Tying up loose ends…

* looks around sheepishly …*

So. Ummmmm. Yeah. 

Hi!  Hello! G’Day! Bonjour! Aloha!

And even more ways to give a long, long overdue hello.

*cough, cough …*

The blog is a bit dusty eh? Even though I dont’ quite feel in the frame of mind to write well, I know I need to get this done. Perfectionism is overrated anyhow. (if i say it enough times, i just may believe it!) Seriously though, the logical side of me knows it isn’t even attainable. Why DO we fret over it?

 Untitled - WIP

I am not even going to apologize for letting my trusty blog slide recently. (See Blogging Without Obligation)  How is that for impressive? When hard times hit us – we do what we must to survive, and my blog had to take a backseat for a bit. SO very many of you have checked in, to see how I am… seems y’all know when i vanish, it’s either for very good (too busy) or very bad (hello depression) reasons. This time, it was a combination of both.

Life has thrown some pretty big, life-altering wrenches my way in the last few months … I really am not one to dwell on the negative (we really do become what we think) … nor am I one to publicly air my issues. When the time is right, I will most likely share a retrospective viewpoint of this time period with y’all; but until then .. just please understand there have been some monumental changes in my health and personal life … and I am working through all of it the best I can.

I am confident that I will indeed emerge stronger than before. I have felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown several times recently, but yet I have not completely lost it. 10 years ago, I probably would have been hospitalized handling all of this…. so it is with great pride that I share that growth with you, and continue to remind myself of what a blessing it indeed is. Bipolar disorder is disruptive, it is extremely difficult at times- but it does NOT have to be crippling, or cause one to suffer immensely. There are techniques, medications for some, and tools to help manage it- and those of us who live with it, it is our responsibility to utilize them the best we can on any given day. Choose to fight, daily.. hourly… or by the minute if you have to. It is hard work, but well worth it.

 Untitled Birdie - 5

Now, on the other hand .. there have equally been as many amazing things happening. The yin & yang I suppose. Exhibitions, Juried Shows, Publishing , Teaching, and Licensing opportunities.. and lots more have been heading my way! Sadly, I have had to turn a few things down as I sort things out .. but I continually take on what I can, as I love the distraction and focus on my artwork. Oddly, my recent work has been bright, and vivid and colorful – quite a shift from what I usually create when battling depression. I am TOTALLY digging that, and cannot paint enough these days. I will elaborate on more of these in separate posts.

Now, Moving on…

I wanted to wrap up the giveaway and apologize to the incredibly talented & generous Jodi for taking so long to do this. Don’t worry, I will be doing more giveaways, interviews..and all the fun stuff… just not by blogging daily ..since at this point in my life I cannot commit to it.

Artwork by Jodi Ohl

Artwork by Jodi Ohl

First – Go refresh yourself on the giveaway  & interview with Jodi.

Now… peek and see if you’re a winner…

1)  Prize Recipient Is:  Laura Taylor Mark custom 6 x 12 piece  made especially for this giveaway  (value of $79 dollars)

2)  Prize Recipient Is: Regina R.  A  $40 dollar shopping spree to Jodis online store.

 3)  Prize Recipient Is: Dawn Gold set of 4 of of Sweet HeART magnets “Green Apple” (recently featured in Cloth Paper Scissors, Jan/Feb issue),  value: $24

And I nearly forgot! one more giveaway to wrap up…

read about it here

Prize Recipient Is: Jill Thompson  the delightful book: Layers: Inspired Collage for Paper Projects with Meaning .

Leave me a comment if you won, or I will try to track you down – and contact you for your mailing address!

The remaining 7 days, will be finished – just slowly, as I can. I never default on my commitments, but in this case I need to do it at my own pace… hope y’all understand.

Now – the exciting news, is that i will be doing another 29 days of giving – in a way I CAN commit to. Via …. TWITTER! So be sure to follow me there for chances to win. I will announce here, when it begins… and I can promise you that 140 characters is VERY doable for me. I plan to make it fun like we did here… so I hope you will join us when the time comes.

Facebook & twitter are quick ways I have been utilizing to stay in touch with this amazing community- so join me there, since I tend to keep those up through the rough times. Blog posts typically take me a few hours to do, and is usually the first thing to fall behind.

Again, I cannot thank those of you who check in on me, offer me encouragement, inspiration and positive light enough. I really do hate how trite it sounds to say it’s nice to know people care … because it couldn’t be more real. I am hoping now that I removed this big pink elephant… I can keep up with the blog again, and if not.. I know I will be back, as I can.

Warmly, Chrysti

22 Responses

  1. Hi Christi,
    I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that I’m the winner of Jodi’s gift certificate. Thanks to both of you.
    I’ve been following your posts on Facebook when I log on. It’s not my favorite place to play because of all the distractions, but you’re right. It is fast once you get the hang of it.
    May God bless you & lift you up. I found myself painting with a lot of yellow after my dear Dad & Grandma passed away. You’d never know the pieces I created were done in a time of grieving. It was a blessing to have that outlet to create cheer when the temptation was to just sink.
    I love your sweet bird. They are meaningful to me & this one hits “the spot” . xo

  2. I am in the same place right now, where you have been, minus the great appreciation of my art for shows etc.
    Hang in there…I’ll see you here and on FB, but I do not think I’m joining twitter…it is just getting to be too much….blogs, yahoo groups, email and FB and some other actual websites.

    I always have my art friends among my prayers :) so of course you are among them :)

    You already have my address for the ornament I won, an dI am aware of the situation with boxes, so no wories :)

  3. Well hello and welcome back. Love the bright art, wonderful work.

  4. Oh, wow! I was so surprised when reading your post to see my name! How cool! I didn’t see an email link on your blog to send you my address. You might still have it from one of the skinny book swaps I was in, but if you need it just let me know at the above email or on my blog. Thank you so much for all your generosity especially in the midst of personal issues.


  5. welcome back! :) sounds like things are looking up…sending warm thoughts your way! you’re right, there’s no need to appologize–life is life and it must be lived!


  6. Welcome back! I am so glad to see your post. Your little bird touched my heart!

  7. As I keep telling myself, just keep breathing in and out and the rest will take care of itself. Your new work may be different from your usual style but it is just as beautiful.

  8. Chrysti, Welcome back to the blog and thanks for the update on 29 days. I have already been following you on Facebook but will not be doing the Twitter thing… it’s information overload for me but I guess that will leave more opportunity for those who embrace it. I’m glad you’re able to work your way through your challenges… bipolar is something our family struggles with too – some of us better than others – and I applaud your healthy approach to finding balance. May you be blessed with the love and support you need =)

  9. Hi, Chrysti! Love your drawing and the super cheerful bird! Congratulations to all the winners! :-)

  10. So good to hear you here, Chrysti ! Your recent artwork is amazingly full of color and life, just as your beautiful soul is ! Keep up the fantastic work, and know that we see you shining that light.

    Take good care !

  11. Glad you’re alive and that things are good too, not just bad ass bad. :-) It’s life, you’ve got to get at it!


  12. Hi Chrysti,
    wishing you bright and happy art days! missed you at ZNE con. thanks for the reminder to stumble ahead one step at a time!

  13. Welcome back Chrysti!! I’ve thought of you often while you’ve been gone and missed your wonderful posts. Take care of you!

  14. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping everything was working itself out. You inspire so many and have a fond place in this world’s heart! Thank you again for featuring my work and I look forward to hearing from you with the winner’s info :) Good luck with your upcoming show, knock their socks off!!!

  15. So nice to see a new post!! I also embrace the idea of blogging without obligation. This stuff is for fun, not to add more responsibility. Off to follow you on twitter! :-)

  16. Hi Chrysti and welcome back…..okay……I am besides myself at having won the first prize of Jodi’s awesome work…..I never win ANYTHING!!! I’ve been peeking in sporadically to see how you are and here I stumble upon this :> Congrats to the other winners…

    I’ve been a bit lapse myself for almost a month now in blogland with offline work & life in general needing me so really ready to embrace your mindset – live your life and tend what needs tending, blog when you can and no apologies needed :>

    Thanks again for hosting these fabulous giveaways and picking up w/ them when you are able to. SO happy for you that a prolific & delightful lineup of work has resulted from your time away!

    Hugs my friend,

  17. sending you the bestest warmest energies…

    i know these conditions well…my family has many diagnosed
    husband and son
    as well as a little more distant
    and handeling these daily feats and hurdles

    you sound as if you are handling the daily battles amazingly!!!
    hang in there and continue your arting as often as you can
    your work is truly amazing

    and thank you for sharing all things you…
    you help
    keep me inspired

  18. You were missed, and I hope you are doing all right. Sending good vibes your way. In the meantime, it’s nice to read that you’re giving yourself permission to only do what you can handle, to be where you are, and to be “imperfect.” Hard lessons, but good ones. Thanks for the reminders!

  19. Chrysti – Well done you for posting, hope you get in to a happy place soon. Love your colorful art! To be honest with you I have neglected my blog too recently, firstly because my computer crashed and secondly because I seem to have a cloud over my head with life issues so it happens to us all. I am going to make an effort to write today because your blog has inspired me – you are so inspirational to me xxx
    and hey you put the biggest smile on my face when I read that I had won 4 of your super duper scrumptious magnets HAPPY DAY! THANK YOU and BIG LOVE XXX Dawn

  20. Glad to see you here…. take care and live life at your pace!

  21. Sending big hugs your way sweetie pie. I’ll keep you close in my thoughts and prayers.


  22. What a beautiful post. As always your artwork is so beautiful and inspiring.

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