{Echo} Week 8- ‘Juicy’

“Don’t miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold.”

Susan chose the ‘ juicy‘ prompt because  she was “craving some color against this white backdrop of winter”. While I loved the prompt, I admit to being a just-a-tad-bummed initially; as my heart has been drawn to the pale, the delicate and the serene these days. However, I love a challenge (well, on most days) … and breaking out of one’s-current-musely-mood is indeed, challenging.  Am I the only one who has a muse with a severe case of tunnel vision?

There was a particular shot I wanted to get for this round of {echo} and I was not at all successful in making it work – disappointing but an excellent, much needed reminder that I need to make time to learn all the technical skills I lack where photography is concerned. While I admit I sometimes wish I could bypass the whole learning process and instantaneously have the knowledge residing in that cluttered space I call my brain… I know I would be missing out on so many opportunities to fumble and fail … and that would truly be a shame, because those are typically the e x a c t moments new discoveries and successes are made of.

So easy to lose sight of that.. such a juicy tidbit of knowledge to be reminded of.

Photo Credits:
© Susan Tuttle (left), © Christy Hydeck (right)
(click image to view it  larger)

JUICY has this wonderful spectrum of meaning that should make for some amazing interpretations this week. What does it mean to you?

I look forward to seeing what you in have store for Week 8 of Echo– Juicy. Susan & I invite each of you to participate in the project and show us your unique vision, your voice, your echo. Remember, to share your link in the comments here so I can add it to the roundup next Wednesday.


15 Responses

  1. I am loving yours C!:) — awesome:)) The lighting is perfect.

  2. What kind of camera you use?

  3. Thank you, Chrysti,
    It was a breath of inspiration and excitement to come across your blog today. Well done… I find your blog inspiring, beautifully laid out, and interesting. Hang in there…we need such beauty in our lives. I hope to visit often and have added your blog to my “Daily” favorites check list.

  4. I love the bright color Chrysti!

  5. Your picture is gorgeous Chrysti! You constantly inspire me. You have no idea how much.
    I’ve posted by my lonesome this week…maybe Lani is at the Olympics~I certainly would be if they were in my neck of the woods.

  6. […] echo time! This time the prompt is “Juicy”. When I first read the word, “juicy” I was taken […]

  7. And mine is here:


    Thanks, Chrysti, for keeping this all together for us.

  8. Love the bright, vivid colors of this photo.

    I just started An Artistic Mother’s Group where we will be going through 12 projects together from Shona Cole’s new book The Artistic Mother. Her desire is to help mothers find a to fit art into their every day, even if it’s just a little something. I would so love for you to join us. You can read more about it on my blog; and if you’re interested in participating, just leave me a comment, and I’ll add you to the list.



    PS If this is not something you are interested in doing at this time,or even if you are, maybe you could do a little blurb about it for me so that other artsy moms can join. It might be a help to them if they are looking for inspiration and/or an accountability group. We start March 6th, but anyone can jump in at any time. We will spend two weeks on each project. Blog about our progress and link to all of the other participants. Thanks so much for your consideration.

  9. […] allow me to apologize for skipping the {Echo} Week 8- ‘Juicy’ roundup; a few unexpected (of the major time-sucking variety) things came up this week & […]

  10. ooo….LOVE the crayon image!!
    these dippys are fun to look at!

  11. just want to say wonderful ! later I will be able to dust mine off hopefully ! come on

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