Moving among mysteries

move among mysteries

“Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.”
— Theodore Roethke

‘Move Among Mysteries’ – Christy Hydeck – 2009 -Artography
Print available here.

I feel as if life is just that these days – this amazing sort of jump from one mysterious adventure to another. My curiosity is peaked, senses are heightened & I feel like I have been bestowed with this awesome takes-the-breath-right-out-from-you-give-me-a-moment-to-take-it-all-in appreciation of all around that surrounds me. Love that.

To reach this state – and mind you, it isn’t always a high, happy place .. it takes a daily committment .. that allowing myself to be vulnerable thing. Giving myself permission to feel, to experiment, to trust and to fully immerse myself in whatever it is that is capturing me at the moment — I am willing to open my heart to the possibilities that await me.  How grand life is, when seen as an adventure.  Autumn always seems to beckon me into that glorious mindset…  exhilarating.

That new piece shown above, is a product of my renewed willingness to stretch myself, and dabble outside of my ‘normal’ — whatever that is…. and ya know what? I love it, I actually love it! I don’t often hang my own work around me, but that piece? It will adorn one of my walls sometime soon.. perhaps, you will consider allowing it to adorn yours as well. (shameless, i know..)

What do you think of it? What emotions does it evoke within you? What have you been courageous in lately?

Warmly, Chrysti

9 Responses

  1. Powerful image! When I first looked at it I ‘saw’ a runner, probably a man and it was only on the second look that I realized that it actually was a woman walking along the path. If you don’t happen to notice the runner, imagine her arms as his legs and look above her for his body. Am I seeing things?

  2. so beautiful Chrysti. magical, mysterious, leading me on an adventure – certainly. i too love how autumn often brings me to some different sort of contemplation. so glad that you occasionally dabble away from your norm. good for you!

  3. Hello there Carolina Neighbor… :) So glad that I found you and your site- lovely!

    The image is simply gorgeous…. reminds me of a small saying that I have… every great journey starts with one step forward….. it feels like she is taking you by the hand and leading you on a new journey …somewhere that requires bravery in yourself…

  4. What a spectacular picture. There is so little that I can say that will express the beauty of your pictures….they just “are”.
    Now, on to being good enough…you are good enough for whatever it may be that you wish to do and you will succeed. Just remember, your art is from your heart, and it will please you, it doesn’t have to please the rest of the world, only you. Because YOU are what matters most.
    Now, I shall try to remember that myself!
    Your pictures are an inspiration……just makes me want to forget about going to bed and staying up and playing!

  5. The photo is superb. I love the tone and mysteriousness of it.

  6. great pic. I love it!

  7. Thank you so very much y’all — It has been a crazy week with my dad visiting and now playing catch up- i feel badly I haven’t had the time to respond individually! Pleae know, your responses mean the world to me. Thank you!

  8. Chrysti, love this post. and the photo is gorgeous, almost suggestive of going down back the path to childhood and innocence.

    thank you for challenging us with Echo, i loved playing with my photos, something i enjoy but till waiting to enroll in Susan’s workshop when i return from Chile where i am headed come thursday.

    will be thinking of you

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