Day 22/29 Days of Giving is…

I know, I know…

this is the LONGEST 29 days ever…

life just has a way of doing that sometimes …

you will learn why, after i  can finish the 29 days and fill you in….

 i am indeed okay,  just trying to balance quite a few things and take care of personal matters…

but enough about me…

Have you met the wonderful & talented  Jodi Ohl?

If not, allow me the distinct pleasure of introducing you… and if you have, I hope you will grab a cup of tea and join us for this chat and did I mention 3 – count ’em 3 -amazing giveaways? Jodi went above and beyond donating for this – yet another reason to love her! She pushed her way into my list of favorite artists this year as her enthusiasm is contagious, her talent is huge, and passion shines through! She’s an infusion of fresh air, and I am thrilled she so graciously agreed to take part in the giveaways!

(as always, the questions are by moi, and the answers are Jodi’s)

This is the part where you give the obligatory artsy background information. I know, I know .. it’s the worst question to be asked ever – but humor us please! You can always skip that stuff and tell us what motivates you to create!

Heck no, that’s not the worst question ever, I can think of a lot of things I wouldn’t want you to ask me! 

 Okay, so a little about me: I’m a yankee transplant, landing in  central North Carolina about 10 years ago. I was born and raised in Western NY; Dunkirk, NY to be exact. I usually say, oh I’m from Buffalo because no one ever knows where Dunkirk is, but in reality, it’s a great little town right on Lake Erie and I loved growing up there. I gather a lot of inspiration from my hometown so I’d hate not to mention it!  I graduated from college with a BA in English  way back when.  I somehow fell into management as profession rather than my original dream of writing the next great American Novel (or at least  a few good trashy romances).    Currently, I run a bank in Pinehurst, NC.  Isn’t that an odd profession for someone artistic? I find it humorous and love telling my customers what I do on the side. It always surprises them in a good way. 

What else? I’m single parent with two adorable boys, ages 8 and 14.  Part of my motivation to create comes from all of these facets of my background in one way, shape or form.  Within these four walls and throughout all the roads I’ve traveled, I’ve gathered enough ideas and sources of inspiration for a lifetime. I bet many others have as well…you just have to appreciate the little moments in life and see the world  from a variety of perspectives.

Planting Roots - by Jodi Ohl - One of todays prizes!

Planting Roots - by Jodi Ohl - One of today's prizes!


I love that you have a distinctive style, common themes & colors throughout your work. How did you find your artistic voice? 
I’m still finding my voice, really. As a self-taught artist who entered into the mixed media art scene about 2 years ago, it’s definitely been a journey. I think that the last year  has been a really good time in my life and my themes have narrowed which has allowed me to create a body of work that is starting to be recognizable.  Moving to North Carolina has been a wonderful thing for me to do, but it also has been very hard for me as well. My themes of ‘finding my way home’, community, belonging, and rising above the bumps in the road, to name a few of my themes,  come from that feeling of isolation and needing to have some grounding or roots, if you will.  Living 660 miles away from my nearest family member, I find myself longing to feel that sense of security and sense of community I had in my hometown and so you see that coming out in my whimsical village and home pieces but in a positive way.   I had a really hard time a couple of years ago and without having my family or close friends to turn to, I started painting as a form of healing and meditation.  Sometimes it’s the emotional traumas in life  that launch creativity. It certainly did in me. 

I really love to add layers and textures in my mixed media paintings. I think it’s my way of saying, there’s more to me than meets the eye. There’s a lot going on here, if you just dig deep, you may just find out what that is.  I’m saying that to myself as much as I’m saying that to my followers.    As far as colors go, I love bold colors right now, but not all at once. I prefer to use 2 or 3 main colors with a splash of something surprising. I’m not sure why, it’s just appealing to work almost monochromatic to me. Perhaps it’s a way of taking something seemingly simplistic, and turning it into  a piece that has wonderful depth without going overboard.

I know you are involved in the local mixed-media scene here in NC (something my shy self really wants to make time for one of these days!)… what’s it meant to you having that artistic connection? How have you seen yourself and your work grow as a result?
Being involved with the Carolina Mixed Media Guild and belonging to another local group, ProArtisan Guild, has made all the difference in the world to me as a beginning artist. Anyone that is looking to take their hobby to the next level or feels the need to connect with other like-minded individuals, joining groups such as these can provide you with a support system or tribe if you will. I HIGHLY recommend searching out something in your backyard like the groups I belong to and if they don’t exist, start one!  I love the online community, too. The online art/blog community has definitely connected me with so many people as well that  I would not have otherwise met, but you have to have that face to face connection as an artist. The support I’ve  received from the friends I’ve made through the guild is unbelievable. We have artisans of all different mediums, and at a variety of different levels of experience. It’s nice to be around people who not only understand what you do, they appreciate what it took to get there!   I truly believe that one of the reasons I’ve really grown over this last year as much as I have is because of my association with other local mixed media artists!

Planting Roots - by Jodi Ohl - One of todays prizes!

Planting Roots - by Jodi Ohl - One of todays prizes!

  You’re stranded on that proverbial island, and can only bring 5 art supplies – what makes the cut?
Yikes. Only five?  Do my paints count as one or can I only choose one color? If it’s just one color, then I choose blue paint, any shade will do.  Gel medium is a must because not only can I collage with it, I can mix it with natural pigments and create more paint. HA!  I can have more than one paint color.  Paint brushes, of course;  oodles of  water color paper, and….oh dear, only one more choice….I’m torn but I think I’ll pick my water soluble graphite pencil. It’s one of my new favorite toys. I have them in every value and even a set of tinted ones. 

I love how fearlessly ambitious you are – can you share with us some of your goals this year? And since we’re on the subject – a lot of my readers are afraid to submit work for publication (despite wanting it so badly) -what advice would you offer them to get the courage?
I can attribute my ambition to my role model, my Mother. She raised three girls virtually on her own, worked 2-3 jobs at the same time, but always had time for us.  We may not have had a lot, but my sisters and I were taught at a very young age to be independent, work hard for what you want because life offers you no promises, and to do your best every day.  My goals for the year are numerous, more than we have time for here!  The big ones are to increase my body of work to a new level with collections around a few different themes & colors, to do a art show this year, look for new gallery opportunities,  and to continue to work on publishing opportunities.  My long term goals are to write a book and to start instructing other aspiring mixed media artists, so I am working on all of these things simultaneously.  
For those interested in submitting your work for publication, my advice is to first do what YOU love and believe in, then take great pictures of it and just go for it.  You never know until you try!  The flipside of that is, don’t take rejection personally because it may not be a reflection on you–it could be timing, so just keep trying. Every NO leads to a YES!  Read the submission guidelines, answer the reader challenges or call for art and submit away!  One thing I’ve learned over these last couple of years is that dreams are great, everyone needs them, but it takes action on your part to make your dreams a reality, so if it’s publishing of your art/writing that you want to accomplish, you just have to do it. No one else can do it for you, so be brave and put yourself out there!
 Random Question Goodness – Pepsi or Coke?
Actually, I prefer grape flavored water. Aquafina Flavorsplash to be exact! I’m trying to keep my girlish figure, ya know (HA!) Keeping my hands out of the cookie jar would work better than giving up soda!
Do you have a creative routine when painting? – we’d love to hear about it!
Because my time is limited with working a day job, being a single parent, yada yada, I paint with a plan!  I draw out a loose sketch of several different subjects, then  I work on several pieces at once, usually about 5-8.  So it does take me awhile to finish my collections, but when I am done, I have a lot to show for my studio time.  I do try to clean my area before starting a new grouping,but the reality is, I need help in the organizational end of my creative routine.  Friday nights and Saturdays are normally my art days. I have relatively little social life so that schedule works for me…haha! 

Artwork by Jodi Ohl

Artwork by Jodi Ohl

Tell us about the jaw-dropping, un-friggin-believable prizes you are offering one of my readers today, and make them work for it – and ask them a question you’d like to know their answers to!
The PRIZES I’m offering are: 

 1)  A custom 6 x 12 piece I made especially for this giveaway  (value of $79 dollars) (see the photos throughout this post)

 2)  A  $40 dollar shopping spree to my online store.

 3)  A set of 4 of my  newest collection of Sweet HeART magnets “Green Apple” (recently featured in Cloth Paper Scissors, Jan/Feb issue),  value: $24
Question for your readers:  What books or magazines are sitting by your bedside table or on your floor right now?

I have Mixed Media Self Portraits, Cloth Paper Scissors, The Secret12 Secrets of Highly Creative Woman, Art and Fear, and the Sunday paper which I still have not read…LOL

Now, can you see why i totally love her? A Lucky 3 of you (and once again I soooo wish I could enter my own giveaways) will each be receiving one of those prizes!

To Enter this Jodilicious Giveaway Bonanza:

  • On this post; in the comments – answer Jodi’s question – What books or magazines are sitting by your bedside table or on your floor right now?
  • Do this by: Saturday, February 28th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  • Enter Day 0 & Day 21 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of winners!
  • Please visit Jodi’s Breathtaking Etsy store & her blog  – she has a giveaway there too !!
  •  Remember, supporting the folks who have been kind enough to donate towards the giving project helps ensure more amazing giveaways!

    Warmly, Chrysti

    81 Responses

    1. I have “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer that I’m halfway through now. I also have the magazines “Ready Made”, “Better Homes & Gardens” and “Cemetery Dance” that I haven’t picked up yet.

    2. Right now I have Julia Cameron’s “Finding Water” at some point I intend to start. Cloth Paper Scissors is always close at hand too.

    3. On my to-be read pile are The Artist’s Way (starting it again with the Suzi Blu NING group), The Natural Way to Draw, The Orphan’s Tales (fiction), and the most recent issue of Interview magazine :D

    4. I have Mixed Media Portraits and Where Women Create in my piles right now. And the DVD of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain in the laptop ;-)

    5. I have Taking Flight, Cloth Paper Scissors, and a pile of library books about sketching and drawing.

    6. What wonderful art and a great interview! Thanks! The books and magazines I have by my bedside right now to read are: The Drums of Autumn (Diana Gabaldon), A Lick of Frost ( Laurell K. Hamilton), Blood Red (Heather Graham), The Reawakened (Jeri Smith-Ready), Collage, Assemblage & Altered Art (Diane Maurer-Mathison), In This House – A Collection of Altered Art Imagry & Collage Techniques (Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn) and the current Via (AAA Travel Magazine for Northern California).

      Yes, I’m slightly addicted to reading material! Heh!

    7. I’m so glad to see you’re back at it, Chrysti! I’ve been trying to keep up with you – and miss your 29 Days. :) I’m glad you are ok – and I want you to be sure to take good care of yourself. I can certainly commiserate on the life-takes-over-sometimes thang! :)

      I have so many things on my floor right now…but to stick with the art ones…an issue of Art Jewelry magazine, Scrapbooks Etc, Paper Crafts, The Art of Resin Jewelry, Fabulous Fabric Beads, and Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts.

      I think that sums up my list. Too bad it doesn’t even touch on all the things I *want* to read!

      Thanks for this awesome chance – Jodi sounds really wonderful!

    8. Hi Chrysti ! Hi Jodi ! Wow such a great bunch of inspirational chicks hanging out here !!!

      The books currently on my bedside table are “Foolsgold -Something From Nothing and Freeing Your Creative Process” by Susan Wooldridge which is inspiring and beautifully written and “The Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger which my sister loved and just lent me and I haven’t started yet !

      I would so love to win any other these goodies ! Thanks to both of you for he chance ! Cheers !
      ox ox

    9. I have The Encylopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques by Susan Pickering Rothamel, Good Things by Martha Stewart, Crochet for a Beautiful Home from Sedgewood Press, Country Cross-stitch by Alma Lynne,Simply Primitive by Pat Cross, the 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin, The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel and by Lynne Perrella and, of course, one my trusty art journals for doodling in.

      Great interview. Beautiful offers.

    10. There is a stack right beside the bed… always a Sudoku book & Bible, The Artist Magazine, Taking Flight, Stephen Quiller’s Water Media Painting, and my newest book – Patti Brady’s Rethinking Acrylic. (This book just came out and it is amazing!)

    11. I forgot to say that I think Jodi is wonderful. I’ve ordered her magnets and loved them.

    12. I have Purr-ables devotions with a Bible; Acedia and Me by Kathleen Norris, and am working on the Complete Watercolor Course: 35 Practical Lessons, and Sherrylynne’s zines.

    13. Hey Jodi, great interview! I have ‘True Vision’, ‘Mixed Media Self Portraits’, the latest CPS, and my journal. (Plus a whole basket of journal supplies:-)

    14. Well, I have quite a few right now- I have been in a bit of a block, so out came the books, and of course I happened to stop at the bookstore, so those are still not on the shelf yet- :0)
      So I have:
      1000 Artist Journal Pages
      Altered Book Collage
      Feb/Mar Art Doll Quarterly (not something I normally read, but it caught my eye on the shelf, and love some of the stuff in it)
      Still have out my Jan/Feb Cloth, Paper, Scissors
      Somerset Studios Art Journaling
      Somerset in Love- still pining through this- ideas just whirling.
      (I think I am moving on to the dolls though- we’ll see how the week pans out- my ADD brain might take me somewhere totally different by tomorrow morning!)

    15. Jodi is a great artist and I truly enjoy her pieces since her home was close to mine growing up in Western NY. The years have put distance between us but a recent chance meeting on Facebook has brought us together again. She has inspired my daugther and I to try our hand Mixed Media.

    16. I am so glad to know that other women have a stack or even several piles of books and magazines read and unread at thier bedside and i’m not the only one.I recently had a knee replacement so besides the magazines that usually come during the month like Scrapbooks Etc. and Creating Keepsakes I have a stack of mystery books loaned to me (five or six) and i just started “The Middle Place”. I have books that have arrived that i haven’t taken out of the box yet about art and scraping.
      I have enjoyed this interviewwith Jodi and i love her Sweetheart Magnets set. I love it all actually.
      Chrysti, thanks for bringing us such awesome interviews and introducing us to the fabulous artists, ms.cheryl

    17. What do I have lying close at hand? Well, the newest issue of Somerset Studios of course (it just came in the mail this week), my monthly issue of Weight Watchers magazine, my guilty pleasure – Cosmo, the special issue Somerset in Love, and the Somerset Art Journaling issue which I borrowed from my mother (can you tell that I LOVE all things Somerset?), and last but definitely not least – my scriptures.

    18. Jewelry: the zine (by catherine witherell and deryn mentock)
      Taking Flight (by kelly rae roberts)
      Cloth Paper Scissors (newest issue just waiting to be read!)
      Collage Unleashed (by traci bautista)

    19. More, Domino, Wired, Nylon, Craft, Vanity Fair, Art on Paper, a bunch of catalogs, Gooberz by Linda Goodman, Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs, crossword puzzle from Sunday’s paper and The Big Book of Paper Crafts.

    20. On the bedside table or floor right now – Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston, 2009 Science Olympiad rules (this go away after the competition on Sat, 2/28, but I run the competition so need them til then) and the two most recent Clean Eating magazines as my dad is looking at leaving the hospital with a new diet and I am in planning mode.

    21. Thanks for the great interview with Jodi and YES… I can see why you love her!

      I have a huge stack (over 2 foot tall at the moment) but some of the top ones are: Art Jewelry Magazine, LifeLines by Carol Wingert & Tena Springer, Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods & KAren Dinino and , Fairyopolis a flower fairies journal, Polymer Clay and Mixed Media by Christi Friesen.

    22. Yikes! How much time do we have?lol. I have a considerable amount of books waiting. First, the 60 or so that I have from the library ranging from fashion, to decorating to history to crafts. Then magazines uhhh
      Studios, Artful Blogging, Where women create, Art Journaling
      and books that I’ve bought
      Taking Flight and Ordinary Sparkling moments – both signed at Squam last year!
      Also True Visions for some point.
      Oh yeah and the novel I have to finish by Tuesday.
      I guess I know what I’m doing this lazy sunday right?


    23. What a fabulous interview…Jodi is one of my absolute favorite mm artists!

      Right now I have the Sunday newspaper, “Creating Art with Children” and an old copy of CPS…need to go out an get the new one, I know…lol!

    24. Against Medical Advice by James Patterson, Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Stampington’s Artful Blogging is in one stack. I always have a stack upstairs and one downstairs.

    25. Hi Chrysti, so nice to meet you through Jodi.

      Jodi, you work is always delightful, and I’m loving your newer pieces as well. Since I have about 100 magazines and book sitting and stacked, I’ll spare you the long list. They range from a book on how to use my latest camera which I haven’t had time to read yet, lots of decorating magazines (Architectural Digest to Home Companion & Cottage Living), a couple of CPS, bunches of Somerset including my favorites, Artful Blogging, and then books. At the moment about 10 ready to read, 3/4’s read, and reading again.

      My books/magazines stacks often remind me of my studio! How about you?
      Donna, (The Decorated House)

    26. Right now on the floor I’ve got The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf (a novel), an issue of Beadwork, an issue of Somerset Studio, and a Firemountain Gems catalog.

      Fun question!

    27. Cloth Paper Scissors, Jan/Feb issue (with the really cute heart magnets in it:) ), a bunch of chicken magazines, some horse magazines, and some really old Children’s Books (pre- 1923) I am going through choosing which images to scan and use in my artwork are the books and magazines beside my bed at the moment.

    28. great interveiw!!
      hmmm lets see lots of things to read all piled up-since i have been hit with the flu and can’t seem to concentrate on much between napping
      newspapers~newspapers~newspapers, did i mention newspapers? :)
      very good but disturbing Cormac Mcarthy’s ‘the road’
      nothing ary because that will only make me want to feel better faster!
      enjoy your day
      tabby :)

    29. Jodi, what a wonderful interview….always nice to read about one of my favorite people. What do I have on my bedside table?? “One for the Money,” (Janet Evanovich) and the latest Somerset. I’m still waiting for the new CPS with my pal Jodi front and center :)

    30. It’s a large pile these days! Let’s see…I seem to be buzzing between a lot of different things right now…Ellen Meloy’s Eating Stone, Mommy Hugs, Danziger’s Museum, Hand Job (a book of hand drawn type), a week old copy of The Nation, Danny Gregory’s Illustrated Life, Alison Bechdel’s DTWOF, two issues of Light Leaks (toy camera magazine), CPS, The No Cry Sleep Solution, the weekend Times and of course the ubitquitous sketchbook and pen….

      This is a great question. I love reading everyone’s replies!

    31. Great interview, ladies! I am fortunate in that I get to see Jodi a few times a month; and am often inspried by all that she accomplishes! I have really enjoyed watching the progression of her work over the past couplle of years :-) Chrysti, whenever you are ready, we would love to have you at a Guild meeting — no need to be shy, we all keep up with your blogs and various publications ;-)

      Whew, my nightstand us groaning under the weight of: “The Affluent Artist” by Rick DiBiaso, “Alphabetica” by Lynne Perrella, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, “SoulCraft” Zine by Alma Stoller, the latest Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studios, and “A Commonwealth of Thieves” on the founding of Australia (library book).

    32. Books:
      Mixed Mania by Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater
      When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift
      The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis
      The Greatest Cat Stories Ever Told (collection of short stories)
      The Tortilla Curtain by T. Coraghessan Boyle

      Art Journaling by Somerset Studio
      Quilting Arts
      American Quilter

      I don’t usually read more than one book at a time, but I have several going right now – although only one is a novel. I can’t keep the stories straight of more than one at a time!!

    33. By my bedside is “Eat, Pray, Love’…Elizabeth Gilbert

      “Life Magic.”..Laura Bushnell
      “The Artist’s Way”..Julia Cameron. and “True Vision”…L.K. Ludwig

    34. Hey there and great interview – I find such inspiration from others like myself who are jumping into the creative world a little later in life! I love your work – would be fun to win some of it of course :) — right now I have Stephanie Lee’s Semiprecious Salvage, Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander, and The Stand by Stephen King (I seem to pull this out about once a year and reread!) I also have misc. books that my daughter and I read and Harry Potter that my son reads while I journal — my husband has Field and Stream magazines on his side …..

    35. Thank you Chrysti for asking me to participate in your inspiring project, I had a great time with the interview and am enjoying hearing all about all your readers fabulous books and magazines that inspire them currently!!! And thank you all to have said such nice things about my artwork and interview :) I have that warm and fuzzy feeling from y’all!

      Oh and Chrysti, I agree with Penny–jump right into one of our meetings anytime!!! We’d love to have you join us whenever you are ready :)

    36. Thanks girls for that wonderful interview. When I saw Jodi’s little magnets. Let’s see, I have several issues of CPS (4 to be exact) Art Journals & Creative Healing, Summerset’s Signatures , and Summerset Studio Gallery (wonderful) Country Home which my dear sister, Mary Freeman gave me the subscription to for Christmas, A lovely magazine I received as part of a Valentine gift called Victoria Bliss, or the other way around..heheheh!!
      AND my Beth Moore, Believing God, Day by Day and my Bible…yes, I have a big night stand! Oh and some are on the floor too!!!

    37. great interview with Jodi! I can’t believe how much she can accomplish considering she works full time and is a single mom!
      I always have stacks of books and magazines on my bed, right now I have the latest issue of Art Doll Quarterly, CSP, Art journaling, the Artist’s way and taking flight.

    38. Great interview- really enjoyed reading about Jodi’s creative process and how she juggles “life” and “art”. I love the art she creates. I always have a stack of books to read- feel anxious when I get low on reading material. I currently am reading “Things we Couldn’t Say” by Diet Eman, but I also have a couple mysteries by Patricia Cornwell, and a book by James Brady on the Korean War, and VIntage Redux to peruse. Nancy

    39. Quilting Arts, Material Visions, Somerset Workshop, Scrapbooking Full-Color Treasure Chest, Where Women Create (2 issues), Somerset Studio Gallery, Collage Discovery Workshop, Collage Discovery Workshop Beyond the Unexpected, Warm Fuzzies, Organizing Your Craft Space, Cloth Paper Scissors (2), Mixed Mania, Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, Haute Handbags, 50 Nifty Beaded Cards, 100 Decorating Ideas under $100, Artists’ Cafe, Belle Armoire, Sew Somerset, The Bottle Factory Outing, Cultural Studies, The Glass Castle, Omnivore’s Dilemma, Making Memory Books and Journals by Hand, Easy Transfers for Any Surface, Comparative Religion for Dummies, World Religions, Washington, Crafts n Things (2), and 2 Quilting Arts DVDs.

      I think that’s it. I may be approaching fire hazard status at my bedside!

    40. Ooh I love your paintings Jodi! By my bed at the moment are “Menagerie Manor” by Gerald Durrel, Sew Hip magazine “Seaweed and Eat It” by Fiona Houston and Xa Milne and “Complete Feltmaking” by Gillian Harris.

    41. hey miss!
      i’m loving jodi’s work.. .thanks for sharing her with us!

      i have the latest AmericanCRAFT magazine AND 3 “Get Fuzzy” comic strip books laying on the floor in my room…


    42. oh the stack is so high!
      a bible, cloth paper scissors mag, hobby farm mag and Dreamweaver manual

    43. Thank you once again Chrysti for pointing me to another fun artist that I haven’t ‘met’! I’ve enjoyed reading your interview and, after a quick peek at Jodi’s blog, I know I will be a regular visitor.
      As for what’s beside my bed (other than dust bunnies, of course): ‘Art Forms In Nature’ (Ernst Haeckel); ‘Free-Range Knitter’ (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee); ‘1000 Artist Journal Pages’ (Dawn DeVries Sokol); ‘Protect and Defend’ (Richard North Patterson); ‘Producing A Quality Family History’ (Patricia Law Hatcher); ‘Art Journals & Creative Healing’ (Sharon Soneff); ‘Paper,Metal & Stitch’ (Maggie Grey & Jane Wild); ‘Simple Abundance’ (Sarah Breathnach); ‘The Shack’; two issues of ‘Sew Somerset’ magazine; a ‘Cloth,Paper,Scissors’ and my Bible. This list doesn’t include what’s sitting on my dresser!!

    44. I just have my Bible sitting at the bedside, but in another room I have:
      Cloth, Paper, Scissors
      Art Journaling by Somerset Studios
      the last issue of Somerset Studio
      The Artist’s Way
      Taking Flight
      tons of others.

      I am waiting on Orphan Tales: In the Night Garden to arrive in the mail.

    45. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
      If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland
      Visual Journaling by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox
      Soul Collage by Seena Frost
      Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino
      Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino

    46. What books or magazines are sitting by your bedside table or on your floor right now?

      Papercrafts, papercrafts, ATC workshop by Bernie Berlin
      and a Dean Koontz Novel…latest-Odd thomas :)

      Love the painting!

    47. If we only count the area near my bed (and not the stuff piled near my reading chair or on the “reading room” . . . )
      I’ve got the March issue of Real Simple, The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, March issue of Oprah,Lesley Riley’s Quilted Memories.

      I’m so glad you’re back Chrysti and hope you’re feeling much better.

    48. i am revisiting Jane Eyre.

    49. Currently I have a book called Possession: A Romance- a novel about two literary scholars unraveling the a historical love affair between two poets; Edith Hamilton’s Mythology- I am reading this for about the twentieth time since seventh grade and it is currently heavily influencing my art; and usually the latest two Time magazines, because I am always at least two issues behind.

    50. My journal with a sharpened pencil
      The Heart is a lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
      Creative Stamping by Sherrill Kahn
      I had the Craziest Dream Last Night:
      12 creative explorations into the genius of the night mind
      by Victoria Rabinow
      Layers by Shari Carroll ( after reading your posts)

    51. Great art! Great interview! Wonderful question! Beside my bed I now have: New Moon, Positively Postcards, Collage Journeys, Taking Flight, Exhibition 36 and Artful Blogging.

      AND, in my TV room I have A Thousand Splendid Suns, Friday Night Knitting Club, When Wanderers Cease to Roam! Think I’m just a little addicted? LOL

    52. Great interview Jodi and Chrysti! I am just glad I cleaned off my bedside table yesterday morning. I had 32 magazines and books! Right now I have Scientific American, FiberArts, Ornament, Quilting Arts, Doll Art Quarterly, Metalsmith, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Popular Science and Sun.

    53. I follow Jodi’s blog and just loved this interview!

      As far as my books – in my purse I have Deepak Chopra’s “Perfect Health”, at the TV I have (of course) Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors and by my bed I have no actual books – I just bought my KINDLE! Yeah! On it, I am reading the fourth Book of Ember and The Heretic’s Daughter. Both really good.

    54. I love Jodi’s art. I have a copy of Somerset Studios on the foot of my bed and a copy of The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women on the floor (it fell). I’m on second viewing of Somerset and I’m anxious to open the pages of The Sisterhood…The cover looks like it will be a fun and delicious book with inspiration spread throughout.
      LOved the interview of Jodi here.

    55. What a fun interview!
      Let’s see – Art jewelry magazine, Rio Grande Tools catalog, Micro mark catolog, Boots and Saddles by Elizabeth Custer, Bead and Button magazine, 16X mom by Barbara Olivo, Outrage by Dick Morris

      Connie Williams

    56. Which Bed?? HEEHEE I have a bed in my art room that has collage journeys,somerset studio,cloth paper scissors,and many others…the one in my bedroom has my Bible,another cloth paper scissors, another somerset studio, the pile next to my bed has all of the above and a myriad of books waiting for me to read ,,,any day now. I love books!!

    57. I have 2 sommset studios , and 4 of there special magazines, a bunch of cooking magazines , about 20 novels i intend to read this summer and i am reading right now ” Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich”
      Robin Krieger

    58. I have about a gazillion books on happiness and self development, Woolf’s A writers diary, my own diary, my poetry book, ikea family magazine etc etc. :-)

      great interview with lots of interesting “news” – I wish how to find a mixed media community where I live! that sounds so great!

    59. Hey Chrysti! Hope all is well with you, your artist interviews are always so interesting and inspiring, love them!! Anyhow, here’s what’s currently on my nightable, in random order:

      Psalms & Proverbs
      Country Home (their latest & LAST issue supposedly….lament, lament)
      Dickblick art supplies flier
      MaryJane’s Farm
      Exhibition 36 – Susan Tuttle
      The Secret

    60. At my elbow right now I have Words Their Way because I am writing up a teacher’s workshop in word study. Directly under that is Visual Chronicles by Woods and Dinino, and under THAT is The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel. I just got those two and have been looking through them. Within reaching distance is The Big Ass Book of Crafts by Montano, Pretty Little Things by Alexander, and The Beaded GArden by Fitzgerald. Next to my chair in the living room is Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-
      McPhee, as I have been on a knitting kick. The March issues of Martha Stewart Living and Horse and Rider are on the kitchen table. Yikes. No wonder I get so little done! My mind and hands are going in twenty directions.

      p.s. I love the colors in Jodi Ohl’s work.

    61. I have the new Somerset Studio, the new Cloth Paper Scissors, and two Marhta Stewart Living magazines.

    62. I have Cloth Paper Scissors, CraftStylish Quick Stuff to Sew, BackHome magazine, A Charming Exchange, Europe 101 by Rick Steves, and various other half-read books…

    63. By my bedside, I have an Advance Reader’s Copy of Radiant Darkness, the first novel by author Emily Whitman.
      It is a wonderful novel about the Greek goddess Persephone, and her relationship with her mother, Demeter, and her love, Hades.
      In many ways it is a beautiful coming-of-age story, but with the mythological twist. The publication date is scheduled for May 2009.

    64. I have Roma, by Stephen Saylor – an epic novel about Rome…
      and The Business by Martina Cole…
      a sunday supplement also there

      thanks for the introduction to this artist Christy x

    65. A book about the Himalaya, The Artist Way, Collage Unleashed, the book I am reading to my children every night (we do that in the big mama-bed…).

    66. wow, thank you for the introduction to Jodi’s work, very nice!

      oh my gosh, there isn’t enough room here for all the books and mags stacked and smeared all around my bed! there’s a couple of Bibles, Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, and Smithsonian magazines, some Beckett mags and Dave Ramsey books (dh’s), poetry books, a journal, and some teacher texts/solutions manuals for algebra, geometry, and who knows what else . . . homeschool moms are notorious for their piles of books . . .

    67. Sweet store, Jodi!

      Next to my bed: The Great Book of Amber by Zelazny (entire 10 book series in omnibus format), Riddle-master – the complete trilogy – by McKillip, and Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Colfer.

    68. What a great event. I have only one laying around right now and it’s the latest Art Doll Quarterly. Hope you are enjoying all of this. Jody

    69. Hi Chrysti,
      My lovely gift arrived today. Thank you so much. I’ll be using the images in the new journal I’m making. I’m really pleased. You made my day, thanks again.
      Oh and no books by my bed…they are all upstairs by my chair, a huge pile of magazines and craft books. Must sort them out actually before they all fall into a heap.

    70. Great on interview, Chrysti with one of my favorite people in the world! Go get those dreams, Jodi!

      Here’s just what’s on the floor on my side of the bed:
      Altered Art, Terry Taylor
      Play, the art of visual journals, issue 2
      Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Ryan ( i chisel away at it every night)
      The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron
      Two back issues of Somerset Studio
      Pottery Barn catalog
      Collage Unleashed, Traci Bautista
      and Altered Books Workshop, Bev Brazelton

      There’s another stack on the book shelf on the other side, but that’s for another day!

      Hugs from the green mountains!

    71. WOW! Jodi, you are extremely generous. Thank you. I ♥ your art. Recognized the sweet heART magnets immediately from the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

      On my floor “Artful Blogging” Winter 2009 issue, “ART journaling by Somerset Studio” Winter 2009 issue, Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Victoria Jan/Feb 2009, Country Living February 2009, Somerset Studio Nov/Dec 2008, Somerset Studio May/June 2008, and “The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” which I just purchased on Saturday.

      Thanks again Jodi and THANK YOU Chrysti for your ongoing commitment with the 29 days of giving.

    72. I’m reading Breathing Out the Ghost. Waiting to be read is The Shack and a Charleston murder mystery.

    73. Somerset, Cloth, Paper, Scissors & The Secret Life of Bees.

      About the 30 days, LOL! But you never said Which thirty days, did ya? So, I think you’re in the clear:P

    74. I have Stephen King’s The Green Mile, Jodi Picoult’s Second Glance, Lesley Riley’s Fabric Books and her new Lutradur book, a couple of issues of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and one of Quilting Arts. And I would love to win one of your generous giveaways!

    75. There is a small, overflowing bookcase next to my bed with past issues of Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, and Somerset Studio. Then there are the stacks of quilting and art books. On the top are:
      Quiltagami by Mary Jo Hiney
      Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts
      Clebrate your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam
      Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady
      Textile Translations by Maggie Grey
      Exhibition 36 by Susan Tuttle
      and True Vision by L.K. Ludwig

      I’m so jazzed that this giveaway is still on! I just read Jodi Ohl’s article in CPS and have become an instant fan!

    76. Oy, there are so many!

      The latest issue of CPS
      Latest issue of Sew Somerset
      “The Artful Storybook” by Terry Taylor
      “The Creative Call” by Janice Elsheimer
      “Bound & Lettered” magazine from John Neal Booksellers
      “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith

      lots of other books not related to art/bookmaking

      Love love love her work!! Thanks for the interview!

    77. Thanks for another great interview Chrysti! You always ask the best questions and you always get some of the best answers!

      No reading material by my bedside but I have been reading the new Art Journaling and Apronology mags from Somerset.

      I am also deep into Laura Childs Scrapbooking Mystery series. She not only scrapbooks but does a little altered art in her books.
      I don’t scrapbook but it is fun reading a mystery where the main character also loves paper and embellishments.


    78. Lots of stuff, of course,
      Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” for my book club
      Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz”..critics say “think of Don Miller as Anne Lamott with testosterone….not a bad description.
      The PlayBill from “songs for a new world” from the STray Dog Theatre just went this afternoon with some friends. while we were out, we went to the used book store and I got Rita Mae Brown’s “Bingo”
      also Pam Carriker’s print out from her class “Visual Journalism 101”
      and a recent Stamper’s Sampler.
      last but not least Michael DeMeng’s book, “Secrets of Rusty Things” I still have one more lesson for the ZNE Book Club’s last round….we’ve all been distracted by the piles of books in our workspace or bedrooms……so I tell my self.

      Chrysti…I always enjoy your posts and our time together on twitter/facebook!!

    79. I have the newest issues of ClothPaperScissors & Quilting Arts, I keep those handy until I get the next issue. I also have Quilter’s Newsletter, Smithsonian, Reader’s Digest, “Swan Peak” by James Lee Burke (I’m into murder mysteries) and “Mixed-Media Self-Portraits” by Cate Coulacos Prato.

      Checked out Jodi’s Etsy shop and really liked Reflections in the Sun and House of Faith. Her work is beautiful!


    80. I have Wreck this Journal, (after reading about it with you)
      Roma by Stephen saylor and Somerset Apprentice

      Great interview Chrysti.. you do these so well!!! hugs

      and take care of yourself x

    81. On my couch side table, I have “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna, two Somerset Studios, and a package with a delightful paperdoll – Lucinda from Enchanted Doll’s House Paper Dolls, a mystery that I just finished, and another mystery that I just started.

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