Will It Be Ok?

 :: mother and child ::

 Yes, it will.

But what if a big dog comes?
You will know whether it is friendly or not, if it is friendly, you pat it, if it is not you stand perfectly still and unafraid and it stops barking and comes to you and sits quietly beside you.

But what if there is thunder and lightning?
You sit at your window and watch the rain beating down over the houses and fields in the dark night.  You see how special it is because the lightning shows the rainy sky and countryside and all the city.  You pay attention because the loud thunder is calling you and saying, “Look, the world is receiving a deep drink”

But what if there is lots of snow?
You put on your thermals, gloves, coat and scarf and play in it.
But what if snakes come in the night?
You keep a flute by your bed and play a song and the snakes hear and are quiet.

But what if the cabbages don’t come up?
We drive to the nursery, purchase seven tomato plants, just in case.  When we come home we dig seven holes in the garden and plant a tomato in each one.  We pat back the earth around them and pour a bucket of water around them.  Then we go inside and read a book.  When we come out again there is a tiny row of cabbage seedlings.

But what if I hate everyone?
You run away.  You pack raisins, walnuts, oranges, crackers and a flashlight in a bandanna.  You knot its four corners together and walk and walk until you come to the park.  You stay all afternoon, sitting by yourself under a tree.  When you come home again, you don’t hate everyone.

But what if someone hates me?
You feel lonely and sad.  You walk and walk until you come to a small pond. You kneel in the grass by the edge of the pond, you see something move.  You put out your hand and a tiny frog hops onto it.  Very carefully you lift your hand up to your ear and the frog whispers, “Other people love you. Maybe that person will love you again, maybe not, in any case it’s all right.”

But what if nobody likes the way I dance?
You go dancing in the woods, alone in the crackling leaves.  One day you meet someone else dancing in the woods and you dance together.  You throw leaves on each other, you lie down in the leaves.  Then you go home and draw pictures and drink warm Milk together.

But what if you die?
My loving doesn’t die. It stays with you, when you remember you and me; you say, “What can I do with so much love?  I will have to give some away”.

So you love thunder and lightning, dogs and snakes, snow and planting cabbages.  You dance with other people in the leaves and run away with them. You love them and they love you, and you eat raisins together, so yes, it will be okay. -Crescent Dragonwagon

(Mom, my brother, me … circa 1976)

One of the most fabulous women I have ever known ,who I also take great pride in calling a friend (thanks Kit), sent that to me years ago and I have yet to let go of it. Today, through another difficult time .. I found myself once again searching for it, seeking those words that would simultaneously provide me comfort and wisdom. Maybe, just maybe … someone else needed the gentle reminder too.

And the fact that it is also Mothers Day? True kismet.

Easter 1977

 1978 (?)

Easter 1977

2007 or 2008?

Isn’t my mom beautiful?

Happy Mothers Day Mom. Thank you for your support and undying love throughout not only my life; but these difficult times.  Can’t wait to see you in June.

 I love you with all that I am…
Christy Ann

14 Responses

  1. Wonderful words and perfect timing. Your Mom is a genuinely lovely lady, I love how she smiles so endearingly at her children in all of the photos. :) Things will be okay, a Mother’s love finds us no matter where we are just when we need it most as it is never ending and knows no boundaries.

    Have a good week, Chrysti. :)

  2. Beautiful picture of your mom on that gorgeous horse! Happy Mother’s Day! :-)

  3. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read, THANK YOU for sharing it…. and yes your mum is beautiful x

  4. what a wonderful, amazing post. thanks for taking the time to share… I, too, am lucky in the mom department – yours is lovely!

  5. Thanks that war a nice read. Xx blessings x

  6. what a beautiful post-words and images. thank you.:)

  7. Beautiful and touching. You are adorable little and your mom is a star. What would we do without moms?

  8. Wow, there’s a lot in these photos you shared — very touching. And yup, your mum is beautiful. Thanks for this very sweet post.

  9. Beautiful mom you have there. I have to add that my mom is gorgeous too!! Great pics!
    I hear you and add a hug for those days where nothing makes sense and it is just sad outside.

  10. Your mom is so beautiful! She’s beautiful in the only way I’d like to be – the beauty that comes from light shining outward through the face; the beauty that results in growing old gracefully. Gorgeous.

    Hey, Chrysti, on another note, I just saw your article in the Somerset Studios issue that arrived in my mailbox today. Another excellent one. Weren’t you in Cloth, Paper, Scissors again this month, too? How do you do it all? It’s not a rhetorical question – I really want to know!

    You blog beautiful, thoughtful, detailed posts. You write and get published regularly. And best of all, you actually CREATE. That’s the part that’s frustrating for me. After all my obligations are met, it’s difficult to find time for me – time to create, to read, to stretch, to meditate.

    I feel like I have so much to learn about caring for myself and doing the things that renew me. So, tell me. How do you do it?

  11. Hey Chrysti,
    I just got my Somerset Studio and say your lovely article! And those gorgeous artists papers. I posted about it along with the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas’, an honor to share an issue with you!

  12. I stumbled in here via Ilka’s Attic…so pleased I did…Your writing in the question answer section was just so uplifting…thank you…and yes your mother is beautiful…

  13. She truly is as are you Chrysti. Please reach out about the “troubled times”. i, too, am going through changes. they call it transitioning sometimes which sounds very interesting don’y you think.

  14. Loved the site you have here. Not all of the pics are working Miss. But it was still enjoyable. Hope to come back again for another look around.

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