Ok, so I’ve got the bones done fo rmy new site; but it is far from complete.

However, the blog is up & running…. and in trial phase…

Come by, let me know what you think! Please update your links to me as well.

This is scary stuff. New sites & all.


Goodbye, Computer

Dear friends,

Just a quick note via my iPhone to let you know my PC died recently & until I get a new one, and hopefully can retrieve the info off my old hard drive ( I’ll cry if not) … I’ll be out of touch, I’ll do what I can on my phone.

I am looking into ways to conduct business in the interim, so please be patient with me! Orders may be delayed in the meantime.

Thanks ever so much,

Quick Update

Just a quick note to let y’all know that I lost the last 2.5 days to some virus/flu bug… and as such – am behind on everything. ( more so than normal) …

Will announce the winners tomorrow as planned, then resume the giveaways on Monday if all goes well! Gotta try to catch up a bit before I do — the giveaway posts usually take me 2.5 – 4 hours to do (not fast by any means!) …

Have no fear though! They will all be carried out, and I got some realllly good giveaways & interviews planned for you!

Thanks so much for your understanding!


P.S. For those looking for my Cloth, Paper, Scissors Artography article extras — I’ll have them up by the end of this week, if not on my new site (please coding gods be kinder) than here, through my blog!