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(Under) 2 Minute Background Technique

I’ve been experimenting with my iPhone recently, and discovered the free Ustream app which allows to me record videos and live shows with my phone. How cool is that? I’d really like to re-do this one, I was distracted (and stuffy) and it shows.

Super easy. Fabulously fast. Great for journals, or a layer on a mixed-media piece.  I think you’ll enjoy this faux batik, resist type background technique of mine; anyone can do it. Really.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 minutes of free time
  • Your art journal, or watercolor paper
  • A baby wipe
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Rubber stamp (or other object that leaves impressions)
  • Paint Brush/Water (optional)
  • Brayer (optional)

Products I used:

Easy peasy eh?

Artfully Yours,

Unleash your inner vandal: 46 Impressive Graffiti Pics

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Oh Yeah! Baby Got Back(grounds)!

I’m bringin’ backgrounds back
Vibrant colors, layers, and paste with cracks
They rich with texture ….oh thats a fact
So sign up now and and I’ll teach you tricks that don’t lack..

That’s right! A month or so ago I finished working out all the wonderful details for my class at the convenZioNE! I really wanted it to be an ultra-special, super fun workshop that we all enjoy… and I wanted you all to go home with a wealth of knowledge, an excitement to play & create freely, and techniques you can use on almost any surface, with practically any project!

Since ZNEis near & dear to my heart – It was important I do something above and beyond for this magnificent event! So I took a few of the classes I already teach, and a few secrets I haven’t unveiled before and combined it into one workshop! In fact Iet me just quote a portion of what I wrote on the site I created especially for the class

I put together this incredible day long workshop – because y’all asked for it. Some of my favorite techniques, for creating backgrounds that have depth, texture and that totally scrumptious richness we all crave. I really wanted to focus on a process oriented class, that would give life-long, valuable skills; so that my students can apply them to paper arts, mixed media paintings, art journals, altered surfaces and so much more! I’m offering up some of my (until now) top-secret working practices too -including how to create gorgeous pieces simultaneously, how to really save money & stretch every last ounce of your supplies.

While these are all techniques I ordinarily teach individually, typically with a completed project — this is the only time you’ll see them offered in a class just like this. Only 20 spots are available — so act fast! I’m really proud of what I put together for this amazing extravaganza — and I hope you will be too.

I am BRIMMING with excitement over this class, and the entire event too!! I CANNOT wait to get the opportunity to meet so many of you, and create memories that will last us a lifetime. True to form — I am making sure that everyone who attends my class goes home ab-so-friggin-lutly spoiled rotten! My class registrants will receive incredible goody bags, The Create With Chrysti technique booklet in which full color photographs accompany techniques & easy to follow instructions; plus tips, tricks & more, use of the amazing all-you-can-use-art-buffet, discounts for my store — and a few more surprises I have up my sleeve!! I love to give — and this is the perfect platform to do so in!  

I put together a site that covers practically any questions you may have about the workshop! There’s a bunch of information, more sample photos and info on how to register! So go and check it out, and even if you aren’t attending my class — I’d love to hear what you think!

The feels-like-i-am-forgetting-something (dontcha hate that feeling?)… Chrysti

Try It Tuesdays: My Week 1 Entries

Ok, so what if I started Try it Tuesdays? I can still play can’t I?

Though I won’t be eligible for the prizes (hmmph!) .. I still look forward to all the new techniques that I can experiment with and incorporate into my art.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 1 Mosaic

This week’s technique is an Easy, Acrylic Background Technique by The Fabulous Altered Diva, Karyn Gartel .. Here’s what I came up with when I embarked on this fun journey!

 I’m rushing here today.. so don’t have time to elaborate, or clarify as much I’d like to… I’ll edit this post if/when I get a chance, so feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

 Try It Tuesdays Week 1 - 1

# 1. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Barn Red, Ivy Green
8″ x 10″ Canvas Panel
I wasn’t happy with this one until the stamping.. I didn’t like how my brushed edges had turned out so defined.. I was using good brushes, cause I couldn’t find a crappy one… I didn’t mist it, I held the spray close to the canvas, and sprayed it…then gently soaked up some of the excess water, let it sit for 5 minutes.. then I wiped away some of the heavier areas. I used all 3 washes over the gesso stamping, then blotted off lightly. It ended up with a batik feel to it. In the end, I wish I had added less water to the darkest color of paint.

Try It Tuesdays Week 1 - 2

# 2. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Ivy Green, Barn Red
4″ x 4″ Canvas panel
On this one, I blotted up the excess paint vs. wiping it .. I preferred this method.. the paper towels I used, leave a neat, subtle texture. I left some of the brush stokes, and added more paint in that step as well. I used 2 of the color washes over the gesso stamping. It kinda has that old world door feel to me. Not nuts on my edging again…will correct this when i complete it as a finished piece.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 1 - 3

# 3. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Lime Green, Ivy Green
8″ x 8″ Canvas Panel
On this one, I love the colors  together.. I prefer the more monochromatic look I think .. it seems to have a bit more depth to it. I blotted up with a textured paper towel on the 3rd step .. when I sprayed it, I used a heavy mist.. and it basically just puddled up .. so blotting some of the excess water, helped achieve the water stained “magic” look. A lighter mist, may have been more successful.. The yellow wash was used over the gesso stamping, then lightly wiped away in spots.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 1 - 4

# 4. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Williamsburg Blue, Ivy Green
8″ x 8″ Canvas Panel
Again, I don’t like how I did the edges.. I may try this technique again tomorrow, and do this step differently. But, i think the stamping helped to blend that part. I applied the water spray part twice to this piece.. soaked up some vs. wiping away .. and then used the heat gun.. i really like how the heat gun moves the wash around.. that’s something I’ll definitely start using frequently in my work. Over the gesso.. I just lightly, and randomly applied the yellow wash.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 1 - 5

# 5. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Williamsburg Blue, Ivy Green, Barn Red
140lb. Watercolor Paper Journal Page
I really wanted to just use up my washes, and experiment on more on this one.. I didn’t gesso the page at all.. and the paint did soak in too much, and too quickly to really apply the technique the proper way.. I do like the addition of another color.. and can see myself using the base technique with more colors on a regular basis. At the end.. I smooshed the different color washes throughout the page, and it gave it a softer feel.

All in all.. I LOVED this background technique (Thanks Karyn!) .. I learned a few lessons (water amounts, how to wipe up the paint effectively, softer edges) .. and have a zillion ideas of ways to utilize this and personalize it.. I’m going to try it over old text, and other collage methods as well. I’ll update y’all once I finish these into a piece of altered art!

To see the work others have done based on this technique, visit the Try it Tuesdays Flickr Group!

Happy Creating! – Chrysti