Day 14/29 Days of Giving is…

… Is there not one person out there whom I can convince to name their first born after me?

{sigh} I’m a tad disappointed in you all…

… who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity

to rename their 30 sumthin year old son with my name…


alright!  i’m over it.

….despite no single artistic souls out there gifting their child with my name

it brings me hope to know there may be animals….

….jewelery collections and the like bestowed with the lovely name of chrysti

my mom would appreciate it if i reverted back to how she spells it …

…. {christy} in case you didn’t know

these ramblings don’t at all tie in to today’s giveaway…

… so ya know, feel free to just tune them out

i’m used to it….

…. there are men in my life afterall

and we all know what good listeners they make….

…. okay, that’s unfair

some men are incredible listeners…

…and some are simply incredible to listen to

AHA! Oooooo! A tie in! {applause}

Okay ladies (and probably under a handful of male readers out there) … have you met the amazing Jon Troast? If you haven’t, pull yourself out from under that rock you are hiding beneath and get with it! Ok, that was just my not-so-nice way of stating – read on!

Last August, I had the remarkably good fortune of instructing at the first ever ZNE convenZioNE .. an amazing celebration of creativity that I am ever so grateful I was a part of. Throughout the event – we were blessed to have a talented, and very brave musician in residence – Mr. Jon Troast. Why so brave you ask? Well, consider this for a moment: an event dominated with women… and a lone male singer. You be the judge!

Photo by Chrysti

Jon Troast at the ZNE Convenzione : Photo by Chrysti

At any rate – Jon was among the people that kinda got to me while thouroughly impressing me. Have you ever met one of those folks that are obviously comfortable in their own skin, and have that all-around-aura-of-authentic-positivity? It’s contagious. It’s inspiring. You are left wanting.. well, more. Love that. He was not only performing but jumping in whenever we needed a helping hand, laughing, and he was – what I think was the absolute perfect companion to the event.

Photo by Chrysti

Jon Troast at Bella Galleria : Photo by Chrysti

Music & art simply go hand in hand. I believe creativity flows freely from one to the other in this glorious, endless circle … one constantly feeding the other. Have you ever sat back and just allowed yourself to create to different types of music? Given yourself permission to play – to let the music guide you?  I have these  oh-so-powerful-step-back-and-gasp-in-utter-delight-moments when I see how classical music changes my paint strokes subconsciously, or how the really hard, angsty music I was once so drawn to pours this personally haunting darkness into a piece – and when it’s music with lyrics that speak to my soul – I create pieces that show ‘me’ at my rawest, most vulnerable form. Give it a try, Mix it up. See what happens within your own creations.

Photo by Chrysti

Jon Troast at the Convenzione : Photo by Chrysti

Describing music has never been my strong-suit. If I like it, i like it. If I don’t, I don’t. I’m not one to really classify anything.. which might be why I’m so drawn to Jon’s music. It’s a blend of styles – that somehow, become unique to him. It’s evident his own, true voice and experiences lie within his work. All I know, is since I had the privilege of listening to him up close & personal …. he has made his way to each of my playlists – especially, when I’m creating. A couple of his songs, one in particular, would make the short list if I ever create the soundtrack to my life. Powerful isn’t it?

I asked Jon to take part in my 29 days of giving project, not even really expecting an answer … so imagine just HOW friggin’  thrilled I was when he signed on – not only for a giveaway, but an interview as well! Lucky, lucky us! After reading his interview, I’m now torn on what it is I enjoy most about him – his music, or his attitude! Bravo Jon…. come see for yourself.

Jon Troast at Bella Galleria: Photo by Chrysti

(ya know the drill by now dontcha? questions are mine, the answers are jon’s)

Now that I have posted your photos, I better just get this out of the way.. my readers are largely female and it’s just inevitable I’ll be asked: Are you single?

Yes, I am single.

I have to just jump right in with your $100 house tours. I was fascinated by this when we met, and I think my readers will be too. Can you tell us a bit about them?

 Sure. Basically, for $100, I play a one hour concert in your living room.

You can invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Just as long as they’re willing to listen. I came up with the idea because I want to play for people who are listening. What better way to get them to listen than to play in their living room!? Many times, I stay with the host, but housing is not a required part of the deal. I’ve played close to 150 house concerts in the last year or so, from Maine to California to Canada. It’s been a blast, and a great way to do some sight seeing!!

I bet you have seen some amazing parts of the country as a result of this tour.. any personal favorites so far? Anywhere you have yet to go, that you’d like to?

I’ve actually recently written a song about not picking favorites because I like each one for different reasons. I did just get back from a West Coast tour, and it was beautiful, so it may be moving up in the rankings, but I haven’t decided on any favorites.

I haven’t been to Alaska or Hawaii yet. Those are two places in the US I’d still like to go. I think I’ll have to work out a deal that if they pay to get me there, I’ll play for free!

You can sing, you play an amazing guitar – but what I am drawn to most are your lyrics. I feel some sort of connection to them, and often recognize glimpses of myself, and emotions within them. Songwriting is no easy task, can you tell us a bit about your creative process, and how you overcome ‘blocks’ of your own?

I don’t think I’m going to unlock any magic secrets here, but for me, the creative process in songwriting works best when I have times of meaningful interaction mixed with time and space to write. The inspiration comes from…well, life, I guess. But in order to process it, and write creatively I need a little isolation and time to think. I usually talk about empathy with songwriting, because I think it’s a huge part of writing songs that people can relate to. If you’re aware of what they’re going through, you can write in ways that emphasize that shared experience/emotion.

As far as “blocks”, as long as I give myself time and space to write, I haven’t had trouble with that. Sure, sometimes I’m not very productive, but there’s really no quota for how many songs I need to write.

Wedding Ring is among my favorite songs that you have put out, perhaps because I am adopted. Where did the inspiration for this song come from and is it a true story?

“Well love makes money seem so poor
Wasn’t any way they could afford
To give that girl a single thing
So my mother sold her wedding ring

You sparkle more than any diamond
I wouldn’t trade you for the world
What are your dreams now go and find them
My wedding ring”

– Jon Troast, Wedding Ring lyrics

True story. I have 4 adopted siblings. The song is about one of my sisters who was adopted from Bangladesh. In order to pay for the adoption, my mom sold her diamond ring. Awesome!

This is where I’d ask you to serenade me if this was an in person interview. Let’s just have a moment of silence while I remember how amazing you were live; actually i’ll insert another you tube video.

Lyrics to that tune can be seen here.

Random questions just thrill me; so here’s one for you: How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?

Well, I held a contest on my email list asking “What number am I thinking of between 1 and 100?”, and the most common answer I got was 33. It was not correct for that contest, so maybe it’ll work here. I’m saying 33.

It’s so cliché to ask this, but I’m doing it anyway … What are some of the bands/tunes on your own playlist currently?

I try to listen to as much variety as possible. Here are a few of the more recent selections: Coldplay, Ingrid Michaelson, the soundtrack from “The Mission”, and an old gospel music cd a friend gave me.

Music and helping artists move furniture around on retreats aside, what are some of your favorite things/activities to indulge in?

That about sums it up! Hmmm…a few more- exercising(recently, swimming), reading, socializing, cooking…maybe)

There has GOT to be at least one good embarrassing moment on your house tours, or funny story you can share with us! Let’s have it.

Well, I’ve forgotten the words to a song a couple of times. My phone rang in the middle of a concert. I sang a song I wrote called “Living Room Tour”, which has a line that says “I fell in love with your daughter”. I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that the folks I was playing for had a daughter. She was 12. Her dad threatened me. She was probably more embarrassed than me though.

One other thing that really struck me when we met, is this radiant glow you seem to have. It’s one I typically recognize in people who have lived long lives, an internal peace.. that acceptance and happiness so few seem to find. What’s your secret to a happy life?

For me, it’s knowing I’m in the hands of a loving God. Getting to know Him more every day. Knowing there’s nothing I can do that will make Him love me any less. It takes a lot of the pressure off!

It’s tradition here, for the guest to ask my readers a question to be answered to be eligible for a prize. What would you like my readers to answer today? It can be as serious or as whacky as you’d like.

I’m assuming the question doesn’t have to be about me. If it does, how about something like “What color shoes does Jon wear?”

If it can be anything, how about “Which raisins taste better, Sunmaid or Dole?” The answer would be “Dole”.

jontroast_aperson_150 jontroast_withtofrom_150 jontroast_second_150

Isn’t he ab-so-friggin-lutly delightful folks? It’s one of those traits that makes his already good music – even better. Amazing how that works.

…. Darn it! Why didn’t I ask him if I could design his next CD cover… maybe next time…{sigh}.

So yeah, back to the giveaway! Jon didn’t just donate one CD today – he donated 3! Count ’em .. 1.. 2.. 3! Initially I was going to give them as a set – however I am feeling particularly generous today myself and will draw names so that 3 of you shall be gifted with an incredible CD of his!

Even you have his CD’s enter – You can gift it to someone else, through here or in person. Just let me know whom you want it to go to!

ALL of you have the opportunity to download one of his CD’s – free of charge. Click here, and if you choose to sign up for his mailing list – you may download his CD Second Story – at no charge! I love when everyone can be gifted.

To tune into today’s giveaway and have your chance at one of the 3 Cd’s ..

  • On this post in the comments answer one of Jon’s questions: “What color shoes does Jon wear?” and/or “Which raisins taste better, Sunmaid or Dole?”  – Extra Credit if you plead with Jon for me to have a shot at designing one of his CD covers someday.
  • Orrrr… You could also let us know how music affects/influences  your creativity and work.
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0 Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12 & Day 13
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Check out  second batch of winners! Is it you?
  • Visit Jon’s site where his blog, store and other goodies are!

67 Responses

  1. Hmm…he seems like the black Chuck Taylor converse type to me. I definitely think he should let you design his next CD cover! His music is great!

  2. Wow~ hard questions… I’m guessing Jon wears brown shoes. I like any & all raisins… And Jon, you should definitely invite Chrysti to design a CD cover!

    Music keeps me sane (well, as sane as possible, anyway), whether I’m working at the office, creating for fun, or whatever else I’m doing. Thanks, Chrysti, for introducing us to another fantastic artist!

  3. Hmmm….does he wear red shoes?

  4. WOW I love Jon Troast! I had the honor of driving Jon to and from a couple of venues at the ZNE Convenzione. He was so kind, and read the mapquest directions so nicely. And I have all three of his cds which sit next to the cd player, so I can play them at will. In addition to Jon, I have currently discovered Erin Bode, she is a St. Louis Jazz vocalist. and I discovered ( well I didn’t discover them…but you know) Straight- No Chaser acappella holiday cd. ( Well maybe they all discovered me….)

    I think Jon wears sandals while in sunny CA, but I bet he wears brown boots when in the upper midwest, especially this week! As far as raisins go….a raisin is a raisin is a raisin.

    And Jon, surely you NEED to have Chrysti design your next CD cover. Imagine a masculine mixed media collage in subtle browns and blues. perhaps with a feel of denim and wood. it would go platiumn in a heart beat. Your music and chrysti’s art, it’s a sure bet in my book.

  5. Awesome interview! I was fortunate enough to hear John play live at Convenzione this year and it was a treat! He played the Wedding Ring song and the story behind it is just wonderful and touching. I find music to be an integral part of creating. When I write or paint or journal or play, it’s just a nice way to set the mood, to get into that trance like state or creative flow. I just can’t imagine my creative life (or life itself!) without the beauty and power of music.

  6. “What color shoes does Jon wear?” I am going to say brown, and sometimes charcoal…

    “Which raisins taste better, Sunmaid or Dole?” I usually bake with them, and I was raised on sunmaid. (I’m one of the “older folk” on here)…we asked if single, do we know how old Jon is??….I have 2 daughters/musicians/musically inclined. LOL

    I haven’t purchased any new CDs in at least 8 years…so something new would be greatly appreciated. :)

    – Extra Credit if you plead with Jon for me to have a shot at designing one of his CD covers someday.

    JON, please consider Christi and/or some of her artistic friends to collaborate on a CD cover for you!!!

  7. I’m just taking a wild stab here…I’ll bet John wears red shoes! ;)

    Wow, that second song made me cry! I love the words! I think I’ll go download some music now…

  8. Okay . . . if I had to pick something wild and wonderful . . . I would say that Jon wears BLuE sUedE sHoeS???

    Dole or Sunkist? Well, it’s all in the name . . . it’s freezing here, so I am going with Sun-kissed!!

    Oh, and Chrysti should design a cover for you! LOL

    Music has the ability to transport you to a different place and time. It has the power to take you to that deeper level . . . that “zone”. I NEED music to help me get there, actually. Ahhh . . . it’s so good to be in the zone . . .


  9. Thanks for introducing Jon to us!!!

    Raisins… DOLE

    If he wears the same shoes as he does in the videos then RED!!!!

    OF COURSE the only person who should design Jon’s next cover is the one and ONLY CHRYSTI!!!!

    Again Thanks for all the giving and inspiring me to do my own giving I am in day 14 of my giving!!!!

  10. I LOVE learning about new artists and am planning to download some of Jon’s music!

    I love “red shoes”, and it seems so does Jon!
    And raisin’s…… DOLE is his preference apparently!

    And Chrysti, definitely should be considered to create one of your record albums Jon!!!

    Thanks for sharing one of your favourite artists in the music field. I always have inspiring music on when I’m creating, and I live to discover new singer-song writers that inspire my creativity!

  11. Red shoes. sunmaid, Chrysti should design next cd cover she is so artistic and awesome. Music to do art by always.
    Brenda Moss

  12. Shoes: Orange (My second guess would have been blue to match those amazing eyes!)

    Raisins: I make my own now and LOVE them. But I used to buy Dole.

    Music: I love all kinds of music. Great music speaks volumes to the soul.

    You really should consider an artist collaborative with Krysti and her friends for your cover art. Maybe you could make it a voting contest on your website. It could draw tons of new listeners. *hint hint*


  13. I like sunmaid better
    robin krieger

  14. Red Hightop shoes…… know, the ones that cover your ankle……basketball shoes


  15. Charcoal.



  16. Shoes : Blue ?

    Raisins : Dole

    Album cover : Please please please ask the omni-talented Chrysti (or Christi as her mother writes) to design your next album cover. You won’t regret it !

    Music is the soundtrack of our lives !;-)

  17. i like the first video. he does indeed give off good vibes!
    i’m going to take your question and say that personally, i couldn’t live without music. well, maybe i could live without elevator music, but i digress… i have always attached feelings, events, emotions to songs. i like the idea of having a soundtrack to my life.

  18. Jon seems to me a brown-shoe wearing guy… natural, down-to-earth, easygoing…

    Obviously Jon believes Dole raisins taste best but, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever had anything other than Sunmaid… hmm… raisins are always good – hard to think that either could disappoint.

    Oh, and Jon definitely needs to let you decorate his next CD cover… I mean, seriously, just look at your work and imagine how fabulous the results would be! I’m willing to bet that Jon will be begging you on bended knee to do this for him… in fact, he’ll probably write a song dedicated just to you so that he can serenade you with his request =)

    You know, I have many art friends who have to listen to music when they are arting… I admit that I usually have the TV on… I love movies but never go to the theater and what better time to catch up on the ones I missed than spending a few hours at the art table with a great movie on? Well, that’s just me. HOWEVER, I am greatly influenced by music – I feel like my life has a soundtrack – and I love to learn lyrics and ponder the poetry of them. Often, a song has really touched me and led me to a new artistic idea.

    # On this post in the comments answer one of Jon’s questions: “What color shoes does Jon wear?” and/or “Which raisins taste better, Sunmaid or Dole?” – Extra Credit if you plead with Jon for me to have a shot at designing one of his CD covers someday.
    # Orrrr… You could also let us know how music affects/influences your creativity and work.

  19. Dang~ Now I see he’s wearing RED shoes! Fantastic music!

  20. red shoes in the video
    please, please let Chrysti design an album cover.
    p.s. I am now calling Erich “Chrys” for a while to see how he takes it. I’ll work up to the “ti” part gradually. All of this is just to make Chrysti happy.
    Happy days,

  21. How music affects my work. When I listen to it, I am so much more creative – my mind just flies with the melodies.

    It also helps me get thru repetitive work, and there is a lot of that in quilting.

    Sadly, I am not a raisins fan – unless they are the dancing raisins from that ad years ago. *S*

  22. What color shoes does Jon wear?”
    RED! Definitely Red!

    “Which raisins taste better, Sunmaid or Dole?”
    Dole, yes Jon is right, Dole.

    Extra Credit if you plead with Jon for me to have a shot at designing one of his CD covers someday.
    Oh, Jon, if you don’t have Chrysti do one of your covers you are missing out, because she is AWESOME…And she would not charge you an arm and a leg either. (there Chrysti, is that good enough to convince him?)

    let us know how music affects/influences your creativity and work. … I like lots of different kinds of music..but mostly easy listening. It depends on the mood…ie, when I am sad I like to listen to Reba and Celine, when I am happy I like catchy country tunes. If I am working on a happy piece then I want to hear happy tunes, if I am working on a more serious piece I like classical or deep music. Lately I have been making Christmas gifts and listening to lots of Christmas music.

  23. I am going to go with black shoes. And I prefer Sunmaid raisins – actually I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted Dole.

    I think you would be a great person for him to hire to design his next CD cover.

  24. Here’s a great house concert resource for those of you interested in this vital, amazing, and growing trend.



  25. Thanks for sharing! I am very interested in hearing his music. He sounds like a delightful individual!

  26. sunmaid are the best raisins girl!!

  27. Music opens that “other” place for me!! Intriguing lyrics are a plus!!
    In a blizzard Sunkist for me too!!
    I would think he wears brown boots of some kind. Though I see in his video they are red. Who knew!!
    Jon, Chrysti would be a fabulous designer of your newest album cover.

  28. In the video they’re red anyway, just like his hair! I ♥ red shoes, I think I’ve got three pairs at least, but all of them are summer shoes! :-)

  29. Which brand of raisins are best? DOLE ! ~(like the Cutie-hunk-‘o-Man said).
    Thanks for getting me out from under that rock.

  30. I’m going to guess, Jon wears blue shoes. Hey, I tried. I enjoyed the interview. The 100 dollar house show is genius!! You get to do your craft, make money and meet people. I’m now going to download some of his music. Love his voice.

  31. Blue shoes – to match his incredible blue eyes of course! I’m not a huge fan of raisins and only buy them from the bulk store, so they’re no-name.
    And…of course you should design his new cd cover!!
    As for music…there’s not too much I don’t like, other than rap and hip hop (altho there are some good hip hop pieces out there). My absolute favourite band is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra…who cares if they play Christmas music – I listen to them all year!!

  32. Well, they sure looked red to me! Great music!!

  33. Are those blue eyes for real? Wowza!:P

    Loved what I heard from Jon, and think it is amazing that he and you are sharing so much.

    Are red shoes a sort of trademark?


  34. Jon’s shoes are black, of course!
    Raisins… I never eat the US brands… Here in the Netherlands we eat Zonnatura (sun-nature), there gooood.

    And music is very important to me. Music can change my mood and helps me to get in touch with myself. And that’s exatcly the reason why I love to put on music while creating.

  35. well, its not really fair since i’ve had jon play in my OWN living room, but its the red rebocks’s people! he wears them every time! and jon says “dole”, but i would have to say that Craisins are by far better than any kind of raisin… and if you have ever tried dried cherries, they are the BEST OMG… put them in your oatmeal raisin cookies instead of the raisins and you’ll never go back!

    honestly, we have the JT cd’s on my ipod and i listen to him daily. music influences my life on a daily basis and punctuates so much for me!

    happy holidays chrysti!

    big love!

  36. Oh, baby! I just downloaded the CD Second Story and it is totally awesome! I listen to my iPod whenever I do artwork, and this is going right into my iPod as soon as I’m done typing this!!!

    Thanks for the link…I think he has a band new fan!!!

  37. PS…He doesn’t wear shoes…he wears red Reeboks!

  38. Red shoes.
    I don’t like raisins. Chocolate chips are great, though!
    Chrysti should definitely design a CD cover for Jon.
    I love to listen to music while I create. What I listen to depends on what I am working on.

    Chrysti, I can’t name my son after you, but maybe my cat. Her name is T.C. for “the cat”, but it could stand for “terrific Chrysti”!

  39. I JUST found out about Jon Troast very recently through the lovely Julee Herrmann of HeArt Collective and I am hooked! Just last I wouldn’t have known this but now, thanks to good ‘ol Julee, I can answer: John wears Red Reebocks. And he should DEFINITELY have you design his next album cover. I guarantee he would not only NOT be disappointed, but he’d be THRILLED with the final product! xoxo Serena

  40. I prefer whatever raisins are free! Free food is always better than that which you have to pay for :)

  41. Red shoes, red shoes, red shoes! And Jon, you would really be missing out on something great if you didn’t let Christi design your next CD cover !!! Really!

    Thank you for introducing us to Jon Christi…..his music is great.

  42. i guess i will have to go with red shoes after watching the video. and I like the golden raisins- not sure what brand they are though. I like music when I create and I agree with you Chrysti- it influences what you make.

  43. Fun post! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist.

    I noticed Jon wearing red shoes on the one video.
    He would be wise to ask you to design an album cover. Truly.

    I need to listen to music more often when I work. Way too often the tv is on in the background. I usually block it out when I get into “the zone”, but it can intrude, too.

  44. WOW! I love to hear about new artists and “stumbling” onto such a great one in such a great way is fantastic!

    I’d say red shoes….. but I’m sure on occasion there are other colored shoes, because people who like colored shoes usually don’t stop at a single color!

    I like sun-kissed, but I think that’s just because that what I grew up on…..

    :) Another inspiring amazing interview! Well done!

  45. […]  Enter Day 0 &  Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12 & Day 13 & Day 14 […]

  46. Well, in the video, he’s wearing red shoes (is that cheating?). And I definitely think he should have you design his next cover!

  47. Raisins…definitely Thompson’s organic
    Who wants bug spray on their raisins

  48. I would really like the praying two sheet but as usual I am lost and can’t figure out how to get it. Will this work?

  49. Red shoes, personally I prefer Sunmaid. And I agree with the other commenters – he should have you design the art for his next album cover!
    Thanks for the introduction to such a wonderful musician!

  50. It sounds like the shoe answer IS red!
    Awesome interview, and YES, Chrysti needs to design the next album cover! As for raisins, Sunmaid golden are my favorites.
    Going to go and listen to Jon’s music now…

  51. Jon wears blue shoes. I’m sure of it.


  52. Red shoes in the video. Definitely Dole – even my 5 yr old can taste the diference ;)
    Enjoyed the music videos – If I made a CD , I’d beg Chrysti to do a cover!!! Just look at all the Chrysti fan’s here who’d be drawn to the artwork

  53. This is just so cool! I have looked and looked through Jon’s site. Love it!! Downloading now.

  54. Sunmaid taste much better than dole.

  55. Jon must be a red shoe kinda guy….and as to the raisins…Dole would be my pick. Chrysti’s a great talent …. she’d design an awesome CD cover! Denise

  56. red shoes. definitely.
    can’t say about the raisins. they absolutely are not something I can eat.
    fabulous music. fabulous addition to ZNE Convenzione

    I’d love to be chosen but will certainly check about downloads

    Merry Christmas

  57. In the video he’s wearing red sneakers. As for the raisins, I don’t think Dole raisins are sold around here, so I don’t think I could answer that question fairly.

  58. Sunmaid. Hands down. Remember being a kid and taking raisins to school in your lunch box? And they were like a two-for-one…after you ate the raisins, you could fold the tiny little box to make a whistle. They were so fun!

  59. Sunmaid, all the way. The name says it all.

  60. red shoes
    definitely let you design a cover

  61. This is too funny! About a year & 1/2 ago, we had the pleasure of seeing Jon Troast at an outdoor concert held at The Flying Pig ( one of my absolute favorite places to be. A very intimate setting with maybe a couple dozen of us attending, perfect! And we fell in love with Jon, his red sneakers, and of course his music. I blogged about him way back then, gave out his links, and several of my blog readers picked up on it and ended up being lucky enough to have him for one of his $100 tour concerts. From then on, I kept seeing him pop up on blogs, and finding everyone liked him as much as we did. I’m so glad I was a part of getting his name out there-now if I could just get him to come back here and do a $100 tour for us:)

  62. I too had the pleasure of hearing Jon perform at the ZNE ConvenZioNE in 2008. Even with my hearing loss, I was still able to enjoying his music. He really does play an amazing guitar!

    Because of my hearing loss, I tend to sick to sounds I know. With new songs, I have to sit and read the words while listening to it a few times first.

    If I remember correctly Jon wore sandals at the ConvenZioNE, but Red shoes in the video.

    As for Raisins, ick! Never have liked them.

    Dear Jon Troast,
    I would like to personally recommend Chrysti to create your next CD cover, as we both know she is an AMAZING artist and can truely capture the spirit of your music.

    Hope that works!!!

    Artful Blessings and Happy Holidays!

  63. sunmaid sun maid sunmaid!

  64. eep, I’m probably too late, but thanks for alerting my attention to a fabulous new artist! I love having music playing in the background when I work, mostly because it pulls me away from my surroundings and lets me enter into another state of mind where my perception narrows to only what I’m working on (be it writing or art).

    I picture him wearing blue shoes for whatever reason… and unfortunately don’t like raisins (unless they’re baked in cookies, and then I just use the generic brand because I’m cheap :) ).

  65. They’re red! But, blue would look great with his eyes!
    The man said “Dole” but I was raised on sunmaid.
    Cool music!

  66. […] 14- Click Here to read all about it Prize: 3 people will each win 1 Jon Troast CD Purchase one by clicking here […]

  67. I,m to late to but just downloading his CD cant wait to hear !
    You reminded me of the first job interview i had with my fine art publishers,I was doubtful that i could fulfil the commission, the director said,go home put on some light classical music, pick up your brush and paint !
    It worked !and i never looked back.

    Happy Christmas everyone !

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