Day 17/29 Days of Giving is…

so um .

*looks around nervously*

yeah, the time i allotted to write this post?

it’s gone. burned up. deceased. vanished. taken flight.  down the drain. extinct. disintegrated into the vast emptiness of the world around us. spent. no more. nada.

it just, well in the words of a 3 year old. .. went bye-bye ….

yup. yours truly spent over 2 hours searching for these damn darn pics

that you shall see adorning today’s post

 (you better like ’em or at least pretend to! )

and i best finish organizing all these old files

(over 100,000 of them – you’d procrastinate too)

scattered across 3 friggin’ computers …

talk about poor time management and inefficiency

sheesh! bad chrysti!

so as you may have now guessed

there won’t be much writing accompanying this post

unless of course i start rambling

which lets face it … tends to happen alot



SO (she tries to state in an eloquent non-rambling, reader’s digest sorta way) today’s giveaway, is one you should be familar with already since it was the Day 1 giveaway too!. I HIGHLY recommend you go back to that post and check out the interview I did with Cate, and read the AMAZING discussions that took place in the comments. True inspiration and eye-openers there.  In the near future, I plan to elaborate on some of your remarks as well – it fascinates me!

I told ya, y’all inspire me daily. Love that.

 Moving on … if you took my advice, and re-read Day 1 … then you’ll know I was honored to be a part of a truly inspiring, and groundbreaking book  last year: Mixed-Media Self Portraits.  In it, I teach you how to create your own self-portrait assemblage, sculpture mask. (it’s alot easier than you think) A super cool background technique, the mask itself..and more. I talk (very personally) about what brought me to creating them. Why I create them, and why i want you to create them.

I’m interested in those of you that may have this book already – what did you think of my piece? Have you tried it? If not, why not? It’s truly not as complex as it seems in print. Claustrophobia isn’t an excuse either – I get panic attacks easily when confined, and actually did a-ok making these. On my own I may add and with no help. (said in my big girl voice) Though admittely, it’d be more fun with a friend. Pair up Ladies!

but here.. take a look at a few in-progress shots as I worked on them…


Chrysti - Plastered


Proof I indeed went outside like this!


Saran Wrap + Vaseline makes for a hot head of hair.

 I want to see YOU like this. Yes – YOU! I want to see artists everywhere slathered in plaster and exploring a medium they may not be used to. I want you to expand your creative horizons – and see what happens as a result. What have you got to lose?

My entire purpose with this project was to challenge not only  myself but to challenge you. It was to create a self-portrait that captured who I was on the inside (and the many moods i experience)– with a loose, rough, raw abstract form. I wanted to teach a mixed-media project that you don’t see very often. I wanted to get to know myself better, I craved a bit of that oh-so-awkward-uncomfortable-squirmy feeling to work with, as it’s usually where I make the most profound insights.

I also found a few detail shots of the masks featured in the book, someday I’ll get the rest of the shots up too… the quote at the top of the post is part of the mask ‘raw’ … and here’s a few other shots for your viewing pleasure …






I want to know your honest thoughts – constructive criticism included – let me have them, and you  just may win a copy of Mixed-Media Self Portraits yourself! One person will win a copy, with my project signed… and if my studio sale pieces on etsy sell out this week – I’ll order another copy for another lucky receipent or two – you never know just what I’ll do! Heck, I don’t even know what I’ll do half the time… 

To enter today simply…

  • On this post; in the comments answer one or more of these questions: What stops you from making your own Self-Portrait Mask?” or if you have created one tell me how the experience was for you  or what you thought of my piece, these glimpses – ie feedback folks!  Extra Credit if you tell me how hot i look smothered in plaster & vaseline. It’s the stuff fantasies are made of kids! (god i hope not) 
  • Do this by: Sunday, January 18th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 16 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners and the third batch of winners!
  • Review, or Buy Mixed-media Self-Portraits if you haven’t already too! (I know, shameless) Enter even if you have it — you can pass it on to someone else!
  • Sincerely, The plastered Chrysti

    And the third batch of winners are….

    no beating around the bush tonight folks ….

    … some absolutely amazing gifts at stake here

    is it you? ….

    … drumroll please

    yes, i finally caved in and went for the youtube drumroll….

    Here’s the scoop:Winners need to contact me by January 6th, 2009 (wow!) by emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify them. I’ll need your mailing addies by then or else the beloved prize in question gets shipped off to the runner-up. And, just in case the runner up has a bad case of not-claiming-giftitis, then I will merely redraw a name. Someone, somewhere will want it badly enough -)  If you don’t truly want that day’s prize let me know, or pick someone to pass it on to.

    Didn’t Win?Keep trying! Really, there are even more amazing prizes heading your way… and there may even be days where everyone – yes like every single person – who enters who will be a winner. How’s that do for something to look forward to? I thought you’d like it! I will be taking a hiatus while I am travellign though… more on that later, in another post…

    Ok, the hard part — and also the kind of fun part — the prize recipients! Doesn’t that sound nicer? We’re all winners, even if the prize eludes us. 

    “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” -Albert Einstein

    Oh! In case you were curious; receipents are not-so-scientifically-selected using one of those handy generator thingies found online. Noone has found a way to bribe me yet. Not saying it can’t be done, but ya know — it’s gotta be a realllllllllllllllllllly good offer. An in with the technology gods would be great… felt foods, art supplies I don’t have… the list goes on…

    Even though the drawings on these drawings are closed – I still think they are worth a read – especially the comments. Amazing discussion, laughs & communities have been forming. Join In! It’s a wondrous feeling! Start from Day 0 and work your way up!

     Page 14-15 (bottom)

    Day 10–  Click here  to read all about it !
    Prize: 1 Les Petit Dolls Membership – an amazing online Suzi Blu workshop!
    Purchase one by clicking here!
    Prize Recipient 1: Marula -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Joyful Artist-claimed

    Low Res Pic, Pro Quality prints. Other Choices for Winner too!

    Day 11–  Click Here to read all about it
    Prize: Winners Choice of Prints from my store! – when emailing me be sure to tell me your first choice, and second choice set please!  an 8 x 10 set, or 5 x7 set – up to you!
    Purchase one by clicking here.
    Prize Recipient 1: Jennifer W.
    Prize Recipient 2: Mary Lee -claimed
    Prize Recipient 3: Jennifer Rogers-Daniels -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Karina -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Lauri
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: Cat -claimed

    Visual Journalism 101 Workshop taught by Pam Carriker

    Visual Journalism 101 Workshop taught by Pam Carriker

    Day 12–  Click Here to read all about it
    Prize 1: 2 Lush 5 x 7 Prints – winners choice from Pam’s Store!
    Purchase one by clicking here
    Prize 2: Visual Journalism 101 Online Workshop taught by Pam Carriker
    Purchase one by clicking here
    Prize Recipient 1 (Prints): Donna Cook -claimed
    Prize Recipient 2 (Workshop): Letha Richardson -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Ginny
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Roc Nicholas

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    Photo by Splityarn used under a Creative Commons License

    Day 13–  Click Here to read all about it
    Prize: A OOAK Chrystified Fancy Fiber Bulb Ornament! – Winners tell me if you want it plain (like shown) or embellished in my way – not shown. Also let me know your 3 fav colors.
    Purchase one by emailing me if interested, and I’ll create one just for you. $7.95 + Shipping.
    Prize Recipient 1: Kellie -claimed
    Prize Recipient 2: Jennifer Law
    Prize Recipient 3: Paula Bogdan -claimed
    Prize Recipient 4: Robin Krieger  -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Susan G (linked to family fun) -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Dunielle
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: Janice-claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 4: Chris Weiss-claimed

    jontroast_aperson_150 jontroast_withtofrom_150 jontroast_second_150

    Day 14– Click Here to read all about it
    Prize: 3 people will each win 1 Jon Troast CD
    Purchase one by clicking here – you can ALL get a FREE CD too at his site!
    Prize Recipient 1 (a person & a heart CD): Kim Mailhot -claimed
    Prize Recipient 2 (with,to, from CD): Regina -claimed
    Prize Recipient 3 (second story CD): Vicki -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 1: Erin Glee -claimed
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 2 : Katie
    Prize Recipient Back-Up 3: Nicole Austin

    Day 15– Click Here to read all about it
    Prize: 1 Digital Collage Sheet of mine -claimed
    Purchase one by clicking here to see if I added them yet or emailing me prior to that.
    Prize Recipients:Everyone who left a comment on that post! The last batch will eb emailed out tonight — it’s now closed.

    And there ya have it… the third round of giftees! Recipients – Don’t forget to contact me  with your mailing address within by January 6th, 2009 – emailing me at khryctee[at], or leaving another comment here – with the correct email to notify you! Extra Credit if your email contains lots of OMG’s, squeals of rampant delight especially on the prizes that contained submissions of my own.
    Still time to enter Day 0 & future giveaways upon my return!
    Even though there’s no giveaway on this post  … I have enjoyed all our ‘talks’ in the comments, it’s actually been my favorite part of all this….  so if ya feel like chatting with me, why not play a lil game with me?
    It’s easy – I promise!
    Just finish this sentence

    Happiness lies in ….

    The giveaways are on hold until I return — I plan (hopefully) to post more about that tomorrow!

    Happy Holidays!


    Day 7/29 Days of Giving is…

    …ok, promise not to get angry with me

    but today’s giveaway, well..

    .. i totally am gonna cheat

    i have to ….

    …. well, i suppose i don’t actually have to

    but i’m gonna, because it’s actually responsible of me …

    {insert applause here}

    … man, whomever that proverbial ‘they’ is

    hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head ….

    … when it rains, it friggin pours

    unless you look at my blog ….

    …. which is magically snowing – a nifty feature

    at any rate i’m having daily issues with my oh-so-soon-to-be-fired-webhost ….

    ….. trying to transfer to a new one without interruption to the store

    finishing my new site along with internet connection issues ….

    …. and today my fancy schmancy printer decided to go berzerko, and i can’t do prints

    so basically, all my work stuff is hitting the proverbial fan ….

    …. wow …. i sure like the word proverbial eh?

    i’m not telling you this for sympathy or anything ….

    … it’s just part of life

    granted, an extremely irritating part of life …

    … but nonetheless an inevitable part of it

    omigosh!!! my cat Sophie is trying to climb into this small opening of a big box

    it’s hysterical! ….

    where was i? sorry.. she’s a trip

    yeah, anything technology related in my life seems to have this wounded inner child

    … so due to time constraints

    that those pesky technology gods bestowed upon me …

    … i am almost-ashamed to admit i am cheating today

    how you ask? …

    Well I’m kinda re-doing a giveaway I already did. See, 100 of you didn’t enter the fabulous Cloth, Paper, Scissors (omigosh this cat is so bad – shes a nut tonight!) Studios contest – so I only drew 1 winner. Shame on those who didn’t partake in the fun! Which leaves me with this beautiful extra copy and a blog post already written.


    So, go back and read that if you haven’t already. Then return here. I am changing a bit of the contest portion up.

    Here’s the nitty gritty on entering to receive this copy:

    • Answer this  “If you were a tree, what would be carved into your trunk?” and/or tell us your favorite studio organizing tip. If all else fails answer this: Peanut Butter or Jelly?
    • Feel free to do a lil more schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue, much less the world.
    • Do this by: Monday, December 15th
    • Spread the word. Enter Day 0 & Day 6
    • Check out the first batch of winners!

    Here’s to hoping the technology gods were far kinder to you today!


    Day 4/29 Days of Giving is…

    today i am weary…

    and my heart. it just aches …

    today i am reminded of just how precious life is…

    we really must cherish every moment, for there may not be another…

    once again i have learned that our life is a gift …

    a privilege

    and it’s up to us …

    each, and every one of us …

    to honor that. to honor – life

    to savor it’s simplest, but often most beautiful pleasures..

    to learn from it’s inevitable ugliness …

    to find strength in nature, and in ourselves ….

    to love with our entire beings ….

    to relish life! delight in it’s never-ending miracles

    and appreciate – truly appreciate all we take for granted …

    sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

    simple, is not necessarily easy

    A Patient Sort of Wisdom
    That mutt right there? She’s my heart. My often misunderstood, but ab-so-friggin-lutly-full-of-love dog Sadie. She became mine 15 long years ago, though… today, it feels as if it were just yesterday. She was timid, afraid, unsure of herself and her surroundings.. but magically, she trusted me. ME! She has saved me many times over since.. from myself, from others .. she has given me purpose, when I felt as if I had none… and today,I have to begin to try and make a choice, that is tearing me apart inside. I want to earn that trust she so blindly gave me. I want to save her. I want to fix her. But I can’t. I just.. can’t.

    It’s so hard to surrender our control, our faith when we’re rendered helpless.  It’s incredibly painful to be the only voice to a living creature ..whose heartbeat might as well be my own.It’s hard to face the harsh realities that lie in front of me, and it’s damn difficult to know, really know what’s right. This is a process, I have never walked along on my own.. but I somehow, have to trust that I will find my way. I just have to believe that i will.

    When I began this 29 days of giving, I made a promise to maintain them – regardless of any given day’s circumstances. I meant what I said a few days ago — there is always, always room for kindness within our lives – and perhaps we need to give most, when it’s the most difficult for us to do so. 

    It brings me extreme joy to know that this project is touching you all. Who would have ever known, that as I faced one of my most challenging decisions my inbox would be overflowing with so many magical, and heartfelt words. Who could have ever known — how close I’d feel to people whose voices i have not heard, whose facesI have not seen. Daily, I am reminded of all that binds us – and all that connects us. You inspire me, and make me want to be better. To be the best me – that I can give to the world.

    I could have never predicted how much I’d NEED this. To force myself — to walk away from the heaviest of hurts, and try like hell to find the postive.  I dunno… I am oddly grateful that knowing there were people counting on me to somehow provide them with a bit of pleasure, has given me purpose when I most feel like giving up. I am appreciative of this outlet, to provide respite to my overactive brain… Life really does work in mysterious ways. 

    So today… for the give away — I have decided to bestow three of you with one of these journals


    These are not just ordinary journals you see – these are books filled to the brim with possibilities and power!  They are awaiting your touch – a special touch. It is my firm  belief whomever wins these magical books of possibility will fill them with dreams and ideas. They shall hold memories and pieces of a life, it shall tell a story and with that – pain will be transformed into beauty. That transformation – that glorious transformation – is the art in the word ‘heart’.

    I am asking a tremendous favor of you all today — no matter how strong the urge, please don’t tell me you are sorry… that it will be ok… or try to comfort me… this is a grieving process, one I must come to – and can only come to …alone. It’s part of the circle of life – and a path I must walk on.

    I am asking instead that you gift me, with distraction – with a smile – with an inbox full of laughter! there will be time for condolonces later, but right now — today – I need help, learning the real meaning of the word selfless. To get there, I need you to show me the bright side of life, the lighter side… would you do that for me?

    So to win one of these magical books of possibility…

    • Leave a comment on this post – with a funny ( but clean) joke, or a horridly bad pun.  You could tell me something personal if you choose – a funny story, an embarrasing moment,  anything you think that will make me smile or laugh.  Let’s transform pain, into a wonderous sort of beauty.
    • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. The 3 Winners will be announced then!
    • Enter Day 0 here, Day 1 here, Day 2 here, Day 3 here in addition….
    • Forgive me – for not being as witty, or well spoken today.

    With Gratitude, Chrysti