Bit o’ Barnes & Noble Fun

Sadly, this month,I believe I should be crowned and known as ‘she-who-gets-it-done-JUST-in-the-nick-of-time‘ . I feel like an extraordinay juggler these days… grateful the balls are still in the air, but not quite comfortable how close they are to dropping.


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One of my dearest friends, and someone I have repeatedly referred to on my blog as a woman I both admire and strive to be like, has done an amazing job running the PTA at her youngest daughter’s school. She generated interest (which we all know is half the battle), has been innovative with fundraising ideas, and done a world of good for the school and children in it. I already knew what a better place the world is with her in it, I am glad others are continually seeing that as well.

The money the PTA raises funds field trips and reimburses the teachers for the supplies that they generously pay for out of their own pockets. As someone who used to spend 1/4th – 1/2 of my paycheck on supplies for the kids in my classes, I cannot tell you how much a program like that would have helped.

I didn’t post this with much warning time (see first paragraph) – but knowing the book & magazine lovers most of us are, I know there will be at least a few of you who will be going to Barnes & Noble today, and a few who planned to soon that will make the time. The school will get a portion of the proceeds if you present one of these 6 Barnes & Noble Vouchers when you make your purchase. Their small town school can feel the benefits nationwide, awesome isn’t it?

Now is a perfect time to get off yer buts (i couldn’t resist with that photo) and buy one of the books I am in, a fabulous art magazine, that book you’ve been dying to curl up & read or that new technique book you didnt’ get from Santa. Treat yourself, treat someone else, pass the vouchers out, spread the word… whatever it takes. Help me make even a last-minute effort count.

Oh, and can ya do it today? (insert sheepish grin here)

Quick Recap –

  • Download the 6 Barnes & Noble Vouchers & print.
  • Go buy something at your local Barnes & Noble.
  • Today, if you would.. its the last day!
  • Give the extra vouchers to a friend or stranger.
  • Savor the warm & fuzzies you get from helping the PTA.
  • Pass my post on.

With Gratitude,


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