Permission to Play

Ok.  So it may be old news to some of you.

Alright, more than a few of you even…

but still, it’s pretty cool news ya know?

Article in the July/August 2009 Somerset Studio

Article in the July/August 2009 Somerset Studio

In the July/August ’09  issue of Somerset Studio not only did I create 4 exclusive artist papers, but tutorials on how to create on each of them.. and boy-oh-friggin’-boy was the feedback amazing ! It actually took me aback – just how much folks enjoyed it. Delightful accolades are still pouring in about it even now – love that. It touches me. It motivates me. Words can’t convey how good it is for my heart, for the whole of me .. to know that just by sharing something I abso-friggin-lutely love to do, it somehow …inspires someone.

Simple, yet powerful pleasures that I am continually thankful for.

 “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”
 Frank Tibolt

I stumbled on this video a few days ago – it uses my article as a jumping point, and also showcases Claudine Hellmuth’s fabulously delicious  paint line…. I thought y’all may enjoy it as well.

Here are a few others who have also generously shared their results:
(i know there are more, but lost the links i had saved – please resend!)

Did you use the artist papers I created in a project? Did you give the tutorials a try? Shout out in the comments with a link to your work/post and I’ll add it here too, ‘cuz y’all inspire me. For those that have asked, I just may *cough* be working up a part deux of Permission to Play.

Go. Play. Permission? Totally granted.


10 Responses

  1. My inchie paper ala Chrysti can be seen at

    And a part deux? i love you. :)

  2. un
    and last but not least: moi

  3. It was a fabulous article, with detailed instruction. Your backgrounds are brilliant girl!

  4. I loved the article, the instructions were wonderful sooooo inspiring and the papers you created for the piece were luscious!

    I’m very proud of you :) i haven’t used them but I do want to use your inchie technique sometime soon, I even bought a square puncher in your honor :)



  5. Thanks ladies!

    Jodi — You could call it the chrysti squareganizer. or something. hmmm, i can do better than that!

    I was so glad to be in the same issue with both of you.

  6. Darn it…I missed getting that issue!!

  7. You can still get it on their site… i linked it to the pic :)

  8. I have that issue! Your papers are so beautiful! I want to frame them rather than destroy them for use in my art.

  9. How fun to see, thanks for sharing and congrats on the article.


  10. […] my latest article, (which you should hopefully see in Somerset Studio next spring .. hello part deux) I was actually a bit surprised that my brain went right back to that […]

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