(practically) FREE fabric here!

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year! Spring Cleaning!

I am in a mad rush, to clean out my back room which is piled high with supplies… since my mother is giving me the dining room set I grew up with! Yippee!  I am ab-so-lutley thrilled,  just need to make room for it.

Started tackling all the fabric I had stashed back there today. All I’m asking is the cost of shipping & $5.00 per box (to slightly ease my conscience for not listing & selling these myself by now, and to recoup a very small fraction of the cost i invested in these items).

So, the fee is just a mere $15.00 per box. US Folks only..sorry!

Why am I offering these practically free?

Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, ironing, cleaning, and describing each item. There is days worth of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time or motivation right now.

Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality supplies that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store. Any flaws, or risks are noted below.

Secondly, I’m in a rush to clean out the house. My studio is already overrun with supplies and I’d rather share these with folks who can appreciate it, then toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. The value of each box is over what you are paying.

That being said – I have up for grabs so far:


8  now just 0 Flat Rate Priority Mail Box STUFFED with fabric

(sorry, all gone — check back soon for other offers)


Yards & yards and pounds and pounds of fabric for you. All assorted styles, cuts & types. Mix of modern, vintage and even a touch of retro. Prints, solids and lots of calico’s. An assortment of scraps and larger cuts. Each box is different!

I highly recommend washing the fabric, as some may have odors… they have been stored in homes other then mine and I don’t know what they were around etc. If you are sensitive to odors, or have allergies to pets, smoke, etc… then this may not be the lot for you. My allergies are horrible right now, and my sense of smell is about nil. There are some bounce dryer sheets in each box as well to help absorb any odors they may have. There are some realllly nice fabrics here, i think you’ll love it if you’re ok with the above. Odors aside, they all are in excellent condition.

Misc Notes:

I can’t combine shipping on these, since they are already packed & ready to go in the flat rate boxes. I’ll update the blog as I can, when the boxes have been claimed.

If they aren’t claimed within 1 week, then I’ll give them away locally instead.

Want one or more of these boxes? Leave me a comment with how many you want, and I’ll email you back with my paypal instructions, and to verify if you got one or not :-) First come, first served.

Thank a bunch y’all — spread the word! More supplies to be offered soon!

The Altered Abbey Free E-Zine

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Click the graphic up there  or here to join!

Getting ready to launch The Free Altered Abbey E-Zine next week, and thought I’d take a few minutes to post it here:-)

If you haven’t signed up, be sure to do so!

It will have art & craft tutorials, project ideas, showcase y’all’s creations, special offers, contests and more!

See You there!

Chrysti … who promises to get up a real blog post in the next few days :-)

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Special Offers Galore! & Vacation Notice

The Rare Song

Vacation Notice!!

I will be gone from Thursday, September 27th through Tuesday, October 9th 2007… I won’t be able to check email frequently, and can only reply to ‘urgent’ issues during that time. So please be patient! When I return, I will catch up as fast as humanly possible!

Special Sale!!

My “A Rare Song” piece (shown above) has been a huge favorite – so because I could use the extra cash, and because I’ll be away and unable to ship quickly– I have marked it down considerably (Original price is $125.00) .. This is the lowest price I will ever offer it, so if you want it — grab it now, it’s One of a Kind. Click here to purchase or view it

Also over at Etsy — I listed one extra star bird charm — these sold out within an hour last time I listed them, so be sure to grab it while you can! It’s the last one folks. If you purchase it today, I’ll be able to ship it before I leave!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I also have another special deal while I am gone at my site The Altered Abbey:

  • Free Collage Sheet!
  • 10% off your entire order!
  • Free Shipping on all orders within the US $25.00 & Over! *Please note, this excludes 1.5″ wide paper lace; valid from September 27th, 2007 through October 6th, 2007.

Enter Coupon Code: OctGetaway at checkout to receive this offer.

While you are there, register and fill out a wishlist … as I will be doing a wishlist give-a-way this winter! And only wishlists already created, will be eligible!

Have an artful week and a half, see you when I return!

Chrysti ( Who has to now go make my rounds updating all my sites…)

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An Altered Birdhouse Tale

House of Dreams - Front

(clicking the photos will enable you to see them larger, and in detail in a new window)

July was a wonderfully hellish sort of month for me: deadline after deadline…. after deadline… after deadline… the grand opening of The Altered Abbey and fixing any minute problems that entailed, some personal stuff, adding inventory (still haven’t completed that!) etc. etc. etc.

House of Dreams - Front 2

House of Dreams - Front 3

House of Dreams - Side Front Close-up

House of Dreams - Front Close-up 2

House of Dreams - Front Close-up

Some basic frontal views of the house. The roofline is lined with glass beads, the roof made up of paper and faux copper leafing, the letter ‘n’ is covered in shimmer and also lined with the copper leafing, hand painted wood eggs & half eggs, nesting materials, stickers, mini mulberry flowers, mushroom birdies, skeleton leaves and more comprise this….

Which, is precisely why I swore off any swaps during that time.. until The Altered Birdhouse Swap came up over at The Embellished Circus.. once again, I let temptation have its way with me! I was absolutely THRILLED when I found out I would be creating a piece for my dear friend Nici… she is one of those gifted artists and kind souls that I just truly hope to continue forming a friendship with. Some folks, you just find a connection with… y’all know how that goes!

I decided to try and customize this piece just for her; I knew it just simply had to have a bit of shimmer, some kind of fabulous handmade paper, skeleton leaves and of course.. glass beads! When I think of Nici, I somehow always picture blues and greens … and that was the start of my idea.

House of Dreams - Back

House of Dreams - Back Side View 2

House of Dreams - Back Side View

House of Dreams - Back Close-up

House of Dreams - Roof View

Some views of the back of the house; The roofline is lined with glass beads, the roof made up of paper and faux copper leafing, handmade paper, paints, inks, mini folders, skeleton leaves, twigs, handmade mulberry flower heads, mini buttons, stickers and more comprise this…

Using an unfinished wood birdhouse, I set out to create what I hoped would be a treasure for her. It didn’t come out exactly as I had envisioned it as I had wanted to hand bead every flower on the paper sides… and a few other things went wrong… but when all was said & done, I was mostly pleased with the results. It is my sincere wish that she is enjoying it.

I will be posting a basic tutorial for this on my website, I am hoping this weekend to have worked out the kinks to the learning center, and have all the tutorials posted! Keep your fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, as I will most certainly be creating more! Not quite feeling like my long-winded self today, so feel free to fire off any questions you may have!

Always, Chrysti

P.S. I received an adorable little birdhouse from Maralena for the swap, she put so much thought into it… and I am ever so grateful to her for it. Check it out at her Blog!

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Still Here & A Special Offer!

Yes! I’m still alive! Just buried with work, and a ton of deadlines to meet… I’ll be back to my regularly blogging self in early August, Promise! I already have a ton of posts lined up for y’all.

In the meantime — did you know I opened my site? I’ll be having the formal Grand Opening Party in August, but for now…


I moved to MUCH faster server this week, to make your shopping experience more enjoyable!

I’ve restocked ALOT of your favorites this week! Plus added over 50 new products – charms, embellishments & more! And I have over 600 new products to add to the store, hoping to add at least 100 new ones this week!

In the meantime… Choose your special!
Only one coupon can be used per order, they are not combinable!

20% off – 2 days only!

20% off your merchandise total! (orders $20.00 & higher)Can only be used once per customer, valid through July 23rd, 2007.

Enter Code: save20july07 at checkout
Not valid on skinny book fees, or original artwork. Sorry!

15% off – 3 days only!

15% off your merchandise total! (orders $10.00 & higher) Can only be used once per customer, valid through July 24th, 2007.

Enter Code: save15july07 at checkout
Not valid on skinny book fees, or original artwork. Sorry!

Free Shipping & A Free Collage Sheet! — 1 Week Only
Free Shipping on all US orders & A Free Collage Sheet ( I chose) on all orders over $50.00

Enter Code: freeshipandcsjuly07 at checkout
Valid through July 28th, 2007.

Remember to write a product review and be entered into a raffle for a $25.00 Gift Certificate! For both current & past customers!Create a wish list too ( you must open a free account) … and you may receive free goodies off of it!

Let me hear your thoughts on the site! I’m still working hard on it!

Now back to my workpile I go…. I miss you all!

Artfully Yours, Chrysti

Help! Opinions Needed!

Fast Post today, as I am more then overwhelmed with my workload right now.(but boy, oh boy does it feel good to be making serious headway!)

Oh, I know what they say about opinions… but can y’all give me your honest thoughts anyway? The good, the bad… the in between.. you’ll have my eternal gratitude…. I think .. no, I know … I have a serious case of decision overload, coupled with sleep deprivation.

Click the photos, to see it at flickr & view it larger! Once you are there, simply click the all sizes button above the photo.

Firstly: My New Business Logo for The Altered Abbey

The Altered Abbey Logo - Version 1

The Altered Abbey Logo - Version 2

Sound off on which one you prefer!

Next up we have The Altered Abbey Business Card — I’m not 100% in love with it yet, but I’m not quite sure what to tweak either — again, brain overload.

The Altered Abbey Business Card Front

The Altered Abbey Business Card Back

Lastly — Some fun stuff … these are a couple of the WIP’s (Work In Progress) pieces I added to my WIP set at Flickr today… Any ideas on where to venture with them? Fresh eyes are always so nice.

WIP (Work In Progress) Unnamed Bird Man

This 11″ x 14″ piece has been stuck at this point since February, 2007 .. I started it in Dec ’06…. I’m just blocked as to how to move on with him. I love it… but I think fear may be stopping me from trying anything else on it. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon!

WIP (Work In Progress) -- Monochromatic White Piece

This piece hasn’t been touched in about a year… it’s been at this point for that long! (worse yet, i started it a few months prior to that) …I also use it as a sample board though for my monochromatic white background workshops. However, I’d like to finish it soon!

Thanks so much everybody — I have some absolutely THRILLING news to share with you in the next couple of days!

Always grateful, Chrysti

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New Collage Sheets to the June Mega Sale!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just a quick entry to let ya know that 8 New Sheets have been added! By Popular demand, the Gone to the Birds Collection & Women With Wings Collection has expanded! Go on — take a look!

The Special Deals, just for my blog readers are still valid — be sure to send me a note with the freebies you’d like… Some people have said the PayPal comments aren’t working properly…

Here’s a glimpse of the new sheets! — The Madly Rushing Chrysti

Gone to the Birds 2

Gone to the Birds 3

Gone to the Birds 4

Gone to the Birds 5

Ravishing Reds 3

Women with Wings 2

Greentastic 2

Greentastic 3