Goodbye, Computer

Dear friends,

Just a quick note via my iPhone to let you know my PC died recently & until I get a new one, and hopefully can retrieve the info off my old hard drive ( I’ll cry if not) … I’ll be out of touch, I’ll do what I can on my phone.

I am looking into ways to conduct business in the interim, so please be patient with me! Orders may be delayed in the meantime.

Thanks ever so much,


14 Responses

  1. Oh NO! How awful! Hope you soon are up & running again.

  2. Hi Chrysti,
    It appears that you’ve suffered a lost. Please accept my condolences. I don’t know the details but any loss is deeply painful so I’m sorry.

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  5. Oh NO! How awful! Hope you soon are up & running again.

  6. my computer froze too…you have my empathy:)

  7. HI gf and collage scrappie friend…please email me your permission and email addy so I can try and submit “city of artists” to a mag.

  8. That’s an awful feeling, hope you get it fixed. Seems like once they start crashing its time to get a new one, I think they build that into them!

  9. Oh no! Good luck getting your data back.

  10. bad news, mine had trouble in the summer and I was in withdrawls and in a panic as I had not backed up my photos. we have come to so depend on our computers! I totally hear your pain. be back soon. I am adding you to my blog role :)

  11. I’m so sorry sweetie! A reminder to all of us to back things up, which I’m terrible about. I re-sent you the book info:-) Let me know if you don’t get it.

    btw, how do you make it snow on your blog? Love it!!

  12. wow that down right sucks :(

  13. In every loss, I know there would be replacement which is better than the old one. Have a nice day!!

  14. Hi Chrysti,
    The same thing happened to me this year. What did we do before them? It’s a wonder.
    Just to also let you know that I have still not gotten to put up your bio and photo for Inspiration Retreat. I have not found where to retrieve it from.

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