Keep Your $25.00 + Artography

{ insert nervous nail-biting here}

{perhaps a lil’ hand wringing too}

{whew. anyone have a cloth to dab at my these bits of perspiration on my forehead?}

Ok. Um.


Just get through my ramblings.. there’s something in it for you, I promise – cash!

well, kinda.

{gosh, it is so scary unveiling something new!}

{just spit it out Christy, you can do it!}


I have been working night and day towards the launch of my new Artography website; and it is oh-so-painfully close to being complete .. I can practically taste it. (Aside: who made up that saying? It really is a bit ridiculous). If you think getting to this point for that site was at all wallet-draining or so frustrating I contemplated stabbing myself in the leg with a fork, you’d be absolutely correct! (Any web designers want to barter on my remaining sites?)

Truly, it is a maddening experience building an e-store when your coding knowledge is minimal and frankly it is still stuck in the dinosaur (simpler) age of HTML. I’d gladly hire it out if I could. I’d recommend that route to anyone, even my worst enemies. Well not that one person.. ok, ok  maybe even them. W O W. It really was that painful eh?

That being said – I am pretty pleased with the new home for my Artography prints. There is some information I need to plug in, some prints I need to add, some features I wish it had, and some limitations I wish it didn’t.. but really, is anything ever perfect? I am hoping to get some feedback from y’all on it (hint, hint!) and a few sales wouldn’t hurt either.

Since I need to rely on the kindness of y’all for feedback on the site as well as the ordering process.. I figured I’d do something for you too.  How does $25.00 cash sound? Awesome? I thought so! That’s what you can keep per 16×20 print with the sale prices I have for y’all.

Ok, so maybe that approach was marginally sketchy. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

Keep Your $25.00 Sale Details:

From this moment – through Friday, November 20th 2009:

** EXTENDED (due to internet acess problems) through Sunday, November 22nd 2009

  • All 16″ x20″ matte prints in the store are half off, just $25.00! (usually $50.00!)
  • And 11″ x14″ matte prints? Just $20.00. (usually $33.00!)
  • Did I mention the free shipping in the US too?
  • Or that you can buy more than one, and ship directly to the recipient?
  • Or that it is super easy, and no coupon required?
  • Click this link  to go directly to the store.
  • Still some moving sale items on selected stock at etsy too.

Great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season – and I promise not to tell if it is a gift for yourself! You deserve it, you really do.

I will hold a formal opening in the next couple of weeks, after I finish adding all the content. There will be a 5 day sale – but the discounts won’t be this deep. In fact, they won’t be this deep for at least another 6+ months… so it is a FABULOUS time to stock up, and snag what you love; if you have to go beg your significant other – I give my full permission!

In all seriousness, I can’t thank y’all enough for the continued support. I really need it right now. Please pass this sale on … it means more to me than you will ever know & please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding it – or to give me constructive feedback on the new site.

With gratitude (and maybe a touch of greed – though is it greed to make a living? hmm…) and a thankful heart,


Why are you still here? GO! SHOP!

14 Responses

  1. This whole post made me smile!! I love how you wrote it and it’s brilliant! :) Unveiling anything new is nerve wracking, but in such a good way! That thrill of possibility!!

    It’s not greed to make a are doing something you love that brings joy to others…I think that is bliss!!

    As for your last line…I’m going already, I’m going!! :)

  2. Well Done Chrysti, well done!!!!

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

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  4. i love your new site and your art is amazing! just posted your new site on facebook for all my friends to check out. good luck with the new site!

  5. A stunning site with beautiful work. Well done. Good luck with the launch. I’m sure it will be very popular :o)

  6. wow, only 2 days left! I’ll look around and try to decide… :) your work is so inspiring and beautifully amazing – thanks for sharing.

  7. Your new web site/store is fabulous. And of course, your work is awesome! Wishing you all success. Wipe that sweat off your brow now. You have done well!!

  8. Love your work…..orderinggggg……..NOW!

  9. Very nice site work. My husband does all of mine. It is an unforgiving job for sure.

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