34+ Things To Love


Awhile back, I wrote & posted a love list and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to do another variation of it today. I had wanted to do 101 things to love, but since it is getting late i decided to cut it for short… for now anyway.

1. butterscotch pudding, the kind you make from scratch – not some silly box. 2. thin, wispy & airy white dresses on a hot summer day. 3. that one-of-a-kind feeling you can only get when you conquer a difficult project that may have once intimidated you. 4. hardcover books without dust-jackets, lined up on shelves that could seemingly go on for miles and miles and … miles… properly sorted by color of course. 5. dry, sarcastic, almost-intelligent kind of humor you have to be carefully listening to ‘get’. 6. quiet, reflective moments all to yourself. 7. handmade lip balm. 8. sunshine. 9. watching the sunrise over the ocean 10. beautiful, old butcher block counters that contain enough stories to fill a book 11. light, fluffy icing that makes you mouth water 12. old farmhouses 13. ingenuity 14. the rush i get when browsing a favorite camera store. 15. the nostalgic feeling only polaroids can give. 16. kindness.

:: sweet love ::

17. shabby white painted wood and the occasional accent of vintage glass glitter. 18. big, sloppy, tackle-me-kinda-kisses i have to fend off from my neurotic, but sweet golden retriever. 19. a tall, ice-cold glass of water appearing just when you need it most. 20. the smell of my favorite scented candle wafting through my home. 21. a freshly cleaned house with fresh cut flowers and loads of glorious sunshine peering in. 22. a piping hot cup of earl grey tea just the way gramma used to make it with plenty of sugar and milk. 23. exploration 24. throw pillows, soft cuddly blankets, down bedding and high-thread count sheets; at a discount of course.  25. that special-sort-of-wide-eyed wonder that children, puppies and kittens have mastered. 26. word games 27. pens, markers, crayons… hell …any kind of writing instrument makes my day. 28. discovering off-the-beaten path places, movies and music. 29. a sparkling, clean kitchen sink awaiting me in the morning. 30. a good analogy that just makes something abundantly clear. 31. a long, hot shower pounding on aching muscles. 32. freedom. 33. traditions that date back long before i was born and the flood of memories that i become engulfed in when thinking of them.

34. the people in my life who love me unconditionally, make me smile, warm my heart and inspire me daily – just by being who they are.

Warning: Creating your own love list may result in stupidly-sweet-ear-to-ear-grins adorning your face throughout the day. Heart flutters, butterflies in the tummy, and giggling fits may also ensue.

I’d love to know the things that you love too, please share!

Happy Valentine’s Day,


List Love: Things I Heart

:: heart  -barely hanging on ::

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart…pursue those.” – Michael Nolan

  • Loving that one of my favorite authors (Richard Paul Evans) is giving away his best-selling book: The Christmas Box.
  • Speaking of giveaways: Jeff Hutton is giving away his polaroids. Totally cool idea. I signed up. Will you?
  • I ♥ ingenuity, especially when it is as clever as it is attractive. Sheep sculptures, created from rotary telephones.
  • In love with Jaylen Arnold. An inspiring boy with the same disorder I have: Tourettes Syndrome. He has set out to end bullying; I think he just may be able to do it. I ♥ possibility.
  • On the causes I believe in topic, is always Bernie Berlin and  & A Place to Bark. She’s secretly an angel I think. So many lives saved.
  • I’ve been bit by wanderlust. Loving the galleries I have been creating of places I want to see. Jekyll Island, Jackson Hole, Driftwood Beach, Mackinack Island, & Cinque Terre, Italy are amoung them.
  • A big ol’ ♥ for my renewed interest in couponing. Seriously have saved a few hundred bucks this month & gotten more free than I have paid for. Much needed blessing.
  • Love women empowering women. Especially where weight is concerned.
  • Head-over-6-inch-stiletto-heels in love with a new-to-moi artist, Andrea Joseph. Divine illustrations. Talent, talent, talent.
  • Clever, oh so clever. Astonishing face figures made out of clothes.
  • I  ♥ the connections the internet can bring. Flickr brought someone who knew, and remembers my Pap & his bar. Touched me deeply, a nice reminder that he lives on and touched many lives.
  • Sooo love lists. Love the Listology books. Go. Buy. Now.
  • Movies? Phoebe In Wonderland was a close mirror of my childhood.
  • Loving that folks are appreciating my mega sale. So very, very grateful too.
  • Always ♥ quotes. Here & here & here are good places to find some. This is a fabulous book full of inspiring ones.
  • Photo editing: CoffeeShop has pro quality freebies. Gotta double ♥ that.
  • Latest coffee drink vice: Coolbrew. d-e-l-i-c-o-u-s.

Just thought I’d quickly share a few of the many things I ♥ recently. Read my love list  if you haven’t already. I ♥ that too.

What are you hearting these days?


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