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Meet the bane of my existence today – that video above. It only ended up online, so that I felt like I completed something and the day didn’t become a waste. I did however learn alot, and tomorrow I’m sure I’ll see that …not right now though. Trying to figur eout some conversion stuff, get the widescreen format back — the waviness out…blah blah….

SO sorry for some of the waviness in this! While I was a bit shaky while filming it (handheld) … converting it to a smaller file made the quality terrible with motion… I am still trying to learn all of the ins & outs here. Online I come.

I almost didn’t upload this, but since some of you asked.. I did. Note to self: when filming other videos, don’t talk/move for 13 minutes straight with sinus/cold stuff. You get winded & lightheaded and sound like the proverbial dofus – good thing I’m ok with making a fool of myself!

I am learning all this video stuff, so I can bring y’all High-quality online workshops. I could just do the quick/easy way now, but I really want them to be good.  Worth more than you pay for, and yeah..I am a perfectionist.

My Studio

Anyway – Hope this helps a bit, or at least one person with studio organization. (Obvious I am annoyed eh?)

Links mentioned in the video:

Other artists whose work are in my room:

and that list is by no means, all-inclusive! Will add to it as time permits! Chrysti

Day 5/29 Days of Giving is…

as i opened this to blog today…

…one word instantaneously sprang to mind


… you inspire me, truly inspire me

do i tell you all that enough?

…. for those who may be having a day, where they doubt their value

please know, I cherish you … even if we haven’t formally ‘met’ …

…  wow! the smiles, and much needed laughter you gifted me with

have been a godsend today! …

… every time i craved a bit of refuge from the pain

i popped on here to read a few of your comments…

…and left feeling brighter, lighter, and a bit happier

but i have to say…

… some of you? have horridly bad taste in jokes & puns!

which, tickles me …

…’cause i love a really good bad joke

almost as much as people falling

..isn’t that terrible of me?

back to your horridly bad taste… we totally need help…

like serious help.

ha – that’s what creating is meant for!…

… i found the start of my healing within creating & the humor today

thank you, for providing me with a safe, smile filled place to visit …

… which actually, unintentionally leads me to today’s giveaway

focusing on another one of my havens….

…. go ahead, guess

hint… every artist or createatarian needs one….

My Studio

If you guessed my studio, you hit the proverbial nail on the head! Have you seen my studio yet? If not, clicking here will to take you that photoset on Flickr, I’d love to have you visit!

And no, I am not giving my studio away – I may be a lil’ nutso, but I am not quite THAT far gone… (yet anyway). However, I’d be willing to trade for a larger stand alone cottagey shed, withcustom cabinetry located in the middle of the woods… My studio isn’t much, but it’s mine. I did the best i could, with what I have; it suits my needs. We all may dream of bigger & better — but this truly does suffice for me.  It is the room that houses tiny treasures, harbors big dreams and allows me a refuge from the rest of the world. It’s the one place I find a comforting sort of solace. It is the one place I can truly just be.. me.


I talk more about it in the current issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors Studios (p. 45). Which is my own personal favorite new magazine of the year. I was soooo bummed that I couldn’t meet the deadline when Cate asked me to take part in Issue 1 … so needless to say, I was thrilled when I got a second chance! Plus, I got to share the spotlight with friends like Lia and Tiffany … Lia & i had a few phone calls where we obsessed on how obsessive we were. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone! Her studio is super cool, be sure to check it out in there too (p. 49).

What really sets Cloth,Paper, Scissors Studios apart from other studio type publications is that it doesn’t just focus on these lavish, dream spaces most of us will never have in our lifetimes. It shows a tremendous amount of real spaces with real people. Everyday folk like you & I. Heck, some of the spaces aren’t even studios – they are corners of a living room, a closet — it’s just jam packed with ideas, inspiration, and solutions that anyone can apply. It’s not often you find practical and beautiful all wrapped up in one pretty package ya know. If that’s not enough – it also has tutorials, and projects geared towards your space and organizing tips & tricks.

 Chrysti's Magazine Files

I even have a lil’ project in the online extras – simple, stylish magazine ( and other things) files. Super easy. Super cute. If you make some, be sure to show me how they came out! For the curious – I scored the bases at an Ikea. I have another set (shown in other pics) of these plain-jane cardboard magazine holders that I covered with color copies of ephemera, mostly personal family documents and letters from my grandparents. It’s beyond comforting to see their writing daily!

When I open my new site — I will be adding a regular column on studio organizing, since it’s one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. You can check out these past blog posts of mine, for some tips I have already put out there.

To prove to you just how awesome this special publication is — I will be giving away not one, but two copiesof this in today’s giveaway — that is, if we get over 100 entries/comments. So make sure to tell your friends, so two of you can be lucky winners. And hey, why not let us see your space in one of the future issues? The amazing crew over there is accepting submissions. Pokey talks about it on her blog here.

You can read about my favorite supplies in the issue — but I thought I’d share some of my other favorite things with you too. For sentimental reasons – I lovingly treasure the tacky, I-would-never-in-a-million-years-choose-this-for myself, poorly made, dust magnet of a curio cabinet as it was my Grammas. Each & every time I look at it; I am instantly taken back to the day she bought it – how this amazingly big, heartwarming smile adorned her face, the pride she had when her doll collection filled it, how she lit up when she’d show it off; it was as if she had purchased the Taj Mahal… and I am instantly inspired every time I sneak a glance. I want that emotion and pride to come forth in my work, which is why it’s placed in my studio.

My big cozy chair and a half was an amazing score during a going out of business sale. Without a doubt it’s where you’ll find me curled up to read, paging through magazines, and sometimes I even journal there. My iPod is almost always blaring in my studio, as music and the brightness of my room just infuse me with an artistic energy I can’t find elsewhere.

Chrysti's Studio  Chrysti's Studio - Close-Ups

I can’t leave out my charm chain that is draped over my chandelier either. It’s a storybook without words; as it holds treasures from my travels, memories of my childhood, and is filled with gifts that have been given to me, or I gave to myself! Each charm holds a value to me that is beyond measure and it’s truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

No offense to y’all: but I’d rather be in my studio than blogging tonight – so here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering one ( or both ) of these questions “What do you love about your creative space?” and/or “What would you most like help organizing in that space?” If you don’t care for one of those, then merely just do a lil schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue. We all need a lil’ denial don’t we?
  • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. Winner or Winners will be announced then!
  • Still time to enter these giveaways too! Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4

Recycled Sweater Fun – 100+ Ways to reuse your old sweaters!

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(practically) FREE fabric here!

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year! Spring Cleaning!

I am in a mad rush, to clean out my back room which is piled high with supplies… since my mother is giving me the dining room set I grew up with! Yippee!  I am ab-so-lutley thrilled,  just need to make room for it.

Started tackling all the fabric I had stashed back there today. All I’m asking is the cost of shipping & $5.00 per box (to slightly ease my conscience for not listing & selling these myself by now, and to recoup a very small fraction of the cost i invested in these items).

So, the fee is just a mere $15.00 per box. US Folks only..sorry!

Why am I offering these practically free?

Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, ironing, cleaning, and describing each item. There is days worth of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time or motivation right now.

Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality supplies that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store. Any flaws, or risks are noted below.

Secondly, I’m in a rush to clean out the house. My studio is already overrun with supplies and I’d rather share these with folks who can appreciate it, then toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. The value of each box is over what you are paying.

That being said – I have up for grabs so far:


8  now just 0 Flat Rate Priority Mail Box STUFFED with fabric

(sorry, all gone — check back soon for other offers)


Yards & yards and pounds and pounds of fabric for you. All assorted styles, cuts & types. Mix of modern, vintage and even a touch of retro. Prints, solids and lots of calico’s. An assortment of scraps and larger cuts. Each box is different!

I highly recommend washing the fabric, as some may have odors… they have been stored in homes other then mine and I don’t know what they were around etc. If you are sensitive to odors, or have allergies to pets, smoke, etc… then this may not be the lot for you. My allergies are horrible right now, and my sense of smell is about nil. There are some bounce dryer sheets in each box as well to help absorb any odors they may have. There are some realllly nice fabrics here, i think you’ll love it if you’re ok with the above. Odors aside, they all are in excellent condition.

Misc Notes:

I can’t combine shipping on these, since they are already packed & ready to go in the flat rate boxes. I’ll update the blog as I can, when the boxes have been claimed.

If they aren’t claimed within 1 week, then I’ll give them away locally instead.

Want one or more of these boxes? Leave me a comment with how many you want, and I’ll email you back with my paypal instructions, and to verify if you got one or not :-) First come, first served.

Thank a bunch y’all — spread the word! More supplies to be offered soon!

Mission: Studio Organization

For the sake of my sanity… let’s pretend this post isn’t oh…

*looks around nervously*

a mere few months overdue…

Really, what’s a few months among friends?

So why dontcha pull up a chair, and take a refresher course through the previous installments in this series…

Pretty Organized (June 2006)

Pssst… (September 2006)

Art Marker Organization (September 2006)

Everyone all caught up now? GREAT!

Today’s focus is on storing Collage Sheets, Magazines, and Books, and how to showcase the things that inspire me, without becoming overwhelmed.

Cozy Studio Corner

It was crucial, that I have a quiet, cozy place to curl up and page through books, magazines, and other publications that can not only light my spark of creativity, but teach me new techniques as well. I’ve had that oversized chair for about 5 or 6 years now.. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture, as I scored it for a mere $185 when Sears Homelife went out of business… 75% off! Woot! It’s comfortable, vibrant, and the perfect addition in my studio. Pairing it up with my cheap, old Wal-Mart bookcase was a no brainer..

When you stand in my hallway, those are what you see (along with the Ikea Expedit piece I’ll show you next week)… I didn’t want my art table it’s so cluttered. I admit it, I like pretty. This isn’t my vision of perfection — but it suffices for now!


Magazine Files & Bookcase

Magazine FIles

I loaded the bookcase with all my art, craft & home decor books, some art I’ve been given, or bought… and stuffed it full of the cardboard magazine holders I purchased at Ikea… just $2.99 for 5 of them! All i did was color copy ephemera and old letters from my grandmother and use gel medium to adhere them to the cardboard. I put on a few topcoats to seal it, sprayed it with a Matte Fixativ, and voila! Some cute magazine files awaited me. I labeled them with my Dymo, and stuffed them with all the publications & zines I have… I was mindful, to leave some blank though.. so my collection had room to grow.

Collage Sheet Storage -1

Collage Sheet Storage -1a

Storing my collage sheets and printouts posed a bit of a problem at first, as I didn’t have enough room for a filing cabinet in there, and frankly, I didn’t want anything to fall out. When i saw this cute accordion file in T.J. Homegoods clearance ($3.99).. I snatched it right up! I labeled each pocket by theme, with tabs and filed my papers accordingly. (My smaller, cut images are stored on my art table, an area I’ll show you soon)… It’s stored on the floor, under my art table, so i can grab it on a moment’s notice. The bonus? This is totally portable, so when i travel or teach workshops, I can take it with me easily. Sweet!

It would be easy to recreate, as the covers are just fabric covered canvas panels… if you decide to tackle creating one, please share!

Inspiration Board

And lastly, my inspiration board!

This is a constantly rotating display area filled to the brim with other people’s artwork. It changes based on season, sentiment, my mood… I bought the French bulletin boards at Michaels, they go half off basically every month… and are super cheap. I can turn to my left as I am creating, and be instantly inspired! Take a close look, do you see your art there? That display was on my board in March, it’s changed a bit since… but there is art there from The Altered Diva, Bird Nerd, Paper Relics, Zorana, Amyma, Jean Skipper, Misty Mawn, and a bunch of other gifted artists!

Hope this sparked some ideas for your studio, I’ll show off another area of my studio space soon!

— Chrysti

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Art Marker Organization & Store Special!

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