Chronicles of Yarnia

{Warning: } Fiber & Yarn addicts beware – heart palpitations, shortness of breath, overwhelming feelings of excitement and immensely loud shrieks of joy may ensue when noticing that the following post contains:

  • Ideas, Inspiration & Resources
  • (practically) Free Lush Novelty Yarns
  • Ramblings of a Nearly Mad Woman

Can it get ANY better than that? Well, probably so… but that would kinda kill the whole intro thingamijig I got goin’ on here.. so humor me, please?

 Yarn Porn

I seriously have  a love affair with fibers. I don’t knit. I no longer crochet – but I could never, ever get enough yarn. The root of the ‘problem’ lies in my childhood where sacred half-days of school resulted in a trip to K-Mart with Gramma to pick out a skein, and an absolutely delightful afternoon of crafts using the newly purchased yarn.  Heaven. Stories I will share another day.

Moving on….

Remember when I used to peddle all those luxurious fibers in my (soon-to-close) supply store … I amassed quite a collection, despite selling out of 80% of them and as some of you may know, I will be moving out-of-state in the upcoming months, and considerably downsizing my living space – ie, stuff. must. go. Let’s insert a moment of silence as we mourn the supplies I will be giving up for the greater good.

Hold on… still a sniffle here.

Ok. Better now. Back to my point – it is a classic tale of my loss = your gain. The (practically) free posts I have done in the past have gone so wonderfully well, I decided to do it again – this time with my *sniff* beloved fibers. The rules are basically the same.


Why am I offering these practically free?

Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, and describing each item. There are days worth of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time right now. Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality fibers that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store.  The value of each box is over what you are paying.

I’d rather share these with folks who can provide a loving home than simply toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. If i didn’t need to make back some of the cost on these, I would gift them.. sadly, I am not in that financial position right now.

That being said – I have up for grabs so far:


now 0 Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes  STUFFED with fibers

$30.00 a box  (fee includes shipping & paypal fees)

(Each box holds between 25-35 kinds of fiber)


Yards & yards + pounds and pounds of high quality, now hard to find, lush fibers  for you. The yardage per skein varies, some are full skeins, some just missing a yard or too, some only have 5-10 yards or so left.   Each deliciously stuffed-to-the-rim box has assorted styles, cuts & types -there are chenille fibers, boucle, eyelash, ladder, pom-pom, ribbon yarns & a whole lot more. The mosaic photos here show a sampling of what is in some of the boxes. Each box is different!

Need some inspiration on what you can do with these lush fibers?


How to claim 1 of the 7 boxes:

  • First come, first served.
  • US Only – the flat rate box prices internationally are typically high. If they aren’t all claimed by US folks within a week, I will expand it.
  • Shipping can’t be combined if ordering more than one box, they are priced for the flat rate boxes & already packed up awaiting their new homes.
  • Paypal the $30.00 to khryctee (at) … be sure to include your mailing address. If by chance all 7 sell out before I can update here, I will promptly refund your moolah. First paid/come, first served. Comment here that you took one too if you would – so folks know if I can’t get here quickly enough.
  • Promise to give them a good home, and have a wildly creative ball with them.

I’ve always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I’ll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life. ” -Karen Allen

Wishing ewe (yarn puns, can’t control myself) many creative joys – Chrysti.

P.S. – Have a link to a unique novelty yarn project? Comment here with it, and I’ll add it to the post if it suits!

Day 17/29 Days of Giving is…

so um .

*looks around nervously*

yeah, the time i allotted to write this post?

it’s gone. burned up. deceased. vanished. taken flight.  down the drain. extinct. disintegrated into the vast emptiness of the world around us. spent. no more. nada.

it just, well in the words of a 3 year old. .. went bye-bye ….

yup. yours truly spent over 2 hours searching for these damn darn pics

that you shall see adorning today’s post

 (you better like ’em or at least pretend to! )

and i best finish organizing all these old files

(over 100,000 of them – you’d procrastinate too)

scattered across 3 friggin’ computers …

talk about poor time management and inefficiency

sheesh! bad chrysti!

so as you may have now guessed

there won’t be much writing accompanying this post

unless of course i start rambling

which lets face it … tends to happen alot



SO (she tries to state in an eloquent non-rambling, reader’s digest sorta way) today’s giveaway, is one you should be familar with already since it was the Day 1 giveaway too!. I HIGHLY recommend you go back to that post and check out the interview I did with Cate, and read the AMAZING discussions that took place in the comments. True inspiration and eye-openers there.  In the near future, I plan to elaborate on some of your remarks as well – it fascinates me!

I told ya, y’all inspire me daily. Love that.

 Moving on … if you took my advice, and re-read Day 1 … then you’ll know I was honored to be a part of a truly inspiring, and groundbreaking book  last year: Mixed-Media Self Portraits.  In it, I teach you how to create your own self-portrait assemblage, sculpture mask. (it’s alot easier than you think) A super cool background technique, the mask itself..and more. I talk (very personally) about what brought me to creating them. Why I create them, and why i want you to create them.

I’m interested in those of you that may have this book already – what did you think of my piece? Have you tried it? If not, why not? It’s truly not as complex as it seems in print. Claustrophobia isn’t an excuse either – I get panic attacks easily when confined, and actually did a-ok making these. On my own I may add and with no help. (said in my big girl voice) Though admittely, it’d be more fun with a friend. Pair up Ladies!

but here.. take a look at a few in-progress shots as I worked on them…


Chrysti - Plastered


Proof I indeed went outside like this!


Saran Wrap + Vaseline makes for a hot head of hair.

 I want to see YOU like this. Yes – YOU! I want to see artists everywhere slathered in plaster and exploring a medium they may not be used to. I want you to expand your creative horizons – and see what happens as a result. What have you got to lose?

My entire purpose with this project was to challenge not only  myself but to challenge you. It was to create a self-portrait that captured who I was on the inside (and the many moods i experience)– with a loose, rough, raw abstract form. I wanted to teach a mixed-media project that you don’t see very often. I wanted to get to know myself better, I craved a bit of that oh-so-awkward-uncomfortable-squirmy feeling to work with, as it’s usually where I make the most profound insights.

I also found a few detail shots of the masks featured in the book, someday I’ll get the rest of the shots up too… the quote at the top of the post is part of the mask ‘raw’ … and here’s a few other shots for your viewing pleasure …






I want to know your honest thoughts – constructive criticism included – let me have them, and you  just may win a copy of Mixed-Media Self Portraits yourself! One person will win a copy, with my project signed… and if my studio sale pieces on etsy sell out this week – I’ll order another copy for another lucky receipent or two – you never know just what I’ll do! Heck, I don’t even know what I’ll do half the time… 

To enter today simply…

  • On this post; in the comments answer one or more of these questions: What stops you from making your own Self-Portrait Mask?” or if you have created one tell me how the experience was for you  or what you thought of my piece, these glimpses – ie feedback folks!  Extra Credit if you tell me how hot i look smothered in plaster & vaseline. It’s the stuff fantasies are made of kids! (god i hope not) 
  • Do this by: Sunday, January 18th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 16 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners and the third batch of winners!
  • Review, or Buy Mixed-media Self-Portraits if you haven’t already too! (I know, shameless) Enter even if you have it — you can pass it on to someone else!
  • Sincerely, The plastered Chrysti

    Day 13/29 Days of Giving is…

    .. OK, i admit it

    i almost skipped posting tonight

    i feel a lil bit like i’m unraveling

    coming apart at the seams so to speak ….

    i have that not-enough-hours-cant-get-enough-done-crazy kind of mojo going

    much like most of you do too …

    …but as i mentioned yesterday

    i love what a tight-knit community we are becoming ….

    … and i feel a calling to weave this in even on the hardest of days

    personally, its more rewarding to know i achieved it despite circumstances ….

    …. see, the giveaway i initially intended to do today

    will most likely take 3-4 hours to put together …

    … since it’s 11 p.m. and i’m just darn fried as it is

    i knew i wouldnt be happy with it if i didn’t give it my all….

    and when im unhappy my skein just crawls …

    …. undoubtedly it is now a crazy week since i remembered i’m travelling home

    well, not that i remembered just realized it’s so close …

    …what happened to that feeling we had as children

    when Christmas couldn’t come fast enough?…

    … here i go deliriously rambling once again

    i really don’t mean to string you along ….

          “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” – William Shakespeare

    If you have not yet caught on to the punny clues, today’s giveaway has a lil’ sumthin-sumthin to do with my addiction to lush, beautfiul yarn.  A last-minute decision when i was foraging through the jungle I call my brain for a relatively simple but still somehow inspiring post & giveaway.

    The expedition through my thoughts wasn’t going rather well. Scavenger that I am, I still find it difficult to navigate my own mind. Probably because it is shamefully tangled with weeds, random flowers and just chock full of roadblocks. That’s not even mentioning the dust & cobwebs.The insides of my head are a dangerously murky sort of place. At any moment one could get hit with any number of absurd thoughts and be led down yet another winding path. Sometimes though – lightning strikes, and things come to a brief halt.

    I turned that proverbial corner and remembered seeing this project online.

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    When that lightning bolt struck? Instantly I knew – OMIGOSH! I have it! I have today’s giveaway. I said to myself:Self, show the readers how to do these. Surely there must be a few who have the materials lying around and who need a last minute gift or two themselves.

    But why stop there? I don’t just want to show you these simple beauties. I want to create my version of them for you. I cannot resist leaving them quite that simple (unless that’s the way the recipients prefer them). I will give them a bit of my own craetive magic, and create some tomorrow. Since I have been wanting so very badly to spend more time creating – AND I’ve had an itch for doing ornaments in particular – especially ones I can fit into this crazy schedule — I shall make a few for my readers. Simplifying the giveaway, solved.

    “I’ve always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I’ll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life.” -Karen Allen 

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    Since I gave my mind a workout already today, I can’t quite recall how many bulbs I have left up in my studio. I know there is at least 2. Possibly more. I’m bursting merely at the thought! I’d run up and see, but ya know.. I prolly wouldn’t return and all this would be for nothing.

    I’d like to giveaway 6 – but am only promising 2 for now, since I know I can deliver those. If I do have more, I shall create more and as such – giveaway more. But for some reason, I am thinking I may have freecycled them. Hmmm…

    Oh! To enter to win a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Chrystified yarn ornament –somewhat similar to those seen above  just do the following:

     If this poll thingy below works – answer it. Your answers decide the fate.

     Then Proceed:

    • On this post in the comments -Share a link, or an idea for last minute gifts – holiday, or year round and/or name your first born after me.
    • Really, I got nuthin else to ask tonight folks – me = fried.
    • Do this by: Sunday, December 21th, 2008
    • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
    •  Enter Day 0 Day 10 & Day 11 & Day 12
    • Check out the first batch of winners!
    • Check out the newly posted – second batch of winners! Is it you?

     Chrysti – don’t think the irony of yawn vs. yarn has escaped me for a moment tonight! How did this still take me over an hour to do? Sheesh!

    Recycled Sweater Fun – 100+ Ways to reuse your old sweaters!

    This post has MOVED to my new blog!

    Hundreds of juicy links await you there, go visit!

    Thank you,


    (practically) FREE fabric here!

    Ah, yes… it’s that time of year! Spring Cleaning!

    I am in a mad rush, to clean out my back room which is piled high with supplies… since my mother is giving me the dining room set I grew up with! Yippee!  I am ab-so-lutley thrilled,  just need to make room for it.

    Started tackling all the fabric I had stashed back there today. All I’m asking is the cost of shipping & $5.00 per box (to slightly ease my conscience for not listing & selling these myself by now, and to recoup a very small fraction of the cost i invested in these items).

    So, the fee is just a mere $15.00 per box. US Folks only..sorry!

    Why am I offering these practically free?

    Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, ironing, cleaning, and describing each item. There is days worth of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time or motivation right now.

    Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality supplies that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store. Any flaws, or risks are noted below.

    Secondly, I’m in a rush to clean out the house. My studio is already overrun with supplies and I’d rather share these with folks who can appreciate it, then toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. The value of each box is over what you are paying.

    That being said – I have up for grabs so far:


    8  now just 0 Flat Rate Priority Mail Box STUFFED with fabric

    (sorry, all gone — check back soon for other offers)


    Yards & yards and pounds and pounds of fabric for you. All assorted styles, cuts & types. Mix of modern, vintage and even a touch of retro. Prints, solids and lots of calico’s. An assortment of scraps and larger cuts. Each box is different!

    I highly recommend washing the fabric, as some may have odors… they have been stored in homes other then mine and I don’t know what they were around etc. If you are sensitive to odors, or have allergies to pets, smoke, etc… then this may not be the lot for you. My allergies are horrible right now, and my sense of smell is about nil. There are some bounce dryer sheets in each box as well to help absorb any odors they may have. There are some realllly nice fabrics here, i think you’ll love it if you’re ok with the above. Odors aside, they all are in excellent condition.

    Misc Notes:

    I can’t combine shipping on these, since they are already packed & ready to go in the flat rate boxes. I’ll update the blog as I can, when the boxes have been claimed.

    If they aren’t claimed within 1 week, then I’ll give them away locally instead.

    Want one or more of these boxes? Leave me a comment with how many you want, and I’ll email you back with my paypal instructions, and to verify if you got one or not :-) First come, first served.

    Thank a bunch y’all — spread the word! More supplies to be offered soon!

    Charmed, I’m sure

    “There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament.”
    — Henry Van Dyke

    I’m really not a jewelry kinda gal.

    In fact, I cannot fathom why so many women are… (sorry ladies!)

    I have a handful of pieces, that I wear to death.. all very simple, very classic… and all have personal meaning to me.

    I do however, appreciate the craftsmanship… the styles, the colors… but aside from the occasional whim? You won’t find me wearing it. I’d be more comfortable walking around a formal dinner party in a tacky leprechaun suit, then to adorn myself with big necklaces, colorful bracelets, rings and god forbid — insert gagging sound here — toe & ankle jewelry (remember, I HATE feet). Why anyone in their right mind would choose to draw attention to their f… blech.

    Now, all that being said — I have nothing against folks who love to accessorize, it just isn’t me. In fact, a part of me envies the freedom those women must feel to pull some of the pieces off.

    “Nest” Mini Jar Charms by Chrysti
    April 2007 – AAO Charm Swap
    For Sale at Etsy

    Months and months ago… I stumbled across this blog, where a group of 20 some, talented women & artists created these breathtaking charms.. and when they were all put together? Well the final product just sang to me!

    Better yet? It brought back a host of wonderful memories along with a flood of ooey,gooey, mushy, sappy emotions.. for a pastime I once adored. I really don’t know where my passion for small things came from, all I know… is I fall head over platform heels for the tiniest of things — dollhouses & their accessories, charms, seashells, sharks teeth, really…mini anything….. and I always have.

    Somewhere, I have stashed some favorite childhood charms, well… the ones i didn’t lose anyway. (sorry mom) I just find the small things…and not simply the material objects… the fine details in life, in people… so very fascinating… not many things, can capture my attention more then some small, secret treasure.. that feels as if it is just for me.

    “Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.”
    –Albert Camus

    Anyhow — The Just Simply Charming blog more then peaked my interest, it pushed me to try making charms, which I had never really done before. Sure, I have created embellishments, danglies, adornments.. but never one someone may consider wearing! I’ve said it many, many times… I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone – as it truly is the only way you grow. So when the opportunity came up to swap some charms at AAO & at The Embellished Circus… I jumped at the chance!

    I wanted to keep my bird theme going and present it in a new outlet… a challenge, and neither are quite what i initially envisioned — but what really is? The “Nest” jar charms have mini bird eggs inside of them, silver german glass glitter, and ‘nesting’ materials. They have faux copper leafing as well. The “Star Bird” charms each have miniature, amber, rhinestone stars. I tried to make the packaging fun as well — I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    My final attempts, are what you see throughout this post… I’ll be posting tutorials at my site, shortly after it opens…and discuss the pitfalls I encountered along the way. I have a few extras, that I have for sale on Etsy of the “Nest” charms.. But the star bird ones, have already sold out.. If time permits, I may make some more…let me know if you want them!

    “Star Bird” Charms by Chrysti
    May 2007 – EC Charm Swap
    Sold Out

    “Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it charm.”
    — Jean Paul Richter

    I haven’t received back my charms back from the EC swap yet, but the ones from AAO were amazing! Now, what to do with them all? You won’t find me wearing them… but I will be sure, to properly showcase them — and when I do…y’all will be the first to see!

    I’m itching to make more — so if you know of any good swaps open, please share!

    — Chrysti

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    Free Images for All! New Art Too!

    Crafty Chrysti

    Did y’all know I craft as well? I haven’t spent nearly as much time on it as I would have liked this year, but it is still another one of my passions. I just love to create.. it’s really that simple! I listed one of my favorite crafts on etsy tonight.. these precious snowmen ornaments — they are my own design, and have always been popular for me. These 3 are all I have to sell.. so if you like them, best to grab them while you can! I don’t think I’ll have time to create anymore this year.

     Sammie Snowmen Ornament -Front

     Sammie Snowmen Ornament -Back

     Sammie Snowmen Ornaments

     Sammie Snowmen Ornaments -Back

    Handmade OOAK Sammie Snowman Ornaments
    On Etsy

    Background Bonanza!

     Handmade Background

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a ton of fun experimenting with background techniques…and trying to invent my own :-) Here’s 2 I managed to get scanned before using…the rest have been used! I really do find creating backgrounds, to be the most rewarding & calming process of all. I’ve talked about it in depth, in past entries .. click here & here for some reading if your in the mood! If you poke around my blog archives, you’ll find more as well.

     Another Handmade Background

    The scanner didn’t pick up alot of the depth these backgrounds have.. or the metallic accents, and shadows etc… so disapointing. Ah well, you get the idea.

    New – Free Vintage Images!

     12/02/06 Vintage Freebie 4

    I uploaded a bunch of new copyright free vintage images ( Birds, Old Ads, Kids & More) for y’all to use in your artwork today at my flickr site.. If you want a few thousand more, be sure to check out & join (free) my Collage Images group!

    Thank You – Free Art Drawing!

    Wow!! What a response to the giveaway so far! Y’all have NO idea how much that means to me.. it’s been a MUCH needed pick me up this week! For those that haven’t entered yet.. you still have plenty of time.. click here for details.. and yes, International Folks are welcome to enter as well!

    BTW – The neocolors gave me blisters, because I rubbed super hard, with one bare fingertip … on the rough paper, to blend them well. Note to Self: Buy more Q-Tips. Also, I didn’t use cardboard to create the kinda 3d effect.. the letters are just mounted on patterned papers, then adhered to the sheet. Then I blended around it all with the Neocolors to make it all cohesive.

    You inspired me.. to continue this past next week, and share some other pieces to raffle as well!

    It’s been a hectic, but productive day here so far.. I’m getting ready to spend the next few days listing like crazy at Etsy & Ebay .. My Art, Crafts, and as always art & collage supplies.. plus some fabulous gift items!

    Well, that was almost too much for one day eh? More tomorrow!

    (I’m still stumbling through emails.. they are on my laptop, which reboots itself almost every 10 minutes — so its harder then normal, for me to reply to them all .. thanks for your patience! I get over 1300 emails a day..ikes!)