(practically) Free Ephemera/Foreign Text Lots here!

Remember the (practically) free fabric lots  & the (practically) free rubber stamp lots i have offered in the past? Well, with the closing of The Altered Abbey approaching and the total overhaul I am working on for my business, I am left with massive amounts of foreign text that i used to create the bestselling foreign text kits. They are just far too time consuming to keep stocked, so they are among the things I will no longer be selling.

My loss, your gain. I was feeling under the weather & out of commission yesterday, and the night before… during that time I created a bunch no frill, no fuss text kits to offer y’all while watching TV… read on.

Why am I offering these practically free?

Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, and describing each item. There is days worth of that kind of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time or motivation right now.

Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality supplies that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store. Any flaws, or risks are noted below.

Secondly, I’m in a rush to clean out the store inventory. My studio and office is already overrun with supplies and I’d rather share these with folks who can appreciate it, then toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. The value of each box is over what you are paying.

With that being said, here’s what I have to offer this time:

No Fuss/ No Frill Foreign Text Kits!  – same as what I carry in my store, but a heckuvalot more product for far less cash. These are no frill kits however — they are not packaged in plastic, or backed with cardboard. You may receive some bent pages, you may receive some torn pages… but all are great for collage & mixed media-work. The text is jam-packed into Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes as is – they are bulging over, and weights are noted below.  I stashed some aside for myself too. You get the same variety I was known for carrying — not just pounds from one book (boring!) –woot! Some pages are vintage, some more modern, a variety fo fonts and styles and paper textures. Some pages have illustrations, some don’t — it’s a potluck that I think you’ll love.

Just want one or 2? They are priced at $10.00 per envelope- (which includes the $5.00 for shipping). So you get approx. 2lbs of foreign text for just $5.00 — way cool. 

Want more than 2 envelopes?  I can toss them into a flat rate box to save you on shipping. 4 will just fit in  box – and the cost for shipping, and the text will only be $30.00 for 4, or $25.00 for 3 packs.

Offer is only open to US folks at this time – sorry! If they don’t all sell before I travel for the holidays (early Tuesday am) … I’ll open them up to international artists upon my return in the new year.


 3 Spanish Flat Rate Envelope Kits – approx. 2lbs a piece all taken

1 Danish Flat Rate Envelope Kit – approx. 2lbs  all taken

4 Now just 2 Left! Asian Flat Rate Envelope Kits – approx. 2 – 3 lbs a piece (two interested in but not yet paid for)

French Flat Rate Envelope Kits – approx. 2lbs a piece  all taken

1 Mostly French with a bit of other languages Flat Rate Envelope Kit – approx. 2lbs all taken

4   Foreign Language Variety Flat Rate Envelope Kits – approx. 2 lbs a piece  all taken

 2 German Flat Rate Envelope Kits – approx. 2lbs a piece  all taken

1 German & Asian Flat Rate Envelope Kit – approx. 2lbs

1 French & German Flat Rate Envelope Kit – approx. 2lbs all taken


To claim one (or more) leave a comment here, making sure to state which ones you want from the list above; you can wait for me to respond or send me the paypal payment right away at khryctee[at]bellsouth.net. In the event someone else claimed it, I’ll promptly refund it like always. I’ll edit this post as I receive payments, to reflect what has been claimed. Paypal Only. First come/paid, first served.

The catch is – you need to do this by tomorrow night, since I’ll be out of town for 2 weeks starting Tuesday am. I’ll get them all mailed prior to going, if paid for by Monday, December 22nd at 9 pm est. If they don’t all sell, i’ll revisit this upon my return!

I hope you’ll show me some of the creations you make using these!

Any questions? Just let me know!

Happy Holidays!,