Day 21/29 Days of Giving is…

I My Neurotic Dogs. (that’s them in the youtube clip!)

I Giveaways.

I  Paper.

I  Collage.

I  Creativity.

I Books.

I  You.

I Insightful Blog Posts that dance gloriously with pretty words and days with enough time to type & format them.

This, my friends is not one of those days.

From the bottom of this lil’   , sowwy.

I did however need to resume the giveaways for my sanity, and after I do this one … rest assured I’ll be working on formatting the remaining ones! Artist interviews – who donated amazing giveaways, some tied with swaps, magazines, prints and more!

Soooooo .. in the spirit of things I   …..Is today’s giveaway – this delightful book: Layers: Inspired Collage for Paper Projects with Meaning


Cutting-edge skills for sophisticated paper art designs!

*A primer on the hottest techniques that will appeal to scrapbookers, cardmakers, rubberstampers, and all papercrafters *Allows crafts to create amazing effects using collage, torn papers, embellishments, and cherished photos and quotes *Hundreds of tips and tricks reveal how to get remarkable results every time Today’s paper art magazines showcase intricate layered pieces yet give little instruction on how to do it. Finally, Layers teaches papercrafters the skills they need to make these stylish projects. Expert designer Shari Carroll provides simple step-by-step directions for the latest paper techniques, including distressing, sewing, transfers, and much more. Readers receive a variety of ideas ranging from a wall hanging scrapbook page and an art journal to a collage book and CD book cover. Included are stunning examples of Carroll’s own collage work, each of which feature unique and personal messages. She first shares details on what inspired each piece, then offers readers suggestions for customizing their own pieces.

A member of the design team for Hero Arts Rubber Stamps, Shari Carroll has also created projects for Polyform, My Sentiments Exactly, and Hanko Designs. Her work has been featured in such national magazines as Somerset Studio, Memory Makers, and The Rubber Stamper as well as the upcoming book Designing with Stamps.

Do you   your chance at this too? Then just…


  • On this post; in the comments – answer one or more of these questions: Tell us what you   and/or give me a great excuse as to why I keep letting this slip, one too many days
  • Do this by: Friday, February 28th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  • Enter Day 0 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of winners!

      fully yours, Chrysti

    60 Responses

    1. I love collage; puppy breath;white sand;sunny days; music;and I could go on and on. LOL
      You are a busy woman…that is why things slip as they do. No worries…I love this give a way that you are doing. It is wonderful and so inspiring.
      Hugging you

    2. I love:
      my family
      to read
      make art
      the giggle of little children
      rotary cutters
      warm, sunny days
      the smell of newly mown lawns
      a good laugh

      Chrysti, sometimes life just gets too busy and we can’t do everything we wish we could.

    3. Tell us what you ♥
      I love paper, i love fibers, I love texture, i love scraps, I love rubber stamping, I LOVE collage, more than any other of my arts. I love card making, I love scrapbooking. I love animals, especially cats, penguins and giraffes. I love my family, I love my spouse, i love my career though it was derailed in spring of 2005 ( I so wish i was working—I love being an MRI Tech)
      I love to drive, and am lost without a car of my own, I love to be with other people, I love the Alex Cross novels by Patterson, I love the Lucas Davenport novels by Sanford.
      I love having a wood stove, even though it creates dust and some messes.
      I love living out in the “country” though these days it is a lot lonelier.

      I think you are behind in putting this together, because LIFE always gets in the way, and also I think you are a little blue over your dog. Big hugs for that again!

      and/or give me a great excuse as to why I keep letting this slip, one too many days…

    4. I posted to my facebook again:

      so hope my name is the lucky picked-one!

    5. I love apple slices with peanut butter.
      I love my darling grandgirls.
      I love early mornings with coffee on the screened porch – hurry Spring!
      I love birdsong.
      I love being alone to do art.
      I love the blogging community.

    6. I love sour babies.
      I love sunshine in the spring.
      I love my family.
      I love to read.
      I love to create.
      I love to play.


    7. If I were Chrysti I would be soooo distracted by my new video cam and taking cute pics of my pups, I just don’t have time to do posts to my blog….that and stay up to date on my art journal, packing and proposing projects and wondering what art project to do next, not to mention the mad dash to Starbucks.

      I love doggies, jelly beans, coneflowers, and paper.
      I love friends, family, volkswagens and fabric.
      I love photos, travel, ice cream and pizza.
      I love puddles, trees, rainbows and breezes.

    8. I love my Miss Gypsy kitty.
      I love animals.
      I love to read.
      I love meditating.
      I love kindness.
      I love cameras.
      I love taking photos.
      I love used bookstores.
      I love sharing.
      I love the redwoods.
      I love Seattle.
      I love San Francisco.
      I love rain.
      I love snow.
      I love the beach.
      I love artists.
      I love kindred spirits.

    9. I ♥ books…old ones (to alter) and new ones (to read)!
      I ♥ that unquenchable NEED to create and the creativity that ensues.
      I ♥ reading your blog! *smile*
      I ♥ finding new papers that I adore to use in my art.
      I ♥ receiving mail that is handwritten and not electronically sent.
      I ♥ loving and being loved.

      Oh, and your good excuse? You’re only doing it to keep us all excited and in suspense about your next giveaway! *wink* I think that’ll work for ya. lol

      smile. be free. have fun.
      Peace & Love,
      ♥ Barb ♥

    10. I Love to make people smile,my family,my hammock, drawing, raspberries when they are warmed by the sun, puppies,dogs,smiling children, birds, rocks,trees,water,most creatures on this earth,sharp scissors,colors,and a WHOLE lot more! and Chrysti, I love you to, and the 7th from the top line of your “love list” you let it be known (can’t keep a secret!)…That there is just not enough time in a day for you to accomplish everything that you hope to do.I will wish for you to have the time to do what you need to do to stay happy!, remember that We are all pretty forgiving, Just the fact that we know that you try is good enough for many of us to keep coming back!, Sincerely… Sharon

    11. I love my friends and family, the sea, our Millie-dog, making art, swapping art, insects, chocolate, reading, lizards, ephemera, and you for hosting these amazing giveaways!

    12. Hi, Chrysti:

      I love so many things. Let’s see:

      oldies music;
      my 4 dogs;
      making dolls, jewelry and crafts, in general;
      helping the less fortunate;
      pizza and pasta;
      American Idol;
      meeting other crafters/artists;
      my craft studio;
      spring weather;

      Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway. Please stop by and enter mine if you get a chance. I’m giving away 2 handmade resin rings this week:

      Hope to “see” you there!

      Big hugs,


    13. Hiya again Chrysti – I think things slip because they are meant to – to prevent burn-outs! It’s all so easy these days in our fast paced hectic lifestyles to forget what’s important, like taking time out… break the routine and just enjoy that little holiday. I love all things collage, vintage, rusty, steampunk, arty farty, green, retro and damask.
      Thanks again for a great giveaway xo

    14. I ♥ YOU for having such a generous heart and doing this giveaway in the first place! Take all the time you need… it just makes the fun last longer =)

    15. I heart lazy days to make art, or just to read in the hammock. Can’t wait for spring!


    16. I heart friends, sharing love and laughter and life’s gifts, without judgement and in gratitude. Among a ton of other things…;-)

      Thanks for all you share ! No judgement here !

    17. I love mountains at twilight
      hugs from my favorite six year old with long dangling arms
      creating poetry
      making a creative mess with art materials
      feeling alive as the muse dances
      listening to music
      Talking to friends
      reading artists writings

      sometimes we just do tooo much and then need that quiet time to just be who we are
      I also believe it is a gender thing.
      some women are prone to take on more than they could juggle in a lifetime and squish it into a minute, an hour, a day nuturing the world
      when a nice long hot bath in lavender bath salts
      seems to be calling your name

    18. i <3 my boys, trees, the sea, cake, sharing, trading, shimmer, copper, the perfect music at the perfect time, birdsong, sterling silver, massage, leaves, art, imagination, guided meditations, drumming circles and bonfires, friendships, possibilities…

      Chrysti…its ok to come up for air. We will be here! (ok, well, I will be in South Carolina til the 23rd, but you know what I mean!) <3 u!

    19. hi chrysti
      right now i -heart-
      snow drifts-
      a purring cat-
      and hot coca :)

    20. I love…

      space in which to breath
      screaming my troubles into the wind
      discovery and learning
      the unconditional trust in my dogs’ eyes
      days in which I have nothing to do but to please myself

    21. I love:
      my Grandsons
      my fur and feather babies
      art/crafting books
      to be inspired by other blogs
      You for turning me onto the 29-Day Challenge
      my computer (most days)
      warm days and sunshine
      creating art

      excuse: if it wasn’t meant for you to slip behind, then you would. But it’s obvious that you were meant to slip behind to give others time to catch up.

    22. What do I love? Hmmm….the list is huge, but here’s some of them:
      my family
      my friends
      my pets
      feta cheese
      my stash
      the library
      beads & buttons
      …and the list goes on.

      To answer the second question…don’t all of us have to have a life outside the internet world? You are included in that…so enjoy your life girl, and we’ll be here when you want us to be!

    23. I love cats and chocolate and I’d love to win this book!

    24. I love
      losing track of time because i’m so into an art project
      walking around barefoot outdoors in the summer
      rainy sunday afternoons
      my family and friends
      the smell of the ocean
      arizona monsoon thunderstorms
      pb&j sandwich with honey bbq chips and a glass of milk

      the list goes on and on!

    25. I {heart} so many things: Claudine’s Sticky Back Canvas, the inspiration I find here on your site, you (love the piece you gave me and will cherish it always), everyone, creating, the site I have with my buddy (, my family, my…

      Yeah, I kind of love a lot of things…

      As for why you delay…you’re an artist. Artists can’t be expected to stay in the lines all of the time! Sometimes, we slide right over them into beautiful discoveries. So, that’s it: You keep sliding into other beautiful discoveries and you know that we will forgive you — because we’re all from the same pod (and because you’re so nice and keep sharing your beautiful discoveries with us)!

      =) Liz

    26. I ♥ my family
      I ♥ my camera
      I ♥ my computer
      I ♥ my iPod
      I ♥ my art room
      I ♥ a good book
      I ♥ getting/sending mail, both electronically and by post
      I ♥ bookstores
      I ♥ art supply stores
      I ♥ days where I get to use/go to all the above

      ♥ Janet

    27. I love dogs, even neurotic ones what won’t go through open gates!

      I love cocoa on cold winters days

      I love laughing

      I love walking

      I love smiling

      I love making a mess with art materials

      I love it when the mess has been cleared up too!

    28. I love chocolate, coffee and the color blue.
      I love to dance in my kitchen for no reason.
      I love kissing my furkids.
      I love to sit in my backyard at night, with a blanket and stare at the stars. Even when it’s a bit chilly.
      And I love sparkles!

    29. Oh my goodness…The things I love could fill a book…
      I love my family, parents, brother, husband, kids
      and friends, don’t forget friends,
      I love animals, esp horses and dogs and cats, and cute rabbits, and birds,
      I love nature in all her guises, from the mountains to the oceans and everything in between, from spring flowers, summer warmth, autumn harvest, winter frosts and snow flakes.
      Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…brown paper packages tied up with string…these are a few of my favourite things…oh woops
      You want more? how about rainbows after thunder storms, Children playing, morning sun melting the frost, the sound of the dawn chorus, the smell of lavender and roses, the smell of chocolate and the sound of the rain on the roof.
      Sea shells and star fish. Standing on mountain tops, and the flow of creative energy you get when inspired to work on your art.
      there’s more…but I’m sure others want to comment too lol

      Oh, and an excuse…not that you need one…
      You’ve been very busy planning a wonderful overseas trip visiting all your blogging friends all over the world, this is a very complicated process and has been using up all your spare time…and none of us mind because we’re all looking forward to your visit…how’s that?

    30. Things I love-hmmmm- I love to read, I love my boys and my dogs, I love little kid hugs, I love grapefruit, I love spring and tulips, I love smelly hand lotion, I love to put on my pajamas, I love to take trips, I love technology, I love to eat….
      And chrysti- don’t be so hard on yourself. We all take on too many things and can’t get to everything. You need to ease up on yourself and enjoy the things you love- like your beautiful neurotic girls. Nancy

    31. i love lazy days!

    32. I ♥ sunshine & springtime. I ♥ the choice to create whatever I want. I ♥ having friends that are miles away in distance, but right beside me within my soul.

      About the second question – I agree with Nancy. I believe there are many of us at this time that are struggling with far too many “should dos” when what we really “could” do is just play a bit more often. There is also much sadness in the world now. I believe that artists perhaps tend to feel the sadness more so than others. Through sharing your thoughts and feelings, what you perceive as shortcomings, helps us all to remember it is ok to share the sadness and pain as well as the joy.

      Have to say how very much I ♥ you asking us about the things we ♥. Made me look to more optimistic places as opposed to the opposite.

    33. Hi, Chrysti! I love my hubby – he is the perfect hubby for me. And I love our two cats. I love to blog and blurf (blog surf). I love to watch TV, read stories, and play on the Wii. I love art, artsy things, making stuff, playing with paper and glues, paint and ribbons. Thanks for the very generous giveaways! :-)

    34. I love:

      my three cats
      my husky, Honey
      art friends
      …and after ten days of a power outage post ice storm I love electricity, running water, and septic! (Couldn’t that somehow be your excuse, too – you just lost power somewhere, lol).

    35. What I love is a good book from Sonia Choquette, tea, hot aura cleansing baths, stones and quartz’s, color, Hayhouse Radio show, yummy smells like amber or flowers, Oracle cards, candles and incense, writing, doing psychic readings, my cat Magick, my kids, the smell of autumn air, music that has a beat to it and that’s just some of my loves:)

    36. I love when the house is all quiet…everyone is in bed and I lurk doing things….from the boring housework…to finally creating.

      You are letting this slip by…because sometimes life comes at you fast….and you need to stop and watch a glorious sunset(like I did tonight) instead of running to the internet

    37. I love the little love heart you use!

      And I love taking the time to think about all the things I love and am grateful for.

      Things slip away because that’s what WE need at that time.

    38. There are so many things I love that I can’t post them all, but I will post a few.
      I love my family
      I love my fuzzy pup-Kota
      I love art
      I love music
      I love being free to express myself
      I love the freedoms that we do have
      I love having friends who care about me as much as I care about them.
      And for the first time in my life, I think I need to say that I have learned that I love myself. Not in any weird way or anything, but that I know that I am worthy of time for myself to be me, and not just a mom, wife, scout leader, volunteer, I am Letha, and I have worth. I am ok with who I am. I am not worried about changing who I am to suit other people. If they don’t like me- that is their problem. I have spent my whole life trying to be good enough, and I am so done. I have always been good enough, and it is time for me to stand up and say so.
      I am taking that stand not only against the negativity in my life, but also the personal negativity I have in my art, and I am being contemplative.
      I love my ugly, spontaneous art. I don’t care what others’ critiques are, because that is not my intention.
      I love being able to express freely, and I love all the people I have come across that have inspired me on my journey.
      Thank you all.
      Thank you Chrysti for all you do! You make a huge difference in the world. You are touching lives for good everyday that you don’t even know.
      May blessings be poured out on you.

    39. oh this is a good reminder in the winter time!
      I love my family,
      my kids
      sneaking my big dog on the bed
      avoiding dishes and creating art on the table
      sending friends surprise mail
      random trips to the park
      searching for found object on the beach
      small towns
      spending time on the farm
      farm animals
      fun blogs taht give away great inspiration and prizes!!
      I could go on!

    40. I love sleeping in! And hot chocolate :-) And beads and thread and paper and paint.

      You’re super busy, too many projects and not enough time!

    41. I love my daughter and her adorable devoted husband.
      I love me step grandchildren
      I love my house, my home
      I love my sister
      I love my life as retired
      I love not having to work after 50 years of working
      I love this country and the freedom
      (I grew up in Finland)
      and I love the internet and all the blogs!!!

    42. i ♥ your dogs! i have one that is like morgan… will not come up the stairs if there is ANYTHING on them. so weird.

    43. i heART…
      new kitten, maggie
      a new day
      going to bed knowing i didn’t hurt anyone
      HagenDaz chocolate ice-cream
      newly laundered sheets and fluffed pillow
      momentarily holding my breath before deblanking a journal page – that moment is sacred
      words of caring
      sunday comics
      purple popsicles
      lime charm lollipops

    44. Excuse:


      that is why
      things get put off

      life is all that we embrace
      and if you are like me
      you try to embrace too much
      at the same time.

      Let it Happen

    45. I love:
      my God, husband, children, and family
      my buddy, Max, and our other fur babies
      READING=books, magazines, the back of cereal boxes
      staring at the moon at night over the ocean
      the sound of rain on a tin roof
      the smell of the air after a summer rain

    46. I love art and journaling.
      I love the feeling of acceptance and encouragement I get from the online art community. I never believed it existed until I found these sites.
      I love the chance to express myself and my creativity, even if my attempts seem a little trite and tame compared to others.
      I love knowing that it is never too late to try something you’ve always wanted to do.
      I love dreaming and exploring.
      I love learning online at my own pace.
      I love making new friends who “get” me.
      I love you, Chrysti, for your generosity and ability to motivate others.
      I love my family and friends for loving me in spite of myself.

    47. I ♥ books
      I ♥ flowers
      I ♥ my computer
      I ♥ hugs from my favorite kids
      I ♥ my honey

      thanks for your generosity

    48. Chrysti you keep letting this slip because you are so incredibly full of creative imagination and innovative ideas that your brain is on overload and it simply cannot let even one of those fabulous inspirations escape into thin air…(for fear it will be hopelessly lost in that hallow tunnel of forgotten wish-i-could-remember- i’d-be-rich, inventions)

      I love my grown babies, my DH, the beach, chili mac, warm toes to rub against at night, getting lost in my art work, flowers in the winter, dancing in the back field where no one can see mee…

    49. I ♥ giveaways too, and winning books is my specialty! Plus I ♥ layering in my art journal and in my art!

    50. I love laughter
      my children
      oraganization(which is what got me to your blog)
      my Bernina
      my husband(these don’t have to be in priority order do they?)
      all things artsy

      Life Gets In the Way….that’s my motto and that is more than likely why you keep missing your give aways. The fact that you plow through is a testament to your heart and self preservation to “do good”. We all still appreciate you anyway.

    51. […] Enter Day 0 & Day 21 still! […]

    52. First and foremost, my dog is on the flood by my feet, always.

      Magazines for clipping



      An old Church Hymnal

      Jody, I love your work!

    53. I love, love, love that my husband is retiring next month! I also love the color orange, pigs, heart shapes and anything that sparkles.

    54. I love thunderstorms, my daughter’s delighted grin while swinging, walking on a quiet beach, finding beauty in unexpected places, Polaroids, good books, buying lots and lots of paint, cardamom, raspberries, NYC, getting wonderful mail, being generous, moonlight, tea and vivacious conversation.

    55. I ♥ the smell of libraries
      I ♥ a new book by a favorite author
      I ♥ a blank canvas and a pile of supplies to play with
      I ♥ the love and support of my family and friends, online and off
      I ♥ seeing the first birds of spring return

    56. I love… life, nature, costa rica jungle, sloths, the sea, yoga, being outside, chocolate, doing art, arthouse movies, gypsy music, water, swimming, dancing, singing, eating, being alone, being quiet, being loud, being me.
      That is my list today. Tomorrow could be a completely different list…
      I love making a list of things I love.

    57. I LOVE digital photography!

    58. I heart books, my hubby, my babies and art journaling!

      kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

    59. I love my family, my friends, my kitties, my art, my alone time, my art clubs, my church!


    60. Hi Chrysti,
      Life gets busy sometimes, I dint find time to blog for 2 months, which is really sad:) So don’t worry, creative people are always working hard and it is understandable when there is no time for everything:)

      There so much I love – frogs, my dogs, making cards, photography, galleries, creativity, my corner punch:) and, and, and…


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