Day 12/29 Days of Giving is…

I can’t wait for you to see today’s giveaway!…

 … not one, but 2 BIG prizes .. you’ll love them

 first I wanted to address something though…

.. bear with me for a moment please?

"Collecting My Thoughts" Journal Page by Pam Carriker

"Collecting My Thoughts" Journal Page by Pam Carriker

i’ve been asked recently, why I feature other artists here…

… asked, don’t I mind that money I could potentially have

is landing potentially in someone else’s pockets….

Ummmm. Nope. Not one little bit.

… firstly, giving isn’t about what you receive in return

naturally, i’m thrilled with whatever the universe sends my way …

… however my humanity often comes before my business sense

that doesn’t mean I’m a poor business woman …

…. it simply renders me a moral one, or more accurately

one who is able to lay my head down, feeling good about the choices I make …

The thing is this: In part, I chose teaching, writing, painting, photography etc. — this spectrum of creative goodness as my career path –because of the community we have formed. It tickles me every friggin’ time I see how intertwined we are. I revel in that delight. It’s actually pretty darn EXCITING to watch others succeed as well. It fuels me, I draw inspiration from it.. it’s my escape. Besides, nothing pure, or satisfactory was ever gained by greed.

“The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.”
— Jane Addams 

"One Wing" by Pam Carriker

"One Wing" by Pam Carriker

I believe the more we hold one another up, the bigger our communities grow – the more successful each of us become. Success — is measured independently. It’s not a universal thing.  For some it’s a steady career, others it’s being published, for someone else it’s a gallery show, and for someone else it’s merely finishing a page in a journal. Success. It’s as unique as we are. It can be had by all of us. Especially, when we nurture one another.  Creativity is far too powerful, too far reaching to be held closely & guarded. It’s a treasure and a gift … one that unites us. One, we all share.

ZNEis a community that is dear to me. It was a place I had found online — that i fit in. Before Mixed Media became mainstream — that was difficult to do. ZNE celebrates all things creative which is a natural compliment to who I am. Through ZNE I have met some of the most gifted artists, the kindest souls, and friends I will treasure always… and friends I am just beginning to know even better.

“In our hectic, fast-paced, consumer-driven society, it’s common to feel overwhelmed, isolated and alone. Many are re-discovering the healing and empowering role that community can bring to our lives. The sense of belonging we feel when we make the time to take an active role in our communities can give us a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.”
— Robert Alan 

"The Promise of Love" by Pam Carriker

"The Promise of Love" by Pam Carriker

Pam Carriker is one of those women I have been blessed to meet through ZNE, and just beginning to know as a person, not just an artist. I have watched her grow, develop her style, become published, and follow her dreams. I’m watching her succeed and my heart just leaps for her! I was fortunate enough to win 2 of her prints through a blog giveaway of her own – and I was actually impressed at the quality of them. Yes, Me! I’m not typically a fan of prints, having been burned one too many times on poor quality ones people print themselves from substandard printers. If I pay for a print, I want it to last. I want it to look good. I want to be proud to display it!  I was beyond thrilled with Pam’s! So I Invited her to take part in the 29 Days of Giving. ( which as a sneak peek, will become a weekly thing here… )

"Grow" by Pam Carriker

"Grow" by Pam Carriker

Grab an indulgent beverage of your choice, pull up a seat and take a few moments to get to know Pam, right along with me! We’ll reveal the amazing prizes she donated soon, don’t worry! Patience! Good things come to those who wait…

(as always, I’m asking the questions, Pam’s words are the responses.. duh.)

One of the things I am so drawn to in your work, is the authenticity – all of your pieces have this vision into a soul. It’s evident they come from that magical place within you. What drives you to create? Have you always been creative, or is this something you have pursued only in recent years? Tell us a bit about it!
I have always had the need to create.  My first ‘artistic’ memory is of drawing purple polka dots on the newly painted lavender walls of my bedroom as a child.  My mom was Not happy about that one!  I took every art class offered all during school and afterwards expressed my creative nature through various arts and crafts venues, such as Tole Painting, Stamping, and Scrapbooking.  When I ‘found’ mixed media art about 2 years ago, I was making paper bag albums and selling them on ebay, hence the name, The Bag Lady.  While on ebay I noticed the same three little letters by work that I found amazing, ZNE, and so one day I asked someone what they stood for.  I wish I knew who that was, I would so love to thank them!  It lead me to the most inspiring place, and I have finally found art form that allows me to draw from the 20+ years of previous experience, combining many techniques into one piece of art.

As to what drives me to create, that I do not know.  I only know that I need to.  These past couple of years I have found such release in creating.  I feel as if I am pouring my heart into my work, drawing from the ever changing emotions of being a woman, a wife, and most importantly a mom.

Do you have a favorite piece you have created? If so, why?

I know this probably sounds silly, but each new piece is my favorite, until I create the next one.  I think it is because I feel like I am on a journey and each piece takes me one more step down the path to discovering my true self.

 In addition to your beautiful Mixed Media Paintings, I know you are also an avid Art Journaler. What advice can you give to those who see a blank page in their books and just get stumped?
Keep your journal out when you are creating art.  You can add leftover paint right to your journal, getting rid of that scary blank page right off the bat.  If you use colors and images that you are drawn to, you will create journal pages that speak about you.  I am very excited that my first journals are going to be part of Somerset’s Art Journals, due out January ’09 , so you can check that out for more tips from several different artists:-)

 Who influences you, both as a business woman and your art?
Wow, this would be quite a list.  I think that those who are ahead of me on this journey inspire me to set goals and take that first step towards seeing them realized.  I like to think of all of us on this artistic journey have one hand reaching out in front and one reaching behind helping the next person with what we have learned.   My husband is another huge influence every time I think how could I possibly do that, he just looks at me and says, ‘Why not?’.

So many of my readers want to be published but stop themselves from submitting to publications. You have gone through this process yourself, can you offer them any tips to overcome their fears? (proof is in the pudding folks, see Pam’s great article in my favorite magazine: Cloth, Paper, Scissors  July/Aug 2008 issue here)
They can’t say ‘yes’ if you don’t give them a chance.  Seriously.  It is scary, and even more scary the first time they say ‘yes, we would like you to write this article’, but the rewards are so worth it!  Last year I set a goal for myself to get something published, what happened was so much more than I could have hoped for and has lead me to make new goals for 2009.  I am a firm believer in writing down your goals and keeping track of your achievements.  It makes them real.  It makes you accountable.  Check out the Art Calls for your favorite magazines and start there.  Don’t be discouraged if they don’t use something, keep trying.  If this is something you really want to do then don’t let fear keep you from it.

What’s one artistic skill you’d like to cultivate in the coming year?
I have been concentrating on sketching in my journal.  I love collage, but want to develop my drawing skills further. 

You’re stranded on that proverbial island…. and can only take 5 artsy supplies with you. What are they?
My journal, charcoal, water soluble graphite pencil, aqua brush, and Caran d’ Ache water soluble crayons.  With these I could be happy for quite some time!

Do you have a creative routine/process? Things you do habitually before you sit down to create? Or do you just dive right in?
Well, I’m a busy mom, so studio time is squeezed between everything else.  I am always working on things in stages.  Put a coat of gesso on, go do the laundry, add a layer of paint, run the vacuum, you get the picture.  My creative process is more like multi-tasking!

As a devout fan of the random question, I have to ask: salty or sweet?
Now that is the hardest question yet!  I have to say I lean towards sweet, but OMGosh I just made the most fabulous candied pecans today, that are both salty and sweet and they are heaven!

It’s tradition here that our guest asks my readers a question to be eligible for the prizes.. what would you like to know from the crowd I have here?

Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?  This way we get to see who are the graffiti artists out there-lol! 

 Speaking of prizes – I think we have kept them in suspense long enough! Tell the readers a little bit about the amazing donations you are giving to the lucky recipients today!
(For Recipient 1:)  I would love to share two prints, your choice, of my mixed media portraits.  These are 5×7 prints that I had professionally done, and would be perfect matted and framed to an 8 x 10 size.

(For Recipient 2:) A free registration to my Visual Journalism 101 workshop.If the recipient has already signed up for the workshop I will issue a full refund of their workshop fee should they win! It is a 5 week course, that will help you get started keeping a journal or give you a jump start if you have tried but not kept up with it. More info below: 

Visual Journalism 101 Workshop taught by Pam Carriker

Visual Journalism 101 Workshop taught by Pam Carriker

This will be an 5 week expedition into the world of visual journalling.. If you have ever wanted to start keeping an art journal, or started one, only to have it fall by the wayside, then this is the class for you! The class will cover journal techniques, putting together a journalling kit, completing at least 7 journal pages, and answer some road block questions like, ‘How do I get over the fear of the Blank Page?’, ‘How can I possibly fit another artistic pursuit into my schedule?’, and ‘Where do I start?’

TOLD you this was another generous and amazing gift! Seriously – one winner receives two – count em’ – two prints of THEIR choosing, and another a registration to Pam’s wonderful class. Um Hello, Can I enter my OWN giveaway? Please? 

 I know you’re anxious to enter; just do the following: 

  • Answer Pam’s question: “Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?” and/or tell me what success means to you – if you totally hate those, then go for this one: Salty or Sweet.
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better!
  •  Enter Day 0 Day 10 & Day 11
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Check out the newly posted – second batch of winners! Is it you?
  • Vist Pam Online: Her BlogHer Workshop, Her Etsy Store

I can’t wait to meet Pam in person at the ConvenZioNE next year ( I’ll be teaching!), and she’s doing a make & take I believe!

Warmly, Chrysti

136 Responses

  1. I’m going to answer all 3 questions.

    If you include writing as an art form, which I do, I guess the most unusual place I’ve ever created is in the sky! I have had some great inspirations hit while traveling on the other side of the clouds. It’s so beautiful up there!

    For me, success is feeling satisfied with what I am doing. If I’m doing something that makes me feel happy, and I feel I’ve done a good job (even if no one else thinks so), then I am successful. I have to confess though, that it’s awfully nice to have that reaffirmed by others!

    I like salty and sweet…better yet, spicy and sweet!

    Love these posts…it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. The most unusual place I have created something would be Italy. I don’t think it is all that unusual, but that’s all I could think of.

    To me, success means creating something that I am happy with.

    Sweet, definitely.

  3. The most unusual place I have created art is at the Japanese Garden by my Home. I took my supplies with me one day and sat by the lake and just painted. It was kind of weird cause people kept looking at me. I really didnt think what I was doing was that unusual ,but I think they did. Success is being happy with what you are doing no matter what it is. …sweet
    Brenda Moss

  4. My success will be when I am living my true essence. I have been given the name Joy, and I feel that spirt in me. My art is a way to give joy to the world…however small or large that will be. I will always give through my art,always!

  5. Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?”
    i think one of the most unusual places i have created art is in SFMOMA. i know it’s an art museum, but most of the time when you go to museum you are there to view and experience art and you arent the one who creates art. right now there is an exhibit of 1000 journals. there are about 6 journals from the project that you can view and add your own art & writing in them! so i ended up making several pages. it is interesting making art with limitations – i had to stand up to make art, i had limited supplies and no gluestick but it was so fun.

    success to me means that someone else enjoys my art.success also means that i am having fun making art.

  6. Really loved this advice and plan to start doing so: Keep your journal out when you are creating art. You can add leftover paint right to your journal, getting rid of that scary blank page right off the bat.

    Most interesting place I’ve created art: On our camping trips, I’ve done landscapes in colored pencil. This is the only time I do landscapes and in the studio I’m using oils or acrylics, so my camping art is very unusual for me.

    Success for me is being happy with your life, whatever that entails for the individual.

    I <3 sweet

    Thanks bunches for having such a fun blog, Chrysty…I’ve never commented or shared so much of myself on one blog before.

  7. Lovely giveaway! I really enjoyed the interview as I subscribe to Pam’s blog and enjoy her work. Lets see….the most unusual place I have created art was also the moment I experienced a huge realization! This past summer I took my box of paints, brushes, art journal and scraps of paper on a camping trip with my folks and my children. Late night when everyone was asleep or out at the bonfire parties and I had to stay in the cabin ( to keep my sleeping kiddies company) I would set myself up on some TV tables and get my travel dvd player playing some cool movies for me to listen to while I painted and drew to my hearts content….completely and utterly in total BLISS! It was then I realized that I CAN create anywhere, no excuses, no need for a tricked out studio, just me and my supplies and I could make art anywhere! It was so liberating and almost like a rebirth in my whole confidence and process.

  8. success is believing that you are leaving the world a more beautiful, positive place by adding beauty, kindness and compassion somewhere, somehow, every day.


  9. I feel successful when I let myself go and create a piece that speaks back to me. My favorite piece was a clock that I turned into a shadowbox. I named it Captured Time. It featured a porcelain doll, a portion of an old worn quilt, a key, and a metal baby doll carriage.

    Pam does such wonderful work. She’s a delight! I thoroughly enjoy visiting her blog as well as yours. – Teresa

  10. One of the most unusual places I have created art is in ER waiting for the hubster’s lab work and EKG results to come back. In case this doesn’t quality as geographical, I have also created art at the top of Castle Rock.

    Salty or sweet – no, salty AND sweet.

  11. Well, it’s not that unusual, but it was on a rock in a ghost town (when I was in highschool). I painted a picture of an old outhouse! And, success is anything that feels rewarding, doesn’t harm anyone, connects you to another, allows you to grow, and gives you a way to contribute back — HMMM….sounds a bit like you, I’d say!

    Thanks for all of these interviews, the beautiful art featured, and your thoughts. You really do rock!

  12. The most unusual place I have created art is on the teensy balcony of a lawyer’s office in a busy little market town in northern Greece! It was a frigid February afternoon, officially 14 degrees F, but on this south-facing balcony I was actually warm. I was waiting for my husband to finish his business with the attorney, so I sat on the balcony overlooking the main square, with my tiny moleskine journal and only a couple of pens, and I drew. I drew the buildings on the end of the square. I drew the trees and benches in the square… Watching the little children playing as they walked home from school with their grandparents, and the teenagers meeting one another in their favorite watering holes, and the men at work on the utility upgrades, and all the rest of the vital life of the square was so very inspiring!

  13. I’ve “done” art in odd places before. I love going to the zoo and create, I love taking sketchbooks out hiking…

    I’d have to say the most unusual place I’ve drawn art “onto” was our kitchen table growing up. I thankfully come from very artistic parents. My mother is an amazing artist and photographer, though she’d disagree. She dabbled in music, teaching herself to play the mandolin. She was always doing crafty things with the five of us growing up. Our house was the fun place to be for all the neighborhood kids. My dad did amazing wood carvings, slate paintings, and played the guitar. It was such an amazing and nurturing environment to grow up in.

    We had this old white formica table with metal legs. my siblings and I were constantly underneath doodling on the underside. It was like a little time capsule with all our little art on it. I’d have to say, that’s the weirdest PLACE I’ve artified.

  14. I’m a lucky person to ‘know’ Pam, too…we’ve become close through an online team, METSY and I have to say she is one of the kindest, generous, intelligent, and creative souls in our ‘community’. She is always cheering others on as much as we have celebrated her successes this year.

    As far as strange places I’ve created–this is a hard one since I really have only started this last year and a half and work primarily at home but I have traveled a bit for work (day job) and have this great little ‘carry on’ of art supplies that I will take with me wherever I’m staying. To be away from my art supplies for even a day makes me as anxious as can be.

    Success to me is to be a better person tomorrow than I was today. Success is a series of baby steps in that we climb higher day by day, even if we stumble a bit here and there–to never give up and keep forging ahead is success to me. I also subscribe to goal making and listing my desired achievements. There’s something about seeing things written down which make them more concrete. I am striving to go far with my artistic career–just where I’m going, I’m not sure yet but everyday I see things progress and that’s success enough for me right now :)

    Thank you for sharing these interviews…I love them! I own Pam’s Grow in print and it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to take her journaling class!!!!

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….I create art all over…cars, planes, offices, hospitals, you name it, I’ve probably created art there if I’ve been there!

    Salty and sweet!

    Success is feeling comfortable with myself, and with knowing that I’m growing and pushing myself Success is LEARNING!

  16. As I looked out from the 25th story of the building I was working at I saw along the expressway a field of dandelions. I wanted to just sit amoung them and paint till the sun went down. So that’s what I did and it was wonderful. One person’s weed is another person’s flower. It was a most perfect day and it didn’t matter how the painting came out it was the full experience I had that day with my dandelions.

    Success isn’t something I think that much about really. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever thought of gaining fame, wealth, glory or any of those things that the dictionary says success means.

    When someone tells me that my art has touched them, moved them, made them smile, or feel happy or sad then I know that the joy I took in creating my art was a good thing.

    I don’t set goals, never have, I take each day as it comes and give it my best. It means more to me to make someone happy or to touch them deeply, that brings a tear to my eye. It reminds me of how my daughter used to feel when she couldn’t wait till I finished a painting and hung it on her wall.

    That is what I search for, that is why I make art. To connect with someone as many of Pam’s paintings have connected with me. And I’m very happy to have purchased a painting and was able to leave her some very honest comments on her work and how they made me feel. Her work touched me deeply, that’s what I want to do.

    Salty pretzels and ice cream, try it sometime.
    Hugs and Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you wonderful people. Keep making the world a more beautiful place with your art and your friendships.

  17. I have done watercolor paintings in places that might be odd to others but is common place for me. Death VAlley, Arches Park, the Grand Canyon and several Ghost towns.
    Pam’s journaling class sounds wonderful. And I would have to say sweet.

  18. I’m going to answer all three as well:

    I take my sewing machine and supplies with me when we go to a cabin in the mountains of Colorado for vacation – and this is my favorite method of creating art.

    Success to me is being happy with myself and what I’ve done or created.

    And definitely sweet.

  19. i don’t really think i’ve done art in unusual places, but the interesting ones for me would be in the botanical gardens, on the bus…sweet definately.

  20. This is so much fun! :) What a great interview and a lovely, thoughtful post! Making art is all about sharing–I love how giving artists are and I agree with you that there is more to life than taking and hoarding–it’s all about the love and sharing with one another. Amen! And it’s so fun reading everyone else’s responses! What wonderful stories of creating and personal successes.

    Well, the most unusual place I’ve ever created art has to be beneath my grandma’s marble coffee table when I was 5. It was like my own little version of the Sistene Chapel. I would lay on my back with a box of crayons or markers by my side and doodle and scribble little drawings and collections of words (mostly misspelled cuss words!) and make up stories for the drawings. No one knew about this secret drawing place until about 15 years later. She was so thrilled to have so much of my art preserved for all those years. (Funny how a lot of us artists scribbled on the walls, tables, our siblings, etc when we were kids!)

  21. uuummm, geographically nothing unusual, but when I was about 11 the city park board sponsored art classes in the warming house by the river…my four siblings and I went almost every weekday during the entire summer to create…was one of the best summers of my life! Success to me is finding my artistic voice and being able to focus on what it says…right now I’m really struggling to find what it is…maybe the struggle is part of success…I’ve already registered for Pamela’s class and can’t wait for it to start!

  22. Hi Pam!
    Unusual places I have created art

    well….i took photos of rust on the Ameren UE ( electric company) truck working in our neighborhood.

    sketched a picture of the giant typewriter eraser that I saw in the sculpture garden in Washington DC while sitting on the steps of the National Archives.

    took photos of the shadows my dog makes on the street while walking on her leash.

    and after thinking about it….on some level it shouldn’t seem odd or unusual at all.

    Success. When I am working on some sort of project….I feel unsettled if things aren’t right, I keep looking, or changing elements…whatever the project, a banner for church, a scrapbook page, a flower arrangment, a card, a collage…..if it is “right” I have a feeling of “well being” I see it as a message from the Holy Spirit, that all is well. Then I have to just stand and admire “our” work. It isn’t just mine. But I still want to say….LOOK I did this!

    I’m with Pam, sweet and salty….and some days you feel like a nut, some days you don’t. there I go again, no continuity. sigh……

    I won one of Pam’s prints in the silent auction at the ZNE Convenzione 2008! YES!!

  23. Totally Salty! Popcorn is my all time Fav:P

    I’ve taken my watercolors and painted outdoors a few times, but the one that got me strange looks was an old cemetery.
    I think old cemeteries are beautiful and inspirational with the fancy carved monuments and some really fantastic views.

  24. Hmm, I take a laundry basket full of art supplies on vacation every year. We travel in our motorhome and have limited storage space so my hubby has allocated one laundry basket to contain all of my art supplies. This has forced me to only bring what I REALLY want to work on. So as for geographically unusual, well I guess anywhere the motorhome takes us and the kids.
    Success to me means that my inner critic is quiet – it really has nothing to do with fame or fortune, never has. I don’t create to please everyone else, just myself. It is still funny to me when people ask “What do you do with it?” I know then that I have created a great piece of art, because I use to ask the same thing.
    I would love to take part in one of Pam’s classes.

  25. The most unusual place I have created art is in a convent in Greece on the island of Crete.

    Success: creating what I actually see in my head. So many times it’s not exactly how I envision it.


  26. “Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?” On top of the counter when I was a little girl. My grandmother had this warming tray and she would put construction paper on it and we would melt crayons in all kinds of shapes and forms! I miss those days!

    Thanks again for your fabulous giveaway!
    Happy Holidays!

  27. So glad I stopped in:D Wonderful commentary & illuminating interview!

    When I was little my Mom & I would build little faerie houses in the woods. It’s a habit that has stayed with me. So there are wee folk with humble cottages from the coast of Cape Breton to the Sea of Galilee.

    Success is tricky… for me it involves moving forward while maintaining an inner peace. I can’t abide stagnation.


  28. success to me in art is to make art sponaniously and not to think about it too hard or plan it. What ever comes to you at the moment, there are no mistakes in art….claudia

  29. Salty AND Sweet at the same time…for example: popcorn with a little chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm!

    Success to me is trying to teach someone something, and you see that light bulb in their head go off when they “get it”.

    The weirdest place I have geographically created art? If you mean like a country, city or state type of ‘geographically’, it would just have to be Texas. If you mean something like a place where you wouldn’t normally create art…I would just have to say during college lectures! It’s not really that weird, though.

  30. The most unusual place I’ve ever created was in Chiang Kai-Shek memorial park in Taiwan. I sat under some weeping willows, happy to be out of the 100 degree heat and watched old men playing majong. Everything felt so still, like time was moving in slow motion. I remember watching the wind shift the branches so gently, and thinking that I could stay just like that forever. So, I pulled out my journal and sketched/recorded it.
    As for the salty-sweet: I’ve got to go with salty. Nothing better then home-made chex mix!

  31. Mike and I stopped for a rest on the way down from Tahoe on the bike one summer day. He was so tired; he fell asleep on a log. I dug through the saddlebags and came up with a piece of paper and a Sharpie pen – and I proceeded to sketch the forest and the lake we were next to.
    It was so nice sitting there – I can’t believe I drew so much – I actually ised the drawing on a card later on.
    I still can feel the peace of that moment and remember the closeness I felt to the earth.

  32. Inspiring post! Maybe I will try a visual journal. I’ll definitely go in search of Ms. Carriker’s blog. Most unusual geographical place I’ve created art? Haven’t been many unusual places really so I guess I’d have to say it was Parham, AL. Lived in North Shelby county on a mountain ridge at least 45 mins. away from shops, restaurants etc. Unemployment was sky high at the time so I couldn’t find work and was home with my four year old. Decided to learn to quilt by watching Georgia Bonesteel on PBS and made my first quilt for my son. It was my adaptation of the Mexican Star block using fabrics a friend had given me before I moved there. That quilt was loved and cuddled with for over 15 years.

  33. I’ve become addicted to my little purse-sized sketch book & to be sketching in public is relatively new for me. The strangest for me was at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment.
    I am completely with Pam on using up paint. In addition to smearing it in a journal, I start backgrounds for ATC’s (some of which I’ve posted recently).

  34. Wow wow wow! Pam’s work is totally amazing, and I would be honored to hang her work in my home! I hope I win! Of course, maybe I’d rather win the workshop – I so want to have an art journal that is both droolworthy AND a record of what I have learned. It’s definitely going to have to be part of my goal for 2009 (to create more).

    Most geographically unusual place I’ve created art… hmmm… I have no idea. Maybe I’ve never created art in an unusual place…

    So, I guess I’ll have to answer the sweet vs. salty question: both. I like both flavors together, and I also tend to like to alternate them quickly after each other. (I know, I’m a freak, what can I say?) If I had to choose, I will willingly admit the sweet tooth wins out.

  35. The most usually placed that I have created something would have to be somewhere over Tennessee while on a airplane.

  36. Weirdest place I made art. You know… for me, that’s really hard to narrow down, I have art supplies everywhere I go so I will never be stranded in boredom. I’ve created on Ferries, Planes, While waiting to deliver my babies, the orthodontists office, in parks, poolside, illegally parked while waiting for hubby to run in somewhere quick, friends places, hotel rooms, in rest stops, parking lots, in the back room of our computer store, on the front window of our store, at the beach, camping, in a car driving across country. It’s so hard to pick just one!

    Success to me loosely is achieving what I set out to do. Success as an artist to me is making a living and a life with art feeding you along the way. It’s not making millions, it’s making you a happy life without holding back.

    Sweet and Salty, cause I love Kettle Corn popcorn!

  37. The most unusual place for me, that I’ve created art was on a small runabout boat. (Slightly larger than a row boat). My Dad and I were fishing on a lake.
    It was such a beautiful day, it was quiet all around us early in the morning. I just took out my sketchbook and started drawing. My Dad kept that book for a long time. But I can still recall that day when we shared some time together and were completely happy. It’s one of my most treasured memories.

  38. Writing with a piece of paper directly on the bathroom linoleum was the most unusual place for me…but then, I’m not sure there really is a very unusual place for me to write or create art.

    Success is giving myself away to someone who needs it – a laugh, a smile, my time, my talents – then going to bed at whatever time that is with thankfulness to God that He gave me the ability and place to do whatever was needed.

    Definitely sweet, followed by salty, followed by sweet. *laughing*

  39. What a wonderful topic. I love reading everybody’s replies.
    The unusual places I have done art in is an interesting question and my answer must be: in the bath. I was getting all these brilliant ideas whilst stretching out, relaxing and soaking in some nice smelling bubble bath. So I have taken to bring stuff with me on a tray. It is not without its perils of course!! I have ‘altered’ my art in unexpected ways in the bath water. But I come up with my best ideas there.
    Success for me is when I make the ‘being on a journey’ count as much as reaching my goal. I measure that by the steps I take in the right direction every day. And how often I feel the fear and do it anyway!

  40. The most unusual place for me has to be sitting sketching and painting Dracula’s landing point in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. I was at school at the time and my mum paid for me to go on an art week with the school – she wanted me to go to art college but I never felt I was as good as my mum thought I was so I became a nurse instead….

    Success to me is watching your children grow and have the confidence to become their own person and spreading their wings.

    Salty or sweet? I like both together with a packet of ready salted crisps and a kit kat together – Heaven!

  41. It’s not such an unusual place, but one time the art teacher took us to a rural home in order to draw the barn. It had a silo made with those beige tiles like some of us had in our elementary schools. That was also the first time I drew outside; it had been still lifes until then.
    Happy Holidaze!

  42. I guess I’m pretty boring as the most unusual place I’ve
    created art was on a hill outside my elementary school……..
    it’s unfair to ask how long ago that was.

    Sweet is best but lately I’ve become addicted to Snyder’s
    Milk Chocolate covered pretzels. Hopefully Costco will
    soon run out of them so I’ll have to stop cold turkey.

  43. The most unusual place I have ever created art at was on a mattress on the floor beside my mother’s hospital bed. She was in the hospital for rehab for a stroke and I stayed with her 24/7 for 2 weeks. The hospital gave me a mattress and sheets and a pillow and a blanket. I had several projects due, so I brought fabric, scissors, glue and thread, micro pens my computer and mini printer and I journaled in a calendar journal round robin, made photo paper/cloth dolls for a swap (and the nurses) and worked on small jewelry projects. I had a blast- I could attend my mom when she was awake and I could work on projects when she slept!

  44. Creating art as a child with my cousin Kathleen, both of us nesting comfortably within the stout, fruit laden branches of the well watched and tended Cherry tree that graced my Grandfathers yard, the burnished crimson fruit dripping by handfuls in sunlight and dappled shade. We would hang our colorful buckets from a well chosen branch, weave the stems, leaves, twigs, and cherries into garlands that would drape from branch to buckets and back again. The heartfelt smile when Grandpa would see our creations, encouraged both Kathleen and I to see the beauty of creating the smile of approval and admiration within the simple palette and tools provided by Mother Nature. That is also what success is meant to be… and means to me.

  45. Thank you for arranging this give a way. Success to me is a feeling. Just that feeling that what I am doing is acceptable to me. I remember one time saying to someone ( was a friend ) that I thought I was successful. This person jumped all over me with the reasons why I was not successful. I successfully dropped her as a friend!

    I love sweet things.

    Most unusual place for me for art was a certain art class. They took us to a ‘taxidermy’ place – you know stuffed used to be alive animals and birds… weird but it was helpful…

    Hope I win. but also good luck to all of you.

  46. oh, Christy, you put it as I would love to put it, just my English doesn’t allow much “literary” talk!. Only if you share in art you receive inspiration and joy!
    Have a wonderful holiday time and a 2009 full of nice surprises!

  47. Perhaps the most unusual place for me was in Maine (US) at Haystack where I helped felting a handrail of a fence near the sea for an installation. It ought to be there yet!

  48. I got to meet my biological father earlier this year and when my family when to see where he lived, Calgary Alberta, he took us up into the mountains since it has always been a dream to see the Rocky Mountains. We had lunch at a beautiful lake in the mountains and I sat out on a rock at the edge of the lake and created a page in my journal, telling my feelings and putting bits and pieces of whatever was around me into my journal, including the water. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever journalled in.

  49. The most unusual place that I ever made art was a deserted beach in Maine in the off season (early May). My dad had just died and my friend Suzanne suggested I get away for a week and brought me down to the ocean. It was actually the first time I have been to Maine and though I was extremely numb with grief, I still fell in love with the beach, the ocean and the smells, sights and sounds of the New England coast.

    I spent an entire sunny but cool afternoon drawing in the sand with a stick. I created truck sized drawings of swirly haired women, added “carpe diem” in scrolling letters all over the place and lost myself in the process.

    The tide rolled in and washed away my art but the experience is drawn on my soul….

    (I would so love to win this prize, Chrysti ! Thanks for the chance !!!)

  50. Sweet and Salty MIXED! I love salty peanuts and jelly beans and ice cream and potato chips. I like pink and glitter mixed with grunge. Love lace and rusty mixed.

    And, I would LOVE to win ANYTHING that Pam creates! *smiles*

    cyber xoxo’s

  51. hi chrysti
    and thank you for the fantastic interveiw on pam!!
    i love her work i added one of her mouse pads to my list to santa!!
    salty or sweet-sweet
    and places to create-i would have to say the beach also with my nieces and nephews-house’s and patterns made out of anything we could get our hands on-shells rocks seaweed oh the places a childs imagination will take you
    i always made fairy houses in the tall grass’ as a child sticks for beds-pebbles for a walk way-did the same in snow drifts
    thank you christi for your generousity
    and for showcasing pams work i am such a huge fan of her calming work
    enjoy your day

  52. I’ve been to Paris several times. One would think that the Louvre would be the place, but it was outside Notre Dame that I created my art, waiting patiently for my three sons to come out of there!!!

    Salty and sweet…preferably at the same time. Dark chocolate covered pretzels…yum!

  53. SUCCESS means having traded my professional life for a combination of part-time work and care-giving to my octogenarian parents. I have finally stopped trying to seek their approval and instead I’ve given them mine. Peace, comfort, and certainly Joy!

  54. The wonderful giveaways keep getting better and better. I love everything you’re giving away. It just warms my heart…and excites me like crazy, too. lol

    Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art? I always carry a Moleskine and a bag of pens in my purse so when the elevator got stuck in the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, I sat down on the floor and began to art journal about it. Twenty minutes and one finished page later, the doors finally opened. lol

    Peace & Love,

  55. On the beach of lake erie. At a campsite in southwest harbor ,Maine . I love your work Pam
    Robin Krieger

  56. On the beach of l
    Lake Erie. At a campsite in Southwest harbor ,Maine . I love your work Pam
    Robin Krieger

  57. I will answer all 3 questions.

    The most unusual place I have created art was in the beautiful “Fruit Loop” up by Mount Hood (in Oregon) next to the Sandy River, under a tarp. As the rain fell, as it so often does in this part of the country, my husband and I worked together on our art, huddled under the tarp. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, and the entire experience was fabulous.

    Success for me is being happy with what I create.

    Third? Sweet, most definitely.

    Thank you once again! Terry

  58. The most unusual place I have created art is in an old train depot. It was kind of eerie quiet, and I swear you could hear the voices of the passengers of long ago, still lingering in the waiting area. It was amazingly loud when a train went by though, because they came within 3 feet of the building, and of course they didn’t stop any more, so you felt a bit like you were in a sci-fi movie!

    I believe “success” is different to each person. It’s being fulfilled in your own heart and mind . . . not necessarily the minds of others. However, when both happen in tandem . . . oh, how sweet it is!

    Salty or sweet?? YES!! Both. Together. Please. LOL


  59. Hum, an unusual place I made art?
    I do art anywhere. Always take something to draw or colour or sew with me… Every holiday too, in a tent, outside in the fields, on the beach, in a hotelroom, I just keep on creating.
    ANd if I didn’t take any supplies, I always start creating with whatever I find: a shell-necklace, a stone-tower, wood-ornaments, candypaper-puppet.
    Anything, anywhere…

  60. the questions are fine, but I’m not today (one ear is stuffed up, my head hurts, I’m at work not with my dogs, but I’m not whining, nope not a bit). so….salty.
    Happy days,

  61. The most unusual place was The RockyWold-Deephaven Camps on the Squam lake, NH. I worked there for 6 summer seasons. It is such a great place to create!!! Greetings from Slovakia

  62. Success is when I am happy with what I have done but True Success is when someone else is happier because of what I have done or just plain “gets it”.
    Sweet for me, please!

  63. Success is being able to live my days enjoying whatever it is I’m doing at the moment…creating something, exploring somewhere, sharing time with someone… with total attention to that moment, without a worry or care in my mind for anything else at the time.

    And, definitely salty! Especially love salt and vinegar chips!

    Pam Carricker’s work is amazing! Soulful, dreamy, inspiring! And you really rock, Christy! I am in full agreement with your philosophy on celebrating the success of others and deriving great inspiration from it. It’s all about remembering that we ARE ALL ONE, and that the Universe does not know about “scarcity.” Someone else’s win is NOT our loss. It’s always a win-win situation when we’re supporting each other and our dreams in a community of like-minded souls!


  64. Hmmm, not sure on this one – I guess I have 2. Being from north Canada, I got to go to artfest last year which is held in the beautiful port townsend, north of Seattle near the San Jaun islands -Beautiful!
    On the flip side , is sept when I went to Squam art workshop on the east coast in NH. Beautiful as well.
    Both inspiring!

  65. Chrysti, thanks so much for all your beautiful work on this giveaway. I love reading your posts, and your inspiration is helping me get through a lot of things. The most unusual place where I’ve created art was in the critical care unit waiting room at a hospital. My sister was critically ill around Thanksgiving a number of years ago, and I was going crazy just sitting, waiting for news. I had brought some needlework with me and some journals, and spent my time alternating between the two while friends and family filtered in and out of the room, waiting for updates. I feel successful when I know I’ve poured my heart and soul and talent into something and done a good job. And definitely sweet!


  66. Hm, no unusual places to art, but I´m old enough to know what success means to me: when other people like what I have done only to please myself and to grow – may it be at the office, the university, or in the art world. So it´s being myself but not only for myself.

  67. Success is waking up in the morning excited about going into your studio to work on a piece of art. Ahhh true bliss!!
    Most unusual place is at the Zoo, drawing the animals; at the botanical park, drawing flowers and such; in my hospital bed after surgery. Nurses loved my drawings and I went home without a one. Another form of success!!
    I love Pam’s work and have one of her pieces. I was so thrilled to get it.
    Thank you Chrysti for all that you are doing!! Bless your heart dear one.

  68. Well, I’ve taken my art journal with me to an airport and on the plane. Also I take art supplies with me everytime we go camping. This is part of what I do to relax while getting away from it all.

    I think someone is successful when they have found out how to be happy. This would mean different things then for different people.

    As for the salty vs. sweet, I agree that the best is a combination of both, but otherwise it could be either one depending on my taste at the time.

  69. What a lovely give away this is! A push to art journal is what I need!
    Success is when I, myself, am totally happy with a piece of art or anything I do. I am my own worse critic so if I’m pleased it’s a success, indeed!

    When I was a girl I’d gather a drawing pad/paper and some pens/pencils and head out for the woods, climb some favorite bluffs and sit upon the rock tops drawing and enjoying the peace and quiet. The “bestest” spot was a huge rock out-cropping with a pine tree growing out of it. I’d sit under that tree for hours and draw. I’d bring “Little Debbie” cakes along to feed the birds and critters while I sat.

    Sweet with salt!!

  70. The most unusual place I created art, was at my boyrfriend’s Mom’s kitchen table right after I met her. I was nervous meeting the entire family of 10 kids and their families. I used my art journal to stay calm, and hummed under my breathe, lol. This was on this past Thanksgiving and is very fresh in my heart. I had a wonderful trip and helped his little 7 year old niece start her own art journal.

    I equate success with happiness. When I am happy, I am successful. When I am successful, I am happy. Oh, also getting published twice this past year in ArtTrader magazine was also a great personal success for me.

  71. The most unusual place I’ve created art is high up in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. On a tiny, rutted back road, while my friends were fishing, I created a village of forest dwellers of clay and stone (found on-site) embellished with pine cones, moss and other found goodies. The result was very wierd and wonderful and I always wonder who else saw my villagers and what they thought of them.

  72. Sweet! Definitely sweet!

    I believe success is being exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to do, and being happy with who you are.

    I don’t usually make art in unusual places, but I guess if I had to pick one, it would be just off the new bridge over the Nay Aug Falls in Scranton, Pa. One of my favorite places on earth!

  73. A KINDRED SPIRIT! I love sweet and salty, in fact, one of my favourite things is Kernel’s popcorn, Chicago style! It’s a combination of creamy caramel popcorn and cheddar cheese. Mmmmmmm…..

    Pam! I found this website thanks to your link on your blogspot! Thank you! I know I am going to visit Chrysti’s site after I visit yours everyday!!! I feel like the world has expanded in terms of finding so many creative spirits.

    Now, as for the most unusual place I’ve created art, …., I guess it would be in a local coffee shop. I was enjoying the ambience of the place when I suddenly had a creative urge. I laughed when I read about you using “coffee” on your journal page Pam, because that is what I did as well. People looked at me as if I was “daft”, but then I got some of my friends to try it out. Out came the calligraphy pens, the prismacolours and some artist trading card blanks. Before I knew it, I had my Rotary friends sitting down and joining me. We had a circle of about 9 people all playing away. As people came in the door, they were wondering what was going on, and if I knew them, they wanted to join in!

    Happiness is always having a backpack full of your favourite creative things. In that way, you will never be without your “bliss”. Chances are, you’ll make friends wherever you go when you start pulling out your treasures and using them!

    Happy Creating!


    PS. What is my Christmas wish? To take Pam’s Journalling course in January!!!!

  74. Most unusual place for me is not a geographic place exactly – it’s in the car while I’m waiting on my kids, wherever that may be. I keep a “professional looking” briefcase stuffed full of art supplies and I take it out when I have a few moments to draw or stamp or work on an idea for a project. Success for me right now is just doing something *I* want to do every day inbetween taking care of all the things I have responsibility for. Sometimes that means I’m up at 3 am, which actually is often a happy hour for me…


  75. The most unusual places for me to create, which are really not that unusual…lol…. are….
    Camping trip – sitting in the sand on the edge of the lake.
    Laying on my belly in the middle of a football field (son’s practice)

  76. I will ditto the chicago popcorn mentioned above – num num num :-)

    I like to keep my hands occupied, so I’ve worked on my journal in exams that I’ve proctored and in the car. I kept my tatting shuttle in my pocket for a while, and tatted in the subway in moscow – got some funny looks!!

  77. The comments being made on these entries are so very inspiring! I love reading them. I also want to mention how much I enjoy the quotes you put in your posts…I collect them, so have a found a few more to add to my collection!

    To answer the questions of the day…unusual place to create art for me would have to be in the middle of the night (in the dark) and in bed. An idea struck and I had to get it down on paper, knowing full well that, by morning, it would have escaped my brain.

    Success, for me, would have to be defined by acceptance. By that I mean having people (especially those close to me) realize that what I do is actually art and not something silly done simply to put in time and avoid doing the ‘important’ things in life- like having a spotless kitchen floor!

    And…sweet. Definitely. Dark chocolate!!!!

  78. The most unusual place I have made art…on my bfs large BBQ pit! I mean literally using it as my canvas. I keep some chalk in a nearby woodshed so that when the urge hits to make a quick sketch I don’t miss out. Just knowing that anything I create there is quite temporary, most likely to be washed away during the night by our humid nighttime air, feels quite freeing. There is always the digicamera to capture that BBQ masterpiece if need be.

    salty….a big bag of traditional Lays potato chips….heavenly

  79. Hmm My first “artistic” memory is using my mom’s bright red lipstick (it was the 70s) to draw on a neighbor’s walls, while I was supposed to be taking a nap. I wonder how many of us did things like that?

    I’m so bland. lol The oddest place I’ve ever created is my house. Yeah – I can tell you all are flicking paint at me…but I can’t help it! It’s true.

    And, as I know everyone is waiting with baited breath for me to answer this…to me, success means inner fulfillment. Contentment. That inner happiness that’s hard to explain unless you’ve felt it. You don’t have to be the best – or the most popular – or whatever. You just have to feel, inside, like who you are (what you have? not in a material sense, mind you) is ENOUGH.

    Just don’t ask me how to BE successful. ;)

  80. What a wonderful interview! The most unusual place where I created was on a 29 hour long trip to Europe last year ( I created journal pages on the plane, and one on the airport in Munich where I was waiting for the connecting flight. I used the free newspapers they had around for collage elements, and I had my ‘on the go’ travel kit. It made the long trip faster and more fun.

  81. Just cause I’m in a hurry today, I’m gonna answer just the quick one.

    Sweet! except when it’s mixed with salty. *S*

  82. Hmmm.. I don’t have a “most unusual” place. I would have to say “outside” but then that isn’t so unusual after all :( I’m thrilled to have the TIME to get into my studio and create!

    Success to me is finding my own style in creating art. I know I am VERY far away from that. I’ve developed alot of skills, have tone of materials. I’m hoping that soon I will have time…the magicial ingredient that will help me DO more artwork, PLAY more….and that will be the first step in my journey. All the artists whose work I really love and admire are the ones that have found their own style…make their own mark….their voices sing through their artwork. Oh, that truely is success to me.

    Sweet or salty? Well, I would usually lean toward sweet, but together they really are scrumptious!!!

  83. Chrysti you are one of the most incredibly giving women I have ever know of. You consistently share so much with the world thank you!!!!

    Now to answer the questions:

    The most unusual place I have created art….hmmm the sidelines of soccer practice is about as extreme as it gets for me.

    I prefer to state a beloved quote about success “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Ben Sweetland I believe what we givem share and do for others is the pinnacle of our success.

    Sweet or salty – I choose both if able there is nothing better than chocolate covered pretzels filled with peanut butter.


  84. Pam’s question: “Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?”
    Wow, tough one, hmm, most unusual probably is probably on a fishing trip with my hubby. He fly fishes, and I don’t so when we take a fishing trip he fishes and I art. I can art at a picnic table in the mountains, in the car, in a boat, but favorite place is under a tree way back in the forest someplace where the only sounds you hear are the wildlife and the wind in the trees. Heavenly!

    BTW, I found a lunchbox-sized nylon makeup bag with tons of loops and pockets for less than $10 at WallyWorld a few years ago that is the best art case I have ever had. It hold just about everything you need, except the paper and an easel. I have a small set of watercolor crayons in there,brushes, scissors, tape, various pencils and pens, ruler, hole punch, markers, mini black inkpad, Xacto knife and small mat, mini altoid tin of brads & embellishments, sponges, gluepen, tape runner, glue dots, foam dots, short colored pencils, sharpener, old credit card, etc, etc. It holds a ton, zips, and is easy to tote along. I keep a second set of basic tools in it so I don’t have to pack…just grab and go.

    What success means to me–
    Success means that when you die, those people whose lives you have impacted will mourn your loss and KNOW you have secured your place in Heaven. If I can help one person today then I have succeeded. If I can encourage, lift, teach, share, listen, comfort, hug, or do anything else that can make another person’s day better, then I feel I have succeeded, even if all the other things I had wanted to get done had to be put aside in order to do that. I think the best work we ever do is within the walls of our homes and in our communities. We can be successful at many things, but if we have not help someone else along the way, then we have failed indeed.

    Salty or Sweet: As my hubby says when asked if he wants cherry or apple pie, “Yes!” In other words both. But sweet AND salty is best of all. I just made some almond bark with dried apricot bits, craisins, and chopped salted nuts mixed in (and more sprinked on top) and it is the BEST! Yes, Sweet & Salty!! Yummm

  85. Sweet…definitely sweet

    Success to me means that I am enjoying what I am doing as so are others.

    The most unusual place I have created art probably has to be the bathroom on the pot!…haha!

  86. Unusual place? Mountain top….forests and beaches….

    and I’m also both…sweet and salty

  87. What a wonderful interview! I have known Pam since she was 12 and I was thirteen – don’t ask how long ago that was – and I can honestly say that she is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that I have ever known. She deserves every success and every bit of admiration. Thanks, Chrysti, for introducing more of the world to her work and to her.

    As for the questions of the day…

    The most unusual place I have ever created has to be pulled up to the bar – I used to make jewelry while sitting at the bar in the Queen City Grill in Seattle. There was a time that I practically lived there. There really are places like “Cheers!”

    I would like to be all evolved and say that creating is its own success or something, but honestly? I feel most successful when I sell something. For me there is acknowledgement in that commercial transaction. It says to me, “Hey! This is art and I like it enough to buy it!” There is also some satisfaction in having people close to me admire what I do, but I don’t get the same feeling of success from that.

    Salty or sweet? Both! Preferably with some chocolate involvement.


  88. i love sweet. oh…too much sometimes. as far as unusual places to make art…i honestly don’t think i’ve got any place unusual. i believe i’ll have to change that very soon.

  89. Success to me when creating art is: the feeling connected to Source while I am creating it. That there is Flow.
    That’s all that is important to me. I could be paid all the money in the world for that piece of art, yet if I hadn’t felt the aformentioned while creating it, it might as well be the front of a cereal box.

    salty or sweet? either or. a can of chocolate pudding with salted peanuts stirred into it was one of my favourite bag lunch desserts when in high school (and I was ostrasized for the weirdness of it, obviously!)

  90. Most unusual place – hmmm, I don’t go anywhere exotic, so I guess the most unusual for me would be the front seat of the car while we’re driving to the in-laws. Not always the easiest thing to do, but I’ve learned to juggle (and obviously, only dry media!).

    Sweet and salty – one of my favorite things to make at the holidays are white chocolate dipped pretzels.

  91. I suppose the most unusual place I have created art is the stern of a boat. When an art student in high school, I was very involved in calligraphy and was asked by teachers and groups to do the lettering on certificates and such. One teacher asked if I would design and paint the lettering on her new sailboat. I did and spent the day out of school at the marina on a ladder painting !! To this day I wonder if “Dreamweaver” is still seaworthy.

    As for success, I suppose the recognition of my peers is important to be and reaffirms my questions about my abilities…that is the beauty of this online art world…the people here lift me up all the time.

    Pam is one of those great people…not just an extremely talented artist, but a dear friend who celebrates with me and cheers me on !!!!

  92. I’m going answer all 3 as well.

    1. The most unusual place I’ve made art is in a tent at Diamond Lake, in Oregon, in the snow!

    2. Success for me means that I have come to a place of contentment, not lethargy or giving up, but rather being at peace with myself, a place where art flows freely and from my soul, and touches those who see it in a positive way.

    3. Salty or Sweet? Definitely both…I love sweet and sour anything!

  93. Oh I am soo boring,the most interesting place?My closet in the middle of the night…I wish I could have something more exotic….and salty AND sweet….


  94. I used to think that success was finishing everything on your “to-do list” but then a smart man asked me what I would do when I was finished. The only reply I could think of was “be bored.” So now I think success is when you find something new and exciting to add to your list.

  95. Hi Chrysti! Got an email message (bulk, I’m sure LOL) about your contest…I’m not sure what deep, dark recesses of your computer my email addy came from but boy am I ever glad to get that email! I haven’t visited your blog in quite some time—sort of fell out of art when I went back to work this past summer although I live vicariously through my favorite artist blogs which I’ll be sure to add yours to my list.

    Success to me is the inner contentment of having accomplished a goal – whether art or life or whatever. When you accomplish your goal, and you step back and think “D@MN!”…that’s success. I’m not sure I like success as measured on someone else’s scale.

    Salty or Sweet? Chocolate Covered Pretzels…need I say more?

    Thanks again for reintroducing me to your blog! I hope 2009 brings you all that you wish and hope for.

  96. Love Pam’s Art!
    The most unusual place I ever created art was the beach… made a sculpture from sand, driftwood, shells, feathers and whatever I could find. It was really fun to focus on the process, not the end product (because I knew I wasn’t going to keep it or have anyone see it).

  97. The most unusual place would be my mom’s yard in a big tree. When I was MUCH younger(like 11 or 12) I would string up a makeshift canvas of branches and twine and stuff whatever I could find into it….the whole neighborhood would slow down to see what I had done…LOL..and mom hated it…which was a bonus at the time!

  98. Thank you for the opportunity to maybe get a class with Pam, although just reading your blog and seeing her work on Flickr brings me great joy as seeing your photography and latest moleskin.

    In answer to the questions:

    a. Unusual art space: a restaurant on the way to Cambria. The tablecloth was paper and they had the colored crayons for kids and while I waited for lunch I decorated the tablecloth in hopes they would start a trend. Haven’t been back so don’t know if they thought anything of it and kept it.

    b. Success: Finishing anything you begin.

    c: Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet (the Cookbook) a true beauty photographically too.

  99. Success means to me being happy with you do & being able to provide for yourself.

  100. I am so enjoying this blog and your daily questions. I work with special education kids and we are always creating art every day at school. Its the best kind of art too! I think success is being content with yourself and surrounding yourself with good friends and family. Oh there are always things I want to change and new things to try but I am happy with myself now too.

    And I like sweet and salty mixed together…mmmmmm.

  101. Answers to the main questions would be terribly boring, so Sweet, hands down! Your blog is amazing! Your interviews and features on other artists are so valuable. You are giving it so much of your time; why would anybody care what you choose to do with it and your blog is beyond me. Anyhow, thanks for offering all of these great giveaways too.

  102. salty or sweet???

    can’t i have both?


  103. I take mine everywhere… planes, road trips, cruises any where I think I may have extra time. When I get home I always have a tag that my luggage has been checked. I am sure my luggage is always searched becasue of the tools they see in the xrays!!! YIKES

    We rented a house in Texas for a week and before I would take the place I made sure there was a table I available for me to use.

    A few weeks back I went on an antique store shopping spree and took my things with me for the evenings as we rented a place without TV… PERFECT time to create!!!


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  105. “Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?” My first car was a 70 plymouth duster, one summer day out of boredom, I took my brother’s “testers” paints out to the car which had a black ceiling liner, and painted a mural on it(it was 1978)…with mushrooms and frogs and rabbits and flowers and vines….2 years later i was working in a dunkin donuts (I no longer owned that diuster, but another one) I saw what looked like my old dduster pull in, and 2 guys got out, I waited on them, waited a few minutes after they started drinking their coffee, and asked them if there was a painting on the ceiling of the car. they said “yea, dude, do you know who did it?” I said, “Yes…it was me” they asked me if I was stoned at the time, LOL I told them, no just bored. I then asked them if it embarrassed them, and they said no, it is actually an ice breaker and the chicks love it! LOL

    tell me what success means to you …earning enough of an income to cover your bills and breath, if you get to put away a nest egg–more power to you…..I was finally there, and then got injured.

    Salty or Sweet. it depends on my mood…but I love chocolate covered pretzels…so that is BOTH! :)

  106. Sweet! That’s probably why I have lots of cavities :)

  107. wow those artworks are wonderful !!
    Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?
    I use to create art in my bed : I imagine a lot in my dreams before finalize my artworks !! I don’t know if it can be an unusual place !! ^^

  108. I have made art in a wood on a nature reserve with a bunch of school kids using sticks and leaves, I guess that’s the most unusual place.

    Sweet sweet sweet!

  109. Success is a happy home.


  110. A mix of sweet and salty! Ex. Sweet chocolate covering some salty peanuts . . . yum.

    To me success is looking foward to each day that greets me and being able to care for my family and self financially.

  111. I gotta go with the easy one…salty and sweet together, like chocolate covered pretzels…mmmmm


  112. short but ……..SWEET

  113. sweet AND salty. I have this simple and yummy recipe for chocolate covered potato chips:

    they are the best, even though they sound weird.

  114. I guess I’m boring because I usually only art at home… although I have taken my camera out into the wilderness to see what might inspire me… And I have been known to pack up a ton of supplies and cart them half way across the country so that I could art with my mom when I go to visit her.

    Salty or Sweet? Gotta be both, together, at the same time – like kettle corn =)

  115. When I was a teenager I would write for hours in my parents bathroom after everyone went to bed. Their was just something about the color of the room that set a mood for writing. Weird, eh! LOL

    Salty and sweet for me!

  116. Success to me is if I manage to abide by these two sayings that I usually sign with, as the world we live in today is so stressful and manic.
    here they are:-



    can’t think of any unusual place but one of the most beautiful places was on the top of a mountain in Val Di Fassa in the Dolomites in Italy.

    sweet or salty………….try a pizza with a fresh fruit topping covered with icing sugar or pancakes with nutella chocolate spread inside…my favourite good old fashioned pancakes with lemon and sugar.

    crafty joan in italy

  117. In the bathroom on the toilet. (Really!)
    I was having a really bad sickness, and I was feeling like I was going to throw up and have well, (you know) and I was there most of the day, so I took some paper with me and sketched while I was there, because I couldn’t do anything else for the several hours I spent in there. It was interesting to say the least. OK, I KNOW! Way to much information, BUT YOU ASKED! LOL

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  119. Most unusual place: my back yard

    Salty AND Sweet!

  120. Where is the most unusual place (geographically) that you have created art?

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s responses to this. I think I need to make it a new year’s goal to make art in interesting places (and I just bought my first moleskine, so maybe I’m on my way!) because nothing really comes to mind. I kept a travel journal during our summer trip, so parts of that were done in a beach cottage in Delaware and a log cabin in the Poconos, but I know I can find more unique locales than that! Right now, my answer would have to be in mid-air, between Florida and Maryland, which is where I started working on the idea for the handmade book that I eventually gave to my father, starting a conversation with him after 15 years of silence.

  121. In a restaurant. A group of arty women went to a weekend art conference. One night we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I brought my 1-inch button maker and paper with templates. Each woman got to make designs and I converted them into buttons as a souvenir of the weekend.

  122. love your ideas and artwork – and your generosity! My favorite is the Todlerific 3

  123. hmmm…unusual place……drawing on ATCs in the waiting room at the doctor’s office?

    salty and sweet!

  124. Sucess is getting to do what you love and not worrying what others think.

  125. I do not remember encountering Pam previously but I’m certain when I have a moment to check her blog, workshop and etsy I will be in love with her art – possibly realize I have encountered her previously. I absolutely adore the creations shown here and would be so pleased to be chosen a winner.
    I can’t really think of any unusual places I’ve created art. I’ll try to answer about success. I would adore to be published – in an art sense. I HAVE in the past months submitted to Stampington. I also have recently submitted a small book to blurb (not certain if that would be considered success in my eyes or not). I suppose it depends on the sales I might reach.
    I definitely prefer sweet – even though I have diabetes.

    happy holidays

  126. The art question took me back to my college years. I had one professor who chose some very different places for his classes to draw or paint on location – an area nursing home, the middle of the woods, a local gladiola farm, a cemetery and even at his favorite fishing hole. I have to say he was my favorite art teacher. I probably would have never chosen even one of those sites on my own but the memories have stayed with me for years.

  127. Hi, I think success can be many things, living a day with no regrets, peace of mind, freedom to do what you want, ability to help others, loving what you do, finding your way to express yourself, things like this.. Thanks for the giveaway. Your class sounds like a lot of fun.

  128. in my car, waiting in line at the bank…of course, the art wasn’t very good…

  129. OMG!! If I ever wanted to win a prize THIS would be it!!! Fingers crossed so tight… I haven’t really “arted” in any place unusual because I haven’t really traveled much. So I’ll have to say home, which was the Berkshires in western Massachusetts , which is one of the most beautiful places in the country. My backyard was filled with woodland animals including black bears, and was always full of inspiration for me.
    Gina Lighton

  130. The most unusual place I’ve created art was when I carried my sketchbook on a river boat ride through the jungles of Belize. :)

  131. Chrysti your give-aways rock!
    I haven’t created art in anyplace THAt unusual, but I do altered everything. So lots of people think it’s odd that I have arted up shoes!

  132. In the bathtub- it’s the perfect place to watercolor.

  133. I couldn’t think of anywhere unusual that I have created art in my life! So I’ll tell you what success means to me. Really it is short and sweet. Success is happiness. If I am happy with what I do even if I am not “the winner” or something isn’t perfect or I am just plan wrong, then I am successful in my pursuit to live life! So you could say success=happiness=success.

    hugs, Ellen

  134. […] 12-  Click Here to read all about it Prize 1: 2 Lush 5 x 7 Prints – winners choice from Pam’s Store! Purchase […]

  135. Chrysti

    Thanks for such a great interview with Pam. I love Pam’s art and would have loved to get in on the chance to win a piece or to take her class. I’m so sad that I missed this giveaway!

    I don’t have a weird place that I created art but I will tell you that one day while waiting for my daughter at school I was sketching in a little sketchbook. I keep a binder with sketching materials in my truck and if I am not reading I will sketch while I am waiting.

    The binder was one of those kits you can buy at the craft stores. It came with everything to paint with watercolors. Up until that day I had never attempted to watercolor in my truck. I also keep a set of pastels in it and if I wanted to add color I would use the pastels.

    Well that day I had that desperate feeling to paint something come over me. I was sketching some row houses and thought they would look great in primary colors all lined up. I had a bottle of water with me and just pulled out the watercolors and and started to paint.

    Now to me sitting in my truck sketching and painting is not so weird but when my daughter came out she says OMG MOM! I can’t believe your painting in the truck LOL

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