Day 2/29 Days of Giving is…

… are you having fun with the giveaways?

Omigosh.. am. i. ever. … can’t you feel all that connects us?

… I’ve found myself walking around the house singing & whistling

I haven’t done that in ages …

… I feel like anything and everything is suddenly possible

like when you first saw the wizard of oz…

…. and all that dreary gray; turned to this spectacular sort of vivid color

pure. magic. …. who says it doesn’t exist?

… sometimes, we just have to create magic for ourselves

which is how I finally came to decide on this for today’s giveaway….

… i’m kinda picking through the things i have based on my mood that day

OK! OK! i’ll shush and get to it…

… for the record – i prefer shush or be quiet etc. as opposed to ‘shut up’

‘shut up’ seems more offensive to me than most four letter words….

…hmmm… wonder why?

Oh… the giveaway…. !

 Calendar I am In!

Cover image is by Karyn Gartel aka The Altered Diva. Note the phrase –
“Delivered on the Wings of your DREAMS”

Told ya it was the perfect fit for today – and not just because of that. Go ahead, Read On. 

Collage, Artplay for Your Creative Spirit 2009 Wall Calendar

As children, we play with art naturally, but somewhere along the way, most of us get the idea that only an elite group – artists – can be creative. The creative spirit lives inside each person, just waiting to be expressed. Collage, assemblage, and mixed media artwork are providing adventurous ways for people at every skill level to discover the joy that comes from imaginative self-expression.

The Collage For Your Creative Spirit 2009 wall calendar features pieces by twelve accomplished collage artists, accompanied by text by Lunaea Weatherstone to get the viewer’s own creative juices flowing. The combination of practical suggestions and visual delights adds up to an exciting calendar that will intrigue, entertain, and most of all, inspire.

The positive spirit that this artistic calendar puts forth is really what ‘gets’ to me. As many of you know, it is my mantra of sorts that anyone CAN and SHOULD create. (hmm, maybe that will be the slogan for my new site – thoughts?) The tips, suggestions, and messages each month truly ring home inside of me, and I hope that they will provide a similar feeling to you too. It’s far-to-friggin-easy to doubt our creative abilities, and lose sight of all the value that provides – This calendar, is a fantastic gentle reminder to keep that negativity in check and stick to the heart of the matter. Added Bonus? It inspires. My mind has already dreamt of whimsical new projects to start and explore creatively as a result of this.

Plus, it’s pure eye candy. I mean, seriously – which one of us, isn’t a sucker for that?

Did I mention the 12 gifted artists that Lunea Weatherstone brought into this project? Here’s the breakdown:

Here’s a link back to last year, when I first announced that Lunea asked me to take part in this. They chose to use two of my skinny book pages that I had created for an article I did in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. All in all, the entire book has 20 some pages – that I created it in under a week; actually, I think it was just in a few days. (When Pokey said jump, I said how high!) All kidding aside – I work best under that kind of pressure. I won’t begin to tell you the hours I spent or just how much of myself – you know, my real self – my soul –  poured into that book. It’s still here. I haven’t evolved enough yet to let that book go! (FYI, I totally stole that last line from Susan Tuttle… you’ll understand in a few days. *wink*.) I titled the book, ‘ A work in Progress’ because I felt it was somehow unfinished. That I’m somehow unfinished. People, things, personalities, our art… always evolve; in some ways we are all works in progress.

So, before I spend a year telling you every little mundane detail about it… all I really wanted to say is that I was mesmerized by how the folks at Amber Lotus transformed it. They took two seperate pages, and made it appear to be a singular spread – wicked eh? I’ll be sure to try and get a good pic of my page in the calendar soon and add it to this post & my flickr.

"A Work In Progress" Skinny Book- Pages 3 & 4

Speaking of Flickr — you can see the skinny book in it’s entirety simply by clicking here – I scanned it all in today. If you see the old photos, you’ll understand why that thrills me. Simple Pleasures!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m giving away a copy of the calendar today. If more than 100 people comment to win, I’ll give away not one, but two copies! Upon your request, I’ll gladly open it and inscribe/sign my lil’ month of November. The month of gratitude. Fitting isn’t it?

Reading your answers to various questions I’ve asked, gives me so much joy. I laugh, I cry, I think. It makes blogging seem less about me, and more about you. Kinda like we’re all sitting on these exquisitely worn, handmade rockers, drinking tea on a massive front porch in the middle of nowhere: just chit-chatting away.

Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

Alright you creative lovelies – to enter today’s giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering one ( or both ) of these questions “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” and/or “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?” If you totally don’t like those questions, then just tell me your favorite month!
  • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. Winner or Winners will be announced then!
  • If you haven’t already you can enter to win Day 1 Here and Tell me your wish here and you may win that too or a $100.00 Gift Certificate to my new site!

Just because it’s inevitable I’ll be asked: I have a handful of these calendars left in my store, that upon request & purchase I can inscribe/sign for you. Otherwise, Amazon has them in stock too!

Thanks – to each and every one of you for brightening my life and showing me the magic this holiday season! Warmly,

Where’s Chrysti?

Ah yes, it seems there may be a scavenger hunt out for my where abouts; rest assured, I am alive and doing well… I am in awe, at how many of you worry and check in on me. Thanks so very much — it makes my day!

So just where has Chysti been?

Published Again! - at the heART of a letter

Basking in my 15 minutes again as my latest article for Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine is out – double the thrill since it is dear to my heart; about a project I did for my mom… more to come soon.

Buried under deadlines for several publishing opportunities, all top secret stuff of course. But when I can announce all these fabulous things, y’all will be the first to know! I do have a few teasers planned for your enjoyment though… keep an eye out here for them!

100 1

Also, Somerset Studio has quite a few of my inchies in the new issue, what a suprise! Though no credit was given for my artwork, I will show ’em off here, again asap — Some of the ones that appear, are in this Flickr set of mine . Also will be announcing an exciting new swap for all you inchie addicts.. true to my form, it will have an exciting new twist!

Working on the 100 original covers, binding, sorting, photographing & organizing all the Skinny Book swaps! Tracking down some of the wayward participants, has turned me into A Private Investigator to boot! Speaking of, I think I may need some fill-ins…Interested? Leave em a comment, and I’ll get back to you!

Trying to write up a few lengthy, long-overdue blog posts. Thank heavens it’s not illegal to neglect your blog.

Resisting the urge to toss my $#$@%! computer through the window as I work out the kinks in the blog, gallery & forums on my site. I just wanna get them open — so many ideas, are just awaiting my touch!

Dream a Little Dream

Enjoying the crisp air of a long awaited autumn … through the lens of my camera. ( which i recently dropped, and had to replace :-( ) Check out my photography here.

Planning out new workshops that I think y’all will love! I believe, they are a breath of fresh air!

Working on a major blog re-design for here that is LONG overdue. Wish I had more creative freedom to design one though. Ah well.

Finishing off over 50 paintings in the last few months … Quite different from my usual style.

Working hard at adding over 500 new items for the store .. speaking of… I best get back to it! A girl does need to make a living after all!

Missing You! Be back to blogging soon! — Chrysti

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I’m a Calendar Girl!

“Yeah, yeah, my heart’s in a whirl”
– Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka

I’ve been given the OK from the powers that be to announce some exciting news! I am of the 12 talented artists chosen for the 2009 (yes, can you believe they are already planning for 2009?)Collage for Your Creative Spirit wall calendar! While the 2009 version is not complete yet, the amazing 2008 one is.. go check it out – It has the work of Claudine Hellmuth, The Altered Diva, and 10 other amazing artists!

They will be using a spread from the ‘A Work in Progress’ Skinny Book I created for Issue 13 of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. You can see photos of my book here, but I have yet to finish taking & uploading all the pictures of it — There are 20 some pieces of incredibly-difficult-to-photograph original art in it.

A special thanks to Lunnea Weatherstone for asking me to contribute to this. I am both flattered and honored.. and a bit more then excited to be a part of this. How am I supposed to wait so long to see the results? Ikes! Patience is NOT my greatest virtue!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement y’all!

Chrysti .. who must now slink back to finish some other top-secret projects I can’t wait to divulge…

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My Bird Skinny Book Pages

I’m about to do something, I almost never do — Blog & Run!

I am just so darn close to being caught up (well, as much as I can be caught up anyway) that I would hate to jinx it now by losing my motivation, and spending too long on here! Besides, I have so many things to share with you in the next few weeks, why bombard you all at once?

I’ve diligently been working at changing my routines, to suit my increasingly hectic schedule — The smartest move I have made in years! Part of this change, will be blogging regularly again but I am no longer under the delusion I will accomplish this daily. Somehow, acknowledging that, has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

These pages were for a Birds Skinny Book swap that the talented Amy is hosting. I had joined in prior to knowing so many commitments would pop up — but I do not regret the decision to sign up at all. Having something familiar to work on, has been a godsend to me recently! Besides, this was an opportunity to work with some people, that I have admired for quite some time now and I truly look forward to seeing their work.

You can see all 20 original bird art pages that I created by clicking here. Just excuse the horrid photography please, i was rushing! Browse my flickr account to see photos that i am actually proud of!

Lots more to come over the next few weeks … And by popular demand, I’ll be holding another stay tuned!

Miss you all much!


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Skinny Book Swap — Wanna Play?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope to have you join us!


I’m terribly behind on everything right now… and am working on catching up as I type… I’ll be back to my normal, long-winded blogging self soon!

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Yes, that’s me in Cloth, Paper, Scissors!

Yep.. That is yours truly in the new issue of CPS magazine!

Chrysti meets Cloth, Paper, Scissors 2

Chrysti meets Cloth, Paper, Scissors

Next week, I promise to tell you all about it (so it gets the proper time it deserves!).. in the meantime… who wants to do the happy dance with me?

The excited, thrilled… and overcome with joy — Chrysti

(ok so im stressin too…but dont tell anyone…it’ll be our secret)