Urgent! Skinny Book Players Needed!

Skinny Book Swap!

A Really quick ‘cry for help’post!

So many people have gone unaccounted for, dropped out or otherwise are missing in action..

So I now have the following slots open for The Altered Abbey Skinny Book Swap..

I have 5 slots open for Book 4 — Pages need to be in my hands on or by January 10th, 2007… no exceptions! All Original Pages, 26 of them, any theme you like… Details here. Fill out the contact form if interested or have questions! Please don’t sign up if you can’t make this date! First Come, First Serve!

I also need 1 player for book 2… embellished copies or all originals. 26 pages, any theme you like…Pages need to be in my hands on or by January 10th, 2007… no exceptions! Details here. Fill out the contact form if interested or have questions! Please don’t sign up if you can’t make this date! First Come, First Serve!

There are some AMAZING pages in so far! I would send these back without the pages, but since I will be gone for 2 weeks over the holidays I thought I’d give others a chance to play too :-) I appreciate any people you can send my way, or if ya wanna jump in too :-) I really want everyone to get full books back, it’s not fair to them to pay for other people’s mistakes.

Thanks SO Much!

Chrysti (who will be blogging my pages, the 100 covers, and experience with it all ASAP! Off to bind & send out book 3 first!)

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Where’s Chrysti?

Ah yes, it seems there may be a scavenger hunt out for my where abouts; rest assured, I am alive and doing well… I am in awe, at how many of you worry and check in on me. Thanks so very much — it makes my day!

So just where has Chysti been?

Published Again! - at the heART of a letter

Basking in my 15 minutes again as my latest article for Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine is out – double the thrill since it is dear to my heart; about a project I did for my mom… more to come soon.

Buried under deadlines for several publishing opportunities, all top secret stuff of course. But when I can announce all these fabulous things, y’all will be the first to know! I do have a few teasers planned for your enjoyment though… keep an eye out here for them!

100 1

Also, Somerset Studio has quite a few of my inchies in the new issue, what a suprise! Though no credit was given for my artwork, I will show ’em off here, again asap — Some of the ones that appear, are in this Flickr set of mine . Also will be announcing an exciting new swap for all you inchie addicts.. true to my form, it will have an exciting new twist!

Working on the 100 original covers, binding, sorting, photographing & organizing all the Skinny Book swaps! Tracking down some of the wayward participants, has turned me into A Private Investigator to boot! Speaking of, I think I may need some fill-ins…Interested? Leave em a comment, and I’ll get back to you!

Trying to write up a few lengthy, long-overdue blog posts. Thank heavens it’s not illegal to neglect your blog.

Resisting the urge to toss my $#$@%! computer through the window as I work out the kinks in the blog, gallery & forums on my site. I just wanna get them open — so many ideas, are just awaiting my touch!

Dream a Little Dream

Enjoying the crisp air of a long awaited autumn … through the lens of my camera. ( which i recently dropped, and had to replace :-( ) Check out my photography here.

Planning out new workshops that I think y’all will love! I believe, they are a breath of fresh air!

Working on a major blog re-design for here that is LONG overdue. Wish I had more creative freedom to design one though. Ah well.

Finishing off over 50 paintings in the last few months … Quite different from my usual style.

Working hard at adding over 500 new items for the store .. speaking of… I best get back to it! A girl does need to make a living after all!

Missing You! Be back to blogging soon! — Chrysti

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An Altered Birdhouse Tale

House of Dreams - Front

(clicking the photos will enable you to see them larger, and in detail in a new window)

July was a wonderfully hellish sort of month for me: deadline after deadline…. after deadline… after deadline… the grand opening of The Altered Abbey and fixing any minute problems that entailed, some personal stuff, adding inventory (still haven’t completed that!) etc. etc. etc.

House of Dreams - Front 2

House of Dreams - Front 3

House of Dreams - Side Front Close-up

House of Dreams - Front Close-up 2

House of Dreams - Front Close-up

Some basic frontal views of the house. The roofline is lined with glass beads, the roof made up of paper and faux copper leafing, the letter ‘n’ is covered in shimmer and also lined with the copper leafing, hand painted wood eggs & half eggs, nesting materials, stickers, mini mulberry flowers, mushroom birdies, skeleton leaves and more comprise this….

Which, is precisely why I swore off any swaps during that time.. until The Altered Birdhouse Swap came up over at The Embellished Circus.. once again, I let temptation have its way with me! I was absolutely THRILLED when I found out I would be creating a piece for my dear friend Nici… she is one of those gifted artists and kind souls that I just truly hope to continue forming a friendship with. Some folks, you just find a connection with… y’all know how that goes!

I decided to try and customize this piece just for her; I knew it just simply had to have a bit of shimmer, some kind of fabulous handmade paper, skeleton leaves and of course.. glass beads! When I think of Nici, I somehow always picture blues and greens … and that was the start of my idea.

House of Dreams - Back

House of Dreams - Back Side View 2

House of Dreams - Back Side View

House of Dreams - Back Close-up

House of Dreams - Roof View

Some views of the back of the house; The roofline is lined with glass beads, the roof made up of paper and faux copper leafing, handmade paper, paints, inks, mini folders, skeleton leaves, twigs, handmade mulberry flower heads, mini buttons, stickers and more comprise this…

Using an unfinished wood birdhouse, I set out to create what I hoped would be a treasure for her. It didn’t come out exactly as I had envisioned it as I had wanted to hand bead every flower on the paper sides… and a few other things went wrong… but when all was said & done, I was mostly pleased with the results. It is my sincere wish that she is enjoying it.

I will be posting a basic tutorial for this on my website, I am hoping this weekend to have worked out the kinks to the learning center, and have all the tutorials posted! Keep your fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, as I will most certainly be creating more! Not quite feeling like my long-winded self today, so feel free to fire off any questions you may have!

Always, Chrysti

P.S. I received an adorable little birdhouse from Maralena for the swap, she put so much thought into it… and I am ever so grateful to her for it. Check it out at her Blog!

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Art For Trade!

A Timeworn Treasure..

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment”

In addition to a bunch of publishing opportunities, working on my store, and a huge spectrum of other activities — I have been trying to finish up a ton of pieces in my studio, so I can be stocked on paintings, assemblages and other handmade items to sell this fall — an area, I’ve been a bit slack on the last few months! I have tons of finished pieces, all ones I’m excited about, but it’s just such a pain to photograph them, i put it off…and off… and off… well, no more!

This of course has led to cleaning through my studio, and I am slowly photographing some older pieces I had set aside to re-work. For some reason or another, these are pieces I am not totally happy with, and don’t feel good about selling, but realistically — I won’t rework them – so out with the old, in with the new!

However, I still think they each serve a purpose, and simply cannot stand to toss them away! I created an “Art for Trade” set on Flickr — and will be adding to it as I can, so be sure to check back often… there’s a handful of items in it right now, and if you would like to trade for one of them– give me a shout!

Well, back to the grind I go! – Chrysti

(boy oh boy does it feel good to knock all these lil’ things off my to-do book!)

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My Bird Skinny Book Pages

I’m about to do something, I almost never do — Blog & Run!

I am just so darn close to being caught up (well, as much as I can be caught up anyway) that I would hate to jinx it now by losing my motivation, and spending too long on here! Besides, I have so many things to share with you in the next few weeks, why bombard you all at once?

I’ve diligently been working at changing my routines, to suit my increasingly hectic schedule — The smartest move I have made in years! Part of this change, will be blogging regularly again but I am no longer under the delusion I will accomplish this daily. Somehow, acknowledging that, has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

These pages were for a Birds Skinny Book swap that the talented Amy is hosting. I had joined in prior to knowing so many commitments would pop up — but I do not regret the decision to sign up at all. Having something familiar to work on, has been a godsend to me recently! Besides, this was an opportunity to work with some people, that I have admired for quite some time now and I truly look forward to seeing their work.

You can see all 20 original bird art pages that I created by clicking here. Just excuse the horrid photography please, i was rushing! Browse my flickr account to see photos that i am actually proud of!

Lots more to come over the next few weeks … And by popular demand, I’ll be holding another contest..so stay tuned!

Miss you all much!


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Skinny Book Swap — Wanna Play?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope to have you join us!


I’m terribly behind on everything right now… and am working on catching up as I type… I’ll be back to my normal, long-winded blogging self soon!

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