Overheard at The Self Portrait Show

 Visual Art Exchange

Right there — yep, just beyond that pretty window — is a fabulous, non-juried exhibition at the VAE Gallery right here in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, NC … and yours truly actually got my piece down there… just in the nick of time to be a part of it.

You heard me correctly : On. Time. Yes, me.

Go on, I’ll hold while you dish out the applause — cause we all know, that making a deadline truly is a miracle right now for me; given how many directions I’m being pulled at any given moment. Oy.

Here’s the nitty gritty on this fabulous, diversified exhibit: (copied from here)

People You Know August 1-28, 2008

Self portraiture is a time-honored tradition. Painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Kahlo documented their artistic and biological maturation through countless portraits and interpretations of their physical selves. People You Know is a non-juried exhibit of self portraits, featuring artwork that creatively explores the artists’ likenesses.

When I initially saw the call for artists on this show, I was ecstatic since I actually had just received back one of the pieces that are featured in the upcoming Mixed Media Self Portraits Book. (If you missed my post on it, take a gander over here..)

Which is also why I can only show you a tiny portion of it until the book is released. The nerve of publishers making you sign those pesky consent forms

 'Tis Me

One of the things I most enjoyed at tonight’s reception was remaining anonymous. Standing around listening to people comment on my piece… I abso-friggin-lutly LOVE the honesty that I hear this way, when people aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings. I have pretty thick skin, and when I create any piece — I know there are three reactions I will inevitably receive upon sharing it:

” I LOVE it! “ or the inevitable, and less desirable “I Hate it!” and let’s not forget the … “I could really care less; I just don’t get it” remark.

All of which are a-ok with me. It’s just part of exposing yourself, it’s unavoidable (you know what they say about opinions..) besides, I rarely create anything seeking someone else’s approval. Creativity is one of those sacred kinda things I do for me. Mostly, anyway – sometimes, bills really do just need paid.

There I go, getting sidetracked again — My point being, I know I did something right If my piece evokes any kind of emotion from the viewer. If it makes people feel. Whether it’s happiness, sorrow, that squirmy-kind-of-uncomfortableness we all experience at some point, humor … or anything in between — if what my lil’ hands created gets a reaction, any reaction – if I somehow made that connection with another soul, made someone think – I feel I was successful. That’s all there is to it. Simple, eh?

My piece is placed in the middle of the gallery, on it’s own panel. Kinda cool, almost seems prominent (or it just didn’t fit in with the others on the wall...) … but I’ll just delude myself into thinking that’s something of importance. Why Not?

Anyway… you might be wondering what I heard tonight as I stood there looming, and invading people’s conversations with my eavesdropping… here’s a small sampling of the remarks overheard.

<deep sigh> “mad brilliance” <typical gallery head nod in understanding followed>
“I just don’t get it”
“The artist is definitely tortured inside, conveyed so well.”
“I want to learn to do this!”
“The depth, and layers to this… wow.”
“Umm. Ok. Weird.”
“Now that is truly original. Unique.”

You get the idea — people loved it, were freaked by it, fascinated by it. By far though– the best reaction I witnessed was from a child, who I would venture to guess was around 9 years old…

” DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYY … what IS that? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… creepy, I’m scared!”

I couldn’t help it, I was chuckling..and chuckling to myself.

I think the coolest part of it all was watching how nearly everyone – really – it amazed me… stopped in their tracks to turn and study it. It definitely got some attention, and drew stares… which is ever so satisfying.

The self portrait piece I titled ‘Raw’; well, It made folks curious. It made folks feel.

Misson Accomplished.


P.S. Go check it out if you’re in Raleigh, and let me know what you think! I promise, to share more photos once the book is released and it’s all legal-like for me to do so:-)

Are YOU one of the 10 Winners?


If you think, for one moment… that stating May 2nd the winners of the Caption Me! Contest would be announced was a lie .. well.. err… you would be SO wrong. It was a typo, yes a typo. That’s it!( Is anyone else now singing that commercial… it must have been a typo, a typo, a typo… ). Seriously though… I had every intention of announcing the winners then, but the time to format all the entries just wasn’t available to me.

Which is precisely why I decided to award more entries a prize!  

There are now 10 winners vs. 3!

Instead of choosing my favorite submissions (really, how is a girl supposed to choose) I used the list randomizer to select the winners – they are shown below in red! The 10 submissions chosen will be receiving a fine art photography print of mine, matted & ready to fit in an 11×14 frame! (Value of $30-$40.00). If your caption appears in red, please email me – khryctee [at] gmail.com – within the next week to receive your prize. I will notify winners if I get a chance — but it’s up to you to contact me so your prize isn’t forfeited! I’ll reply to your email with all applicable info. CONGRATULATIONS!

 The Submissions:

  1. “should l glue, paint, weave or knit?” Judy Scott
  2. “Got floss”?  – Lia
  3. “Hmm, what can I make with this?” Cheryl
  4. “Hmmm….smells like…fresh roasted peanuts!” – Lindsay
  5. “Where’s the Atkin’s Diet when you need it…!”– Lindsay
  6. “I’m sure this string bikini will fit…I’m just big boned!”Linda
  7. yarn over, knit 2, pearl 2, increase…..or was it decrease?” – Doreen aka LuniLady
  8. “Oh oui, I love zee smell of new straw! Should I sleep on it or make a new chapeau?” -Bunny
  9. “First Come, First Served!!” – Vicki
  10. “No, Mr Sparrow this is NOT your future home, it’s my future craft project!! Now, step away from the straw and no one gets hurt!!!” Vicki
  11. “That’s it! That’s the last straw!” blendedcolors
  12. “Knit one, purl two!” Mrs. Kwitty
  13. “OOOOO! Raffia! Just what I need to finish that ATC.” – Mary W.
  14. “How long is this straw? Will it make a nice necklace with the acorns I hid?” – Mary W.
  15. “If this is long enough I might be able to craft a belt.” – Mary W.
  16. “Hmmm. Should I weave this for the handle of the shoulder bag or not?” – Mary W.
  17. “Shall we discuss this over a nice Chateau?” Brandie
  18. “Fiber, that’s the key to weight loss.” – Glenda J.
  19. I love Feng Shui, but should should I put this in the “fame” quadrant, or maybe, “relationships?”-Christie
  20. “Hmmm… smells like chicken, tastes like chicken… must be chicken!” Stuart Vail
  21. “Due to the suffering economy, the witness protection program is having to tighten up their belts as well…”  – bengalsfan1973
  22. “This waxed floss just isn’t making it for me.” TheNhBushman
  23. “I WILL stick with the diet. I will … I will!”Robyn
  24. “Prarie Floss”  – AdamT4
  25. “It isn’t quite a milk mustache, but it will do…”  – Kraften
  26. “Knit one, pearl who?” –BonnieBlueDenim
  27. “Dude, This is some PRIMO hemp, Holmes!”spurmarks
  28. A glimpse of the rare sub-species of prarie dog– the prarieblood hound:
    “hmmmm…(sniff, sniff) I’d say that they passed by here about….*sniff*…about 3 hours ago.” – Larry the Amateur
  29. “Ernesto, connoseur of fine grasses and hay, is pictured here carefully reviewing this year’s production before shipping worldwide.”Larry the Amateur
  30. “You MUST pay the rent!”english dixie
  31. ((sniff, sniff)) “Nice bouquet, strong wood undertones with a hint of fruitiness.”  –TheCrayonBin
  32. “Enquiring prairie dogs want to know: how did I get fat on THIS?” – 4tuneseeker
  33. “Come now, this won’t hurt a bit.”4tuneseeker
  34. “My name is Pierre and I have a big moos-tash!” – Emma
  35. “It’s so hard to accessorize these days.”Sally Turlington
  36. “Now I’m sure there was a needle here somewhere…….” – LizBeth King
  37. “You know, with a little alfredo sauce, this wouldn’t be so bad…”AntTree
  38. “God, I wish this was chocolate.” Bianca
  39. “Ah yes. Vintage 2006……. South side of the paddock, I think. A cheeky little stalk that will only improve with a little aging.” – IanSand
  40. “knit one pearl two…damn where are my glasses” – phicon99
  41. “Yummy for my tummy, I love staying in for dinner”rosegardener55
  42. ” Got Straw?”Gina Smith
  43. “What Jabba the Hut did after retiring from Star Wars.” Gina Smith
  44. “Unadorned” – Flory Brick
  45. “Does this outfit make me look fat?” Kris Hubick
  46. “Ah yes, Just one more step and my plan will be complete.” Kris Hubick
  47. “Smells like chicken.” Kris Hubick
  48. “My new mustache will drive her crazy!” Kris Hubick
  49. “DIY Halloween Costume” Kris Hubick
  50. A digital submission, see Picture below: petit babycakes 

 Caption Me Contest Submission

Can I just say: I reallllllllllllyenjoyed doing this contest. All of your incredible submissions made me smile and truly brightened my days. I will definitely host more of these! A big thank you to all of you who submitted entries! I will be offering my prints the winners are receiving for sale soon … in the meantime, there’s a handful at etsy (sans mats though).

Off to work on another blog post — Yup. You heard me right. Another one!


Caption Me Contest! – Win an 11×14 matted Print!

 I took this cute photo last week on my trip to Washington D.C. at the National Zoo … I love all the humorous possibilities it holds, and decided to see what you thought too!

So here’s the deal & pesky rules:

1.) Caption It! Come up with a funny or cute short caption, or mini-story (paragraph or less) to  accompany this prairie dog who I think, appears to be going incognito with his handmade mustache.

2.) Place your caption on my flickr photo (preferred) or if you don’t have a flickr account, here on my blog. Putting it anywhere else gets you DQ’d. Ick. Who wants that?

3.) Do it by/through May 1st, 2008. As many captions as you want. Who am I to limit creativity?

4.) Spread the word! Let your friends, family, blog readers know and have a chance to enter too!

I’ll pick my favorite 3 and announce them on May 2nd, 2008! Additionally, all entries will be archived on my website, linking to the contestant’s flickr site or blog. What Fun! Who knows, maybe I’ll offer out more prizes too.. stay tuned.

Winners will receive/choose a fine art print of mine, matted & ready to fit in an 11×14 frame! Woot! I’ll try to make a set on flickr of the prints available, and post them here so you can see the choices.

So whatcha waitin’ for? Get Captioning!