Day 13/29 Days of Giving is…

.. OK, i admit it

i almost skipped posting tonight

i feel a lil bit like i’m unraveling

coming apart at the seams so to speak ….

i have that not-enough-hours-cant-get-enough-done-crazy kind of mojo going

much like most of you do too …

…but as i mentioned yesterday

i love what a tight-knit community we are becoming ….

… and i feel a calling to weave this in even on the hardest of days

personally, its more rewarding to know i achieved it despite circumstances ….

…. see, the giveaway i initially intended to do today

will most likely take 3-4 hours to put together …

… since it’s 11 p.m. and i’m just darn fried as it is

i knew i wouldnt be happy with it if i didn’t give it my all….

and when im unhappy my skein just crawls …

…. undoubtedly it is now a crazy week since i remembered i’m travelling home

well, not that i remembered just realized it’s so close …

…what happened to that feeling we had as children

when Christmas couldn’t come fast enough?…

… here i go deliriously rambling once again

i really don’t mean to string you along ….

      “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” – William Shakespeare

If you have not yet caught on to the punny clues, today’s giveaway has a lil’ sumthin-sumthin to do with my addiction to lush, beautfiul yarn.  A last-minute decision when i was foraging through the jungle I call my brain for a relatively simple but still somehow inspiring post & giveaway.

The expedition through my thoughts wasn’t going rather well. Scavenger that I am, I still find it difficult to navigate my own mind. Probably because it is shamefully tangled with weeds, random flowers and just chock full of roadblocks. That’s not even mentioning the dust & cobwebs.The insides of my head are a dangerously murky sort of place. At any moment one could get hit with any number of absurd thoughts and be led down yet another winding path. Sometimes though – lightning strikes, and things come to a brief halt.

I turned that proverbial corner and remembered seeing this project online.

Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

When that lightning bolt struck? Instantly I knew – OMIGOSH! I have it! I have today’s giveaway. I said to myself:Self, show the readers how to do these. Surely there must be a few who have the materials lying around and who need a last minute gift or two themselves.

But why stop there? I don’t just want to show you these simple beauties. I want to create my version of them for you. I cannot resist leaving them quite that simple (unless that’s the way the recipients prefer them). I will give them a bit of my own craetive magic, and create some tomorrow. Since I have been wanting so very badly to spend more time creating – AND I’ve had an itch for doing ornaments in particular – especially ones I can fit into this crazy schedule — I shall make a few for my readers. Simplifying the giveaway, solved.

“I’ve always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I’ll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life.” -Karen Allen 

Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

Since I gave my mind a workout already today, I can’t quite recall how many bulbs I have left up in my studio. I know there is at least 2. Possibly more. I’m bursting merely at the thought! I’d run up and see, but ya know.. I prolly wouldn’t return and all this would be for nothing.

I’d like to giveaway 6 – but am only promising 2 for now, since I know I can deliver those. If I do have more, I shall create more and as such – giveaway more. But for some reason, I am thinking I may have freecycled them. Hmmm…

Oh! To enter to win a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Chrystified yarn ornament –somewhat similar to those seen above  just do the following:

 If this poll thingy below works – answer it. Your answers decide the fate.

 Then Proceed:

  • On this post in the comments -Share a link, or an idea for last minute gifts – holiday, or year round and/or name your first born after me.
  • Really, I got nuthin else to ask tonight folks – me = fried.
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0 Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Check out the newly posted – second batch of winners! Is it you?

 Chrysti – don’t think the irony of yawn vs. yarn has escaped me for a moment tonight! How did this still take me over an hour to do? Sheesh!

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  1. Oh my…what a “yarn” you told! Since I didn’t know you in time to name my firstborn after you, I’ll name my first masterpiece after you! As soon as learn to make one!

    Get some sleep, Girl! ;) zzzzzzzzz

  2. Well, I’d love to name my first born after you…but I’m almost 55 1/2…..probly not happenin’ sorry.( I knew I forgot to do something.) However, when summer time comes and the lavender is in bloom ( sheeze…those folks in Australia can do this) you can make lavender wands….here is last summer’s post and some basic instructions along with a link to the original…..ahhh…I remember summer. It’s 21 degrees in St.Louis this evening. With a smattering of snow. lovin’ your give aways, thanks!

  3. I don’t have any great last minute gift ideas, except gift cards.
    Last year I made plum jam in the summer and dried my own herbs, so I made baskets- threw in some biscuit mix and other things. They were a hit with my family.

    Chrysti- I know how you feel realizing travel time is coming fast. I am leaving Saturday for Florida (for 10 days) and it just hit me this morning that I need to do something with my mail while I am gone. Then I thought- with no central heat, how do I keep my pipes from freezing? Things to add to my TO DO lists. Thanks for making the effort to post, I look forward to seeing the latest post.

  4. I love these ornaments. Well a last minute holiday gift idea. I’m a movie person, so I’ll always ask people what their fav movie is. Then try to get it for them if they don’t have it. You’ll be surprised at movies people love but never get for themselves. This can also go for music and books as well.

  5. Ok. So here is my great last minute gift idea. Scrapbooks! Now don’t freak! I made one tonight to give away tomorrow. Nothing to it, except your time and talent! A few years ago, I made an 8×8 scrapbook that I really kind of liked. Now, I just use that particular book as a “template” and copy the layouts using different stickers and embellishments. This month, I have made 4 Christmas books for school teachers, 1 Christmas book for the piano teacher, 1 Disney Princess for a little girl, 1 for a friend who hired me, and I have 2 extra ones just in case! The beauty is that everyone will really be getting the “same” scrapbook; just with different papers! Easy enough that I could now probably do them in my sleep! Oh, where do I find the time, you might ask? After the kids are in bed, of course! (And I only buy supplies on sale for 40% or more at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby!!)

    Thanks, Chrysti!!

  6. here’s a quick last minute gift idea – make a pretty no sew ribbon necklace for someone girly :)

  7. These are awesome, I used to make ornaments every year but haven’t for the past 3. You inspired me to start again.

  8. a quick last minute gift idea: baked good – fudge is my favorite around the holidays, and put them in a large fancy coffee/tea mug and wrap it up with lots of ribbons to look pretty!! they will think of you fondly when they curl up with a hot cup f tea.

  9. Here is a link to a very quick and fun tutorial on making scrap fabric ornaments:

    Otherwise I’m bringing a special Thai sky lantern to my parents for Xmas this year. Each member of our family will draw and write their Xmas- and Newyear-wishes on it (it’s made from rice-paper) and then we can all together let it fly away….
    here is a link to the balloon:
    That should be fun!

    BTW I dont think a can rename my son Christy… Sorry…

  10. Well my baby days are over :-) so what sort of gift ?
    What about an altered clipboard? That could be good…

    I love these baubles they are so refreshingly beautiful in their simplicity, what a great idea!

  11. I have loads and loads, but not enough time to go dig out the plans and books, but I found this site:

  12. My favorite last minute gift is an ornament… out of my huge box of ornaments of which only a few ever make it onto my own Christmas tree. Thanks to everyone for the cool ideas!

  13. love the ornaments. I am making card boxes and including homemade cards for last minute gifts.

  14. I have a stash of paper maiche ornaments that I work on here and there all year long. As I finish, I put them in a basket, and then…when I need one, I pull it out!
    As for the first born, he’s 32, happily married, and probably isn’t up for a name change!

  15. These ornaments are beatiful !! what a good idea !!

  16. For last minute gifts I always head to the kitchen stove: fudge, florentines (wonderfully festive), or good old fashioned brandy snaps (they look great tied in a bundle with red ribbon and presented in a clear top box)

    UK Recipe for Brandy snaps follows, US converters are on your own, sorry!

    * 45g/1.5oz butter
    * 45g/1.5oz caster sugar
    * 2 tbsp golden syrup
    * 45g/1.5oz plain flour
    * half tsp ground ginger
    * 1 tsp brandy
    * A little lemon zest

    Preheat oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4. Grease two baking trays. In a saucepan place butter, sugar and syrup. Heat until the mixture has turned runny and is well mixed. Sift flour and ginger before adding to your mixture, along with the brandy and lemon zest.

    Dollop on to the baking trays. Bake for five minutes until the snaps have started to turn a darker brown. Remove by rolling on to wooden spoon handles. Leave until they start to set. Remove spoon handles with care. Cool on a rack.

    “Hampers” are good too, especially when themed, and can be put together quickly and inexpensively if needed. How about a mulled wine hamper? Decorate a suitable box and pack it out with shredded paper or whatever. Add a cheapish bottle of red wine (no sense in ruining a perfectly good wine, is there?) Citrus fruits as required… Decorate artistically with ribbon-tied bundles of cinnamon sticks, dried orange rings, and other suitable spices. Write the recipe nicely on some pretty paper. Maybe add something nice to nibble with the drink. Label with love, and give.

  17. Ok, well I have two gift ideas that I would like to share, but they are probably not for everyone.

    First idea: Georgian Eye Portrait Miniature

    Have one of your eyes painted or drawn and put in a locket or brooch. You can give it to your lover as a connection between the two of you OR you can give it to a female friend of yours to symbolize womanhood and friendship.

    Here is a link to where the idea comes from. Read down further because the link is actually for an eye brooch that was for sale, but the story behind it is further down.

    Second idea: Autograph an awesome picture of yourself and give that as a gift. It is funny and the person will always remember it! I have done it in the past. It got a great laugh.


  18. You weave a fine yarn there, Chrysti ! The ornaments you shared are so cute ! Thanks so much for giving even when you feel fried !

    An idea for last minute gifts ? I made a one-bowl brownie recipe found on the box of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate squares (,1913,149185-226201,00.html) and substituted crushed candy canes for the nuts. The recipe was so fast and simple ! Once cooled, I cut them into squares (only ate a couple ! ;-)) then put them in a clear “candy” bag ties with six or seven bright ribbons.

    If you have more time, you could always paint some rocks ! I made some little bags same as above with 15 or so of my Rock My World rocks for some of my friends and family and keep some on hand for those “Yikes, I need a gift for him/her !!!” moments. Spreading the love is always a great gift !

    Above all, how about a last minute gift to ourselves ???? Let’s do it only if it feels good to do it ! Not because we have to but because we want to.

    Deep breath, everyone… peace !

  19. The last minute gifts from me this year are altered dominoes. I am sending my Mom one with a magnet on the back to hang on her refrigerator, and I am going to try to make a couple to hang on the Christmas tree.

  20. Beautiful ornaments, Chrysti! My firstborn is now 32, so a bit late on that one, BUT…I received a beautiful gift last night that was so neat from a student. The mom had taken a decorative plastic bowl …filled it with a Christmasy potpourri blend..then placed a tin of sugar cookies, a cup with cocoa packets, and a small mason jar of soup mix…It looked so good and so festive!!! The smell was superb!! Simple, yet, I always think about wrapping…which I don’t like wrapping!! Merry Christmas!

  21. My favourite last minute gifts are personalised journals. These are very cheap to make as you can purchase a cheap journal or notebook and then add pictures to the cover and inside pages. They are great with little quotes or sayings added to some of the pages. Look at or for ideas to write in the journal. It creates a personal item that your friends can add to and cherish.

  22. Girl, I’m tired just listening to you! My hugs and positive energy are on the way. Wait…what’s that you say? You just want the energy? And maybe someone to do some of the (not fun) parts of your day? Well, I can send my energy…but I have enough of the (not fun) parts to take care of. My heart and thoughts are with you. ;)

    Easy ornaments – I don’t have a tutorial – or even a link (and they call me the Queen??) – but I thought about posting one. And you’ve inspired me to do just that. Some time. Soon. Maybe. lol

    Clear ornaments
    Polymer clay scraps- orange, black, white
    Clear seed beads
    Clear acetate
    Permanent marker or printer

    (This is the hardest part) Make template – on acetate – of circle that will fit into ornament and stand up inside (the acetate should fill the ornament from top to bottom)
    * Using marker (or printer), write “Official (state) Snowman Christmas 2008” on the acetate
    * Fill bottom of ornament with clear beads (doesn’t take many)
    * Using clay: Make a small carrot out of the orange, a top hat with the black, and 2 eyes with the black and white (all should be small – and I also used red and white to make tiny little scarves that looked like they’d been tied to go around a neck)
    * Bake clay according to manufacturers directions
    * Stick one carrot, 2 eyes and one hat in the ornament
    * Use small piece of ribbon to “cover” the top hole of the ornament, leaving room for the prongs of the ornament top to go back on (or stick them thru the ribbon, which is what I did) If you don’t follow this step, when the ornaments tip all the beads will spill. Spill = BIG MESS. (Trust me)
    * Tie ribbon around ornament neck. Make bow or just leave knotted and frayed

    Makes cute little ornaments – and it looks like little melted snowmen inside. :)

    Katherine :)

  23. great ornaments! My last minutes gifts are handmade Xmas cards or felt ornaments.
    link to share:

  24. An Idea…….. well if you are lucky enough to have woods near you something we did when i was a child ( a long time ago ) we would collect the little red winter berries with stem and leaves and put them in small jars with a little moss (wet the moss) then put a piece of plastic wrap on top of the jar opening with a piece of xmas fabric and tie with a ribbion. enjoy!
    Robin krieger

  25. I will name my next pet after you.
    My first, and only born, is 33 and he would probably object a little if I asked him to change his name now.

  26. One of my favorite things to give is an arted up journal. I find journals at places like HomeGoods or TJMaxx, then art up the covers with collage goodies. Sometimes I make a matching bookmark. Here is one I made recently:

    I love the ornament idea!!!

  27. Well I can’t name my firstborn after you, he’s getting married the 23rd-eeks! But I will change the iguanna’s name from ‘Mark’ to Chrysti if you insist:-) We don’t even know if he is a boy or a girl-lol!
    If in a pinch for a last minute gift, a cute coffee mug with ‘Snowman Soup’ is cute. Add a hot cocoa pack, a candy cane, some marshmallows and Hershey kisses and pop it into a holiday cello bag and voila!
    I did a slightly different take on these ornaments with my students the year I taught art. We took thin strips of pretty scrapbook papers and rolled them onto toothpicks, released them into the balls and they unwind some. Very easy and cool looking.

  28. First born huh? LOL!! He is 40 now with 5 kids of his own. I am pretty sure he wants to keep his name now.
    As for holiday gift….how about something for the punch bowl. Take one quart of egg nog; one 2-litre bottle of ginger ale; one 1/2 gallon of ice cream; one cup of bourbon and nutmeg. Put in egg nog, then the ginger ale; float the ice cream on top after you add the one cup of bourbon. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Yummy! Great to make for a party…the ice cream will melt down and makes the yummiest party drink. hiccup!!’

  29. These wonderful clear glass (or plastic) ornaments were created just for the artist in everyone.

    I like to put bits of pot pourri along with colorful beads or feathers, in them and tie a ribbon (embellished if you like) at the neck. Instant giftie.

    One year as gifts for members of my family I printed their old childhood photos on transparencies, cut them to fit to stand up inside, then inserted them in the ornaments and embellished the neck with wintage ribbon. My sister-in-law cried when she saw hers…she was so touched. Those moments make the effort worth it don’t they?

  30. My back for everything is always:

    I mean, c’mon…. Penny’s has everything!

  31. Love the ornaments – I’ve made them with ribbon bits as well as at a make-and-take at a local rubber stamp store that (sadly) closed many years ago. And some of the ideas that have been posted by commenters are fabulous!
    My firstborn is 15, and I don’t think he’d take to kindly to being called Chrysti – sorry! ;-)

  32. Another wonderful idea! We all have so many goodies in our stashes – yarm , fabric, buttons — the list goes on and on. This is a fabulous way to bring it to light and allow us to really enjoy their beauty. I sure wish I had thought of it first! But I still hope to win one of your beauties.

  33. So sorry, can’t rename my boys at this point. They’re 25 & 23 and I don’t think they’d appreciate it AND I have had my tubes tied in pretty little bow and I’m not undoin’ it – even for you!!
    I just made the cutest and cheap and easy little gifties and you can see them on my ‘blob’ at . Sorry I don’t know how to do the direct link so you will have to scroll down a couple of entries to find them. Simply made from dollar store L-shaped picture frames and some post-it notes.

  34. wow, love the simplicity and beauty of those ornaments! it just goes to show that sometimes creativity doesn’t have to be so complicated! :) well, the first thing for an easy, last minute gift that popped into my head was really anything and everything sold over at etsy! i thought i was going to hand make all my own gifts this year, but i just didn’t get on the ball soon enough. oh well. others will profit from my lack of foresight! ;) anyway, who doesn’t love fun, cute, funky soap? check out: soapy love
    or a newly discovered fave: love lee soap

    OR go to your favorite craft store, pick up a soap making kit and have your gifties made in a day! you can add scents, sparkles, flowers…it’s a lot of fun!

  35. Since I am a planner, a last minute gift means grabbing something that I have made already.

    Things I can currently grab: home made biscotti, cookies & hot cocoa mix, recipe cards I made with my graphics program, knitted & felted hot pads, knitted hats and fingerless gloves & mixed media ATC’s or cards.

    Of course they are still things I have to finish on my list:)
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not ALL ready!

  36. We made batches of apple butter and canned them – so those are my last minute gifts. I also make ornaments on my embroidery machine, which also make great little last minute gifts. And my first (and only) born will be 27 next month, so I don’t think he’d like to have his name changed! LOL!!

  37. I’m afraid that the one name/one ornament choice would kill you in postage! Ack!

    I made ornaments similar to these using Perfect Pigments from Luminarte USA at . I was going to stock up on blank ornaments again this year, but Michael’s has already sold out – they put them on clearance last week, instead of waiting until after Christmas. Oh! The inhumanity!


  38. I usually have a stash of things on hand if I need last-minute gifts – small beauty supplies/candles/bath salts or gel or cute ornaments for the ladies and food gifts for the guys – hot chocolate mix in a mug, tins filled with cookies, etc.

    As for the first-born, I don’t know if that will ever happen. How about if I promise to name my next pet after you instead? :)


  39. Martha Stewart has some really purty ornaments and other stuff to make that are surprisingly easy to do! I am loving her right now!!


  40. Make a gift card for the person:
    a gift of a dinner
    a gift of an evening out ( I do the babysitting)
    ahouse plant I tie with a red ribbon
    hyacinth bulbs resting in water start these in time for the green growth to be showing
    for children: art supplies like crayons, paper, stickers,markers

  41. cool ornies
    last minute gift? def home baked cookies
    always have them on hand
    and i do cheat
    i buy them frozen-toll house cookies-they taste like you did them youself and for me they taste better than anything i could bake
    not a domestic gene in my body

  42. I’ll name my next necklace creation after you. Here is a great gift for artistic types – I went to Harbor Freight – yes, the tool store and saw some great glass coasters in a black holder – they had a holder where you could put photos and they’s show through the coaster – so I did some Zentangles on watercolor paper with my fine black Sharpie – and I gave them to a dear friend for the holidays. She loved the drawings and she could put her own art in them if she wanted.

  43. ok, my typing leaves a lot to be desired – it’s not “they’s” I’ll take a picture of the necklace.

  44. Hi Chrysti!
    I love your ornament idea. I’ll try combining this idea with one that I tried last week. I bought some clear glass ornaments and a friend suggested that I try applying the Adirondack alcohol inks to them with a blending fluid, and I loved the lovely stained glass effect. The Christmas lights still shine through them on the tree, but other lights catch the subtle metallic effects of the copper ink I put on top. When I have a little more time, I am going to add an image with Staz-on ink, and then finish off with glitter, etc.

    I also love reading the other contributions of ideas for last-minute gifts! I’ll have to create a list and refer to it in the future. These would work for almost any occassion!

    And Chrysti,…. you need to indulge in a “cat-nap” and preserve your energy! Where would we be without you?!!!!

    Enjoy the beauty of all that is Christmas!
    Creatively yours,


    PS. Here’s a link to my blog. I have a picture of my ornament there on Dec. 17th’s entry. (I hope it works! I’m not much of a techie!)

  45. My gift ideas have already been said…I keep a look out all year for those fancy tea cups, coffee mugs, wee sugar bowls, milk jugs and even wine glasses or goblets…they look wonderful with jelly beans or other lollies popped inside and tied with a ribbon, or whip up a batch of fudge to put inside them. Always well received, and this year I’ve been able to attach home made charms and beads to the handles or stems
    Love the ornament idea….
    and thanks for all the inspiration

  46. I made a last minute present for my mom (because I though I didn’t have enough presents for her). So, I updated an old wooden frame with decoupage technique and print out a picture of me and my mom and wrapped it nicely:)))

  47. I made seven bottle of coffee liquor for family presents and hand delivered them to Ohio, I am from Ca only to find out I forgot to add the vanilla bean. It was awful. I was quite entertained by the event and my family was too.

  48. For last minutes gifts I like to run into a small boutique and pick out something really unique. You can always find tons of great stuff.

  49. sweet AND salty. I have this simple and yummy recipe for chocolate covered potato chips:

    they are the best, even though they sound weird.

  50. please ignore my last post, I had two pages up at the same time and got the wrong one. oops and sorry. :(

  51. I love it whenyou ramble on!! it makes me feel normal since my mind works the same way!!
    my way to reuse what I have this year is making notecards with one on my extra “inchies” in the bottom right corner and giving them as gifts. reuse what you have!!

  52. i am totally feeling your fried-ness… i am so there!

    i really like the “thirfty gifty” stuff cosmo cricket is doing on their blog… check it out:

  53. sorry- too late to name my first born after you and I had all boys anyway.

    This year, I made “snowman kits’ for all my friends with young children. My oldest son cut wood and then I painted it -carrot noses, circle eyes, square buttons, little pipes and cut fleece scarve. Just add snow…. Put all the pieces in a cute box and add a short poem- very cute! But it wasn’t very “last minute”.

  54. I scooped up about 10 cute decorative cardboard boxes at a local dollar store for $0.50 each. Fill them with cookies or wrapped candies; or small painted canvases (2.5 ” x 3.5″). Top with a ribbon, tag, and candy cane.

  55. Not one to toot my own horn but I managed to make two dozen handmade ornaments in just a few hours… I used a Sizzix die to cut the chipboard stars, glued on pre-printed papers, sanded, inked, attached eyelets, printed words, cut out ladies, glued it all down, tied on strings, and then I was done! I think they turned out pretty cute and my friends seem to all love them:
    Best of all, they’re FLAT so I could mail them right along with my Christmas cards =)

    (no kids yet but if I am ever so blessed, I’ll keep your name in mind)

  56. I know it’s probably totally tacky to promote my own junk, but I seriously do think it makes a totally awesome last-minute gift:

    Oh, and although my firstborn is already names, Chrysti, I’ll gladly name my next pet after you. ;)


    this site has some great last minute ideas for making ornaments… I have made a few of the Victorian Cones!

    too late for me to name my first born this lifetime… I will try and remember next time….

  58. I am making these recycled record bowls for my teenage daughter and her best friends.

    I am going to cover the record label with papers to match their bedrooms. They seen these on craftster and went bonkers over them.

    My 5 year old and I are going to cut out Christmas shapes from brown paper bags and and glue them closed after we fill them with a little fiberfil. Then paint them and apply some antiqueing medium to them for our tree. A very kid-friendly project. :)

  59. Here’s a link to all sorts of last-minute homemade gifts for you to consider, some of which could be appropriate for any time of year …

    Sorry, Chrysti – my first born has already been named … and I have yet to be blessed with a 2nd …. and I’m getting kinda old …. but it IS a nice name …. my grandparents (bless them!) called my Christy when I was growing up. ;)

    Hugs and happy holidays!

  60. We are all over stretched at this time of the year. But we need to remember “people are are more important than things…so just share your love, and let the rest go.

    Share a link, or an idea for last minute gift… Make a big batch of caramel corn and share it with everyone…they will love it and it takes little time to make.

    “name your first born after me”…I would but I am toooooo old to have any more children. You were named after “the firstborn” so Mary and Joseph have already honored you.

  61. I love this idea,

    That blog has a bunch of fun tween/teen easy handmade gift ideas other then that as well!

  62. […] Day 0 &  Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12 & Day 13 & Day […]

  63. Last minute gift: I buy sale items throughout the year, put them in my hall closet and then when I need a last minute gift—there it is!

    or go buy a gift card

    or make homemade apple walnut bread or molasses cookies

  64. At
    you’ll find all kinds of great ideas for ‘green’ gift wrapping

  65. Quick Praline Pecans:
    from….you toast the pecans, mix with about 1/4 cup of cream and some brown sugar…spread it out so it dries…package it nicely and voila! a lovely yummy treat…

    SALTY and SWEET: like pretzels dipped in Nutella….the ultimate (especially at special times of the month for a woman!)

  66. During the year stock up on gifts that are perfect for each member of the family is a good tip but what I usually wind up doing is buying fair trade items or goods from non- profits like housing works, unicef or serrv closer to christmas time.

  67. My every-single-year handmade gift is stamped notecards and post-its. One year I didn’t give my niece her post-its and she complained for months until I whipped up a batch and gifted her with them! This year I got a monogram stamp set so you know what I’m doing!

  68. I adore your ornaments Chrysti and they are great for a last minute gift.

    My favorite last minute is very similar to yours as I use the clear ornaments. What I do is print a beautiful Christmas picture or for family I print a picture of them on a transparancy small enough to fit inside the ornament. You print the picture out then cut it into an oval shape, not to tall, then roll it up and put it inside the ornament. Because it’s a transparancy you can see the picture from any side. You can adjust the photo with anything that will fit inside the top of the ornament.

    You can also use these for Halloween, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Easter or just about any special day you can think of. Take those special photos and make them an ornament to hang on your Christmas Tree.

  69. this question about last minute is quite simple for me but really not sure if it would help others ;) I could 1) look in a container in the basement, hi up on a shelf, that says “gifts” on the label 2) look through my WIPs for something that could be simple to complete if I could only get my bu** in gear 3) go through all the projects I thought to try to sell or did try to sell on etsy or elsewhere 4) go through my stash(es) and find something I can part with or happened to have purchased two of, just because

  70. I’m not bringing much to mind. About the only thing I can think of is doing the composition book journals using a gift bag as the main covering and colored duct tape to cover the spine. Also can use scrapbook paper. This was not my idea. I originally saw it at here
    You will also find a lot of great instructions and ideas there generously shared by Lisa Vollrath.

    I have used this technique to alter the cover of a calendar/organizer for my dd who was in college. It was given to her by the department she worked in and she wanted a cuter, more customized look. For that I used scrapbook paper and a cute owl from a vintage greeting card. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic of it before sending it on it’s way.

  71. last minute gift…cookies! Everybody loves them, easy to do at the last minute (best to do at the last minute).

  72. Well, I have already had my first born and last for that matter. So that won’t happen.

    As for a last minute gift idea, especially if funds are tight… make a coupon book. This is what my brother is getting! Mostly because he always buys what he wants and is soooo hard to shop for. You can include: babysitting, car wash, nice home cooked meal, free art lesson, etc.

    I read some where that posting on this blog in the comments brings more readers to your blog. I don’t know what it is about this womans blog that generates hits, but couldn’t hurt to share and try it!

    Happy Holidays!

  73. i am totally fried too. ..just finished and sent off 5 icicle angels for my sisters. whew….and i have not even begun to MAKE my Christmas cards, let alone mail em. everything I make turns out NOT simple. even if it really is. I don’tthink my sons would be happy with the name Christi. Why don’t you name a kid after me. Try CONCETTA! what a mouthful…..

  74. I love making baked goods as last minute presents. Pumpkin bread with a jar of apple butter from the cupboard, a plate of cookies, or even a bag of hot cocoa mix with marshmellows tucked in a mug. Everything is insta-presentized with a pretty ribbon.

  75. Its been a busy time but i,m back ! my first born is now 52 so way before you was born !

    I made some baubles last Christmas with round white polystarineballs scoring all round then tucking fabric in,nice xmassy material then wrapping gold thread round ,heres the link–?cq=1&tag=baublesforxmas

    Not sure if you will be able to view it though !

  76. An easy last minute gift for a crafty friend is to make up a kit with leftovers from your Christmas cards. I make up 5 designs every year and I have the components left over from several years. I can kit up enough to make 5-10 cards. The receiver can make last minute cards or gift tags this year or save it to make beautiful cards NEXT year! This would also work for crafty kids and teens because most of the work is done and they get to put it together!

  77. My first born is Quincy, I think her name is pretty close to Chrysti, don’t you? I will pretend it is Chrysti, if you will send everyone a Christmas goodie! She is 13, and loves art, and she even said she would Be a Chrysti for a day if it would help. LOL

  78. “Alexander Chysti” has a nice yawn to it! My firstborn son would not go along with Chrysti for a 1st name, but will have it for his middle name if we promise him Santa will be leaving a Nintendo DS under the tree…consider it done (for a yarn ornament by THE FABULOUS CHRYSTI!) ~ : )

  79. Make a YoYo Brooch and attach it to the top of your gift package with ribbon or fabric tie. Besides wearing it, it could be pinned on a stocking, a purse, the visor in your car, or like me. I have it pinned in the center toward the top of one of my valances in the stairway! You can do so much with a pretty brooch!

    hugs, Ellen

  80. […] 13-  Click Here to read all about it Prize: A OOAK Chrystified Fancy Fiber Bulb Ornament! – Winners tell me if you […]

  81. you know I absolutely love pretty yard and buy it all the time and it just sits around so I can look at it since I have no talent for sewing, knitting or anything else like that so I was so glad to see these ornaments!
    I can’t wait until next year to make some they are very lovely and would show off some of my pretty yarn.
    Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

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