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  1. I did this search earlier. I ended up looking that the doodle ones (number 3) and drawing them myself because I needed them in brown. You are so kind to share all your finds!!

  2. Hey, great to see our icons in this list, remember http://www.iconshock.com/icon_sets/ :) more free icons for your lists: all created by us !!

  3. Oh, fun! Might have to play with these. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your new site.

  4. These are really cool, thanks for finding them and for sharing. now to make myself look stupid:

    I am such a NEWB to blogging…I do not know what these are used for, and while I am at it…what is RSS?

    see, I’m lookin’ stupid!
    LOL :)

    PS…added you on flickr…I’m mzmrikitty

  5. So nice of you to share..I am still quite the newbie too..I’m doing better with the whole blogging thing, but I still dream of my own website..tho haven’t the first clue how to do it, and too poor to pay someone, as I hear it can be quite expensive..best of luck on your new site. Can’t wait to see it! I love your blog and your work..wishing you all the best art sista..

  6. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ArtByChrysti: 33 Artistic & Free Social Media Icon Sets: http://wp.me/pPTe-kn

  7. nice collections, thanks for sharing.

  8. cool! thanks for sharing this collection.

  9. Great collections – but do you know of any that include Etsy?

  10. also looking for one that includes Etsy ..

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