And the fourth batch of winners are….

{Bad Chrysti….}

I feel just terrible that I have been ill, and the giveaways have been pushed aside the last few days. If it makes you feel any better, everything in my life has been set back a bit as well. I’m actually doing this post, before the stuff that pays me… though, that comes next! Has to!

It genuinely bothers me when I am pushing a deadline, or can’t meet an expectation I have set for myself (including the giveaways), or has been set for me. I am learning to not be quite as hard on myself, though I still have plenty of growth in that department. I think the difficulty lies in the fact my entire business – every aspect– shipping, web design, accounting, listing, copywriting, art, articles, photography, mentoring… to name a few … are all solely on my shoulders. Missing one day of ‘work’ is equivalent to someone with a ‘typical’ job missing 2-3 weeks. I hope to get to a point this year, when I can get some help. My head is always a crazy storm of ideas.. and I just need a bit more time, and yes… help .. to bring them all to life!

I think the remainder of the giveaways will be every other day, to allow me some time to get caught up and meet the plethora of deadlines I have at the end of this month, and into February. It’s a good compromise, and I on my ‘off’ days I can simply practice giving in another way. Win/win! I may just host a few extra giveaways as well … why stop at 29?

All the prizes have been shipped out to date – except for the bulb ornaments – as I need to order boxes to ship them in – super fragile!

Enough of my rambling today… I am sure you are anxious to see the winners!

Here’s the scoop:Winners need to contact me by January 27th, 2009 by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify them. I’ll need your mailing addies by then or else the beloved prize in question gets shipped off to the runner-up. And, just in case the runner up has a bad case of not-claiming-giftitis, then I will merely redraw a name. Someone, somewhere will want it badly enough -)  If you don’t truly want that day’s prize let me know, or pick someone to pass it on to.

Didn’t Win? Keep trying! Really, there are even more amazing prizes heading your way… and there may even be days where everyone – yes like every single person – who enters who will be a winner. How’s that do for something to look forward to? I thought you’d like it!

“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better” – Barbara Pletcher

Ok, the hard part — and also the kind of fun part — the prize recipients! Doesn’t that sound nicer? We’re all winners, even if the prize eludes us. 

Oh! In case you were curious; receipents are not-so-scientifically-selected using one of those handy generator thingies found online. Noone has found a way to bribe me yet. Not saying it can’t be done, but ya know — it’s gotta be a realllllllllllllllllllly good offer. An in with the technology gods would be great… felt foods, art supplies I don’t have… the list goes on…

Even though the drawings on these drawings are closed – I still think they are worth a read – especially the comments. Amazing discussion, laughs & communities have been forming. Join In! It’s a wondrous feeling! Start from Day 0 and work your way up!

Michele Beschen's Courage to Create with Paint DVD

Michele Beschen’s Courage to Create with Paint DVD 

Michele Beschen's Courage to Create with Jewelry DVD

Michele Beschen’s Courage to Create with Jewelry DVD 

YBNRML Leather Cuff Bracelet SIGNED by Michele!

YBNRML Leather Cuff Bracelet SIGNED by Michele! 

New Brunswick retro license plate belt buckle- SIGNED by Michele!

New Brunswick retro license plate belt buckle- SIGNED by Michele!

Day 16–  Click Here to read all about it !
Prizes:2 Michelle Beschen Courage to Create DVD’s, Signed Belt Buckle & Leather Cuff Bracelet!
Purchase your own by clicking the above photo links, or click here to visit Michele’s Store!
Prize Recipient : Arlene Mobley -claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up : Regina -claimed

Day 17–  Click Here to read all about it !
Prize: Prize:  a copy Mixed-Media Self Portraits (with my project signed )by Cate Coulacos Prato
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient : Connie Williams – Claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up : Letha – claimed


Day 18–  Click Here to read all about it !
Prize:  a copy Acts of Kindness: How to Create a Kindness Revolution
Purchase one by clicking here
Prize Recipient : MaryAnne – claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up : Janet Allen


Day 19–  Click Here to read all about it
Prize # 1: 10 Laser Printed Collage Sheets from my store (my choice) & 1 Color Digital Collage Sheet (winner’s choice except inching along)
Want a Free Color Digi Collage Sheet too? Donate at least $1.50 to help Save the Sawmill Strays  and I’ll send you a collage sheet of your choosingsee the blog entry  for more details. Donate now just by clicking here!


Prize # 2: a  HUGE!!!! Digital Scrapbooking Kit to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Pllleasseeee Purchase one by clicking here – such a touching story, and good cause.
Prize Recipient 1 (Collage Sheets): Corrinne – claimed
Prize Recipient 2 (Digital Kit): Pam Carriker -claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up 1:Lyneen -claimed
Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Susan G – claimed

And there ya have it… the fourth round of giftees! Recipients – Don’t forget to contact me  with your mailing address within by January 27th, 2009 – emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify you! Extra Credit if your email contains lots of OMG’s, squeals of rampant delight especially on the prizes that contained submissions of my own.
Still time to enter Day 0 & future giveaways!
Even though there’s no giveaway on this post  … I have enjoyed all our ‘talks’ in the comments, it’s actually been my favorite part of all this….  so if ya feel like chatting with me, why not play a lil game with me?
It’s easy – I promise!
Just finish this sentence

What if we ….

Check back on Friday for the next giveaway!







37 Responses

  1. Congratulations to all the winners of each fantastic giveaway!
    Peace & Love,

  2. …all could meet in Mexico right now and do nothing but create for the next month!
    I would be there in a heart beat! Can you tell I am tired of Ohio Snow!!???

    Thanks for all the giving!!

  3. Hi Chrysti,
    I see that I’m the runner-up for day 16.
    You must take care of yourself & I understand that it’s easier said than done. I used to sacrifice my health for work and I turned into a mess. Simplify where you can & your health will benefit.
    Saw your pages in the latest Somerset Images today. Fabulous!

  4. What if we…
    smiled at everyone we met.

    Take care of yourself, Chrysti!

  5. first off….get better soon, like you said, you are a one woman operation and you need to have your strength and health. I’m sure you will be able to get help soon on the assistant front, you are doing more and more every day it seems!

    What if we lived in the moment we are given rather than spending time chasing the day that is yet to be promised?

  6. congrats to all the prize recipients! :) chrysti, glad to hear you’re feeling better and taking time for yourself! that is most important! i have totally enjoyed reading all of the wonderful posts and comments. and the giveaways are icing on the cake!


  7. oh, and…

    what if we all took a moment each day to ask what we are most thankful and grateful for?


  8. …could create anything we could imagine?

  9. …all made someone new smile every day

  10. …spark a fire in the souls of others.

  11. What if we … all tried an experiment together: When you come across someone who is being downright rude or inconsiderate, try to smile at them, act sweetly, and then wish them a super day… and see what happens! It probably won’t make your experience with that person any more pleasant, but I bet it’ll make it a little better for those who follow =)

    PS… congrats to all the winners! (except for my bratty sister who has already won a fabulous prize and is now the runner up for another terrific giveaway… okay, just kidding, I’m happy for her – just totally jealous =)

  12. What if we all put our tiaras and feather boas on and did some major boogying to __________(insert your best dance song here – mine today is “She’s Like a Rainbow by the Rolling Stones)__________?

  13. Oh and Chrysti, I am so glad you are feeling better ! May the universe grant your wish to have more help to get all your fabulous jobs done !

    I had a thought – do you know any high school girls or college students who are arty, and looking for a mentor ? Cheap labor and yet think of the opportunity to learn for them – getting to see the traits and trials of a truly powerful and creative woman ? Apprenticeship for the next generation of talented women ?

    Just a thought !
    Thanks for all you do!
    Deep breath…
    exhale …

  14. Nice to “see” you again, Chrysti. Hope you are feeling much better.

  15. I got so excited when I saw that I had won a prize that I forgot to comment here!! First…feel better soon…look after YOU first and the rest will follow.

    To answer the question…’What if we’ ALL practiced the art of paying it forward and gave what we felt we could to the community at large (whether that be our local community or the cyber community). I think the world would be a much better place if we did that.

  16. You absolutley have to take care of yourself, we all need to share your wonderful spirit., and your giveaways!
    p.s. I really do hope you take care of yourself, and I’m sending good thoughts south to you.

  17. what if we …. had 48 hours in a day, imagine the possibilities

  18. I forgot to say that I am a Scrapbooker, but not digi, can I use this stuff anyway, is it in hard-copy printed form??

    By the way, you got some lovely snow photos…I love to take photos after big snow storms in my yard (5 acres–half is woods)…there is always something new, or a new way to see something old. :)

  19. URK… SNOW! It’s a cosmic note for you to stay inside, warm and toasty and Take Care of Yourself. You matter to us and to the universe – don’t let the self-imposed pressures get to you. Take care of yourself!

    in Zebulon, so I know Raleigh has snow, too

  20. Congrats to the winners!

    You wrote “It genuinely bothers me when I am pushing a deadline, or can’t meet an expectation I have set for myself “, and I’m so impressed that you usually do keep up with those deadlines and projects, I think it’s so difficult to have that head (like you said) that is filled with new ideas constantly and then to try to keep up with it. How do you do that? :-)

  21. why are you saying you feel bad about being sick?! you can’t help that…no worries, and we are all glad you are better!

  22. What if we….
    All give Chrysti a big hand for doing all of this and thinking of us when she is sick and has so much of her own stuff to do. I call that commendable at the least and actually “Pretty Fantastic!

    and…what if we…
    looked for someone less fortunate (whether it be in material things, health, education, time or opportunity) and offered them a little of what we have. Maybe it would be a mean to someone who is ill, or mentoring a budding artist, or a trip to the store for someone who doesn’t drive, or maybe just a smile to the over-worked clerk, a thank you to the carry out girl at the grocery, or a pat on the back for our kid when they do something right.

    Congratulations all you winners…it looks like I am going to have to go shopping cuz I really wanted to win some of these items! Ahhh, any excuse to shop, right?!!

  23. I hear ya on the being sick front. I’m a teacher and if I’m sick my classes are set back weeks – which is happening right now as I have the flu bug – AGAIN. I feel so sick – it’s not good.

    hope you feel better soon …

  24. I agree with Janet…what IF we had 48 hours in a day? Would we be as far behind and wish for 72? lol

    Please take care of yourself. I’m worried about you. Seriously. You know where I’m at if there is anything I can do. We may be far apart, but magical things can take place online. You’ve already proven that!

    I mean it – email me if I can help in any way. You’re a sweet person and I’m pretty sure any one of us would be more than happy to help you out.

    Hang in there – I’m sending positive vibes and love your way!

  25. WHAT IF WE~did something nice each and everyday for someone~with out letting them know and then they paid it forward

    hope you are feeling fine and soon chrysti
    many thanks
    tabby :)

  26. Oh Chrysti, I am jumping up and down with excitement!!! My bribe worked-lol! (just kidding, she’s right she can’t be bribed, I tried:-) Thank you so much sweetie! I’ll email you too, just so’s ya know how excited I am that I won a prize:-) I hope you feel better soon, I’m sending you cyber chicken soup and hugs.

  27. oh oh oh, that’s me! EEEEKKK OMG OMG OMG..Wait…wait, be calm…Breathe…I’ll just check….Yes it is! it is! it is!
    oh right…email is…
    oh oh I’m so excited, you’ve made my day. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!
    I do hope you are feeling better soon. If I lived closer I’d come visit with arm loads of home remedies and TLC. but alas, I’m on the other side of the world, but I’m certainly sending every best wish I can think of.
    You’re the best

  28. I could have totally written the first two paragraphs. Sometimes I HAVE to take a day off – force myself – just to stop the constant swirling in my head. Off course, sometimes that only makes things worse. I’m due to get organized and then take an enforced break soon – my brain just won’t stop lately!

  29. Hi hon…What if we were to meet, and find that I was an Aunt you hadn’t met nor had any idea I existed. Would you welcome me with open arms, and want to get to know me?? After finding out I love to create and paint would you take me under your wing and teach me some new techniques I had never learned??? ( and they are many as I’m new to it all) I know it’s more than a sentence, but I got carried away, and I wanted to really see what you would say!!!
    You are such an inspiration to me you know!!!

  30. Most truth sticks with us everyday. We just know inside when it rings clear and is good. You also get to find out what is inside you, by listening to that little voice inside your heart-mind, it is enlightenment that clears the way for more.

    Chrysti, sit back and relax and enjoy the day for at least and hour. Thanks for all the things you do and all you give. Yippee, we all love it but we all wish you good health and happiness…sincerely, and really!

  31. i am so excited to be a winner! i SO wanted this book.
    and thank you Chrysti for sponsoring these give aways. why don’t you just take a break and send out emails in a month or so to resume? life happens. life is more important than the pressure to do these giveaways.
    take a break. we will still follow your blog and love you!
    connie williams

  32. …had time to do art everyday!! Love your blog!!


  33. Woo Hoo I won the Michele Beschen’s prize. Thanks so much Chrysti! I hope your feeling better! There’s been some nasties going around everywhere. My house included. I’ve sent you an email already.

    Thanks again!

  34. I emailed and guess I must have gotten the address wrong… I was so surprised to see my name as a runner up. THANKS for the giveaways. Take time to take care of yourself… we all understand.

  35. Chrysti I hope you get the help you need sooner, rather than later. And that you are on the mend and feeling better. And I agree with the above, Chrysti does deserve a hand for all she does for us and others and it would be good for use to give to other each and every day.

  36. […] Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of winners! […]

  37. […] Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of winners! […]

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