Will It Be Ok?

 :: mother and child ::

 Yes, it will.

But what if a big dog comes?
You will know whether it is friendly or not, if it is friendly, you pat it, if it is not you stand perfectly still and unafraid and it stops barking and comes to you and sits quietly beside you.

But what if there is thunder and lightning?
You sit at your window and watch the rain beating down over the houses and fields in the dark night.  You see how special it is because the lightning shows the rainy sky and countryside and all the city.  You pay attention because the loud thunder is calling you and saying, “Look, the world is receiving a deep drink”

But what if there is lots of snow?
You put on your thermals, gloves, coat and scarf and play in it.
But what if snakes come in the night?
You keep a flute by your bed and play a song and the snakes hear and are quiet.

But what if the cabbages don’t come up?
We drive to the nursery, purchase seven tomato plants, just in case.  When we come home we dig seven holes in the garden and plant a tomato in each one.  We pat back the earth around them and pour a bucket of water around them.  Then we go inside and read a book.  When we come out again there is a tiny row of cabbage seedlings.

But what if I hate everyone?
You run away.  You pack raisins, walnuts, oranges, crackers and a flashlight in a bandanna.  You knot its four corners together and walk and walk until you come to the park.  You stay all afternoon, sitting by yourself under a tree.  When you come home again, you don’t hate everyone.

But what if someone hates me?
You feel lonely and sad.  You walk and walk until you come to a small pond. You kneel in the grass by the edge of the pond, you see something move.  You put out your hand and a tiny frog hops onto it.  Very carefully you lift your hand up to your ear and the frog whispers, “Other people love you. Maybe that person will love you again, maybe not, in any case it’s all right.”

But what if nobody likes the way I dance?
You go dancing in the woods, alone in the crackling leaves.  One day you meet someone else dancing in the woods and you dance together.  You throw leaves on each other, you lie down in the leaves.  Then you go home and draw pictures and drink warm Milk together.

But what if you die?
My loving doesn’t die. It stays with you, when you remember you and me; you say, “What can I do with so much love?  I will have to give some away”.

So you love thunder and lightning, dogs and snakes, snow and planting cabbages.  You dance with other people in the leaves and run away with them. You love them and they love you, and you eat raisins together, so yes, it will be okay. -Crescent Dragonwagon

(Mom, my brother, me … circa 1976)

One of the most fabulous women I have ever known ,who I also take great pride in calling a friend (thanks Kit), sent that to me years ago and I have yet to let go of it. Today, through another difficult time .. I found myself once again searching for it, seeking those words that would simultaneously provide me comfort and wisdom. Maybe, just maybe … someone else needed the gentle reminder too.

And the fact that it is also Mothers Day? True kismet.

Easter 1977

 1978 (?)

Easter 1977

2007 or 2008?

Isn’t my mom beautiful?

Happy Mothers Day Mom. Thank you for your support and undying love throughout not only my life; but these difficult times.  Can’t wait to see you in June.

 I love you with all that I am…
Christy Ann

Day 21/29 Days of Giving is…

I My Neurotic Dogs. (that’s them in the youtube clip!)

I Giveaways.

I  Paper.

I  Collage.

I  Creativity.

I Books.

I  You.

I Insightful Blog Posts that dance gloriously with pretty words and days with enough time to type & format them.

This, my friends is not one of those days.

From the bottom of this lil’   , sowwy.

I did however need to resume the giveaways for my sanity, and after I do this one … rest assured I’ll be working on formatting the remaining ones! Artist interviews – who donated amazing giveaways, some tied with swaps, magazines, prints and more!

Soooooo .. in the spirit of things I   …..Is today’s giveaway – this delightful book: Layers: Inspired Collage for Paper Projects with Meaning


Cutting-edge skills for sophisticated paper art designs!

*A primer on the hottest techniques that will appeal to scrapbookers, cardmakers, rubberstampers, and all papercrafters *Allows crafts to create amazing effects using collage, torn papers, embellishments, and cherished photos and quotes *Hundreds of tips and tricks reveal how to get remarkable results every time Today’s paper art magazines showcase intricate layered pieces yet give little instruction on how to do it. Finally, Layers teaches papercrafters the skills they need to make these stylish projects. Expert designer Shari Carroll provides simple step-by-step directions for the latest paper techniques, including distressing, sewing, transfers, and much more. Readers receive a variety of ideas ranging from a wall hanging scrapbook page and an art journal to a collage book and CD book cover. Included are stunning examples of Carroll’s own collage work, each of which feature unique and personal messages. She first shares details on what inspired each piece, then offers readers suggestions for customizing their own pieces.

A member of the design team for Hero Arts Rubber Stamps, Shari Carroll has also created projects for Polyform, My Sentiments Exactly, and Hanko Designs. Her work has been featured in such national magazines as Somerset Studio, Memory Makers, and The Rubber Stamper as well as the upcoming book Designing with Stamps.

Do you   your chance at this too? Then just…


  • On this post; in the comments – answer one or more of these questions: Tell us what you   and/or give me a great excuse as to why I keep letting this slip, one too many days
  • Do this by: Friday, February 28th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  • Enter Day 0 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners,  third batch of winners anddddd the fourth batch of winners!

      fully yours, Chrysti

    Day 4/29 Days of Giving is…

    today i am weary…

    and my heart. it just aches …

    today i am reminded of just how precious life is…

    we really must cherish every moment, for there may not be another…

    once again i have learned that our life is a gift …

    a privilege

    and it’s up to us …

    each, and every one of us …

    to honor that. to honor – life

    to savor it’s simplest, but often most beautiful pleasures..

    to learn from it’s inevitable ugliness …

    to find strength in nature, and in ourselves ….

    to love with our entire beings ….

    to relish life! delight in it’s never-ending miracles

    and appreciate – truly appreciate all we take for granted …

    sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

    simple, is not necessarily easy

    A Patient Sort of Wisdom
    That mutt right there? She’s my heart. My often misunderstood, but ab-so-friggin-lutly-full-of-love dog Sadie. She became mine 15 long years ago, though… today, it feels as if it were just yesterday. She was timid, afraid, unsure of herself and her surroundings.. but magically, she trusted me. ME! She has saved me many times over since.. from myself, from others .. she has given me purpose, when I felt as if I had none… and today,I have to begin to try and make a choice, that is tearing me apart inside. I want to earn that trust she so blindly gave me. I want to save her. I want to fix her. But I can’t. I just.. can’t.

    It’s so hard to surrender our control, our faith when we’re rendered helpless.  It’s incredibly painful to be the only voice to a living creature ..whose heartbeat might as well be my own.It’s hard to face the harsh realities that lie in front of me, and it’s damn difficult to know, really know what’s right. This is a process, I have never walked along on my own.. but I somehow, have to trust that I will find my way. I just have to believe that i will.

    When I began this 29 days of giving, I made a promise to maintain them – regardless of any given day’s circumstances. I meant what I said a few days ago — there is always, always room for kindness within our lives – and perhaps we need to give most, when it’s the most difficult for us to do so. 

    It brings me extreme joy to know that this project is touching you all. Who would have ever known, that as I faced one of my most challenging decisions my inbox would be overflowing with so many magical, and heartfelt words. Who could have ever known — how close I’d feel to people whose voices i have not heard, whose facesI have not seen. Daily, I am reminded of all that binds us – and all that connects us. You inspire me, and make me want to be better. To be the best me – that I can give to the world.

    I could have never predicted how much I’d NEED this. To force myself — to walk away from the heaviest of hurts, and try like hell to find the postive.  I dunno… I am oddly grateful that knowing there were people counting on me to somehow provide them with a bit of pleasure, has given me purpose when I most feel like giving up. I am appreciative of this outlet, to provide respite to my overactive brain… Life really does work in mysterious ways. 

    So today… for the give away — I have decided to bestow three of you with one of these journals


    These are not just ordinary journals you see – these are books filled to the brim with possibilities and power!  They are awaiting your touch – a special touch. It is my firm  belief whomever wins these magical books of possibility will fill them with dreams and ideas. They shall hold memories and pieces of a life, it shall tell a story and with that – pain will be transformed into beauty. That transformation – that glorious transformation – is the art in the word ‘heart’.

    I am asking a tremendous favor of you all today — no matter how strong the urge, please don’t tell me you are sorry… that it will be ok… or try to comfort me… this is a grieving process, one I must come to – and can only come to …alone. It’s part of the circle of life – and a path I must walk on.

    I am asking instead that you gift me, with distraction – with a smile – with an inbox full of laughter! there will be time for condolonces later, but right now — today – I need help, learning the real meaning of the word selfless. To get there, I need you to show me the bright side of life, the lighter side… would you do that for me?

    So to win one of these magical books of possibility…

    • Leave a comment on this post – with a funny ( but clean) joke, or a horridly bad pun.  You could tell me something personal if you choose – a funny story, an embarrasing moment,  anything you think that will make me smile or laugh.  Let’s transform pain, into a wonderous sort of beauty.
    • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. The 3 Winners will be announced then!
    • Enter Day 0 here, Day 1 here, Day 2 here, Day 3 here in addition….
    • Forgive me – for not being as witty, or well spoken today.

    With Gratitude, Chrysti

    Artists Unleashed: A Call For Charity Art

     Free 2 Be Me!
    “Free To Be Me” 

    4″ x 4″ Chunky Book Page : 2005
    By: Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

    Well, I’m back from my longer then expected trip (thanks amcrap errr amtrak) and busy playing catch up today.. but I wanted to touch base with y’all, and let you know about a really great cause..

    “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” Unknown

    My Pets…

     My Furbabies

     1.Callie 2.In Thought… 3.Sophie 2003 -2
    4.Aging 5.Take That! 6.Stick-y Situation
    7.Cat’s Eyes 8.The Observer 9.

    As y’all know… I have a mini zoo of animals here, and have always grown up with immense appreciation, love, and passion for them (Thanks Mom!)… They make my life complete, offer
    unconditional love, never talk back (well mostly), and most importantly.. they rely on us to help them.

    “He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” Confucius

     A Better Day
    “A Better Day” May 2006
    This life’s a rugged way for us, But there’s a better day for us

    8″ x 8″ Mixed Media Collage & Painting on Canvas
    by Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

    A Place to Bark: Artist’s Unleashed Auction

    Bernie Berlin has placed out a call for art, to benefit her amazing, continued efforts within the animal world through her no kill shelter, click the link above for more information about her work, and the auction itself.

    All levels of artwork art work (even children’s) are accepted, and the Date Due is October 25th .. can’t you find some time this week to create a piece of art for this fabulous cause? I know I will be!  

    Love Thy Dog
    “Love Thy Dog”  2005

    2.5″ x 3.5″ ACEO/ATC Art Card – Mixed Media Collage & Painting

    by Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

    “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
    Winston Churchill

    Please Join Me! The power, working together as an art community we have, is nothing short of amazing… we really can achieve wonderful things acting as one.

    I look forward to sharing what I create for this, and seeing what you come up with as well! Link me to your pieces, I’ll compile them and share them here :-)

    – Chrysti