{Echo} Week 10- ‘Collection’

collection   /kəl’ekʃən/

  1.  a group of similar things that you have deliberately acquired, usually over a period of time

When Susan chose the ‘collection’ theme, I was a bit nervous – as many of you know, the majority of my belongings are currently packed away in boxes, awaiting the big move. Frankly, I was beginning to think I’d have to photograph a stack of bills from a collection agency to make the theme work! Thankfully, I remembered that I hadn’t packed up all of my studio just yet – and chose a few favorites from there.

 “The teachings of elegant sayings should be collected when one can. For the supreme gift of words of wisdom, any price will be paid.” -Siddha Nagarjuna

Over the years, I have collected many things. Most of those objects somehow reminded me of my childhood, loved ones, or places I fell head-over-6-inch-stiletto-heels in love with. I became obsessed with collecting .. you know how it is, scouring eBay, thrift stores, pestering friends & family all in the not-so-glorious name of  acquiring mounds of ‘stuff’. 

Sadly, I found that the bigger a particular collection got, the more it seemed like clutter …which significantly decreased the value it held to me. The collections that couldn’t be displayed seemed useless to me… as they were hidden. The ones that were on display became a royal pain to clean around.  Soon enough, I was back on e-bay selling off the majority of the items.

“Life is made up of small pleasures. Happiness is made up of those tiny successes. The big ones come too infrequently. And if you don’t collect all these tiny successes, the big ones don’t really mean anything.” – Norman Lear 

Nowadays, I am drawn to simpler collections that hold personal meaning and/or spark a delicious memory….. A piece of sea glass acquired on a beach, a smooth pebble found by a child, branches from a park in California where a friend & I witnessed the most glorious sunset. You know the kind of things I mean … ordinary things that our hearts find extraordinary.

I’m determined only to surround myself with things that make my heart skip a lil’ beat or items that make me laugh. I’m so over stuff for the sake of stuff. Love that.

Photo Credits:
 © Christy Hydeck (left), © Susan Tuttle (right)
(click image to view it  larger)

 A Quick FYI: Both of us  showing white/ivory buttons was not planned … I suppose it was meant to be. Serendipity! I’m so, very glad i didn’t change my photo to be different – I love how they play off of one another. I look forward to seeing what you in have store for Week 10 of Echo–Collection. Susan & I invite each of you to participate in the project and show us your unique vision, your voice, your echo. Remember, to share your link in the comments here so  if I get a chance to do a round-up I can add your site to the post.

I’ll leave you with some of the things I have collected throughout my life…

sundresses -words – paper dolls – leaves, bark, rocks & driftwood – shark’s teeth – books- antique diaries – transferware – pitchers – vintage linens – aprons – white & ivory buttons – seashells – seaglass – toy cameras – old letters – pottery – red & white anything – ornaments – charms – fabric – old paintbrushes and rulers – movies – cd’s & tapes – journals – papers – pins – cabinet cards – beads – silver jewelery – old telephones – throw pillows & blankets – antique quilts – anything with the name Christy on it miniatures – seeds – glass blocks – trains – matchbox cars – hand mirrors – knit hats – sunglasses – bowls – old maps – t-shirts – shot glasses – purses – beer bottles – snowmen – dried flowers – arrowheads – turquoise – vintage doll clothes – pens – quotations – starfish

.. and that is just naming a few! What have you collected? I do hope you’ll share.



10 Responses

  1. what a nice pairing! I love all your collection photos:)

  2. Love the prompt this week. Looking forward to everyone’s photos!
    Here is Shona’s & mine.


  3. Amazing Images!

  4. Chrysti,
    It was wonderful to see your interview at empty easel! I agree with you on the reason to keep objects, I too am over collecting “stuff” that is meaningless. As I write I am in the process of purging the “stuff” from my home, and filling it with items that bring my family and I positive feelings and memories! Great to have found you! Love your work.

  5. We are new partners joining in your echo, Pat Knowles (patk860) and I have done our first combination with week 10 here is a link to my blog

  6. i really like your collection photos…
    i’m enthralled with piles of buttons!

  7. […] echo time! This time the prompt is “Collection”. My grandmother was a collector of things, my mother was […]

  8. A little late, but mine is up now! I, like Chrysti, have my collection boxed up. But then I remembered a few shot glasses that didn’t get boxed.


  9. Thanks for all of the great free textures on your blog. I reached them through the Digital Expressions book. I’m still learning, but you mentioned that you were interested in seeing small pictures of the textures used. I can’t figure out how to put it in here, but attached my blog, where I’m putting the exercises I’ve been doing from the book. Thanks again!


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