{Echo} Week 2- Decorate

Halloween 1977

Mom, Me, Dinky circa 1977 (i think)

I have to admit – when Susan chose the prompt for this week (decorate), a weeeee bit of panic ensued. Yes, yes I know … what a silly, silly thing to panic over Chrysti.

Since I am planning to move out of state and my current decor consists of not-so-glorious-horribly-obtrusive-will-someone-please-them-the-eff-outta-here stacks of boxes, mountains of styrofoam and bubble wrap, rubbermaid bins,  boxes full of things to sort through, and the ever so lovely tumbleweeds my cats & dogs contribute with their never-ending-i-love-them-dearly-but-not-their-hair-that-i-am-sooooo-tempted-to-shave-off shedding coats. Disheveled would have been apt prompt for my current situation. Politely stated, my house is an absolute wreck at the moment and the lovely little things that normally adorn my home, are all packed up and anxious for a new journey.

Fortunately, I had ventured out on a photo trip and managed to collect a few suitable shots.  I just didn’t want to go overboard on the autumn theme and was at a complete loss for the second shot.

That is, until Susan sent me her oh-how-i-wish-i-could-taste-it shot. Instantly, I knew what to pair it with and once again I was in awe at how kismet plays such a prominent role in my life. I love how that works as I love serendipity. (remember my love list?)

Echo - Week 2 - Decorate
(please click to see it larger )

Seeeee? Happenstance at its finest!

Now, it is your turn. What does this weeks ‘decorate’ prompt evoke in you? I personally, cannot wait to see your echo. Just as I did before, I will post a roundup of all your entries next week – don’t forget to link to them in the comments here so I can.

If you aren’t sure how to join in, you can check out all the details here. We’d love to have you play along – life is far more interesting viewing it through more than one set of eyes.


P.S. My photo was taken at Wendy Addison’s Theatre of Dreams  last year – if you haven’t visited, you must… you simply, must. More on that, another day.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to venture over to Susan’s blog to see our second diptych!

UPDATE: See the glorious entries of those participating in the {Echo} Week 2- Decorate Roundup !

27 Responses

  1. wow, chrysti, remembering the fun time at Wendy’s studio. Great photos. Now….a photo hunt and or shoot……great word Susan…..echo coming soon. thanks

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ArtByChrysti: {Echo} Week 2- Decorate: http://wp.me/pPTe-ed

  3. OK, I am in for this one. I have so little time to create these days. I have taken to carrying my little camera with me to try to capture something and catch my creativity on the fly. So, I thought this would be a good companion effort .

  4. I am joining in for this round. I love the synergy.

  5. Hey Chrysti, it’s been awhile since I visited. I see you’ve got lots on your plate at the moment, moving is such a huge job I know….

    Love your new look here….and I’ve seen others around blogland joining in with you & Susan on the collaboration prompt…..hopefully I’ll join in soon too…

    Take care my friend,

    ps. any word on that original art of Jody Ohl’s i won some time ago :>)

  6. Love that theme and your take on it. The photos pair beautifully. I remember reading a magazine about Theater of Dreams years ago and longing to go there. Lucky you.

    Shannon Mucha and I have already started working on our photos for the theme! thanks again for letting us be a part of this.

  7. Love, love, love your spooky skellie sweets:) I am still feeling sick (thanks for checking in:) — today worse then yesterday — I am making Puffs rich all on my own:)

    Sorry I posted echo 2 so late — my DSL wasn’t working most of the day and just kicked in — perhaps it has the same sickness as me???


  8. btw — you were the cutest bunny back in ’77!


  9. Hi ya. My response to this prompt is here .. click on my name.

  10. Love your interpretation Chrysti! Such inspiring photos.

    Here’s my first post for ‘Decorate’

  11. Here is the link to my first ‘decorate’ collab (with Shannon who commented right above), so you can see how busy your prompts have made us :)


  12. Hi everyone. My second decorate diptych is here: http://tearose.typepad.com/treeamber/2009/11/decorate-2-week-2.html I was wondering if you might have a logo I could put in my sidebar to link back to this project? Or can I make one using .. ??

  13. Here my and Misty’s “Decorate” for the week.. I need to remember to post here this week (memory, not so great!)


  14. Great pictures! Makes me hungry…see what happens if we starve ourselves of those donuts…turn to bones!
    Posted my picture…


  15. Hi Chrysti!
    Lani and I have posted. Mine post is here:
    Thanks for the prompt =) Very interesting…..

  16. if you’re moving forget decorating.

    hows the 29 days of giving going?

  17. We should go out shooting one day!!

  18. Thanks again, Chrysti, for allowing me to take part in this wonderful project. Both my first and second entries can be found here

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