Day 15/29 Days of Giving is…

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I’m keeping it short & simple tonight folks! Have a few small orders to get packed & shipped out and a laundry list of to-do’s that need tackling before I go home for the holidays.

As a quick FYI and almost shameless plug, it’s the last 24 hours to order from my store and have it shipped before I leave… I haven’t advertised yet that I am basically going out of business – so grab what you want now, before I promote it – more will be added as time permits too. If you do make an order tonight/tomorrow I’ll also email you another collage sheet from here upon request. Just sweetening the pot!I’m in the process of converting all the collage sheets I formerly sold (before my 2 good printers passed on to wherever it is printers go when they die)… to be sold as my line of print-your-own digital collage sheets .. anyway …. while working on this tonight I thought what a simple giveaway that EVERYONE can receive! Love that.

My cat is so cute when she snores. Yeah, I know – nothin’ to do with this. Just sayin’!

I’m giving you a plethora of choices, so pick your favorite by name and let me know what it is in the comments section – be sure to use a valid email address or you won’t receive it! You will also need the free Adobe Reader to open these.

I’m only sending these out until Sunday – so act fast if you want one!

Pick any collage sheet from this set of mine on flickr EXCEPT the Inching Along series. Sorry, it’s not eligible.

Let’s recap:
  • On this post in the comments section – let me know which collage sheet you want. Nothin’ else tonight – since I’m taking the easy road, I’m letting you take it too! But feel free to share if you’d like!
  • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008 – emails & comments received after that, will not be honored.
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12 & Day 13 & Day 14
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Check out  second batch of winners! Is it you?
  •       “One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” -unknown

    You can also check out the free vintage images & textures I have on flickr for you – I’m gonna be moving most of them off there in the upcoming months so keep that in mind and snatch ’em while ya can!

    Warmly, Chrysti

    136 Responses

    1. Oh my Chrysti…there’s too many beautiful ones to choose from and I have to admit I love them all. However, if I am choosing one I think it would have to be ‘Doggone It’ because there’s a dog on there that looks like mine.
      p.s….you ought to compile a book using all the wonderful sayings and your insightful posts. I’m sure it would sell wonderfully well.

    2. I’d like “Passion for purple” please :) Thanks so much for this…you are a doll!

      Please contact me….I really want to know how long I have til shopping is NO longer at the altered Abbey…I love so much, but I am w/o an income, and I might be able to get someone to gift me LOL ( beatrix potter stuff for one thing)


    3. Wowza! Too much eye candy… very hard decision because all of them are wonderful but I think my most fave is “Baby Love.” Thank you so very much =)

    4. PS…I love the dog and cat ones also…so since i can only get one I went for neither as to not slight the animals LOL

    5. hi….I’m loving doggone it -3 … are soooo cool

      are you opening a new store?

      thanks so much

    6. what do you mean your going out of business!?

      oh, women with wings!

    7. The dogs, of course!
      But the hats really have me. Did women actually wear those things?
      Merry Christmas!
      Celebrate early – and celebrate often.

    8. I’d love Blissfully Blue 2.

      Thanks, Chrysti!

    9. What a lovely offer – I’d love to have Feather In Your Hat 3. Thanks so much.

    10. Love the caged birds 3 :) Thank you for the great offer and enjoy your trip home for the holidays!

    11. This is really a tough one, but I think I will choose Gone to the Birds 4.

      Thank you so much!!

    12. You are so generous! I choose “Brimming Beauties” as my very favorite. They’re all lovely! Thank you!

    13. I would like the women with wings. Thank you so much Chrysti.

    14. You call this easy?You have way too many beautiful images!!!I love each and every one!!!Choosing one is very difficult Chrysti-but I have chosen”Now I Pray5″…Now I’m off to your flickr page to grab some more goodies!!!
      Thank You!

    15. on December 19, 2008 at 1:27:AM Marula
      You are so generous! I choose “Brimming Beauties” as my very favorite. They’re all lovely! Thank you!

      Do we need to write our email addresses into our comments? If so:

      Thanks again!

    16. You are just to Good !, All of the collections are so WONDERFUL !. I am torn!, BUT !, passion for purple is the one that I typed in. If need be, I would happy with anything that you would thinking of at the time that you send them, either the passion for purple, Women with Wings, or any of the dogs with more adults, . Surprise me if you wish, and , I do want you to know that your generosity, efforts, talented, and fabulously gifted self are so appreciated!, and by so many !. You definitely have put so much of yourself into all that you do that only goodness seems to emanate from this very page ! I wish you all the best of everything !, And…Happy Holiday ! , Email as above, OR, if, it isn’t above for some reason or another, It is Thank you !, You warm my heart, and soul!, Sharon

    17. Ooh! They are ALL so beautiful…sorry to hear you`re going out of business, but when one door closes, another one opens :) I`d LOVE “passion For Purple 2” in B & W, please. Thank you for your generousity…

    18. I had a super hard time choosing. What torture! Finally I have decided on Women with Wings…I think…

      I’m commited.

      Thanks SO much Krysti! You are awesome!

    19. I love the Women with Wings,,,,my favorite! Why because I love wings, faeries, angels and winged things…wings wings wings…and the purple pink ones look cool too.

    20. Thank you so much, you generous Soul you ! You must be feeling the love filtering round back to you with all the loving giving you have been doing ! Such a great thing this putting the love out there, isn’t it ?

      I would love to have the “Gone to the birds” collage sheet – there is one image in particular that kind of grabbed me and I can see the journal page already !

      Thanks again, Chrysti !
      Much love !

    21. women with wings would be my choice and great for my art journal entries thanks for such a kind offer

    22. Wow, what a generous offer! They are all so wonderful, but my favorite has to be Caged Birds. Thank you!

    23. Dear Chrysti, I love the Greentasitc sheet.Thanks so much for offering them. Merry Christmas! Sally

    24. i love babylove;) hahaha… too cute!

    25. These are beautiful, Chrysti. Selling them as digital downloads is a great idea. Being in the UK it saves on postage – LOL. I love the ones with the animals. Horsin’ Around 2 is my choice of favourite. I hope things are not bad enough that you really are going out of business. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things pick up.

    26. Hard to pick only one, they all have so much potential :o) I’d love the CATpanion sheet.

      Thanks for being so generous.

    27. Thank os much Christy. I would love to have toddlerific. Thank you for your generousity.
      Have a Merry christmas.

    28. How generous of you, Chysti! I’d love to have Gone to the birds 3.

    29. Dog gone it 4, please & thank you.
      Merry, merry Christmas, Chrysti!
      Happy days,

    30. Chrysti,

      You are so generous! Thank you – I hope you are receiving as much love as you are giving out!

      I’d love to have the Inching Along sheet. Hard choice – they’re all beautiful!


    31. Well – whoops! I, of course, pick the one sheet that’s not eligible. *sigh… Could I have the Women with Wings sheet instead? :)


    32. Picking just one is like having just one lay potato chip. But I guess “Horsin around” is my favorite right now.

      thanks so much for being so giving.

    33. Hi Chrysti,
      I am so glad that your sheets are going to be as down loads. Yea! I love digi downloads. Please I would love sheet “Gone to the Birds” and thank you so much.

    34. This is very generous of you! So hard to choose but Gone to Birds 2 is my choice. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    35. Wow Chrysti! Your generosity amazes me!
      I would have to choose……Blissfully Blue!

    36. If there are any left, I’d take any of them – they’re all beautiful.

    37. What a generous offer. I love them all…hard to choose but I settled on Blissfully Blue – 2 as I just can’t resist that sweet little face. Thanks so much.

    38. Blissfully Blue 2 please and thank you. xoxoxo


    39. Blissfully Blue 2 please and thank you. xoxoxo

    40. What a super give-away!! Thank you Chrysti!! I would like any of the Bird ones. They are all terrific…so you choose. You have a wonderful Christmas dear one.

    41. Already spending too much time admiring your collage sheets. I haven’t taken nearly enough time to get acquainted with all your marvelous stuff.

      Thanks for sending GONE TO THE BIRDS 5.

      Merry Christmas & thanks again.

    42. Hi there-we are enjoying(?) a winter wonderland in the northwest. Id love to have your toddlerific 3. Sorry to hear about your business but there is probably a real opportunity right around the corner that needed this door to close for the new one to open.

    43. Thanks Chrysti – a great giveaway! I would like Gone to the Birds 4. Thank you so much!

    44. Love th ecollage sheets! Great giveaway! My choice is Toddlerific 3.

    45. My favourite is “Gone to the Birds 3” – great sheet!

    46. Thank you for your generosity! I would love “Gone to the Birds 3”. Thank you! Terry

    47. Beautiful! I really like the women in hats # 3!

      I have a “thing” about hats and have kept many of my mother’s, grandmothers and great-grandmother’s.

      Once, for my birthday, I threw a real tea party with tiered dishes of mini scones, mini muffins, pudding tarts and petit’ fours. And real tea in real tea cups poured out of real tea pots, just like the Brits do it.

      Then I placed the hat collection around the room and encouraged everyone to wear them:)

    48. I really like the sheet “Inching Along (the colored one)”. It is so cool! I can’t even start to imagine all of the fun stuff I could make with it!

    49. Hi Chrysti- it’s evident you are having fun with all this giving-your posts are full of energy! I loved your interview with Jon. If you’re really e-giving away a collage sheet, I would just like to be surprised. Hope our Cheldoll is okay. Happy Holidays!


    50. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Toddlerific 2 is my fav!

    51. I love women w/ wings … or anything RED!
      Merry New Year!!!!!!!!!

    52. Chrysti- I love the DOggone It sheet- always about the dogs! Thanks-nancy

    53. What a wonderful gift. May your holidays be merry!
      The vintage bird sheet would be great or anything.
      Thank you.

    54. I love them all!!! But I really love the caged birds 3….I’ve never seen images with that subject matter before! Thank you sooo much!.
      michele :)

    55. Sheesh … you don’t make things easy, do you?! I guess my choice would be Gone to the Birds 5. Thank you for such a generous offer.


    56. What a great gift. Thank you for your kindness.
      I would like Gone to the Birds 2.

    57. Chrysti – Not sure why but I am drawn to Brimming Beauties 2.

      I wish I could remember to check here daily. I just get caught up in life.

      I nominated your blog for an award. Hopefully, more people will come and visit. You can see more at

    58. Why do you give us such difficult choices?!! One of these days you’re gonna want to know if we get our Philly cheesesteaks “wit whizz” or wit-out whizz”.

      I am so crazy right now but I come to your blog every day to see what you have to say. The give always are wonderful but absolutely secondary to the content.

      That being said, since I do have to choose just one, it has to be women with wings.

      May you have a safe and fun journey home!

    59. I would like ” women with wings ” . thanks so much !
      robin krieger

    60. Oh, you are SO generous! Horsing Around 2 is perfect for a gift I’m making for a young woman who loves horses. Thank you so much!


    61. I like the women with wings 2. thanx for being so kind and generous it’s so much appreciated.
      joan in italy

    62. Had to look and look before I could narrow it down to one.

      I’d like blissfully in prayer 2


    63. You canNOT be serious! How in the world can someone pick ONE? I love them alllllllll!!!!

      Lets see. All the Doggone its all the women with wings, brimming beauties, feather in your hat, i could go on and on and on and on….

      How about….Women with Wings :-)

    64. On my blog, I encourage what readers I have to check you out and visit your store. I have been a fan for many years. Perhaps you recognize my name or not. Doesn’t matter. I still love you.

    65. “Brimming Beauties 2” are my favorite, but it was difficult to pick one!


    66. These are fantastic!! Thank you sooo much for this wonderful early christmas present!! :D I have picked a fav….The Ravishing reds 2! Just gorgeous! Thanks again!! Jade

    67. Crysti- can I change my mind….i just seen toddlerific!! This is the fav for me!! :D Thanks! Jade

    68. Hi Chrysti, finally figured out how to get here..pathetic aren’t I. Thanks for the clip art and keep up the good work! Have a great Holiday and hope you don’t run into any of the snowstorms!! Janice

    69. Wow What great clip art. It was a hard decision–but I chose Gone to the Birds 3.

    70. Love all the collage sheets, but my favorites would have to be Doggone It, or Caged Birds 2. Just have a passion for animals, what can I say!?

    71. Thanks for this chance to win a collage sheet! I love the Horsin Around 2 set…that photo of the kids on the horse just makes me laugh!

    72. Sorry to hear you are going out of business, Chrysti…… With your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, I’ll wager you will find a new venue soon!

      I love Caged Birds….thanks for your generosity.


    73. I would love “Women With Wings.” Thanks Chrysti – you rock!

    74. Hi Chrysti, Thanks for being so generous! I would like any one of the “Now I pray” sheets. Have a great Christmas!
      Lucy Gilbert

    75. My favorite sheet was one I bought from you about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago and I need another one–Horsin’ Around (the first one). Thanks for your generousity.

    76. Hi Chrysti, I can’t find where to email you, I’d like the Catpanions or 2 or 3, whichever is easiest for you. Is this how I do it? THANK YOU
      cc that one you have to verify

    77. you are so sweet!
      gosh, it was VERY difficult to pick one, but i did – after looking over and over! LOL
      THIS I PRAY 2
      so sweet, those pictures.

      thank you!!

    78. Thank you so much. I would like Women with Wings. They are all outstanding but I like that one the best. Thank you again, Cindy Whiddon

    79. Wow, such neat pictures. I thought I had it narrowed down, but wow… too many good ones! I like This I Pray 5 B & W and also the Blissfully Blue 2. Couldn’t choose which I liked best!

    80. This is fabulous! Wow, was that tough to choose. I’ll stick with Caged Birds -3. Thanks so much for your generous gift!


    81. What a generous offer…as are all of your giveaways.

      The images are all thought provoking, but I like ‘Gone to the birds’ the best.

      Wishing you joy (you give so much of that) and peace this holiday season…


    82. Chrysti,
      How generous of you! I would love Blissfully Blue 2.
      Thank you so much!

    83. Aww – You are the single most generous person I’ve ever [not] met. For some reason your blog hates me – I’ve been trying to post for over 2 hours, but it wouldn’t let me. We’ll see if it’s different this time. I also can’t get your album to load. I can see the main pic, but no individual ones. Flick’r just sits there and says “loading”. It’s odd because I’m not having that issue with anyone else on Flick’r. That doesn’t mean you’re sick of me, does it??

      I’m incredibly grateful for your sweet gift – thank you. Since I am unable to see any of them close up, will you please just send me your favorite? And if you don’t have one, women, wings & hats are always good. :) But really, it doesn’t matter as I will be honored to have any of them. :)

      queenkatherine (at) gmail (dot) com

    84. ohh thank you so much…I would love to have going to the birds 4. Have a safe and wonderful time during your holday visit. peace on Earth

    85. Wow, what a generous offering. I love the Passion for Purple in black and white

      Thanks so much and hope you have a great holiday!

    86. Hi, Chrysti~
      I like best the dog sheet. If there were a similar one with cats, it would also be my favorite. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    87. hi chrysti
      too many beauties to choose from i do love ‘women with wings’ tho :)
      thank you so very much for your kindness
      have a safe trip
      and a merry christmas :)

    88. Catpanions are my favorites, although it was a hard choice.

      mypapermoon512 at aol dot com

    89. caged birds 3 is my favorite along with the cats and dogs too. Thank you so much!!!

    90. I am sorry to hear that you are going out of business, but you are so generous to do this. I would like the
      Caged Birds 2


      Sorry I forgot my email for the caged birds 2

    92. Hi! Thanks so much. I would love to have the

      winged women, it is beautiful.:


    93. How kind you are!
      I love the women with wings..
      THank you!

    94. Id love Inching Along B & W. Thanks so much. Merry Christmas! Mel

    95. My sister alerted me to your site and I would like to have “Toddlerific” if it’s not too late?


    96. How sweet of you to offer this. May I request the gorgeous “women with wings”
      Be safe

    97. Oh, my, closing a business is sad, but I hope it opens a new opportunity for you.
      I’d love to have Gone to the Birds-3
      Thanks and have a creative day,

    98. You are so generous. How long until we won’t be able to buy your sheets? There are a few I really want to get.
      For my free one, I’d like Passion for Purple 2. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

    99. cat-panions of course
      thanks so much

    100. I have so many of your collage sheets and STILL it’s tough to pick 1 from the sheets I don’t have! Hmmm….
      I don’t have anything like that one.

      Great gift…thanks SO much!

    101. I choose, ravishing reds
      Thanks for your generousity. Have a wonderful holiday.

    102. After staring at all the choices for half an hour, I need to just pick one already! So I pick This I Pray 5. Phew! Such hard work! =)

    103. I would like any of the Toddler or Brimming Beauties.
      Thanks for the fabulous Giveaways Chrysti! Have a safe trip.
      Happy Holidays and Artful Blessings!

    104. Hey Chrysti, Thanks for even more generosity!! I would love to have “Gone to the Birds 5” !! Thanks!–Gina Lighton

    105. Um…um…um…what to chose, what to chose?
      I love them all…what about toddlerific3…or should it be now I pray5? ohhh I can’t decide…OK what would I use most? um um OK toddlerific5 the wee guy with the gun and his toys is just too cute.
      thank you so much, what a lovely gift. Merry Christmas Corrine

    106. What a most generous Christmas gift!
      I would love to have the Cat-panions-2 sheet.
      I have a daughter who is just wild about cats, and could make her some altered goodies with some images of sweet girls with kittens.
      Thanks for offereing such a lovely gift.

    107. Cat-panions, please! Thank you so much.

    108. Hope that when one door closes another opens!

      Thanks for the offer, I love “women with wings”.

    109. SO hard to choose. I think Blissfully Blue.
      thank you kind Chrysti.



    110. I agree with most everyone else~it it very hard to choose…& I’m not very techie, so I don’t know if I can do this, but I love Toddlerific! Thank you! I’m going to have to figure out how to get the free vintage images you hve on Flickr, too~ great stuff!

    111. Hi Christy,
      I love the Women and their Dogs sheet…. I am sorry to see you’re leaving – I have LOVED your textures and your art in general – I hope we’ll still see you from time to time!
      Be well!

    112. I didn’t see if there was day 16, just more posts leading back to 15, so I am guessing we were invited to do one a day?…if I am correct…Dog gone it…if I am not correct please disregard LOL

      Happy Saturday night! :)

    113. Hi Chrysti-
      I would love Blissfully Blue 2!
      Thank you very much!!!!

    114. I hope you feel better Chrysti.
      Brenda Moss

    115. What a wonderful Christmas present – thank you Chrysti. I would like to have one of your Cat-panions.

    116. Love doggone it 4~how generous of you-merry christmas!

    117. Thanks for your generous offer. I would love to have Women With Wings-2. Merry Christmas, Chrysti!

    118. Thank you for the wonderful gift!
      I would like the Dog Gone It sheet. Thank you.
      Merry Christmas!!!

    119. Thank you for being so giving during this holiday season you are so kind!
      I love the cute little sheet called Toddlerific 2.
      May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    120. Chrysti~these are just BeAuTiFuL!!! You do sucha a lovely job.

      I love the red ones. Either would be totally appreciated!!!

    121. Caged Bird 5 or Cat panions 2.

      I am sorry to read you are going out of business. It is very sweet that you are offering you wonderful collages for free! Thank you. hugs, Ellen

    122. Lovely sheets…I’ll definitely be back for more once you’re selling them digitally! I’d love Women with Wings, please.

      Merry Christmas!

    123. I think I’d like Women With Wings, such a hard choice!

    124. Chrysti would you look at how many comments you have on here…the word is spreading about your blog my friend – wonderful collection of pictures. you are a star x

    125. Oh Oh, Chrysti… Am I still in time??? Here in Europe it’s not yet midnight, 10 more minutes. But I am always confused whether it;s earlier or later overthere, far away, over the seas….

      If I am in time, i would love to receive ‘This I pray 5 B&W’.

      You are awesome giving all this away (even when i am too late, yes really!).

      XO, Marion

    126. I would like cat-panions

      Thanks and Merry Christmas

    127. These sheets are really great thanks. I would like
      Passion for Purple 2 in B & W


    128. wow, chrysti, thank you! you are so generous! it was so difficult to choose just 1…they are all so exquisite! “women with wings” really caught my creative heart, though. ;) thank you and happy holidays to you!!

    129. May I please have the blue #2 sheet? thanks.

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    131. Hi, Christy. I am partial to Doggone It #4.

      Thanks very much!


    132. I am in love with the “this I pray” and “women with wings” – these are fabulous! There are soooo many good ones – how do you pick just one?

    133. Hey, Christy, it is 9:32 pm here in Houston area right now, so unless you are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, girl, your blog is set an hour ahead, just to let ya know…. :)

    134. […] 15- Click Here to read all about it Prize: 1 Digital Collage Sheet of mine Purchase one by clicking here to see if […]

    135. I’m so sorry that you’re going out of business.

      *Women with Wings* would be awesome.

    136. Wow, what choices!! It was hard to choose amongst the dogs but I finally decided on Dogs 4. I’ll be using them to make Digi-ATCs for the Dog Group here at Flickr.

      2.5 x 3.5 inch acrylic on paper

      Thanks so much,

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