Day 17/29 Days of Giving is…

so um .

*looks around nervously*

yeah, the time i allotted to write this post?

it’s gone. burned up. deceased. vanished. taken flight.  down the drain. extinct. disintegrated into the vast emptiness of the world around us. spent. no more. nada.

it just, well in the words of a 3 year old. .. went bye-bye ….

yup. yours truly spent over 2 hours searching for these damn darn pics

that you shall see adorning today’s post

 (you better like ’em or at least pretend to! )

and i best finish organizing all these old files

(over 100,000 of them – you’d procrastinate too)

scattered across 3 friggin’ computers …

talk about poor time management and inefficiency

sheesh! bad chrysti!

so as you may have now guessed

there won’t be much writing accompanying this post

unless of course i start rambling

which lets face it … tends to happen alot



SO (she tries to state in an eloquent non-rambling, reader’s digest sorta way) today’s giveaway, is one you should be familar with already since it was the Day 1 giveaway too!. I HIGHLY recommend you go back to that post and check out the interview I did with Cate, and read the AMAZING discussions that took place in the comments. True inspiration and eye-openers there.  In the near future, I plan to elaborate on some of your remarks as well – it fascinates me!

I told ya, y’all inspire me daily. Love that.

 Moving on … if you took my advice, and re-read Day 1 … then you’ll know I was honored to be a part of a truly inspiring, and groundbreaking book  last year: Mixed-Media Self Portraits.  In it, I teach you how to create your own self-portrait assemblage, sculpture mask. (it’s alot easier than you think) A super cool background technique, the mask itself..and more. I talk (very personally) about what brought me to creating them. Why I create them, and why i want you to create them.

I’m interested in those of you that may have this book already – what did you think of my piece? Have you tried it? If not, why not? It’s truly not as complex as it seems in print. Claustrophobia isn’t an excuse either – I get panic attacks easily when confined, and actually did a-ok making these. On my own I may add and with no help. (said in my big girl voice) Though admittely, it’d be more fun with a friend. Pair up Ladies!

but here.. take a look at a few in-progress shots as I worked on them…


Chrysti - Plastered


Proof I indeed went outside like this!


Saran Wrap + Vaseline makes for a hot head of hair.

 I want to see YOU like this. Yes – YOU! I want to see artists everywhere slathered in plaster and exploring a medium they may not be used to. I want you to expand your creative horizons – and see what happens as a result. What have you got to lose?

My entire purpose with this project was to challenge not only  myself but to challenge you. It was to create a self-portrait that captured who I was on the inside (and the many moods i experience)– with a loose, rough, raw abstract form. I wanted to teach a mixed-media project that you don’t see very often. I wanted to get to know myself better, I craved a bit of that oh-so-awkward-uncomfortable-squirmy feeling to work with, as it’s usually where I make the most profound insights.

I also found a few detail shots of the masks featured in the book, someday I’ll get the rest of the shots up too… the quote at the top of the post is part of the mask ‘raw’ … and here’s a few other shots for your viewing pleasure …






I want to know your honest thoughts – constructive criticism included – let me have them, and you  just may win a copy of Mixed-Media Self Portraits yourself! One person will win a copy, with my project signed… and if my studio sale pieces on etsy sell out this week – I’ll order another copy for another lucky receipent or two – you never know just what I’ll do! Heck, I don’t even know what I’ll do half the time… 

To enter today simply…

  • On this post; in the comments answer one or more of these questions: What stops you from making your own Self-Portrait Mask?” or if you have created one tell me how the experience was for you  or what you thought of my piece, these glimpses – ie feedback folks!  Extra Credit if you tell me how hot i look smothered in plaster & vaseline. It’s the stuff fantasies are made of kids! (god i hope not) 
  • Do this by: Sunday, January 18th, 2009
  • PLEASE keep Spreading  the word! Blog it, Tell your friends — the works! I’m amazed daily at the impact this project is having on people. I want it to be contagious, plus it fuels me to make it bigger & better! 
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 16 still!
  • Check out the first batch of winners, the second batch of winners and the third batch of winners!
  • Review, or Buy Mixed-media Self-Portraits if you haven’t already too! (I know, shameless) Enter even if you have it — you can pass it on to someone else!
  • Sincerely, The plastered Chrysti

    Day 7/29 Days of Giving is…

    …ok, promise not to get angry with me

    but today’s giveaway, well..

    .. i totally am gonna cheat

    i have to ….

    …. well, i suppose i don’t actually have to

    but i’m gonna, because it’s actually responsible of me …

    {insert applause here}

    … man, whomever that proverbial ‘they’ is

    hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head ….

    … when it rains, it friggin pours

    unless you look at my blog ….

    …. which is magically snowing – a nifty feature

    at any rate i’m having daily issues with my oh-so-soon-to-be-fired-webhost ….

    ….. trying to transfer to a new one without interruption to the store

    finishing my new site along with internet connection issues ….

    …. and today my fancy schmancy printer decided to go berzerko, and i can’t do prints

    so basically, all my work stuff is hitting the proverbial fan ….

    …. wow …. i sure like the word proverbial eh?

    i’m not telling you this for sympathy or anything ….

    … it’s just part of life

    granted, an extremely irritating part of life …

    … but nonetheless an inevitable part of it

    omigosh!!! my cat Sophie is trying to climb into this small opening of a big box

    it’s hysterical! ….

    where was i? sorry.. she’s a trip

    yeah, anything technology related in my life seems to have this wounded inner child

    … so due to time constraints

    that those pesky technology gods bestowed upon me …

    … i am almost-ashamed to admit i am cheating today

    how you ask? …

    Well I’m kinda re-doing a giveaway I already did. See, 100 of you didn’t enter the fabulous Cloth, Paper, Scissors (omigosh this cat is so bad – shes a nut tonight!) Studios contest – so I only drew 1 winner. Shame on those who didn’t partake in the fun! Which leaves me with this beautiful extra copy and a blog post already written.


    So, go back and read that if you haven’t already. Then return here. I am changing a bit of the contest portion up.

    Here’s the nitty gritty on entering to receive this copy:

    • Answer this  “If you were a tree, what would be carved into your trunk?” and/or tell us your favorite studio organizing tip. If all else fails answer this: Peanut Butter or Jelly?
    • Feel free to do a lil more schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue, much less the world.
    • Do this by: Monday, December 15th
    • Spread the word. Enter Day 0 & Day 6
    • Check out the first batch of winners!

    Here’s to hoping the technology gods were far kinder to you today!


    FREE trip to New Orleans!

    That’s right — how would you like to take a free trip to New Orleans? 

     Even better yet — what if I told you there shall be no fretting over tedious packing, carrying heavy luggage, airline surcharges, or even gas cost? No budget needed for dining out or worries of what to do with pets & children.

    You must be wondering why or how by now – well DIY City Mag recently launched their new New Orleans issue! Go grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever your favorite vice is & take a gander over there to peruse the lovely pages. It really is like taking a virtual vacation. Don’t worry, it’s free to read online – and I am positive you will find oodles of inspiration and artistic discoveries within it. 

     Published in DIYCity Mag!

    They were even nice enough to feature my inspiration board (an older version then what I have up now) and one of my self-portraits in it. I’m so glad they asked me to be a part of this, as I may not have heard of them otherwise – now you won’t have that excuse! Lastly, PLEASE take a look at my inspiration board on Flickr to see the talented artists who created the art which adorns it: they deserve the recognition too.

    So whatcha waitin’ for? Go visit New Orleans!

    Chrysti – who is patiently hoping for a Raleigh Edition! (That’s a big ol’ hint Deb & Wendy!)

    P.S. 4 days in a row … yup, count ’em – 4 – now I have posted. Where’s my prize?

    P.P.S. Today was a rather rough one for moi. I did however notice how pretty the rust on my antique hardware is in my bathroom; and I did rediscover the simple joys of my pets – how my Sophie’s neck twists just so, or how big Callie’s eyes get in excitement when she is pet, how Morgan just lives to make me happy, and the tender kisses my older dog Sadie gives. I found myself grateful for the simple joy a fine tipped pen brings me as well.. taking the time to focus on the simple pleasures, truly helped ease my otherwise foul mood a bit. Did you try find the extra-ordinary in the ordinary today? Be sure to look around, and enter my contest!

    Cover Girl, Contest & Cherished Surroundings


    I think this is one of things I really, truly thought I had announced here… yet, somehow, I just hadn’t. (Dontcha just hate when that happens?)…

    Despite my delay, I am extremely proud to announce that I was fortunate enough to have my photo chosen to be on the cover of the Summer 2008 Issue of Life Images magazine, and as if that’s not enough, I have yet another photograph inside the magazine !!!! If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to take a look!

    I dunno. It makes me feel all fancy & stuff. Gotta frame that baby now.


    I couldn’t resist taking the cliche shot of my cover on the newstands at Barnes & Noble. Doesn’t it just pop amidst the sea of magazines? That secretly thrilled me. Wish I hadn’t used my cellphone’s not-so-good cam though. Can you believe there was no red carpet laid out for me? Noone even know who I was. Sigh. The NERVE of some people! (kidding folks, really!)

    I love how Life Images takes these tiny, little snippets of life — usually things we take for granted,or somehow deem insignificant… and makes them… well … a bit more noticeable.. you know, where the ordinary suddenly transforms into extraordinary. I kinda think that’s what life is all about.

    With that thought — I’m holding another contest.

    The winner will receive an 11″ x 14″ matted print of that pretty photo & a big ol’ pack of goodies to use in your art.

    Your Mission? Should you choose to accept it…

    To take a few minutes in the upcoming week and really, truly, try to breathe in the world around you. Try to choose surroundings you find yourself in frequently — see if you can’t spot something new to appreciate. Turn just a part of your otherwise ordinary day – and make it extraordinary! Bonus points if you take photos to capture the moment, create a journal entry around it, or write up a love list. I am challenging you to notice the things you usually pass by; the things you typically take for granted. We have so many gifts in this life — we could all stand to appreciate them a bit more. Don’t worry, I plan to do this myself – daily – this week too.

    So, to qualify for the contest:

    Blog about your experience trying this, and yes shamelessly link to me, promoting this contest too. If you don’t have a blog, now is a good time to start one!

    – Come back to this post, and link to your post in the comments. I’ll be posting links & summaries of all your entries when I announce the winner; and announcing the story behind this photo then too.

    – Do this no later then Monday, August 11th 2008.

    Have fun with it!

    I’m always amazed at the inspiration y’all provide me – thank you – each of you – for continuing to allow me that honor.

    ( yes, I have blogged 3 days in a row now… I think my groove just may be comin’ back on…)

    1000 Artist Journal Pages; My Surprised Delight

    1000 Artist Journal Pages with my Pages

    I have to admit, I wasn’t all that excited at first about the release of 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Somewhere in my mind, I had decided it’s kinda silly to write a book, showcasing these pages, when people could just simply look online -at no cost, for inspiration.

    I’m now, totally eating those words — err thought.

    (Can you even eat a thought? Much less words?  Hmmm….)
    Sidenote for those who know me well: SEE- I really CAN admit when I’m wrong.

    Doodle Journal Bokeh

    All silliness aside, it was yet another lesson for me in passing judgement on something before fully experiencing it. Had I not been in the book, I probably wouldn’t have bought it — and I truly would have been missing out. I say this not to upset anyone, but beacuse I’m sure others have thought it too.

    I now know that there really is something to be said for having those amazing journal entries all wrapped up in the handy form of a book. Unlike my computer, I can curl up in my favorite chair and get lost in the diversity and wide range of artistic skills & styles found between the pretty covers.

    I was exposed to artists I may have never otherwise never heard of; styles I may never have otherwise seen; and ideas i may not have had have been rushing through my mind as a result. The first day I picked it up – I was inside my studio within an hour for the first time in weeks. It has become my go-to resource for a quick flash of creative caffeine. My love and admiration of this book, really shocked me; as did the effect it has had on me.

    I actually, surpringisly, kinda like that there’s not alot of text. Really, that is part of it’s charm – the accessibility of it, and how even if I only have seconds to spare, I can get something out of it. That – my friends – is priceless.

    Totally swiped this image from Dawn's Blog, since it shows 2 of my pages.

    Totally swiped this image from Dawn's Blog, since it shows 2 of my pages.

    So Thank You Dawn, for asking me to be a part of this fabulous collaboration ( you’ll find 6 of my pages in the book on pages 97 and 98 ) and reminding me the value of showcasing art in this form! Dawn also posted an interview with me on her blog last friday, and will be featuring other artists as well. Be sure to take a look!

    The best part is I get to meet her! I can’t wait  -especially since it’ll be at the convenZioNE this month — There will be a showing of some of the pages seen in the book, and Dawn will be signing copies — I am determined to be first in line! (dare to push your way past me) If the book had such a positive affect on me — can you imagine what breathing in the orginals will do? I can almost hear the oohhs and ahhs now…..

    I get goosebumps when I think of it! I hope to see some of you there!

    Speaking of which — I have a few hundred pounds of supplies, and vendor day stuff to ship out there. I best get crackin’. One day soon, I want to do an in depth post on my journaling process, and finally confess to exactly just how many journals I have.

    They say admitting you have a problem, is the first step to recovery….

    The Addicted One,

    P.S. I have some, but not all of my journal pages online at Flickr. Check It Out. That reminds me, I have a ton of pages to add there soon. Ikes – so many to-dos, so little to-do-time.

    Self-Portrait Book – My Scary, yet thrilling ride!

    I dunno, recently it seems as if so many of the new mixed-media books that are emerging, are well, all too common… techniques/ideas that have been done in umpteen other books or publications.. and just, well they aren’t really fresh – (and I am a big advocate of that fresh feeling.) I stopped buying many of the new books as they left me with that… been there, done that feel. I suppose I am always seeking that special something that will challenge me, make me think… and help me discover a new direction, or hone a skill. Am I the only one that feels this way?

    So when I first heard about ‘Mixed-Media Self-Portraits: Inspiration & Techniques‘ I was instantly intrigued, and my inner muse danced with delight at merely the thought! Here is something that has yet to be done — and man, was I ever mad I didn’t think of it first!

    Mixed-Media Self-Portraits Inspiration & Techniques
    By Cate Coulacos Prato

    Get all the inspiration and techniques you need to partake in the hottest trend in mixed media and collage: creating artistic self-portraits. Self-portraits are not only a way for mixed media artists to learn about themselves and their art but also about each other.

    Mixed-Media Self-Portraits features a wide range of artists and contributors who explore creative self-portraits through exercises, essays, and gallery art, offering readers inspiration plus mixed-media, collage, and fiber-arts techniques. Essays throughout the book by a variety of mixed-media artists provide an artistic guide to personal self-discovery. Working in mixed media freed many of the artists featured to express themselves in unusual, un-representational ways, allowing these artists to reveal even more about themselves in the process. The book guides readers through different approaches to creating self-portraits, from jumpstarting the creative process to step-by-step techniques to get ideas flowing on paper and fabric in a variety of media and forms from art quilts to assemblage to paper collage, and more. Filled to the brim with a wealth of inspiration, creative prompts, techniques and compelling artwork, this book is an artistic guide to representing yourself creatively in mixed-media work.

    Thankfully, my anger was short-lived since Cate was asking me to be a part of this amazing book! Moi? I was like seriosuly oozing with glee folks. Ok, maybe not oozing exactly– but radiating, yes I was radiating glee! No, not liking that adjective either… let’s just move on. It’s far too late for me to fret over writing.

    The thing is, this assignment terrified me. I initially pitched an idea that was totally within my comfort zone, merely to get it done. If you know me though, you realize that is never enough for me. Rarely do i just ‘do enough‘ to get by… it’s beyond difficult for me to accept less then my best. So, I decided to stretch my wings a bit — and came up with, what I think will be a fresh take on an ancient technique. I hope you’ll find my project to be inspiring,challenging, and maybe even a lil bit life-changing. It certainly was for me.

    I can’t share my project yet, nor photos of it — you’ll have to wait to see it in the book! I promise, to share some behind-the-scenes shots though once it comes out. It’s oh-so-hard awaiting this – hands down, this was my ab-so-lute favorite venture last year. I am eternally grateful to Cate for making me a part of this. The list of contributing artists is thoroughly impressive — talk about good company to keep! I am so, so honored to somehow be worthy to be among them. Juliana Coles, Linda Edkins Wyatt, Kelly Rae Roberts, Kelli Perkins, The ArtGirlz and Cheryl Prater are just to name a few. Can’t imagine why i feel slightly intimidated appearing between these talented folks!

    C’mon – check out a sneak peek of this inspiring, must-have read here! Tell me, are you as excited as I am? I want to hear your thoughts!

    The extremely tired, not-so-sure-this-post-is-coherent, so I’ll talk more about it later!

    – Chrysti