some boggie and dance …..this puts back a little fizz in me !!!! then I just go with the flow.
    joan in italy.

    or a good ol cuppa English tea

  58. being a SAHM I’m lucky in the sense that I can make myself a little spitzer… a little white wine and some 7 up/ sprite then put on some 40’s /50s music start dancing boogie or swing and this puts back a little bit of fizz into me……..then I just go with the flow.

    other times a nice cuppa char ( cup of english tea)

    joan in italy

  59. exhausted, things must get done, just do them, dont think, become a robot (this does not apply to reading eating art petting dogs).

  60. When I get really pooped I grab a red bull. If it’s not late enough that I think I’ll disturb my neighbors, I put on loud LOUD music to cheer me up.

  61. Hope you have better luck with GoDaddy. Coffee is my upper of choice. I just brew a strong pot of espresso and drink up. Another thing that works is to put on some good music with hard driving beats and do a little dancin’. Gets the blood flowing and gives you a quick little boost.

  62. For some bizarre and unknown physiological reason, when I am totally exhausted but must perform (recent example of flight from west coast to east coast taking 21 hours), I kick into an altered state and I am hyper-alert, could go for hours. Lucky, I know.

  63. Haha… I’ll answer all 3…

    My first art… would be in the Sand Caves of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. I was 12 or 13, we were on a family vacation. After hours of “a before breakfast hike” with my parents. We arrived at this fabulous cave. The sand was soft like flour or powdered sugar. I remember laying down and making sand angels ( like snow angels.. anyone from the snowy north will understand). Then taking a stick and drawing designs around my angel. Found rocks and piled them up to make a halo. And as we were getting ready to leave.. my dad saying “Hey, you need to sign your work.

    Success to me is like the question of “What’s normal”. Its all relative. Personally its that I get up every morning and get to do what I love to do… create.

    Sweet or salty… well that would be none other than both.. Whats a day without a chocolate covered pretzel. It takes care of 2 daily food groups ( and yes in my world chocolate is a food group of its own) and a essential mineral.

  64. Seems I’m in that state quite often and if I lie down to nap my mind is on my obligations, so no rest for the weary. Caffeine is still legal so I abuse it for the chemical assistance it offers. Those 5-Hr energy booster “sips” WORK, so I highly recommend them. They do what they promise and there’s no “crash” when they wear off. I also nibble on something that will provide real energy, i.e. peanut butter on apple slices. If I need distraction for a few minutes, I’ll watch tv, play with my cats, pick up an art magazine, or get on the internet and browse artsy stuff.

  65. I drink a huge glass of energizing green smoothie and make myself move. It works. :-)

  66. when totally exhausted but must keep pushing I drink some coffee and sing and dance around – I think the mix of caffeine and jumping around get my blood flowing and adrenaline moving even if just for a short time.
    I’ve done LOTS of stupid things in delirium, I’m so tired from work sometimes that I miss my driveway! And I’ve left my carkeys in the door overnight! as well as put them in the fridge??? and I’ve left groceries in the car overnight…all this within the last month!

  67. When somethings just gotta get done I grab a cold dr. pepper, do a couple of stretches and take a pill used to keep narcoleptic patients awake. (side note… I have a prescription for the meds… it’s the only way to live a productive life when you have MS) :)

    The strange things I do when overworked usually include trying to put my dirty clothes in the fridge…

  68. Last night when I was tired and trying to do too much… well, really ANY multi-tasking, I put the cats wet cat food in the microwave…(he likes the chill taken off with just a few seconds)… well I turned it on and walked away to continue fixing dinner. Pee-YUOOOooo! Have you ever smelled really HOT cat food?

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  70. I will take a short nap and it seems to get me going again… about 10 every night I get a second wind… it is terrible since I have to work early….

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  72. I go outside for fresh air(even if it is the middle of the night)

    coffee if it is before 8pm…I used to go for a very Fast car ride with very loud and fast music. but not these days.

    did I hear you correctly…you are going to close “The Altered Abbey”??….I hope not

    Thanks a million for my wish of white beeswax…it arrived today :)

  73. I have a nice cup of tea and snuggle up by the fire :)
    But if I have to get something done I usually take the dog out for a walk, especially if it’s cold, which usually perks me up enough to finish anything urgent so then I can have a sleep!

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  75. Funny you should ask, because, being recently “baked” I have pregnancy brain and I am not sleeping at night so you can guess how well those go together. Anyways, I brought home groceries the other day and tried to put my daughter’s pull ups in the freezer. It has gotten so bad that today I overhear my daughter, Jaya, tell her friend “my mom always mixes up her words.” I am only 8 weeks and it will only get worse from here. :)

  76. I dance. Seriously. I turn up the music loud and sing and dance around until I get my blood pumping again and then I always find my second wind… careful, though, once you get that rush, it’s hard to wind down again for awhile.

    Probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done when I was tired beyond thinking was emailing a (now ex-)boyfriend that I was angry with. Uh oh! Not so good for a relationship ={

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  78. a 15 minute power nap.
    Wash my face and brush my teeth (Always seems to perk me up!)
    Put on any good, singing-out-loud-but-praying-not-a-soul-on-Earth-will-ever-hear-you-singing cd.


  79. “When you’re exhausted beyond comprehension, how do you perk up when things MUST get done”

    I just remember how hard things were for my mother her whole life and how blessed I have been and it makes it much easier to make myself get up and go.

    “Tell me some of the stupid/silly things you have done in delirium”

    My friend and I have “run away” to her parent’s cabin in the mountains just to have space alone to do art.

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  81. When things must get done….espresso!! If it’s evening, a glass of wine & a walk around the block usually gets my brain chugging, which keeps me up…at least until I can get more coffee
    While sleep deprived, I have been known to get into the shower in my socks & put the milk in the cupboard (found it hours later- ewww).
    Many years ago I accidentally turned on self-cleaning oven while baking at a friends house. Don’t recommend this; ended up with lots of smoke & firemen (I didn’t know the house had an alarm connected to the firestation!)

  82. To perk up: wait until the last minute and then the adrenaline kicks in and I zoom around like a house on fire getting it all done!

  83. To perk myself up when there is NO chance of a nap…I drink a glass of COLD water, do some major stretching exercises, pinch my cheeks (on my face….!!!) and just pretend that I’m not tired at all! Usually works, if i don’t fall asleep while standing.

  84. I usually exercise, do a little fun creative project, or go to the coffee shop for a pick me up- one of the three will do it!
    Have a great day!

  85. I drink caffeine or eat sweets!
    Thanks for another great give away!

  86. When I’m exhausted, I give up and got to bed. Then the next day, I’m ready to start over. Not exciting , and it only took me about 40 years to figure it out, but it works.

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  89. Toilet Paper under – if only to save those tangled heaps on the floor that the cats generate when the paper is loaded topways. Then again, it is a shame to spoil their fun – they have such a great time with it.

    There are so many things that I want to learn that it is hard to pick one – but Paper Marbling has been near the top of my list for several years. I’d like to make this the year in which I actually have a go.

    (BTW – am having a Pay It Forward giveaway on my blog, and another giveaway coming up Jan 19th)

  90. Whoops – my browser threw a wobbly, sorry – I’ll go post the comment in the right place!

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