Down & Dirty


This weekend? Positively  f a b u l o u s!  Chock full of  simple delights, autumnal celebrations, exquisite company and the divine pleasure of immersing myself into nature. Even this nasty infection/virus I am fighting seemed insignificant. Love that.

Yesterday, I found myself at Ganyard Hill Farm … perusing the pumpkin patch & other delights that are simply a seasonal rite of passage; but ones I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. The combination of the crisp air, sounds of children laughing and autumn’s colors dappled about gave me shivers; I was present in the moment. I felt alive… fully alive!  How often do we take that feeling for granted?

Pumpkin Top


Since I ventured to the farm a bit late in the season, many of the crops were picked over; it became a good old fashioned treasure hunt to find that perfect pumpkin, to spot remnants of corn among the barren stalks and to pick the perfect pods of cotton.  I couldn’t tell you what exactly my fascination with cotton is all about, I just know I am instinctively drawn to it – and have been for as long as I can remember. I am smitten with the raw, creamy, natural shades and the multitude of textures. There is a deep and often painful history behind those plants – yet it also provides us with so many luxuries… so many necessities. I dunno, for some reason my obsession with it.. just fits.

While looking for some cotton to take home with me, I heard a young girl literally – squeal – and i mean a-loud-only-a-9-year-old-girl-can manage-squeal – with this raw, pure delight. In that i-so-cant-believe-people-are this-lazy disapproving tone she exclaims “People are just afraid to get down and dirty, look how much I found!” … her mother was smiling and shaking her head as the young girl filled her arms with a trove of cotton – all hers for the keeping, merely because she wasn’t afraid to get down on her knees, get dirty and look at the field with a different perspective. Raw, contagious enthusiam at its finest.



After hearing her? I promptly changed my own vantage points. I knelt on the ground, sat in the dirt and became fearless with my lens. I shot the crops and the beautiful farm from angles I was tempted to skip in the name of clean clothing. Pffft. I stand by my claim that children are some of the best teachers… because as adults we over analyze and complicate things far too often. We miss what is right in front of us far too frequently.

It is a good reminder isn’t it? Never be afraid to get down & dirty for you just don’t know what treasures or views you may miss.


15 Responses

  1. I absolutely love that goat (or is it a calf?) photo! Talk about curiosity, both in children and in animals! You’re so right about us adults losing our sight for what’s right in front of us. Wonderful post!!

  2. Lyrically beautiful pictures! Very fun blog…I’m going to check out some more of the art right now. I haven’t carved a pumpkin with my kids in ages but I may try again this year. I did get my tulip bulbs planted yesterday so I get where you’re coming from talking about autumnal celebrations. I love this time of year, but the yard work is a bit much.
    Enjoyed your post,

    • Thank you so much! The yardwork is alot… my yard looks terribly overrun right now… carve a pumpkin, it will be my first time in ages too!

  3. Delightful! Kids [no pun intended…hardee-har-har] remind us to be kids. The world is a great place from their perspective. I always say, “A clean kid is a bored kid.” I think the same should apply to adults. =] Love your pics!

    • Ha! I always love a good pun… and i totally agree with that quote! When I taught preschool, I had a prent tell me she loved that her duaghter came home dirty– meant she did something fun!

  4. nice picture :)

  5. I could not agree more. It’s good to remember why you got into photography and to live life.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Had to add you to my blog roll. Have a nice day.


  6. i am in love with the photo of the cornstalks:)

    am having coffee at a coffee shop and wishing you were here:)


    • That was with my lensbaby lens .. the original one. I am only recently starting to fully embrace it, despite having it for quite some time.

      Coffee? Im totally there! It would be so nice to sit & chat wouldn’t it? We really should schedule a phone date soon.

  7. That goat is priceless. :) Excellent photography all of them.

  8. […] I had ventured out on a photo trip and managed to collect a few suitable shots.  I just didn’t want to go overboard on the […]

  9. Great shot of the goat!! Aren’t goats great?

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