Permission to Play

Ok.  So it may be old news to some of you.

Alright, more than a few of you even…

but still, it’s pretty cool news ya know?

Article in the July/August 2009 Somerset Studio

Article in the July/August 2009 Somerset Studio

In the July/August ’09  issue of Somerset Studio not only did I create 4 exclusive artist papers, but tutorials on how to create on each of them.. and boy-oh-friggin’-boy was the feedback amazing ! It actually took me aback – just how much folks enjoyed it. Delightful accolades are still pouring in about it even now – love that. It touches me. It motivates me. Words can’t convey how good it is for my heart, for the whole of me .. to know that just by sharing something I abso-friggin-lutely love to do, it somehow …inspires someone.

Simple, yet powerful pleasures that I am continually thankful for.

 “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”
 Frank Tibolt

I stumbled on this video a few days ago – it uses my article as a jumping point, and also showcases Claudine Hellmuth’s fabulously delicious  paint line…. I thought y’all may enjoy it as well.

Here are a few others who have also generously shared their results:
(i know there are more, but lost the links i had saved – please resend!)

Did you use the artist papers I created in a project? Did you give the tutorials a try? Shout out in the comments with a link to your work/post and I’ll add it here too, ‘cuz y’all inspire me. For those that have asked, I just may *cough* be working up a part deux of Permission to Play.

Go. Play. Permission? Totally granted.


Where’s Chrysti?

Ah yes, it seems there may be a scavenger hunt out for my where abouts; rest assured, I am alive and doing well… I am in awe, at how many of you worry and check in on me. Thanks so very much — it makes my day!

So just where has Chysti been?

Published Again! - at the heART of a letter

Basking in my 15 minutes again as my latest article for Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine is out – double the thrill since it is dear to my heart; about a project I did for my mom… more to come soon.

Buried under deadlines for several publishing opportunities, all top secret stuff of course. But when I can announce all these fabulous things, y’all will be the first to know! I do have a few teasers planned for your enjoyment though… keep an eye out here for them!

100 1

Also, Somerset Studio has quite a few of my inchies in the new issue, what a suprise! Though no credit was given for my artwork, I will show ’em off here, again asap — Some of the ones that appear, are in this Flickr set of mine . Also will be announcing an exciting new swap for all you inchie addicts.. true to my form, it will have an exciting new twist!

Working on the 100 original covers, binding, sorting, photographing & organizing all the Skinny Book swaps! Tracking down some of the wayward participants, has turned me into A Private Investigator to boot! Speaking of, I think I may need some fill-ins…Interested? Leave em a comment, and I’ll get back to you!

Trying to write up a few lengthy, long-overdue blog posts. Thank heavens it’s not illegal to neglect your blog.

Resisting the urge to toss my $#$@%! computer through the window as I work out the kinks in the blog, gallery & forums on my site. I just wanna get them open — so many ideas, are just awaiting my touch!

Dream a Little Dream

Enjoying the crisp air of a long awaited autumn … through the lens of my camera. ( which i recently dropped, and had to replace :-( ) Check out my photography here.

Planning out new workshops that I think y’all will love! I believe, they are a breath of fresh air!

Working on a major blog re-design for here that is LONG overdue. Wish I had more creative freedom to design one though. Ah well.

Finishing off over 50 paintings in the last few months … Quite different from my usual style.

Working hard at adding over 500 new items for the store .. speaking of… I best get back to it! A girl does need to make a living after all!

Missing You! Be back to blogging soon! — Chrysti

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The Last of the 100 1″ Collage Squares

For those of you who hadn’t seen, or read about this project yet… check out my prior posts on it first..

Part 1 : 100 1″ Collage Squares

Part 2 : 100 1″ Collage Squares w/ Tutorial!

 100 1

Man, am I ever behind! My health has really gotten the best of me recently, both mentally & physically. Turns out to fix the complication, I need another surgery… I’ll talk about it more later this week, after I catch y’all up on the huge stack of art I have waiting to show! Despite my online absence, I have been busy creating, and experimenting as time, and my health allows.

Besides, isn’t reveling in art .. far more fun?

 100 1

It was terribly difficult trying to get good photos of these, so please bear with me .. the colors aren’t nearly as rich, the textures don’t show well.. and the tones are off…ugh!

 100 1

This swap has been completed, and I received 100, absolutely gorgeous squares back the other day .. (Julie really is one of the best hosts around) .. and I have to say, this is among the handful of swaps, that I am most pleased with.. I wasn’t disappointed at all! It’s a stunning array of talent, and art.. and I can’t wait to create something with it, and show you all.


Those 4 were created for a private swap with the ever talented Zorana! If you’re interested in swapping some with me, drop me a comment .. and please know it may take me up to a month to be able to complete them, and ship them out!

Let me know what ya think of the new ones! I do still plan on hosting a swap for these, but not until after the holidays — this is such a hectic time of year for everyone as is!

Still itching to see more?
Check out these lovelies by other artists!

TeJaye has a few entries with them on her blog: Here, and Here

Julie’s squares are stunning as well!

One Hour Craft featured my tutorial

Dot shows off some more

Interested in a swap? Rella has a neat idea!

Carmel shows her stuff!

Zorana has an ongoing swap!

Lara plans on doing one a day, for 100 days!

Heather made some Fab squares!

Anne has integrated these into an online class!

Kim, created some STUNNING monochromatic pieces.. my fav..white!

Stacie also joined in on the fun!

Check out these backgrounds Trish created for the 1″ squares!

Have a fabulous, artful day!
Let me know what ya think of the new ones!

I’m off to photograph more art to share :-) — Chrysti

Fun & Fabulous Artsy Finds

Get Busy! -Projects
It’s a frenzy here today!Packing orders, laundry, and all the tedious little things that go intopreparing for a last-minute trip! I’m determined however, to make time for art today .. Hope you will too! 

utee beads and amber beads

Originally uploaded by natashafialkov.

One Hour Craft –A New blog I found, and I love it, You will too! Awesome projects, for those of us who are time impaired!

Paper Bead Tutorial –
Scroll alllllllllll the way down to see it.. she makes paper beads an art form of their own!

Cut Paper Illustration – Anyone can do this.. check it out, would be a great way to remove artist’s block!

Eye Candy! – Art Gallery
I’m working on the 3rd batch of the mini 1″ collage squares .. but until they are complete, check out these fabulous creations others have done.. these are addictive aren’t they!

She carpes the diem

Originally uploaded by allisonstrinedesigns.

Ok, so it’s a one inch pendant collage.. but wow!

Tejae’s been busy too!

Debbie Lakes had fun with these!

I Can’t even do this!

Dot’s hosting her own swap for these!

Lisa Vollrath discovered these too!

Nancy’s Attempt

1″ Mania!

Spend! – Give a gift, get yourself a treat..
Just a few handmade goodies I’ve seen around…after you’ve spent money with me of course..ha!

Originally uploaded by kellyrae.

Fabulous Art!Kelly Rae has some amazing works here!

Soldered Charms! – Cute, and just $10.00!

Hand Stitched Fawn – I ordered one last week, anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.. these are too sweet!

Hope you enjoyed these fun & fabulous artful finds!

~ Chrysti

Part 2 : 100 1″ Collage Squares w/ Tutorial!

Yippee! Another batch of 20 1″ collage squares are complete..
Missed This? Read about it here..

 100 1

Well, Whatcha think?

I’m both stunned and touched at the enormous response I’ve received to these, and all the questions asked about my process for them… so here’s a mini tutorial, for these adorable mini squares.

NOTE: I’m rushing through this, and don’t feel like fighting the HTML gods when it comes time to publish this, so excuse the lack of formatting.. I’ll revamp it when I open The Altered Abbey,
and add it there.. to make it printer friendly.. include extra details.. & just be easy to read at a glance..

1″ x 1″ Collage Squares – A Mini Tutorial, For Mini Art ..

* On 140 lb Watercolor paper.. Create any kind of painted background you desire! Randomly add stamped images, text scraps .. it doesn’t all have to look cohesive, just aim for texture, and color..

* Using a paper cutter, cut this entire sheet into 1″ x 1″ squares ..

* Stack them in groups of 10, then ink all edges in brown, or black ink. ( Some may not take, it’s ok.. you’ll need to re-edge some later anyway)

* Go through your images, cutting out small ones — mini faces, birds, an eye, a profile.. think bold.. don’t try to cram a ton on these.. look for one element of a photo, that can stand alone..

* Adhere images with a quality glue stick.. on all your squares..

* Look in old books (the indexes are fabulous for these) .. for small print.. start cutting away phrases, and words that suit your images..match them up with the square you’ll place them on.

* Color your text, or somehow integrate it into your piece.. I like Distress Inks for coloring, and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (brush nib) .. edge the text if you have the patience…adhere it to the piece.

* Now have fun! Add hand drawn elements, shadow your images, embellish with mini gems, rhinestones, flowers and more..!

See? It really is simple.. I found that doing it in stages, is much faster than one square at a time.. these really do rock, and I’m trying to keep mine to the same standards I hold my other art too!

— Hope you enjoyed! – Chrysti

Part 1 : 100 1″ Collage Squares

“Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes things visible.”
~ Paul Klee

Ever sign up for a swap, only to initially look it over..
and wonder
what exactly you were thinking?
You dreadfully start working on it..
expecting to find it tedious..
 can’t wait for it to end..
only to find that

Surprise!! You LOVE it!

The creating process begins..
and before you know it, hours have passed..
and your inner inspiration genie has received a new life!

Well, that’s exactly what this swap has done to me.. once I saw just how tiny 1″ was.. I groaned, that is, until I began creating these darling pieces .. an addiction has been born! I’ve always love miniature anything, these are no exception.

“An inch in a man’s nose is much.”
~H. G. Bohn

Here’s the scoop .. the swap is through Altered Art Obsession .. hosted by the ingenious TisJewel.. to create 100 ( yes, 100) Original, one of a kind .. 1″ by 1″ collaged squares.. they must be mixed media, each must contain one picture, and at least one word.. Whatcha think about that? Once she swaps ’em out, we will receive 100 squares back, and complete it by creating an accordion book, a 10″ x 10″ piece..or any other creative way to use them, keeping them all in tact and together.

“Art means to dare—and to have been right.”
~ Ned Rorem

All of mine were created on 140lb watercolor paper, with hand painted backgrounds and have inked edges (as i’ve said many a time before a must for a finished look!).. I have all 100 cut, all contain images .. and now I’m in the process of adding embellishments, whimsical hand drawn elements, text, shadows and more.. I’m actually finishing these early for once – as I want them done before my upcoming surgery.

“No matter how substandard you feel your skill or talent may be, If you never produce your art, the world will always remain deprived of it.”
~ Derek R. Audette

Here’s a sneak peek at the first 20 I have completed .. I’ll continue sharing them in batches, as I complete them..

 100 1

So whatcha think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! I’m also open to suggestions, on how to arrange them once I receive them!