Day 9/29 Days of Giving is…

… my friends, have you nurtured yourself today?

have you taken just a moment, or perhaps two….

….to merely breathe in the world around you

have you taken a time-out to restore yourself….

…even for just a moment

yes, one little moment….

… of the stress, and responsibilities

that our lives hold…

….have you found a way to pamper yourself

a nice cup of tea perhaps…

…. maybe a luxuriously warm bath with a fresh-from-the-dryer towel

whatever indulgence it is that you feel drawn to…

go, now. make it happen …..

…it’s crucial to our happiness and to our health

give not only to others….

…but to yourself

that is how you offer the world and people in your life …

….the best version of ‘you’

i truly believe it’s life’s most vital, and most often overlooked skill.

 “The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”
-Thomas More

When I began this journey, I mentioned to you my desire of finding a way to work giving into my life again. To MAKE the time for it. Regardless of circumstances, finances, or my mood — it is becoming a daily part of my world again. I’m not always feeling generous.  It isn’t always easy. However, nothing rewarding or insightful… ever is.

One of the reasons I began this adventure through my blog, was the accountability – as I knew that no matter what the day had in store for me, I needed to find a way to give. To give with intent.  Challenging, at the least.

I have found that by the time each post is complete – I am somehow lighter. Happier. My heart becomes just a bit more open. Open to relationships with people, open to receiving, open to possibilities. Open to acceptance. Open to trust. To trust that with the bad, comes the good. Disappointments are inevitable, I don’t know why we are always so taken aback when they occur.

“But you now, you wear your soul on your sleeve, exhausting your energy, propping yourself up on a tree, mumbling, or bent over your desk, asleep. Heaven gives you a form and you wear it out by pointless argument. ” -Chuang Tzu

So today – I am not only choosing to give to you; but to myself.

I am making this post shorter. Simpler. I am eliminating the formatting woes. The lengthy descriptions. The hassles of photos. The all too time consuming aspects of it. I am going to devour that extra bit of time, and somehow indulge myself. Nurture my soul just a bit. So that tomorrow, I can once again offer you, my friends, my family, my beloved furbabies… the world – the very best me that I can give.

In that spirit – today’s giveaway invloves a bit of trust on your part as well. I want your hearts as open as mine is becoming. Open to the possibility, that it may be magic. Open to the possibility you may be disappointed. Open, that no matter which way it goes – your life may become just a bit better as a result.

I will tell you, it is comprised of multiple gifts that will be somewhat customized to the recipient. It’s my wish, that it shall provide you with moments of small indulgences, and perhaps help renew that sparkle you have inside of you too.

So, to those of you who are open to whatever i have in store:  

  • Leave a comment on this post & share with us some of your favorite, simple indulgences
  • Do this by: Monday, December 15th
  • Don’t forget to spread the word.
  •  Enter Day 0 & Day 6 & Day 7 & Day 8
  • Check out the first batch of winners!
  • Go, Indulge yourself. Now!
  • What are you still doing here?
  • Chrysti