Assignment 52: Week 8, Photography Gear

Assignment 52: Photography Gear (by ArtByChrysti)

Assignment 52: Photography Gear (by ArtByChrysti)

I couldn’t decide which version of that photo I preferred, do you have a favorite? Which one whispers to you? So far, it seems the retro one is in the lead.

Assignment 52: Photography Gear (by ArtByChrysti)

I am totally in love with these 2 vintage Kodak Duaflex cameras I have, someday I’d like to own more and fill a bookshelf with their well-worn beauty. E-bay was the source of some incredible deals on them a few years ago when I first became obsessed with TTV photography.  I haven’t taken any shots in quite awhile, as my gear bag is already too heavy to lug around… but after rediscovering them last night – well, I sense a  TTV photo walk in the near future! Russ is the go-to guy on the art of TTV;  please check him out to learn more.

Since we’re on the subject of camera gear… I am lusting over the Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex camera shown here… I don’t have a fun budget right now, but I’d be sooo willing to trade a large original painting, a print etc for one! Until it becomes my reality, I can at least dream… which as you know, is one of my all-time favorite past-times.

“Maybe because it’s entirely an artist’s eye, patience and skill that makes an image and not his tools.”
Ken Rockwell, Your Camera Does Not Matter, 2005

Love fun photography gear as much as I do? My photography wish list is full of other awesome things. Join me in the droolfest!

Are you participating in the Assignment 52 project as well? Drop me a comment so I can visit your interpretations of the theme too.

Hope you have a picture perfect day!


5 Responses

  1. Just listened to your interview on blog talk radio….so inspiring, and I appreciated everything you had to say.
    Having had some extreme challenges & life-altering changes, I know about the decision to assimilate the experiences and difficulties into your life. :)

  2. Hi, I really like your blog and your photography. I am a painter–new to blogging–and i am just surfing around to see other artists’ blogs. Really like the site!

  3. Hey Chrysti – I was just flipping through my Altered Abbey Skinny Book that I participated in through your site :)

    I couldn’t help but check out your Amazon wish list and have some recommendations for you:

    The Blackbird, fly is available online at Urban Outfitters for $79! They only have two colors left, but it is significantly cheaper than I’ve found elsewhere. If you can snag an online coupon, you can make the deal even sweeter (that’s what I did – the camera is a lot of fun!).

    Polaroid i-Zone camera – I have a silver one with film in it. Its possibly only two exposures left, but if you want it I could mail it to you if you paid postage.

    “I Am Not An Artist” by Nitsa – you can get a download copy of her book through LuLu for only $12 (Nitsa was kind enough to clue me in on that when I contacted her).

    And last but not least, Light Leaks magazine:
    A quarterly zine, but so professionally done, about toy cams and lo-fi photography.

    I can’t wait to see more of your blend of photography with mixed media!

  4. Hi! I am slowly catching up with new blogs I want to discover more about and saw this post. My husband collects old cameras and I have a pic of some of them (at a distance ) in one of my posts: Just wanted to share, as you have the same passion as well. Have a wonderful day~

  5. Retro cameras are really something.. especially the video cameras of 50s and 60’s used to be rather scary looking… in the contemporary times, steam punk art tries to relate to the retro styling.. nice photographs :D

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