My Lil’ Studio & Organizing Tips – A Video Tour on Vimeo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Meet the bane of my existence today – that video above. It only ended up online, so that I felt like I completed something and the day didn’t become a waste. I did however learn alot, and tomorrow I’m sure I’ll see that …not right now though. Trying to figur eout some conversion stuff, get the widescreen format back — the waviness out…blah blah….

SO sorry for some of the waviness in this! While I was a bit shaky while filming it (handheld) … converting it to a smaller file made the quality terrible with motion… I am still trying to learn all of the ins & outs here. Online I come.

I almost didn’t upload this, but since some of you asked.. I did. Note to self: when filming other videos, don’t talk/move for 13 minutes straight with sinus/cold stuff. You get winded & lightheaded and sound like the proverbial dofus – good thing I’m ok with making a fool of myself!

I am learning all this video stuff, so I can bring y’all High-quality online workshops. I could just do the quick/easy way now, but I really want them to be good.  Worth more than you pay for, and yeah..I am a perfectionist.

My Studio

Anyway – Hope this helps a bit, or at least one person with studio organization. (Obvious I am annoyed eh?)

Links mentioned in the video:

Other artists whose work are in my room:

and that list is by no means, all-inclusive! Will add to it as time permits! Chrysti

24 Responses

  1. Wow – thank you!

    I needed a prod to get myself organized.

  2. Very cool video Chrysti! I think we must be related-lol. My workspace and habits are so similar, right down to the open journal on the table, the projects on the carpet, and the (anal) need to put things away after I mess it up. I can’t work in a messy space, at least not to start out, when I’m in the middle of a project it does get messy. I even organize my letter stamps the same way you have your letters organized, although it took me awhile to be able to seperate the letter sets, once I got over it, it is so much easier to work with them this way. Love the tip about spray painting the gray, industrial looking drawer organizer. I think come spring mine will have to go outside for an updo. Thank you so much for sharing, so fun to see where you create:-)

  3. thanks for the peek into your studio! :) it has inspired me to dive into mine and get organizing! i’ve let my studio go to heck and i’m almost too afraid to even step inside! your video has given me some ideas of how to get a better handle on some of my supplies that get out of hand quick (namely, paper and little bits that are now scattered all across my floor, and hiding in various paper bags! ugh!) you have a real down-to-earth style of presenting. i’m looking forward to your online classes! :)


  4. Loved your video and studio tour!! I am so inspired! thanks!

  5. Thank you! I so enjoyed getting a peek into your workspace. I’m just starting to move from the smallest bedroom in our home to the next in size. (Kids moved out!) You’ve given me some great ideas for organization!

  6. Thank you SO much for the lovely tour! It’s so nice to see how things can be stored and made more efficient. Plus which, I love snooping through other people’s studios (smile).

  7. hi christy,
    what a wonderful video – you did a great job, and i learned so much! i wish i had more of your natural organizational talent as well as containors, labeling system, etc. i am in the process of digging out of my studio, it’s totally out of control – you would probably faint if you saw it – so your video came at a great time for me. Cate Prado has asked a few times if i’m ready to send in photos of my studio and i hope that one day in the near future i can answer yes. thank you for the inspiration and all the best in your teaching ventures!

  8. I use those boxes and little drawer things myself…but i didn’t think about files small collage images in them…great tip! thanks

  9. Awesome tour! Thanks Chrysti. I love seeing how others organize their studios, because I gain so many tips and ideas and your video helped me a lot.

    Someday when you have time, I would love to know your categories as that might help me to separate and organize my huge stash better as well.

    And I would love to see more pictures and learn more about your wire, ribbon and ornament tree.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  10. Wow, this was great to see! Soooooooooo helpful. What are you talking about, you don’t sound AT ALL sound like a doofus. It was a pleasure listening to you as you took us on this wonderful and extremely inspiring tour of your studio. I’m definitely wanting to know what your labels are, so if and when you do post them, I will be so appreciating that! Hope you’re feeling better! Take care.

  11. Hi Chrysti, really enjoyed your video tour..I am also anal I think all creative people HAVE to be or they’d never get anything done!! I’m pretty oraganized but then I go out and purchase more stuff and then it doesn’t fit into my supply rooms…yes I have two rooms of supplies but I work at the kitchen table..I’ve tried working in my supply room but it’s not as bright and airy and when I work on something I have to clean it up before hubby gets home or immediately thereafter. Any way..that’s what seems to be working for me…I guess I don’t like being isolated…I like to LIVE in my whole house…would love to see what your “scattergories” are…. wonder if we separate things the same? Hope your cold gets better.. Blessings. Janice

  12. I’ve popped back to see your video again – I’m mid-way through my sort out and I thought I’d have a break and top up on inspiration – thank you!

  13. Chrysti…what a great video!! Love your studio and how you organize. You have inspired me to get cracking on cleaning up and organizing my studio…tomorrow! I need to do the letter thing.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Chrysti, what an awesome studio you have! I ‘m so inspired and ready organize even the small stuff. You have so many tips, thank you!

    Love those landscapes, can’t wait to see what’s up with them.

    Thanks again,
    rebecca woodward ~ justgiddy

  15. Thank you for the tour of your studio, I don’t mind shaky when I get to enter such an inspiring room! It’s beautiful and I really like your tips on organizing and having boxes that should be filled but not flooding, that is a skill (or decision I guess) I need!

  16. Thanks for the video Chrysti I don’t know any artist’s where I live so it was fun to get a peek into your studio.


  17. thanks so much for the tour – if I could ever get organized, I might be able to stay that way! definitely need more/better storage. I’m interested in the mixed media landscape workshop – will you publicize that here?
    patti (also a gemini:)

  18. I can come and live with you, right? I won’t take up much room really, I can bring everything I need in a suitcase.

    I have to start one of those charm chains. I have loads of little trinkets like that languishing in boxes. It would be so cool to have them out where I can see them and remember where they came from.

  19. You’re awesome & always generous to share – thanks

  20. I wanted to let you know I was so inspired by your video that I finally dug my way out of my studio and re-organized it and cleaned it up! Yay!

    Thank you!

  21. HOW FUN!! I really enjoyed your video~~Thanks for the tour!! Love how you have everything set up for yourself. The tour just made my morning…thanks again!!

    Hope you are feeling better :)

  22. Nice video. Would like to see the video on how to make the journal out of paper bags.

  23. Christi,
    What an amazing space. Every photograph made me smile. It felt like walking into someone’s dream studio and feeling so happy and content that I never wanted to leave. I figured that even I, who have no artistic talent, could create something wondrous!


  24. I’m a bit late to the comment party, but I just had to tell ya that I heart your space. Your ideas for organizing all those bits and bobs are great…and affordable! Your creations are wonderful, too, by the way!

    During a recent renovation we had a space converted from a 70’s hot tub room into my studio. Big it ain’t, but it’s all mine and I’m desperate to make use of every inch. I don’t feel so overwhelmed by the task now that I’ve watched your video. Many thanks!

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